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The Living Waters Catholic Prayer Book

The Living Waters Catholic Prayer Book

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The Living Waters Catholic Prayer Book
The Living Waters Catholic Prayer Book

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Published by: arulforyou on May 29, 2013
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Some Basic Facts

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Feast Day
November 17

Patron Saint of:
bakers, hospitals,
beggars, brides

Saint Elizabeth, you
sacrificed your wealth and
your time to the needs of
the less fortunate. Pray for
us that we too may show
compassion and love to
others. Amen.


Elizabeth was the daughter of royalty. Her
father was the king of Hungary. At the young
age of 14, she married a German prince and,
together, they had four children.

Even though she was a princess, Elizabeth
wore simple clothing and led a life of prayer,
sacrifice, and service of the poor and the sick.
Every day, she would take bread to hundreds
of poor people. Elizabeth built hospitals to
care for the needy and the sick.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s husband died of the
plague, and she joined the Third Order of St.
Francis, a group of religious who spent their
days helping the sick and the poor. She died
at the young age of 24.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary is the patron saint
of hospitals because she helped the sick. She
is also the patron saint of bakers, because she
brought bread to the poor.


“Apart from those active good works, I declare before God
that I have seldom seen a more contemplative woman.”

Conrad of Marburg, spiritual director of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Eugene de Mazenod

Some Basic Facts

Date of Birth
August 1, 1782

Date of Death
May 21, 1861

Feast Day
May 21

Patron Saint of:
dysfunctional families

Dear St. Eugene,
we ask you to pray for our
families, that we may grow
in love for God and for each
other. Inspire us to practice
charity and to share our
love for God with others.


Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod is a long
name, but today we know him simply as Saint
Eugene de Mazenod.

He was born in France 200 years ago and grew
up in a family where there was lots of fighting.
Eventually, his parents divorced. In 1790, the
family fled to Italy to escape the French
Revolution. Before he was twenty he was
already ordained a priest. He took care of the
poor and the young, particularly those who
had never heard of Jesus Christ.

Eugene de Mazenod started a group of priests
and brothers who would spread the good news
of Jesus Christ to those who did not know Him.
They were called the Oblates of Mary
Immaculate. Some of these Oblates were sent
to Canada, even before Canada was a country.
Within ten years, the Oblates had established
themselves all over Canada. Even today, the
Oblate priests continue to work in missions in
Canada and around the world.

Eugene de Mazenod died in 1861. One
hundred thirty-four years later, in 1995, he
was canonized, which means that the Catholic
church recognized him as a saint.


“Learn who you are in the eyes of God.”

Saint Eugene de Mazenod

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