Sekolah Rendah Mabohai, Brunei 1

Week / Date Class Lesson Time / Duration Subject Topic 15 / 20th April, 2009 3A 10:30 / 30 minutes ICT Picture inserting in Ms Word TP Teacher Name Registration Number Module Code Module Name Course Name

Lesson Plan
Dyg Norolhoda Hj Md Arpan 08D0302 PT 0127 Dip in Ed (IS) TP Diploma in Education (InService)

Lesson Objective(s) Pupils to be proficient at opening and saving word document. Pupils to search for clipart and insert into a word document. Pupils to give a title for their pictures using WordArt. Pupils to show understanding of letter and punctuation placement on the keyboard.

Key Vocabulary Open / Save Insert / Font / Size Caps Lock / Back Space / Delete / Shift Search

Preparation Teacher tryout the search for clipart in the pupils’ word application. Teacher prepares a handout for the pupils to refer to. Teacher makes sure that the Ms Word in each pc to be used is working.

Introduction (5 minutes) On the carpet area, on the IWB, teacher shows a document with picture inserted with a title made with WordArt. Teacher shows briefly how to insert clipart from a search. Teacher remind pupils to give a title to their pictures. Teacher then instructs the pupils to go to their respective computers and do the activity.

Main Activities (20 minutes) Pupils working independently in groups

(1) Pupils open up the filename which was given. (2) Pupils do a search for a clipart of their interest. (3) Pupils insert WordArt and type out the title of their picture. (4) Pupils to save and close the amended file.

Closure (5 minutes) Teacher informs pupils to save their work. Teacher review back what the pupils have learnt in word so far. Teacher asks if the pupils have gain anything from what they have learnt. Teacher informs pupils that they will try to print their work in the next lesson.

Teaching Aids / Resources Computers with Ms Word installed

Assessment / Evaluation Q&A

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Sekolah Rendah Mabohai, Brunei 1

Lesson Plan

Continuous observation upon pupils’ guided activity. Saved work in the respective computers

Teaching Practise teacher’s remark(s)

Cooperating Teacher’s remark(s)

Achieved Objective(s) Not Achieved Pupils’ Participation and Performance Satisfied Fair Unsatisfied Excellent Pupils’ Activity & Assessment Good More Effort Incomplete

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