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Login to SAP GUI (Solman 7.0) with 000 Client Create a user sapbasis by copying ddic.

Login to solman system with sapbasis on 000 client. Enter tcode spam

Click on Decompress

Click on New Support Packeges and click on display

Click SupportPackage Import SPAM

Run time error might be as follows:

Again execute tcode SPAM. The error is as follows:

Again execute Import SPAM UPDATE.

Click ok and reexecute the Tcode SPAM to check the SPAM update version. Note the traffic signal is Green.

Kernal update. Download kernel by entering into market place. Software downloads->support packs and patches. Download both database dependent and independent kernel. We can directly download the latest ones. Login to application server using <SID>adm Copy those two files into a single directory. Uncar both of these files using sapcar. Ex: # sapcar -xvf <db-dependent-kernal>-1.sar # sapcar -xvf <db-independependent-kernal>-2.sar Copy the contents of this directory to SAP System. Before doing this, stop sap system and DB system. Copy these files into \usr\sap\<SID>\DVEBMGS00\exe\<HW-Specific> directory.

Select database independant and database dependant(oracle) kernals and download the latest patch. i.e.,

Upload these files to solman server into D:\ drive. Remote login into solman server with <sid>adm with master password. In command prompt , goto the kernel folder. Type as follows:

Extract another file also in the same kernel folder as given below:

Now all extracted files are in kernel folder. Now stop the SAP system through SAP MMC.

D:\usr\sap\SOL\SYS\exe\uc folder. Make a backup of UC folder which contains old kernel. Copy the extracted files into exe\uc\ntamd64 Folder. Now start the sap system through SAP MMC.