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Working In Layers - The Essence of Photoshop

While there are certainly less expensive photo image editing applications out
there than Photoshop, the main reason why Photoshop is more expensive is that it
can do so much more than other applications and thus has garnered the favor of
professional web designers, graphic artists, and photographers the world over.
Photoshop's ability to work in layers is a major part of that popularity, giving
them the tools to make complex projects quite easy. So if you are new to
Photoshop, or are thinking about acquiring the best photo imaging software suite
around, then pay special attention to what layers can do for you!

To give you some idea just how layers work in Photoshop, imagine a piece of paper,
which represents your background. This can be any color you choose. Next, say
you'd like to add some angry storm clouds on the horizon. You add this image to a
transparent layer and affix it atop your background. Say you need some text in the
clouds. Again your text will be another transparent layer laid on top of the
previous ones. You see how easily this makes an otherwise complex task, as you can
add as many layers as you'd like, and even change the order of them if you need

One distinct advantage of layering with Photoshop is that should you want to
change something in your image, say replace the angry clouds with a brilliant
sunrise, then that sort of change is a few mere mouse clicks away, and the rest of
the image lies undisturbed. This can be a huge timesaver if for instance you're
working on an advertisement, and you need to test different text or images, or if
you need to change prices or anything else residing in your image. It's no longer
a "from step one" type of project. Simply change the layer you need to, and you're

Working layers in Adobe Photoshop allows you to manipulate your images to your
hearts content without damaging the original image, saves you many hours of
otherwise tedious editing, and can make otherwise unmanageable projects quite
easily within your reach. Learn Photoshop and how to use layers today, and start
seeing your work soar!