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CentOS 6 Logical Volume Management

CentOS 6 Logical Volume Management

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Creation of logical volumes in centos 6
Creation of logical volumes in centos 6

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Published by: mdayyub on May 29, 2013
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Logical Volume Management:The below is the simple process to process while working with logical volume management

. 1. Initialize a disk or partition for use by LVM (pvcreate) 2. Create volume group with disk partitions (vgcreate) 3. Create logical volume from volume group (lvcreate) 4. Some useful commands working with logical volume. a. pvs b. vgs c. lvs 1. Create a logical volume with 300M: a. Specification three partitions of 500MB b. Create volume group named vg01 with three partitions from above c. Create volume group named lv01

I am using /dev/sdb which has the capacity of 20GB The below is the example shown to create a partition of type logical with the 500MB of size and write changes to partition tables Once you have created the partitions you can find the devices as below Eg : /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2,

Create volume group

Create logical volume “lv01”

Load the logical with file system (ext4)

Create a mount point to mount the logical volume Create a directory to mount the logical volume # mkdir /mnt/lv01 Mount the logical volume as below

Add the logical volume to /etc/fstab file to make logical volume mount automatically after boot.

# vim /etc/fstab

Write the changes to the file and boot the system. # df –h (to view the disk space)

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