Redford had a certain decorum about him, he managed to create the illusion of being a complete gentleman, while observing the most absurd customs one can imagine. He constantly carried many things: a brass pocket-watch with a seraphic figure inscribed upon the latched cover; a leather wallet with at least $40.00 inside at all times; a small pocket flashlight; and the tooth of his father that he wore as an ornament around his neck. He was to say the least a strange man. In his outlandish standoff, he slowly assessed his opponent watching his every move calculating in his mind the total force he was capable of applying, and soon after the match began. It was a tough fight two men both above 6’ in height and both in paramount physical condition, they both had a drive unmatched by anyone they had encountered before, Mr. Redford’s opponent was an Albanian slim and toned, pale in skin tone, he wore a thin moustache. Together they paraded around the barrier between them, traveling first anticlockwise then clockwise, then they finally met. Like two cars traveling at top speed they both rammed into each other, applying as much force a single blow can amount to. Then it happened he pulled out a knife, bowie sharpened upon both edges and with it Mr. Redford was stabbed, he fell to the ground, flabbergasted and deranged, he scrambled back up to his feet, only to be knocked over again, everyone in the adjacent crowd stood awestruck. Lying on the ground his immaculate stature dissipated he became a regular man, dying something that all regular men do, he just lay there motionless aware of his surroundings, feeling his own heart beat. He felt his suit pants and the mud that had accumulated upon them, he felt his drenched socks, he could feel in his pockets his wallet, and flash light; suddenly he thought of his flash light all the times he had used it to assist those who had such trouble in the dark, he thought of his wallet and the times that he had while using it, then he felt the necklace it felt heavier now for some reason, as is all the worlds weight was on him, then finally he felt his waistcoat’s pocket and the round talisman that habituated it, the heirloom given to him by his father from his father, with it’s a seraphic figure, and he thought about the figure the intense pain that he felt and then thought about dying, and died. ~The End~

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