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First Grade Newsletter
First Grade News
April brings more than just showers; it brings us closer to meeting our first grade goals as we quickly approach the end of the first grade. Your child has specific goals set for them in class to help them do better in all academic areas. We are excited to see them reach their goals and are looking forward to setting new ones. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday and a wonderful spring break! School will be closed form April 9th and will resume on April 20th. Please make sure to keep reading with your children during the break and make sure that all assignments are completed. Also, please send in some more paper towels and tissues as our supplies are running low.

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Reader’s Workshop

We are presently completing unit seven and moving on to unit eight in our reading program. We have found that we are experiencing a great deal of success with our Imagine It Reading program. We have also begun to offer a computer intervention program during the day to help those readers who are not yet meeting the standards. Reading needs to be continually practiced at home to strengthen their skills.

Writer’s Workshop


Once upon a time not so long ago…. Sound familiar? If you haven’t guessed our next writing genre will be fairy tales. We will introduce the style of writing found in fairy tales. We hope the children will enjoy sharing their fairy tales with you on our Author’s Day and we can all go on living happily ever after….

Everyday Math
During our math workshop we will be reviewing money and we will also be introducing dollars. We are really big spenders now. We will also be introducing shapes and their attributes as well as fractions. We have really come a long way from counting to ten!!! On your next trip to the grocery store, give your child some pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and have them figure out how much is needed to buy their own bag of potato chips. Its good practice and lots of fun!

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