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Soc Science Outline

Soc Science Outline

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Social Science outline
Social Science outline

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Published by: arsumm12 on May 30, 2013
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Amy Summers History 4500 02/14/2013 Lesson Plan: US History 8th Grade

Objective: Utah Core Standards for Social Studies Objective 4b: Examine the Bill of Rights and its specific guarantees. Activities Designed to Teach Objective: Give background and history of making of the Bill of Rights. Analyze and discuss each of the original ten amendments. Relate amendments to a current event. Provide meaningful learning activity about Bill of Rights and how it applies to our lives using hypothetical “ protections”. Assess learning through vocal question and answer style, and also formal worksheet assessment. Materials Needed: Power Point Presentation (The Bill of Rights). Homework Assignment Printout. Learning activity worksheet (Rights: Starting from Scratch). Assessment worksheet (You Mean I’ve Got Rights?)

Day One Plan: Present Power Point Presentation, discuss given questions with class input as much as possible. Give details about the struggles Madison had with writing the Bill of Rights. Discuss tricky words and synonyms as we dissect each amendment. Homework Assignment: Current event that relates to one or more of the amendments. Write a short summary and be ready to discuss in class. Day Two Plan: Learning Activity: worksheet “Rights: Starting from Scratch”. Possible small group work? Have class discussion about surprising findings during activity. Discuss Current Event Homework: find out if anyone picked the same article and connected it with different amendments. Assessment: worksheet “You Mean I’ve Got Rights?” Ask students to formulate three possible test questions based on the material covered on the Bill of Rights.

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