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THE SHAT KARMAS OF YOGA 1. Kunjala or Gajakarani Kunjala is derived from kunjara meaning ‘Elephant’.

This is also known as Gajakarani. Bhakti Sagara Grantha -(Ashtanga yoga varnana). “Gajakarma yahi janiye piye peta bhari nira,

pheri yukti sonkadhiye roga no hoya sarira”. What is known as Gajakarma and what makes the body immune to all diseases is filling the stomach with water and brining it up effortlessly. As an Elephant draws in water through his trunk and brings it out through its trunk thus keeping the body free from ailment, so also can a man keep his body off all sorts of maladies.


Teeth problems are cured. cures constipation. Water will start coming out. indigestion. Exercise.Kagasana (The Crow posture) Hands on knee. Cures diseases of the chest. Uses. removes pimples and boils. Sip the water in kagasana take water till vomiting sensation is felt.Bend forward to 90o angle. Remove the fingers. cough. Asthma. Stand up. When all water has come out then no more water is inside. Feet together . . Skin glows. tonsils. This process should be performed before dawn and after clearing the bowels.(1) Keep a jar of lukewarm water (Clean & filtered) (2) Posture . After this process a bath can be taken only 2 hours later. Place the left hand on stomach Index and Middle fingers of the right hand tickle the Uvula. When the water stops coming out use the fingers again.

People suffering from heart ailment hypertension etc. should not do this without guidance.Caution. . Others should do 40 days daily initially and afterwards once a week or so.