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MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Service...

MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Service...

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Presentation on BI
Presentation on BI

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Published by: Sandhya Svay on May 30, 2013
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This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl.

com G00231143

MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Services in Western Europe
Published: 16 May 2013 Analyst(s): Neil Chandler, Alex Soejarto

Consulting and system integration companies assist in developing solutions for business intelligence and information managers and buyers of services expect broad support of information analysis strategies. We profile 24 leading companies in Western Europe.

What You Need to Know
This MarketScope research analyzes the market for implementation services related to information management solutions (for example, data management, data quality and data warehousing), as well as business intelligence (BI) solutions (for example, analytics, performance management, reporting and visualization) in Western Europe. Factors driving the market are evident, based on key market trends and the increasing importance of information in decision making. The rating of service providers in this MarketScope is based on seven key evaluation criteria. To enable user adoption and consulting and system integration (C&SI), companies must provide a blend of business, industry, technology and program management skills that are aligned with client objectives, culture and organizational capability. All selection processes are enterprise specific, so your analysis should be specific to your project requirements. C&SI managers should continue investing heavily to meet client needs and establish the next set of solutions. Western Europe remains a fragmented market with a mixture of larger regional and smaller niche providers.

The earlier version of "MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Services in Western Europe" analyzes the consulting and implementation service market for projects spanning Gartner's perspective on the BI, analytics and information management (IM) markets, which are covered in "Gartner's Business Analytics Framework" and "The Information Capabilities Framework: An Aligned Vision for Information Infrastructure." These frameworks establish the elements necessary to execute a complete BI and IM program, which may include

This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl.com

This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl.com

strategy, people and processes, performance management (PM), analytics, BI platform and IM infrastructure. During the past 10 years, organizations have established transactional platforms and information silos. Many efforts are now aimed at rationalizing the disparate technology, breaking silos, complementing internal information with external information feeds and adding new technologies to extend capabilities. More recently, the key trends described as the "Nexus of Forces" comprising mobile, social, cloud and information are expanding the use cases, users and information sources used in BI and IM implementations. C&SI managers have invested heavily to supply the skills needed to quantify, design and develop BI and IM solutions. Furthermore, C&SI bridges the gap between commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and customized, domain-specific solutions that clients need. Historically, the content for these solutions has come from software vendors, but there is an increasing amount of intellectual property (IP) being created as content and offered direct from providers, as well as in partnership with customers. The demands for greater business value from information assets and the increasing prevalence of more diverse analytic solutions are driving continued significant growth (at a compound annual growth rate of 9%) in BI and IM. BI and IM have been a top CIO priority for years, but there is still much momentum and demand for new solutions and services. Primarily, this is due to the expanded adoption of BI across smaller businesses, new geographic territories and through functional expansion, such as data packaged analytic applications, discovery, predictive analytics, mobile, social, cloud and information (big data). Demand for skills to strategize and implement analytics continues to outstrip supply. Due to an identified shortage in skills to support these kinds of initiatives, there is a need for C&SI services (see "Gartner's Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2013 and Beyond: Balancing Economics, Risk, Opportunity and Innovation"). Providers of these services meet the demands for increased service delivery in various ways, including targeted acquisitions, new hiring, transferring staff internally, scaling up nearshore and offshore delivery hubs and growth through software sales and training. Clients can benefit from the increased number of service offerings, but must also be vigilant that their chosen provider's growth is sufficiently supported to cope with extra demand. Gartner anticipates continued strong demand for a combination of information analysis, PM and IM services during the next year in Western Europe. This will fuel both organic and inorganic growth strategies, culminating in aggressive recruitment and training strategies and further market acquisitions and consolidation. There are multiple industry offerings, including retail analytics, fraud analytics solutions, churn analytics or spending analytics. Providers also develop business analytics solutions, whereby analytics are integrated into processes in which a more holistic view of the business can be achieved. Management or business consulting capabilities are often required to fully develop and integrate these solutions into organizations. All C&SI services providers are increasing the breadth of their BI and IM practice and are increasingly choosing to lead with analytics (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and/or prescriptive)

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This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl.com

Gartner, Inc. | G00231143

This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl.com

capabilities. Furthermore, to meet the demand for low-risk quick-win rapid deployments, providers will continue to build out content in the form of quick-starts, templates, accelerators, packaged solutions and managed services. C&SI services providers are preparing for the expected upswing in off-premises delivery by building out offerings in this space or creating a cloud-based platform as an extension of their BI and IM practice responsibility. Further investment among BI service providers is centered on big data, in-memory analytics, unstructured data and social computing. The big data discussion in particular is gaining much marketplace attention and C&SI service providers are developing advisory services and capabilities by training up teams to think about how information is used in domains or in vertical markets. Applying the best available technologies to these different use cases is important to get through the big data hype. The competitive market landscape in Western Europe represents a diverse group of providers that is also reflected in this MarketScope analysis. The demands of clients vary, from providers that can handle a large global project, to providers that will support clients only in their local markets, which means that the market is fragmented and diverse (see Note 2).

Market/Market Segment Description
BI and IM (comprising business analytics, PM, reporting and IM) solution services include professional service offerings to optimize enterprise processes and integrate related technology applications and platforms, which include applications-related work. Solution services are offerings to design, develop, deploy, manage and support specific processes, functions, applications or initiatives in user organizations. These services aim to optimize company processes and integrate related technology applications and platforms. Methods of purchase and service line definitions are available in "Market Definitions and Methodology: IT Services." BI and IM solution services aim to provide effective alignment and integration of BI initiatives based on "Gartner's Business Analytics Framework" and "The Information Capabilities Framework: An Aligned Vision for Information Infrastructure." These services encompass the data and IM infrastructure, BI platforms, analytic applications, PM, organization (people and processes) and strategy. They also include advanced analytics and big data initiatives, utilizing structured and unstructured data. Further, service providers are increasingly offering packaged solutions, packaged IP or managed services through innovative delivery methods.

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
The inclusion of providers in this MarketScope resulted from meeting several criteria and does not evaluate the suppliers on their managed services or outsourcing capabilities, but evaluates suppliers only on project-based C&SI. The providers evaluated are chosen based on their current and potential market impact, how often they appear on shortlists, the degree to which they are evaluated by respondents to Gartner's primary research surveys and how often Gartner analysts' interactions with clients result in some type of interest in specific providers.

Gartner, Inc. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl.com

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Brazil. Sweden. business process outsourcing (BPO) services or full applications-related services. Service provider capabilities in Western Europe will be reviewed for this research. A minimum of $25 million in annual revenue is required to be considered for this research. Revenue. Denmark.mukherjee@hcl. Service providers must have a Western European market presence and there must be demonstrated interest by clients for the solutions and products. Russia. as described in the Information Capabilities Framework (see "The Information Capabilities Framework: An Aligned Vision for Information Infrastructure"). regardless of the location of their global headquarters and location of service delivery. India and China [BRIC nations]).com Companies were selected based on services offered and delivered in Western Europe. Norway." Capabilities. Italy. Service providers should consistently invest in methodology and internal processes (as well as in resource development) to help clients with information management challenges. Germany. Finland.mukherjee@hcl. Ireland. application outsourcing services. Service providers whose consulting and system integration service revenue is primarily derived from customers in Western Europe.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. on-site and off-site global projects) will also be reviewed (specifically. related capabilities to effectively execute the delivery model chosen by the C&SI services provider (specifically. Evidence of operations and a direct presence in at least one country in Western Europe (Austria. Presence. France.com Gartner. | G00231143 . the United Kingdom or the rest of Western Europe). Enterprise. as dictated by their own operational models. Inc. Spain. as well as $160 million for all professional services in applications-related work (for example. Belgium. Service providers must deliver projects that include four of the capabilities from the BI and PM framework domains (either singly or in combination). Service providers are expected to deliver consulting and integration services for discrete projects (projects include the requirement for deliverable services) and not just staffing services. Greece. see "Gartner's Business Analytics Framework. Pure play BI service providers and full service BI C&SI providers will be evaluated if they meet the previously mentioned inclusion criteria and the following revenue requirements: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Pure play companies for BI professional services are defined as companies that derive more than 90% of revenue exclusively from BI consulting and integration services. as determined by Gartner. Framework. There is also a requirement for $40 million in annual BI professional services revenue. Switzerland. For more information on this subject. Portugal. Service providers should have demonstrated their solutions are used and supported across the enterprise and go beyond departmental deployments. Where appropriate. Projects. Service providers must have the capabilities not just for staffing. but also for delivering and managing BI programs across the business analytics spectrum. Selection criteria are as follows: ■ Geography. ■ Page 4 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. the Netherlands.

annual reports and other publicly available information. economic and political boundaries. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Since practices are growing fast. domain-specific applications becoming more common (rather than on-premises pure consulting engagements). C&SI vendors are scaling their operations to offer a complete portfolio of services for the increasingly broad and diverse technologies and applications in the market. Inc. Recruitment and retention of key staff with the right technical and domain-centric skills remains a significant challenge for service providers. Many of these vendors need to further broaden their profiles with analytics and consulting professionals evolving their organizations to close the talent gap in the marketplace.mukherjee@hcl. Gartner has also seen an expansion in the variety of pricing and delivery solutions in the past year with both outcome-based projects (rather than traditional time and material and fixed pricing) and cloud-based services and packaged.com CRM.mukherjee@hcl. lingual. Gartner continuously speaks to providers and their clients throughout the year. Rating for Overall Market/Market Segment Overall Market Rating: Positive C&SI vendors in this market and evaluated in this research are investing aggressively to acquire or develop their BI and IM offerings to meet client needs. application outsourcing services or BPO services. which also forms our decisions. ■ Service providers are expected to deliver consulting and integration services for discrete projects (projects include the requirement for deliverable services) and not just staffing services. Gartner. as well as reference checks. enterprise research planning [ERP] and supply chain management — singly or in combination).com Page 5 of 31 . This is despite the complex market in Western Europe that is complicated by multiple geographic. Gartner also conducts a client reference survey with vendor-provided customers. cultural. The evaluation process was devised from briefings and data from service providers.

| G00231143 . This can also include ancillary tools. availability of user groups and service-level agreements. skills and offerings to meet the specific needs of geographies outside the "home" or native geography. This includes current product/service capabilities.com Gartner. products and services/programs that enable clients to be successful with the products evaluated. for example. methodology and feature sets as they map to current and future requirements. Relationships. complementary and synergistic layouts of resources. This criterion also considers the vendor's history of responsiveness. Vendors that show the highest degree of vision listen and understand buyers' wants and needs and can shape or enhance them with their added vision. Direct. related.mukherjee@hcl. Specifically. as appropriate for that geography and market. customer needs evolve and market dynamics change. either directly or through partners. Evaluation Criteria Evaluation Criteria Market Understanding Comment Ability of the vendor to understand buyers' wants and needs and to translate them into products and services.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.com Evaluation Criteria Table 1. competitors act. this includes the ways customers receive technical support or account support. whether offered natively or through OEM agreements and partnerships. channels and subsidiaries. The vendor's approach to product development and delivery that emphasizes differentiation. skills and so on. Inc.mukherjee@hcl. The vendor's strategy to direct resources. customer support programs (and the quality thereof). consolidation. functionality. change direction. Weighting Standard Offering (Product) Strategy High Geographic Strategy Standard Product/Service High Customer Experience High Market Responsiveness and Track Record Standard Innovation High Source: Gartner (May 2013) Page 6 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. defensive or preemptive purposes. feature sets. Ability to respond. expertise or capital for investment. quality. show flexibility and achieve competitive success as opportunities develop. as defined in the market definition and detailed in the subcriteria. Core goods and services offered by the vendor that compete in/serve the defined market.

com Page 7 of 31 . MarketScope for Business Intelligence and Information Management Services in Western Europe RATING Strong Caution Promising Positive Negative Accenture Affectto Atos BearingPoint Business & Decision Capgemini CGI Cognizant CSC Deloitte Detica (BAE Systems) HCL Technologies HP Enterprise Services IBM Global Business Services Infosys Keyrus KPMG MahindraSatyam NTT Data Platon Pw C SDG Group Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Wipro Technologies As of 16 May 2013 Source: Gartner (May 2013) Strong Positive x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Gartner.mukherjee@hcl.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl. Inc. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.com Figure 1.

000 professionals throughout the Americas. expertise in information architecture and its influence with senior management. Accenture goes to market with its major industry segments for communications and high technology. more complex organizations undertaking global transformational initiatives. Clients are positive about the company as an analytics thought leader. products and resources. technology and outsourcing. Accenture has capabilities across the following areas: ■ Automated development tools and reusable architecture components (Accenture Analytics platform).7 for Accenture in Western Europe (down slightly from 64. thought leadership.500 employees located in the region.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.com Vendor Product/Service Analysis Accenture Accenture is a global public company offering a broad set of IT services and solutions. Gartner estimates the company had approximately $2 billion in global BI and IM service revenue and approximately 11. The company is a good fit for enterprises requiring a balance of business consulting advice with complex technology execution for their BI solution initiatives. Page 8 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl. They often select Accenture for its depth of experience in business analytics and in particular. Dublin. Sophia Antipolis. Warsaw. Madrid and Barcelona. financial services. health and public service. It offers a full breadth of information analysis and IM solutions. Athens. highlight its product technical strength and flexibility in consulting engagements.9 in 2011). with seven located in Western Europe. Data strategy and architecture Information integration Big data and content management BI and performance management Advanced analytics technology enablement Visualization Advanced analytics capabilities ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Accenture has more than 20 global analytics innovation centers. Inc. Milan. Gartner's reference survey resulted in a reference feedback score (RFS) of 57.com Gartner.mukherjee@hcl. | G00231143 . Important criteria in the selection process include market understanding. Accenture Analytics orchestrates the full scope of analytics solutions and services for its clients across consulting. We also estimate that Western Europe represents approximately 50% of the BI and IM service business with 2. It is well suited to larger. Europe and Asia/Pacific in 2012.

com Accenture has capabilities for Endeca. Collaborative decision making. Affecto has based its BI and IM capabilities on four practice areas represented in each geographic location in which it operates. The company has indicated that trading conditions continue to be difficult (for example. Informatica. IBM. but received less positive comments related to its change management and overall business consultancy capabilities. increased cautiousness and slower decision making by customers). Sweden and the Baltic countries. Microsoft (via Avanade). SAP.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. comprising: ■ Information infrastructure. Information and performance management. among others. Client references received indicate that clients are somewhat satisfied based on strong client relationships with good client retention. Analytics. Enterprise information management (EIM) solutions for customers in all Affecto-located countries. portals and content management solutions for customers in all Affecto-located countries. Oracle and Informatica. Clients are positive about the company as a BI and IM solution partner in the region. In particular. which culminated in modest year-on-year growth figures. It has alliances with Tableau. Inc. Collaborative BI. Gartner estimates that its 2012 revenue was approximately $165 million. Gartner. Norway and Finland account for approximately 60% of this revenue and the rest is from Denmark. Affecto also offers business advisory consulting and managed services in EIM. Affecto maintains limited nearshore capabilities based in the Baltics and offers these capabilities to clients in the Nordic region.mukherjee@hcl.com Page 9 of 31 . Microsoft. BI and enterprise content management (ECM). with all of its revenue stemming from BI services. Rating: Strong Positive Affecto Affecto is one of the leading Northern European specialist providers. Affecto is praised by clients for its technical ability in the products it covers. Oracle. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 33.mukherjee@hcl. Business process and specific software solutions. MicroStrategy. Affecto is a good fit for Northern European clients in terms of technology-centric projects. compared to the wider EMEA market. ■ ■ ■ In addition to the four product areas mentioned earlier. IBM. Norway and Finland is also where Affecto has located the majority of its 450 staff. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.3 for Affecto in Western Europe (although the references were only from the countries in which Affecto operates). SAS Institute and Teradata. BI and PM solutions for customers in all Affecto-located countries. Creating exclusive software solutions with its own IP for specific industries (such as the insurance industry) in selected Affecto-located countries. SAP.

It has a separate BI practice that constitutes just over 10% of full company revenue. retail and services (which represents approximately 50% of company revenue). nearshore/offshore centers that concentrate on efficiency and operational excellence. the U. with near. BearingPoint offers services across a full spectrum of industries.K. Atos provides a global solutions portfolio. comprising manufacturing. transport. Informatica. telco. the public sector.and off-shore centers in Poland. Gartner estimates Atos had approximately $240 million in BI and IM services revenue in 2012 (representing a below-market average growth rate of 5% over 2011) and approximately 1.com Gartner.com Rating: Promising Atos Atos is a full IT services provider with its headquarters in France. Microsoft. Clients were positive about its business understanding. technology. Page 10 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. It has global revenue of approximately €8. and Ireland.000 professionals. Netezza. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 44 (down from 51 in 2011) for Atos in Western Europe. France and Benelux. mostly located in Germany.mukherjee@hcl. Cloudera. Atos has a global competence with dedicated BI and IM resources that focus on innovation. supported by other Atos practice staff when necessary. Oracle. Atos is focused on major industry segments.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. The company is a good fit for European organizations that are modernizing their BI and IM infrastructure and requiring best-in-class technology for BI solutions. It offers a full breadth of information analysis and IM solutions. Following its acquisition and integration with Siemens IT Solutions and Services (completed in 2011). energy and utilities and financial services. QlikTech. analytics in the cloud and mobile solutions supported by global business analytics practices. staffing and account management. Atos also hosts 16 customer service centers focusing on customer requirements and improvement and innovation and four. but raised some issues over project management. delivered by 320 professionals spread across the countries they support (with the DACH [including Austria and Switzerland] German-speaking region being its largest territory). Inc. IBM (Cognos. Marokko and India. Rating: Positive BearingPoint BearingPoint is a partner-owned consulting firm with 3. technical and project management capabilities. the company has strengthened its position as a truly global provider. Atos has capabilities for SAP. but most of its revenue comes from the service industry. financial services (especially banking) and the public sector. healthcare. SAS. Gartner estimates the company's Western European BI practice generated approximately $70 million in revenue during 2012. and Datastage). EMC and Esri. including big data.8 billion and more than 76.500 consultants in 14 European countries. thought leadership and promoting BI adoption. It also has professionals throughout Western Europe. media. | G00231143 .000 professionals.mukherjee@hcl.

Microsoft. BearingPoint has its own implementation methodology called Mike 2. non-statistical methods. B&D has a global competence with dedicated. but B&D also has local practices established in 12 countries.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. capable of processing large quantities of data to reveal risks and opportunities using complex. but it was also Gartner. Gartner estimates that in 2012.mukherjee@hcl.8 (down from 47 in 2011) for B&D in Western Europe.600 employees. biotech and medical devices). B&D offers both custom consulting and template solutions.mukherjee@hcl. project management and inconsistency of resources. but highlighted concerns about its depth of knowledge relating to domain expertise. life sciences (including pharmaceuticals. which it claims is in use by more than 150 organizations. representing more than 60% of its total Western European revenue. Oracle. Oracle Hyperion. QlikTech and CRM Analytics. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 50. B&D had BI and IM revenue of approximately $160 million in Western Europe. Spain and France (as well as Mauritius) and across all major industries. BearingPoint is a good fit for European organizations that are looking for help with an IM strategy or complex or domain-specific projects requiring business skills in addition to technical skills. B&D goes to market according to its major industry segments of banking (retail and investment banking). HyperCube is a predictive analytics and data mining platform. Clients praised B&D for its superior approach and technical competence. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 32. SAP. but it does have a delivery partner (TCS) for projects and other strategic partners if required. insurance. SAS and Teradata. As well as supporting leading vendor products. HCM (analytics). key BI and IM resources that focus on innovation. (CFO's office and SAP) and risk management (SAS). It has co-created solutions and has joint go-to-market activity with leading vendors such as RoamBI and Financial Communications. telecommunications and media and consumer industries. thought leadership and promoting BI adoption. B&D has a depth of expertise in focused subject areas (such as risk in financial services) or focused vendors (such as discovery tools and mobile BI).com Page 11 of 31 . Inc. The majority of this revenue is generated in France and Benelux. Informatica. The company does not offer its own global delivery or offshore capability.6 for BearingPoint in Western Europe. QlikTech. BearingPoint has capabilities for IBM.0 and a business analytics solution called HyperCube. Oracle and SAS (life sciences).com BearingPoint offers business consulting and strategy work in combination with technical skills within its BI practice. flexibility and technical skills and capabilities. shared-service centers in Tunisia. Rating: Promising Business & Decision Business & Decision (B&D) is a service firm with headquarters in France and a dedicated BI practice with 1. Clients were positive about BearingPoint's customer-oriented service.

Capgemini has added innovation to its BIM practice.400 professionals in 36 countries.1 in 2012 (compared to 59 in 2011) for Capgemini in Western Europe. utilities and chemicals. Poland. Oracle Exalytics and Cloudera. Capgemini has a full service capability based across industries such as telecom. the company had more than $800 million in global BI service revenue and more than 7. ECM. MicroStrategy. energy. B&D is a good fit for clients looking for business and technical consulting across a wide technology portfolio. Developing a road map for the effective use of business information. Portugal. leveraging SAP Hana. Spain.com Gartner. Finding patterns in data to predict future outcomes. Teradata and RoamBI. especially in big data. retail. solve business issues and build "intelligent" processes. Master data management (MDM). Business analytics and big data. Gartner's survey resulted in an RFS of 57. | G00231143 . ■ ■ ■ Capgemini has established a global center of excellence in Mumbai. products and vendors.com criticized for a lack of business consulting and training resources. Talend. Switzerland and the U.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. France. Rating: Promising Capgemini Capgemini has its headquarters in France and has a global reach with its business information management (BIM) practice. The company has go-to-market activities with IBM. Norway.mukherjee@hcl. Clients praised Capgemini for its superior flexibility. Italy. Microsoft. Dealing with unstructured data. Industrializing BI development and support. BI service center. India where it showcases the Customer BIM Experience (CUBE) to demonstrate its analytics solutions. SAP. financial services and the public sector. Page 12 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Gartner estimates that in 2012. Germany. the Netherlands. but it was also criticized for challenges relating to training and technical resources.K. Oracle. The company has local BIM staff across Europe in Austria. Denmark. consumer products. Inc. Sweden. QlikTech. The company has also invested heavily in creating a thought leadership position and has created multiple channels to present its innovative solutions to the market. Capgemini also focusses on the following areas: ■ ■ Information strategy. SAS. Gartner estimates that Western Europe represents about $575 million (more than 70%) of Capgemini's global BI and IM services business. Developing a single view of customers. distribution and transportation. media and entertainment.mukherjee@hcl. as well as inconsistent technical skills. Finland. Informatica. project management and technical competence.

telecom and utilities. Western Europe represented 84% of Logica's revenue in 2011. functional and technical skills for projects in BI and IM. Microsoft.S. integration and rebranding process. IBM (including Cognos and SPSS).200 dedicated resources in Western Europe. methodologies and tools. The company had a much larger presence in the BI and IM space.8 in Western Europe in 2012 (down slightly from 36 in 2011). CGI/Logica is a good fit for clients looking for strong functional capability that it can add to projects. the public sector.com Page 13 of 31 . CGI/Logica can offer clients a combination of business. The company has capabilities for Ab Initio. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl. SAS Institute. CGI/Logica reached approximately $730 million in global BI and IM service revenue with almost 4. Informatica. its role as a trusted provider and its business consulting skills.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.K. Inc. The company provides full services in the midst of CGI and Logica's massive communication. Qlickview and Trillium Software. It now has a BI and IM practice with an estimated 1. Oracle (including Hyperion).200 professionals (across CGI and Logica). It has a particular focus on financial services. It is sited in the majority of Western European countries. BI/analytics integration and information management services. manufacturing.mukherjee@hcl. Informatica. Teradata. Adobe. with France accounting for the largest presence (representing more than 35% of 2012 company revenue). followed by the U. SAS. especially in the industry focus areas. Rating: Positive Gartner. supported by a set of services. CGI/Logica has capabilities for Cloudera. CGI/Logica is also able to support international clients based in Western Europe in other global locations. and the Netherlands. and this year. oil and gas. retail and distribution. Rating: Strong Positive CGI CGI/Logica has company headquarters based in the U. SAP. but CGI has increased its presence in the U. EMC2. Oracle. IBM. CGI/Logica had an RFS of 31. and Teradata. Gartner estimates CGI/Logica's BI and IM revenue in Western Europe was approximately $440 million in 2012 (up from $252 million in 2011).com Capgemini is a good fit for clients looking for a broad base of capabilities in applications and technology expertise. Microsoft. which was approximately three times the size of the previous CGI practice. Gartner estimates that in 2012. healthcare and communications sectors. the Western European region represents slightly more than 60% of global revenue. QlikTech. Organizations can also benefit from Capgemini IM solutions that increasingly leverage its global delivery center. as well as strategic services. SAP-Business Objects. Talend. CGI/Logica's clients were pleased with the work carried out on their respective projects. CGI/Logica offers a blended global delivery model for process improvement. while project management and technical skills received lower scores. as calculated by the responses in Gartner's survey. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CGI Group.K. including CGI's IP services.

Cognizant has invested in strong local management across Europe — the U. (representing more than 50% of its regional revenue). Cognizant is a good fit for clients with large IM or information analysis and PM projects. MicroStrategy.K. manufacturing. SAS Institute. financial services and insurance (representing more than 30% of its overall BI and IM revenue). IBM. Informatica. Switzerland.1 in 2011) for Cognizant in Western Europe. the company generated approximately $255 million in BI and IM service revenue across Western Europe. Rating: Positive CSC CSC is a company with headquarters located in the U.K. retail logistics and consumer goods. with approximately Page 14 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Cognizant has invested in multiple areas for solutions aimed at customer life cycle analytics. information. communications. media and entertainment and high technology. Clients praised Cognizant for its commitment to customers. Benelux. Inc. Cognizant's global BI and IM capability is particularly focused on healthcare and life sciences (representing more than 40% of its overall BI and IM revenue). followed by Switzerland and the Netherlands (representing almost 30% of its regional revenue).. particularly in German-speaking countries. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 47. Gartner estimates that in 2012. Western Europe represents a relatively small percentage of Gartner's estimated global $1. up from 275 in 2011).3 billion revenue. Oracle. Cognizant has alliances with Actuate. The majority of its professionals are based in global delivery centers and it has a growing base of local consultants in addition to a global EIM and analytics practice.com Gartner. sales and marketing. The company has renewed and reorganized its BI and IM services into an enterprise intelligence and information services global practice. whereby a combination of consulting skills is needed with low-cost delivery.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. mortgage and finance and commercial analytics). Its acquisition of six companies of the C1 Group (announced in December 2012) has added company breadth. PM frameworks and metrics and BI on mobile and cloud.mukherjee@hcl.S. | G00231143 . industry-aligned solutions (across risk and compliance. which aligns with Gartner's Nexus of Forces research.S. technical breadth. The company grew significant revenue in the region and increased its head count to 430 (a Gartner estimate. Gartner estimates that in 2012. France and the Nordic region. Talend and Teradata. the company generated approximately $465 million in global BI service revenue and more than 3. Clients expressed concerns over project planning. Syncsort. and a global reach and breadth of IT services products. SAP.9 (up from 44. It is most established in the U. QlikView. Endeca. geographic alignment and change management capabilities.400 BI professionals.mukherjee@hcl.com Cognizant Cognizant is a public company with a global delivery business model with headquarters in the U. Germany. Amazon Web Services. ondemand labs. Western Europe represents approximately $120 million in BI and IM services business revenue (a Gartner estimation). thought leadership and domain expertise. Microsoft.

France. including financial services. content management.4 billion in global BI and IM service revenue. IBM Information Management.000 professionals in the region and nine CSC delivery centers.7 (up from 14. We estimate that Western Europe represents approximately 15% of Deloitte's BI and IM service business ($250 million in 2012. CSC has a particular focus on Belgium. domain-specific projects and information integration and BI projects.4 in 2011) for CSC in Western Europe. and the public sector. analytics. manufacturing. business consulting.300 BI and IM professionals (up from $1. Gartner estimates that in 2012. CSC has evolved horizontal and vertical industry-specific solutions. CSC has set a big data strategy in particular to address the increasing scaling needs of its largest clients. Its major strength is in its IM offerings and it is this focus that culminates in a "Promising" rating. the company generated approximately $1.800 in 2011.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. SAS. but it was also criticized for project management. Gartner. MDM. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. It has a broad service delivery capability encompassing enterprise performance management (EPM). SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. respectively). thought leadership. CSC is a good fit for clients with larger scale projects. Teradata and EMC (Documentum and Greenplum). content management. information governance and data store. CSC has capabilities for SAP BusinessObjects.mukherjee@hcl. data warehouse. eight service desk locations and 10 data centers. tax. Rating: Promising Deloitte Deloitte is a global accounting. information governance. Germany and the U. PM and IM needs. business intelligence. analytics through to information as a service. data warehouse. Informatica. information services. BI. Oracle BI and CPM. Its horizontal enterprise intelligence services address all information domains from the data store. Microsoft BI. industry expertise and technical competence. CSC has a diverse and global client base and operates across most diversified industry segments. Inc.2 billion and 4. change management and overall cost. consulting and advisory firm with a broad IT services portfolio. up from $200 million in 2011) with 830 professionals (up from 725 in 2011) in the region. healthcare.K. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 39. CSC's vertical industry-specific services include Careveillance and Payor Optics in healthcare.com Page 15 of 31 . CSC is experienced in handling large.com 1.mukherjee@hcl. insurance fraud analytics and ClimatEdge in financial services. MicroStrategy. Dashboard 360 and aftermarket warranties in manufacturing. master data management. with more than 6. Clients praised CSC for its people and the relationships they build with the customer. The BI group goes to market as Deloitte Analytics and has major practice areas to cover information analysis. broad IT services projects and can offer clients a blended delivery model with resources in nearshore and offshore locations. It has invested heavily in developing information analysis solutions to complement its strong IM capabilities.

for example. and sustainability and climate change. financial transformation. managed markets analytics.mukherjee@hcl. represents almost 100% of Detica's BI and IM revenue and is where most of the company's resources are based. Rating: Strong Positive Detica (BAE Systems) Detica is an information intelligence service business owned by BAE Systems (a FTSE 30 company with a £19 billion turnover). MicroStrategy. Informatica. SAS." despite this lower score. supply chain analytics. The company has a growing portfolio in horizontal and vertical industry-specific solutions such as healthcare analytics.com Deloitte has a strong industry focus and goes to market through its target industries of health sciences and government. Deloitte is a good fit for organizations addressing global transformational projects and complex business issues that can be measured by business outcomes and backed by technology strength to support the execution. international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Detica also provides specialist solutions that cannot typically be met through the mainstream BI and IM COTS market. media and telecommunications. The Deloitte Analytics practice has capabilities for Oracle. Deloitte has a specific focus through Deloitte Analytics (including big data). IBM.mukherjee@hcl. counterterrorism and counter fraud).com Gartner. from strategic advice and analytics to system integration and managed services. It has a BI and IM full services practice with approximately 290 professionals (up from 250 in 2011) and with revenue in Western Europe estimated by Gartner at $130 million in 2012 (up from $94 million in 2011). Page 16 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. oil and gas BI accelerators. but it was also criticized for its pricing strategy and not keeping the right quality of resources available for some projects.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Deloitte is rated as a "Strong Positive. Teradata. Inc. marketing mix modeling.K. workforce analytics. Most of Deloitte's client are global or have to engage in the global marketplace in some way. governance. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 29. its build out of Deloitte SNET (a firm-wide solutions network where analytics are increasingly included) and Highly Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE) locations to showcase technologies and analytics in U. Clients strongly praised Deloitte for its combination of business understanding and technical capabilities. insurance analytics accelerator and customer analytics for banking. | G00231143 . Numius and I-Care. SAP. as well as its project management skills. consumer business and manufacturing. financial services and energy and resources. The U. Tableau and QlikTech. software development and hardware engineering. mergers and acquisitions. Deloitte continues to invest in information analysis in the region through a series of acquisitions such as Caritat Strategic Analytics Group.K. locations and via an innovation lab in Amsterdam. Detica is focused on delivering advanced BI and IM capabilities. mobile analytics.1 (down from 55 in 2011) for Deloitte in Western Europe in 2012. including BI and IM capabilities requiring a high level of security (such as defense. risk and compliance. These include technology. which indicates that the company may be struggling to maintain service levels through a period of rapid expansion.

-based clients. Apache Lucene and Teradata. Talend. healthcare and manufacturing and a horizontal focus in mobile BI. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Clients praised Detica for its flexibility and adaptation to changing requirements.mukherjee@hcl. the company was criticized for its management of multiple interdependent projects. accounting for approximately 87% of its 1. It is also a good fit for region-wide clients looking for specialist security or defense capabilities. Inc.K. With its headquarters based in India. looking for a strong technology provider.com Detica packages its services into industry-specific propositions for target sectors. SAS. particularly in public services. pharmaceuticals. regulatory compliance. QlikTech. Ab Initio. big data. the tenure of consultants. data warehouse implementation. Detica has resources for Oracle. geographic fit and change management skills. Detica achieved an RFS score of 59.. Gartner estimated HCL's BI revenue at approximately $81 million in 2012 in Western Europe (up significantly from $49 million in 2011). law enforcement. which represents 34% (up from 32% in 2011) of the company's global revenue. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 43. Most of HCL's local presence is concentrated in the U. HCL is focused on banking.6 in 2011) in the 2012 Gartner client reference survey. Local consultants are also situated in Germany and the Netherlands and there is a sales presence in multiple Western European countries. financial services. predictive analytics.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. big data and fast data solution frameworks to accelerate client deployments. Detica is well suited for U. However.mukherjee@hcl. insurance. It also has what it calls vertically-focused "fully loaded" services across banking.4 (up from 43. 10gen/Mongo. including national security.com Page 17 of 31 . telecom. Rating: Positive HCL Technologies HCL Technologies has information analysis and IM capabilities distributed across its enterprise transformation services and enterprise application services businesses. The company also provides a range of technical competencies like operational intelligence. defense. HCL generated approximately $240 million in BI and IM service revenue and had more than 3. energy and utilities and transport. civil government. telecom and financial services. data governance and information assurance. IBM (info sphere streams and Netezza). using its global delivery model for application development and technology services. Hadoop. HCL's clients were satisfied with the resources provided on their projects in 2012 and praised it for Gartner. fraud and risk analytics. functional skills and understanding client needs. consumer services and manufacturing.300 BI professionals. Gartner estimates that in 2012. The company has established an advanced analytics lab and has begun offering analytics as a service to clients.K.6 in 2012 (up from a negative 31 in 2011) for HCL in Western Europe — representing a significant upward shift compared to the RFS in 2011. the company utilizes its global delivery model for clients in Western Europe.100 regional resources.

Informatica. geographic and cultural fit and overall cost. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 62. HCL was criticized for its project management. Analytix. HP has capabilities for Ab Initio. risk and compliance. SAS. Rating: Promising HP Enterprise Services HP is a global technology and outsourcing company with headquarters in the U. Oracle BI and PM. SAS. media and entertainment (CME). HP offers information management and analytics services. Cloudera). retail and consumer packaged goods (R/CPG). business domains (BPO social analytics).S. HCL is an option for large enterprises looking for a service partner in IM with an emphasis on managing data quality and management of a BI solution. travel and tourism transportation (T&T) and healthcare and life sciences (HLS). Tibco and open source providers (Talend. MicroStrategy. Less positively. Clients found the company lacking flexibility at times. Vertica and SAP Hana) and core services (big data.mukherjee@hcl. SAP. the U.mukherjee@hcl. Balanced Insight. OpenText.. information strategies and information delivery. The company is increasingly focused on end-to-end solutions aimed at big data issues.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. HP's primary industry segments are financial services.8 in 2012 (up from 44 in 2011) for HP in Western Europe. supply chain and operations and customer management solutions). However. Rating: Promising Page 18 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. As part of its Enterprise Services division. MicroStrategy. especially in complex data warehousing-centric deployments. The company is a good fit for clients expanding their enterprise application platform capabilities for BI reporting and for broadening their IM requirements.com Gartner.S.. The global practice is known for its expertise in data management.000 professionals throughout its core markets of the U. The company has SAP BI capability (including BusinessObjects). security. IBM Infosphere. declaring cloud. Composite. Gartner estimates that the company generated approximately $500 million in global BI services revenue in 2012. Inc. Microsoft. Beyond its own growing solutions portfolio.K. Gartner estimates that Western Europe represents around 40% of HP's BI and IM services business. HLS. | G00231143 . HP has made information management and analytics (IM&A) a strategic priority. Germany and Japan. Endeca. data discovery and cloud). consultant knowledge and applications expertise. Microsoft BI. enterprise application services (autonomy. HP's IM&A services is expanding capability from tighter alignment with HP Labs roll out of "social intelligence" solutions with a key focus on industry and business domain solutions (CME. Hadoop. Informatica. clients raised concerns over breadth of capability. HP achieved a high score for technical capabilities and project management. QlikTech and Teradata. but appreciated the company's vision and delivery capability. with 5. data warehousing. communications. R/CPG.com its agility and responsiveness. business consulting and pricing capabilities. as well as its global delivery locations. mobility and information optimization as three of its four strategic growth areas. Italy. T&T. Teradata.

IBM has both organic (through boot camps. which combine IBM services. CFO performance insight and customer next best action. but scored lower on project management.6 billion in global BI and IM services revenue and has more than 9. It has established nine analytics solution centers to showcase front office solutions and bring together the IBM Software Group with IBM GBS.com IBM Global Business Services IBM is a global technology. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl. thought leadership. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 60.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. IBM is a good fit for clients looking for BI and predictive analytics. We estimate that Western Europe represents around 35% of BI and IM services business. business services and outsourcing company.mukherjee@hcl. IBM has a broad base of alliances and competencies across products in the BI marketplace. SAP. Gartner estimates that the company generated approximately $2. IBM has developed more than 40 industry business use cases and a Smarter Analytics Signature Solutions portfolio. Hadoop and Teradata. BAO industry use cases package IBM's IP (for example.9 in 2012 (up from 50 in 2011) for IBM GBS in Western Europe. To meet the demand for talent. such as Netezza. IBM University. Cognos. domain and technical expertise and the relationships it builds with customers. information analysis and big data solutions. level of attention to customer needs. research and products to address business issues such as predictive asset monitoring and optimization. IBM Global Business Services (GBS) is the consulting group under which the business analytics and optimization (BAO) practice sits. Inc. IBM has stated that it has three execution priorities for its BAO practice: ■ ■ ■ Client excellence Talent development Industry solutions and business use cases To meet these priorities.com Page 19 of 31 . SPSS and InfoSphere. as well as an increasing portfolio of its own technology. IBM Research is also working more closely with IBM GBS to bring more "scientific methods" to its consulting products and BAO solutions. accelerated recruitment and retention programs) and inorganic (acquisitions and partnering with 200 academic organizations) programs in place.000 professionals in its global BAO services line in 2012. as well as the implementation of PM applications. domain expertise and content with IBM software/hardware). change management and overall cost. waste and abuse. antifraud. including Oracle. Clients praised IBM for its geographic coverage. IBM also has several thousand analytics experts in enterprise applications and outsourcing practices. Rating: Strong Positive Gartner. IBM GBS can handle complex initiatives requiring business and technology skills by industry through its BAO solutions.

Infosys helps clients to expand business application initiatives with BI capabilities to leverage offshore implementation and analytics services and outsourced BI programs.200 regional professionals. MongoDB. The majority of this revenue originates from the strong base Keyrus has in its home market of France and Belgium. It has a proprietary transformation framework (IMPAC) that provides a comprehensive structure for BI PM programs. Tableau. Infosys clients are impressed with the domain knowledge and skill of consultants. and geospatial data management and visualization. Page 20 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Hyperion.1 (up from 24. utilities. Informatica. Infosys markets its products in banking. Teradata.mukherjee@hcl.com Gartner. Gartner estimates that the BI revenue of Keyrus was approximately $108 million in 2012 (up from $92 million in 2011) in Western Europe. services and retail. SAS and a range of big data vendors such as Cloudera. energy. Business Warehouse. Spain and Switzerland. supported by 1. communications. Infosys has a BI and IM practice that it is currently centralizing into one global information transformation practice. Gartner estimates that in 2012. Exadata/Big Data). big data for oil and gas. Tibco Spotfire. Netezza and Big Insight).com Infosys Infosys is an IT services providers based in India across a broad mix of industries. Infosys gets rated well for its project management and product knowledge. Aster. Business Object Documents [BODS] and Hana). domain understanding (in contradiction of other clients who praised this element) and change management skills.000 professionals. manufacturing. retail marketing insight. retail analytics to minimize depleted stock levels. SAP Hana. Gartner estimates that Western Europe 2012 revenue represented around $150 million (22%) of BI and IM services business. Infosphere. patient data analytics. global BI and IM revenue was approximately $700 million (24% year over year growth) supported by 8. Inc. such as integrated business planning analytics.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Infosys has capabilities for SAP products (BO. CPG. IBM (Cognos. It has four centers of excellence showcasing information solutions for big data. as well as advance visualization and data virtualization. Karmasphere and DataMeer. logistics and life sciences.mukherjee@hcl. social analytics. Infosys has also created industry-specific accelerators and packaged offerings.4 in 2011) in Western Europe for Infosys. Clients still express a few common challenges with offshore execution. QlikTech. MicroStrategy. Oracle (BI. but clients also raised concerns over cultural fit. Gartner's reference survey in 2012 resulted in an RFS of 32. Splunk. where the majority of its Western European revenue originates. Rating: Promising Keyrus Keyrus is a boutique BI service provider with its headquarters in France. financial services and insurance. Ab Initio. Microsoft (BI and Parallel Data Warehouse [PDW]). The company is categorized by Gartner as one of the larger southern European local providers. machine and device data analytics. such as effective communication and consultant turnover. The balance is divided between Luxembourg. | G00231143 .

the public sector. located mostly in Western Europe. advisory and tax services. industrial services. communications and consumer markets. The KPMG BI practice has aligned its capabilities to management advisory and consulting services related to BI and analytics. Roambi. Keyrus also has offices outside of Western Europe in 12 countries. performance and risk and information management.500 professionals. including the U. of which 1. Tunisia and Mauritius. Tagetik. financial services.com The company employs approximately 1. IBM. Talend. Its 2011 acquisition of Vision BI (adding 50 professionals based in Israel and North America) has expanded geographic coverage and depth of expertise in BI. In the past year. The company offers solutions for financial management. KPMG has made multiple acquisitions to increase its scale including Wise Window (MOBI. The most important vertical sectors are manufacturing. MicroStrategy. EMC Greenplum and Hadoop+.050 are specifically focused on BI services. QlikTech.com Page 21 of 31 . analytics. especially for larger accounts. especially big data. mass opinion BI and Web analytics) and Secor (business consulting in Canada). packaged IP and value-based deals) to exploit information as examples of its visionary approach. EPM sandbox environments. Brazil. Gartner. utilities. There is also a value delivery framework providing an holistic approach to transforming clients' businesses. methods and tools. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. KPMG focuses across all industries with a good balance of information analysis and IM. business effectiveness.mukherjee@hcl. risk analysis and forensics analytics. but has added big data. Canada and China. Microsoft. IT advisory and tax and transactional services. The Keyrus business consulting arm makes up approximately 5% of the company's revenue. so an RFS cannot be assigned. telecom and the public sector. No client references were available for the 2012 Gartner reference survey. the company generated approximately $700 million in global BI and IM service revenue and has around 2. including more than 100 toolkits to aid professionals in product delivery to their clients. intelligent enterprise/EIM. Inc. Informatica. Gartner estimates that in 2012. KPMG offers its BI and IM services and solutions focused on decision support.650 global professionals. Tableau.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. which unifies a complete set of methods. this practice has shown major added value. Keyrus is a good fit for local clients looking for both strategic and technical skills within IM and PM. Rating: Promising KPMG KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing audit. KPMG is promoting new business models (such as managed services. Oracle. SAS..mukherjee@hcl. such as supply chain and marketing analytics. Gartner estimates that Western Europe represents approximately 50% of the company's BI and IM services business. Keyrus clients are generally satisfied with its services and client feedback is usually more positive for technical skills above all else. Keyrus has limited offshore and nearshore capabilities and mainly uses less expensive locations in France and Belgium as well as in Spain.S. Keyrus has capabilities for a wide range of solutions including SAP. audit and risk.

Clients should exercise caution and perform the appropriate due diligence to evaluate and ensure a good fit when working with Mahindra Satyam in its BI program. Mahindra Satyam has also created packaged offerings for social media analytics. manufacturing and telecom. It offers an extensive set of IM solutions through its core BI practice. Progress so far has seen the company establish Web-based BI. Teradata.com In certain cases.mukherjee@hcl.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. | G00231143 . Informatica. IM and PM demands in the Western European market (currently with most impact in the U. SAP. Inc. Cloudera. Clients praise the flexibility of teams. analytics and PM areas. EMC Greenplum. partnership and commitment capabilities. However. it has faltered in keeping up with the speed of change in BI. We cannot provide an accurate rating based on KPMG's reference survey response. Rating: Positive Mahindra Satyam Mahindra Satyam is an offshore service provider based in India.).K. although the information received indicates high scores for its methodologies. as well as extended sister companies Tech Mahindra and Bristlecone. The BI practice is in growth mode and this may lead to several project challenges. marketing. Analytics solutions (although a small part of its portfolio) are built for customer. Mahindra Satyam is still at a relatively early stage in its rebuilding of a global BI and IM practice to address the information analysis. France and Sweden last year. Gartner estimates that Western Europe represents about 30% of its BI and IM services business. Ab Initio. Oracle. Microsoft. but it is also pursuing a presence in other areas of Europe. IBM.mukherjee@hcl. KPMG subcontracts implementations with IBM or Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Mahindra Satyam also covers healthcare.com Gartner. machine data analytics. QlikTech. MahindraSatyam has product capabilities for Actuate.400 professionals. product knowledge and business alignment. mobile and big data centers of excellence and an expansion of its iDecisions industry and business-process-focused "Best Practices" toolkit. has core strengths in financial services. The group. KPMG claims broad coverage — from business consulting through to implementation — and is gaining share in the implementation of PM applications. as well as its consultant business knowledge. including Mahindra Satyam. Gartner estimates this group generated approximately $140 million in global BI services revenue and employs around 3. but clients still rate KPMG's project management skills highly. but express concerns over offshore execution and business consulting capabilities. Solix. risk and supply chain domains and it was one of the first service providers to bring these types of solutions to clients. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 35. Tech Mahindra is focused on the telecom market and Bristlecone has a focus on the supply chain. customer value management and fraud detection and prevention. Splunk. SAS and MicroStrategy. Rating: Caution Page 22 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. A recent strategic partnership will help make major inroads into the Benelux market to add to those made in Germany. IT services and utilities.9 for Mahindra Satyam in Western Europe in 2012.

mukherjee@hcl. with a specific focus on Germany. MicroStrategy. as well as resources and revenue in Norway. IBM (Cognos. insurance and healthcare. There are approximately 300 resources across Western Europe. and Switzerland. Clients praise the company's technical skills and project commitment and business specialist knowledge. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Oracle. SAP. such as mobile BI.com NTT Data NTT Data is the IT solution arm of the NTT Group with a global IT services unit generating $15 billion in annual revenue and with 58. its BI and IM practice is in growth mode. Denmark and Netherlands.com Page 23 of 31 . NTT has expanded through organic growth and inorganic acquisitions (such as Value Team. the U. Italy. Gartner estimates Platon's revenue was approximately $45 million in Western Europe in 2012. Gartner. it targets large organizations in the Nordic region. Gartner estimates Western Europe represented around 35% of this revenue in 2012.4 for Platon in Western Europe in 2012. BOBJ.000 professionals operating in 36 countries.600 global BI and IM resources. finance. The company has its main strengths in data management and complex technology projects. We cannot provide a rating based on NTT Data's reference survey responses. Microsoft. Core competencies include SAP BW. Inc. HP. Platon is a good fit for Nordic organizations looking for a service partner for their IM projects. professionalism and technical expertise. as well as the public sector. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Rating: Promising Platon Platon is a specialized BI service provider with its headquarters in Denmark. Netezza). insurance. However. The company has a global BI practice that Gartner estimates at approximately $150 million in annual BI revenue serviced by more than 1.mukherjee@hcl. Oracle and big data providers (such as Cloudera. Targit and QlikTech and has resources for IBM and SAS Institute. Platon has a Nordic market strategy with approximately 57% of its revenue in Denmark.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Iceland and Sweden. which can lead to numerous project challenges. Platon does not go to market by industry. NTT Data focuses on core BI and PM capabilities. instead. long-range planning and controlling and in-memory BI reporting. mobile BI and industry-specific product solutions for manufacturing. Hadoop) and Pentaho. Informatica. Informatica. NTT Data goes to market via its major industry segments of manufacturing. Finland. including in-memory and near-real-time analytics. Platon has product capabilities for Microsoft. telecom. recently focusing on its new BICLAVIS analytics methodology/framework solution. although the information received indicates high scores for its methodologies. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 53. QlikTech. There are also smaller operations across Austria. Intelligroup and the recent acquisition of Keane).K. Cirquent. healthcare and government. with around 250 dedicated resources.

communication and inability to provide global services. insurance. We also estimate that Western Europe represents about 40% of its BI and IM services business with an estimated 700 regional professionals. pharmaceuticals and technology and utilities. which complement its BI and PM solutions. cloud.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. business domain and technical expertise. The company offers a full range of information analysis. as well as pricing and overall communication. Gartner estimates the company generated approximately $550 million in global BI and IM service revenue in 2012 and has around 2. Its acquisitions include BearingPoint diamond management and technology consultants (in multiple countries. mobile. Rating: Promising PwC PwC is a global network of member firms offering accountancy and advisory services. PwC has established an information management group to centralize its solutions in areas such as applied analytics.. In particular.com Gartner. These all contribute to PwC's BI and IM service offerings in digital transformation. customer information strategy and enterprise content management. diamond management and technology consultants Paragon (the U. and Japan). Its BI and IM solutions complement clients' enterprise application platforms. Oracle. but raised concerns about its ability to align resources for clients where multiple projects are occurring simultaneously. risk and compliance. PRTM and Ant's Eye View. Karabus (Canada). PwC has alliances with major BI vendors including SAP. Informatica. as well as a portfolio of IT services. statistics. most notably the U. Important criteria in the selection process include thought leadership.S.com but express concerns over its business understanding and business logic. retail and consumers. Page 24 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl. Clients praise PwC for its collaborative approach. PwC's IM practice goes to market with its industry sectors. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 56.500 professionals. big data management. HP and QlikTech. industry expertise and project management methodology. SAS. advanced business intelligence. PM and IM solutions for selected target sectors including banking and capital markets. Hyperion. Inc. entertainment and media. Proxyon and True Economy (the Netherlands). Clients often select the consulting group because of an existing relationship. PwC has a strong practice in companion areas. information architecture. Tableau.4 (up from 53 in 2011) for PwC in 2012 in Western Europe. PwC has invested significantly through a combination of organic and inorganic strategies. healthcare and biotechnology. | G00231143 . vertical expertise and service offerings. such as governance.mukherjee@hcl. as well as consultants' understanding of technology. Microsoft.K. PwC is also hiring in India and China to deepen its global delivery capabilities. Clients are advocates of PwC and compliment the firm for its partnership with client goals and leadership in project successes and project management. Turkey and the Middle East). advanced simulation and business intelligence.

flexibility and strong technical competences. such as Germany. healthcare and life sciences.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. but also raised concerns over change management and change of resources and in one case. TCS has a presence in multiple Western European countries.mukherjee@hcl.. TCS has a broad set of IT services and a BI and PM practice that leads its global BI solutions. SDG achieved an RFS of 46 in 2012 in Western Europe (down from 51 in 2011). the U. Inc. particularly in corporate performance management projects. such as India. SAS. as calculated by the responses in Gartner's reference survey. The main proportion of its resources is allocated to SAP. with the remaining 30% servicing clients from an onshore location. Gartner estimates the company generated approximately $1. with a total of 240 resources (up from 225 in 2011). TCS has an emphasis on global delivery.com PwC is a good fit for large multinationals looking for global transformation projects and for clients assessing the impact of information strategies on their business processes. with Holland and Switzerland representing 15% and the rest in other regional countries. IBM (Cognos/Netezza). SDG is a good fit for clients requiring business consulting expertise. Rating: Promising Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) TCS is part of the Tata Group — one of India's largest conglomerates.K. project management skills. SAP. fashion and retail. which means that close to 70% of its staff are based in offshore locations.000 professionals. It has also been increasingly active in the Middle East. It is a global business consulting firm. SDG provides services to sectors such as communications and media. Gartner estimates more than 60% of this revenue is generated in the U. QlikTech. The company operates in a selection of countries in Western Europe. Rating: Positive SDG Group SDG Group is a specialist provider of BI services with headquarters in Italy and Spain. manufacturing and logistics and utilities and resources. consumer products.K. Gartner estimates that Western Europe represents approximately 30% of the company's BI services business. The company has developed solutions for consumer packaged goods. France and Portugal. corporate performance management and collaborative BI. QlikTech and Board International. but most revenue (84% combined) is in Italy and Spain. government and education. with supporting offices in 12 global locations. SDG's clients praised its ability to understand business requirements.. MicroStrategy. financial services. Oracle. with special leadership qualities in business process re-engineering.mukherjee@hcl. SAS. Gartner estimates that company revenue was $28 million in 2012 (up from $25 million in 2011). social intelligence and financial planning. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Oracle. IBM. Gartner.1 billion in global BI and IM services revenue and employs around 15. SDG has capabilities for Microsoft.com Page 25 of 31 . Board and Teradata.

financial process transformation. The company has an analytics and information management practice covering services for the BI market. Wipro's primary industries include financial services. healthcare and high-tech and telecom. Gartner estimates that BI practice revenue in 2012 was approximately $244 million in Western Europe. customer life cycle management. risk and compliance and supply chain). Microsoft. including IBM. CPG trade promotion. Rating: Promising Wipro Technologies Wipro is an IT services and outsourcing provider based in India. the company generated approximately $870 million in global BI and IM services revenue and employs around 9. manufacturing process analytics. retail. Inc. TCS works with multiple partners. It has invested in offering a broader set of predictive analytics across industries. which represents approximately 28% of Wipro's global BI practice.. for projects in which information integration is of key importance and for engagements in which formulating an enterprise information strategy is necessary. encompassing the initiatives on products. QlikTech and Tibco. social. Gartner estimates that in 2012. manufacturing. MicroStrategy.com Gartner. Wipro operates a mixed portfolio to meet its clients' BI and IM requirements. the company services clients mainly from its offshore delivery locations and an advanced analytics lab in Kolkata housing more than 300 statisticians and domain consultants. Oracle.mukherjee@hcl. multistructured information and governance in particular. SAP. but desire greater innovation and client-centric advice.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. cloud. including cross-industry solutions (B2B MDM. Informatica. TCS is suited to technology-centric projects. in-memory. and smart meter-driven analytics. Wipro is adding to its analytic capabilities and has invested to gain expertise in use cases for adopting disruptive technologies such as big data. telecom.com TCS goes to market by aggregating clients into industry segments of financial services. Wipro has local BI resources in multiple local countries. insurance. SAS Institute. TCS is partnering with many providers to provide implementation services. In addition. No client references were available for the Gartner reference survey and an RFS cannot be assigned to TCS for its BI and PM practice. BI and IM. Wipro uses a global delivery model effectively and a majority of its consultants are based in an offshore location. manufacturing. although with its global delivery model. with a portfolio of industryspecific process assets such as retail (merchandizing and pricing). such as India. although the majority of its revenue (approximately 75%) is generated in the U. Wipro has clients across multiple Western European countries. life sciences and healthcare. retail and distribution. It offers a full breadth of information analysis and IM solutions and implementation of PM applications. banking (risk and compliance). Teradata. mobile BI and advanced Page 26 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. media and entertainment and travel and hospitality. TCS is revamping its multiyear service strategy around business analytics. followed by approximately 9% generated in Switzerland. | G00231143 .mukherjee@hcl.K. energy and utilities.450 professionals. Gartner finds that TCS clients are generally satisfied with its services. SAP Hana. mobility.

Informatica. Wipro has primary partnerships with global vendors like IBM. strong technical skills and its ability to work closely with the business to understand and deliver their requirements. SAS.mukherjee@hcl. management and optimization solutions space. EMC. IM. The RFS follows the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. Revionics. Tibco Software. The company continues to expand through organic and inorganic initiatives such as its recent Promax Applications Group acquisition. Kalido. Trillium. bottom ratings. Tableau.com visualization. We scored individual reference responses across 28 questions on a scale of negative 100 to positive 100. one of seven criteria used in this research. Oracle. further expanding its capabilities in trade promotion planning. Additionally. based on the top vs. Wipro is a good match when scale on an engagement is important in meeting IM needs. Mobile. Hortonworks and Splunk.mukherjee@hcl. A negative NPS considers a reference a detractor of an organization. Wipro can handle large-scale IM projects and also provides large-scale outsourcing services. relationship and opinion that references have on service providers. as well as focused vendors like Teradata. Cloudera. Generally. MicroStrategy and emerging vendors like QlikView. "Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes: How Gartner Evaluates Vendors Within a Market" "The Nexus of Forces: Social. an NPS of greater than 50 considers a reference a promoter of an organization. Gartner. HP and Cisco. Rating: Positive Recommended Reading Some documents may not be available as part of your current Gartner subscription. Cloud and Information" "Gartner's Business Analytics Framework" "The Information Capabilities Framework: An Aligned Vision for Information Infrastructure" Note 1 Definition of Gartner Survey RFS Scores Gartner has used a reference feedback score (RFS) to help rate customer experience criterion.com Page 27 of 31 . | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. Clients praised Wipro for adaptability. Gartner's reference survey resulted in an RFS of 53 for Wipro in 2012 in Western Europe. Microsoft. However clients want stronger project management and business consultancy capabilities and continuity of staff. Our RFS similarly reflects this range of client enthusiasm for the quality.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. SAP. RoamBI. Inc. BI competency centers and work and information analysis are also key strengths.

a service provider was able to convert a positive reference experience into one of advocacy for the vendor. For an RFS of greater than 50. | G00231143 . Local providers. multiple issues could result in a poor reference experience specific to individuals on an engagement. the mix of vendors in any Magic Quadrant or MarketScope may change over time.com In our assessment. Note 2 Services Market Diversity in Western Europe The market landscape can be divided into the following global providers: ■ ■ ■ ■ Western European providers. Global providers can handle large-scale projects across multiple countries and continents. but are excluded from this MarketScope. changed evaluation criteria.mukherjee@hcl. execution and vision. knowledge. We review and adjust our inclusion criteria for Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes as markets change. Offshore-centric providers deliver the main part of services from low-cost locations. A vendor appearing in a Magic Quadrant or MarketScope one year and not the next does not necessarily indicate that we have changed our opinion of that vendor. Vendors Added or Dropped Vendors Added or Dropped. RFS is indicative of the experience a client received from a service provider. Offshore-centric providers. capability. Regional providers can focus purely on the BI and IM space or on specific vertical markets or geographic territories.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.com Gartner.mukherjee@hcl. such as India. Consulting-led providers. therefore. BI software vendors can have a consulting or service arm to assist their clients with some product-focused C&SI-related work. For a positive RFS. Consulting-led providers focus on creating a strategy for business analytics solutions that are sometimes complemented by implementation capability. or a change of focus by a vendor. As a result of these adjustments. Inc. while Western European providers are more centered on the Western European market. This may be a reflection of a change in the market and. the service provider managed expectations effectively and clients received the service experience expected — a combination of value. Regional providers fill an important gap by offering localized business analytics services and these providers regularly offer niche services in support of emerging trends. but some of them can follow and support Western European clients into other countries. price. For a negative RFS. Page 28 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. incompatible work style or outright mismatch related to what the vendor delivered to what the client expected.

The Gartner MarketScope evaluation is based on a weighted evaluation of a vendor's products in comparison with the evaluation criteria. Gartner. Consider Gartner's criteria as they apply to your specific requirements. Contact Gartner to discuss how this evaluation may affect your specific needs.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. few or none of the evaluation criteria. Potential customers: Consider this vendor a viable choice for strategic or tactical investments. Inc. ■ Caution Faces challenges in one or more areas.mukherjee@hcl. however.mukherjee@hcl. Potential customers: Consider this vendor a strong choice for strategic investments. Promising Shows potential in specific areas.and long-term impact of possible changes in status. but execution in one or more areas may still be developing or inconsistent with other areas of performance: ■ ■ Customers: Continue planned investments. Positive Demonstrates strength in specific areas. products or services.com Gartner MarketScope Defined Gartner's MarketScope provides specific guidance for users who are deploying.com Page 29 of 31 . execution is inconsistent: ■ Customers: Consider the short. or have deployed. ■ Customers: Understand challenges in relevant areas. A Gartner MarketScope rating does not imply that the vendor meets all. while planning for known limitations. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho. MarketScope Rating Framework Strong Positive Is viewed as a provider of strategic products. and develop contingency plans based on risk tolerance and possible business impact. Potential customers: Plan for and be aware of issues and opportunities related to the evolution and maturity of this vendor. services or solutions: ■ ■ Customers: Continue with planned investments.

Page 30 of 31 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.mukherjee@hcl. | G00231143 . ■ ■ Customers: Execute risk mitigation plans and contingency options. Inc. Potential customers: Consider this vendor only for tactical investment with shortterm.com Gartner. rapid payback.com ■ Potential customers: Account for the vendor's challenges as part of due diligence. Strong Negative Has difficulty responding to problems in multiple areas.mukherjee@hcl.

The information contained in this publication has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. and/or its affiliates. If you are authorized to access this publication. For further information on the independence and integrity of Gartner research. completeness or adequacy of such information and shall have no liability for errors. This publication consists of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact.mukherjee@hcl. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner. or its affiliates. Gartner’s Board of Directors may include senior managers of these firms or funds. your use of it is subject to the Usage Guidelines for Gartner Services posted on gartner. see “Guiding Principles on Independence and Objectivity.com GARTNER HEADQUARTERS Corporate Headquarters 56 Top Gallant Road Stamford. omissions or inadequacies in such information.” Gartner. All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without Gartner’s prior written permission. Gartner does not provide legal advice or services and its research should not be construed or used as such. Gartner research is produced independently by its research organization without input or influence from these firms. Gartner is a public company.This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.jsp © 2013 Gartner. Inc. | G00231143 This research note is restricted to the personal use of aniruddho.com. and its shareholders may include firms and funds that have financial interests in entities covered in Gartner research. CT 06902-7700 USA +1 203 964 0096 Regional Headquarters AUSTRALIA BRAZIL JAPAN UNITED KINGDOM For a complete list of worldwide locations. visit http://www.com/technology/about. Inc. Gartner disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy.gartner.mukherjee@hcl. Although Gartner research may include a discussion of related legal issues. funds or their managers. Inc.com Page 31 of 31 .

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