Video List: Southeast Asia

Have your mom initial after watching each one.

Week 11

____Southeast Asia: Land and Resources (22:00) ____South Asia: Weather Patterns of Asia (4:55) ____Asia and the Pacific:Southeast Asia and the Pacific (20:43) ~STOP! ~only go up to (15:22) do not watch the Australia portion. ____Indonesia: Exploring a Nation of Islands ____Singapore: Geography (1:10) ____Singapore: A South Asian Success Story ____Singapore: Government(2:01) ____Sketches of the World: Burmese and Vietnamese Fisherman ____Sketches o the World: Myanmar: (9:54) ____Burma: Shwedagon Pagoda (3:33) ____Burma: The City of Bagan (3:28) ____History In the Making: Ferdinand Marcos (5:13) ____1991 Mount Pinatubo Eruption (1:45) ____Indonesia: Exploring a Nation of Islands (20:22) ____Bali: Shadow Puppets And Balinese Spiritual Practices (3:53) ____Cambodia: Climate of Cambodia: (4:22) ____Geography of Asia Pacific: Laos And Cambodia (2:41) EXTRA CREDIT VIDEOS: _____Bali: Land of a Thousand Temples 25:00 On the island paradise of Bali, religion and spirit blend themselves into all aspects of life. Balinese spiritual beliefs are richly expressed through their arts. Learn more about the art and dances of Bali in this video. ______Cambodia: The Khemer Ethnic Group And Their Ancient City (4:23)

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