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Public Administration- Mains _ Anay Dwivedi

Public Administration- Mains _ Anay Dwivedi

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Published by: Naveen Kumar Singh on May 30, 2013
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Anay Dwivedi

Public Administration- Mains
Posted on June 10, 2010

Public Administration- Mains Before I begin, let me tell you that it was my 2n d optional and one of the biggest mistakes in my previous 2 attempts was the wrong orientation I had in public administration. In my 1st attempt (2007) I scored 309 and in 2n d attempt (2008), 287. These were the years when the scores in public administration were on an average well over 300. This year the checking has been quite strict and it has been difficult to score above 300. The strategy which I followed was very simple. Minimise the books I read for public administration and use all my General Studies knowledge in pub ad papers. To be honest, I devoted 60% of my preparation time to GS, 30% to psychology and just 10% to public administration. This was because I relied “almost completely” on newspaper reading and had full faith in Pavan sir’s (at Sriram’s) assessment and advice. Mistakes in pub ad 1. Reading too many books. Mohit Bhattacharya, Ferrel Heady, IIPA journals, Rumki Basu, etc are NOT at all required. In fact, low scores in pub ad are usually due to relying on these books/journals. 2. Concentrating on notes and jargons. Aiming at mugging up quotes, names of thinkers, technical terms, etc is a complete waste of time and effort. 3. Writing answers in paragraph thinking logical flow and good language is what is required in pub ad. It is not your opinion which counts as you needn’t convince the examiner. What is required is good factual knowledge and insight. 4. I do not know about classes and test series such as Bhavani Singh, Mohanty and Sunil Gupta as I never attended them. I know of these three as many of my friends had joined them. I came across their notes, etc and realised that my strategy was very different from theirs. But if you have gone through their notes and attended classes/test series and are still confused, do not worry. Knowledge never goes waste. Also, at the end of the day, my strategy worked this year, next year it might not. Nothing is certain. 5. My biggest mistake was joining Vajiram for pub ad in 2007. Not only the teaching was not exam oriented, the whole orientation and approach towards pub ad was flawed. I do not know the present faculty at Vajiram and my comment is restricted only to the classes I attended in 2007. Even then, I continued to use the content in my later attempts. Whatever knowledge you gain, you can apply it as and when the situation demands. 6. Extreme emphasis on unnecessary things such as words used in the question. Critically examine, elucidate, explain, comment, etc do not change your answer. Thinking along those lines is going to reduce the quality of your answers. 7. Case studies: during my fist two attempts I put a lot of stress on case studies. Wasting 100 words (and the time as well) on case-studies and more importantly going through IIPA journals during preparation is a sin. 8. Differentiating between paper 1 and paper 2 and thinking they require a different approach is a huge

mistake. I was told that examples in paper 1 have to be from different countries and just 1-2 lines about India. Paper 2 was only about Indian administration. This was the biggest reason why I scored just 130 in paper 1 in 2008. To summarize, right orientation and approach is key to high scores in pub ad. If while solving a math problem, the first step itself is wrong, no matter what you do later, the answer is going to be incorrect. Books As I have said for psychology, same holds for every other optionalStudy topic-wise from the syllabus and do not aim at finishing books. I didn’t read the following books from cover to cover. Instead, I just prepared topic wise and referred the books for content. Roughly, 30 % of my content was from the books, 10% from internet and 60% was from newspapers. That is why, newspaper reading is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Do refer the GS Mains post for newspaper reading. Fadia and Fadia: Administrative theories and concepts (I must have read 50-60% of it, just to prepare notes. Only those chapters which were mentioned in the syllabus). Fadia and Fadia: Indian Administration (Must have read just 10-15% of it as I had good knowledge about Indian administration already). Prasad and Prasad: Thinkers (The best book on thinkers. More than enough is given. Nothing else is required). Nicholas Henry (Only 2 topics: budget and public policy making). DD Basu’s Indian Constitution is in fact the best book for paper 2. Newspapers The single-most important source for content in pub ad. No special reading of the newspapers is required for pub ad. When I read the newspapers, it was not for GS, psychology, pub ad, essay, etc specifically. Instead, the focus was on gaining factual knowledge which I could apply in all the papers. Kindly refer the GS mains section for further details. Internet I looked up on the net for paper 2. For paper 1, only few topics here and there, where I felt I didn’t have enough content. But certainly there is no use of looking up the net for thinkers, etc. Prasad and Prasad is more than

z in chapter 3 and so on.enough. For paper 2. etc. Answer-writing (again copy-pasted from psychology as it remains the same) . google & yahoo are also good for topics such as SHGs. I went to Pavan sir at Sriram’s. internet and above all newspapers. I would like to point out that public administration was my 2n d optional. I counted the number of topics in the syllabus (x in chapter 1. y in chapter 2. In 2009. The sites are updated regularly and not only content but very good diagrams. total x+y+z…). Wikipedia . Only 1st 2 chapters in paper 1 and the 1st chapter in paper 2 require note-making. I started this exercise in the first week of June and aimed at finishing it by September 1st. etc. I relied on what I had written on that topic from then on. (I have copy-pasted the following from Psychology. Strategy Before talking about strategy. I joined Vajiram in 2007 for pub ad. While finding content on a particular topic. It marred my chances of getting high scores in pub ad. etc can be effectively covered. I aimed at covering 5 topics everyday. I have never read Laxmikant and other books before. So read the newspapers and applied the facts to pub ad answers everywhere. Do not study something thinking that it is for paper 1. But eventually was able to do it by September end. I didn’t attend the classes as content is not that difficult to find in pub ad. The strategy should be to revise your notes again and again at least 7-8 times. human rights (NHRC website). I referred standard books. I hardly prepared notes for pub ad. Coaching As I told you earlier.Controller General of Accounts. flowcharts and organizational hierarchy is depicted.Mains post. knowledge never goes waste. Everything you study can be applied anywhere. You have to cover the syllabus topic-wise. do not aim at finishing books. I blindly followed his advice and assessment of my answers. as I said. Topics such as disaster (NDMA website). First and foremost. But once I prepared a given topic. government websites are the best. I prepared the full syllabus as I felt anything can be asked for a 60 marker. Take a printout of the syllabus from the UPSC website and try to cover the topics one by one. It remains the same for all optionals I guess). As compared to psychology. If you have referred many other books. social audit. Rest all is general knowledge. I never picked up the book or notes again to refer what was given. What was required was the right orientation and approach.

Diagrams: always try to draw a diagram in every question. 1. do not merely give recommendations of National Police Commission (1977). Key words: they should be written straightaway in the answer and hence no need to think of introduction. etc have this much… On an average. Instead using factual info from papers such as ratio of policemen in India is 125 for 100.000 population. Wrote almost every answer in points. Language: Use simple language. If still running short on time. 3. No problem. 4. For example. Do not show your vocabulary. Use your General Studies knowledge in public administration. I totally neglected this aspect at my own peril in my 1st two attempts. a policeman undergoes training once in 18 years. draw it with the pen. The 10% of my preparation time which was invested for pub ad was mostly used for answer-writing. Network diagrams can be drawn for CPM and PERT. explain in one line immediately. as there isn’t enough time in the exam. Singapore. as it was the UPSC exam and not some school test. UN specifies the optimal ratio at 250. Broad perspective Do not focus on one point. Examples: never give the standard example in the book. For the same content. It has to be assumed that the examiner doesn’t know anything about pub ad. . Sample Answers I took guidance from Pavan Sir at Sriram’s and wrote answers for pub ad every week. Writing 10 points in 2 lines each is better than writing just 5 points. Whenever using jargons. Always underline with the pen as you write as there isn’t enough time for pencil. 7. The right way of presentation of an answer is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. try to modify the standard diagram in the book so that it looks different. Do it freehand and with a pencil. Answers can be written in points if you have enough content and time and word limit constraints matter. 5.It is a key element of scoring marks in the optionals. body. Underlining: it is very important as the examiner can have a look at all the key words straight away and save effort and time. I felt the Pub Ad paper 2 this year was like a GS paper 3.etc 2. No need to use scale. Thinking that it was all about knowledge and content rather than presentation. 6. Average bandobast hours for a policeman/ week is… All this I read in the newspapers and wrote in pub ad answers. Graphs/flowcharts: topics such as reforms and budgeting can be explained very effectively through flowcharts. Also. This much is required for infrastructure… INSAS rifles cannot be effective against weapons such as AK 47. This will be possible only when newspaper reading is done regularly and REVISION of cuttings before the paper is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. etc during the paper. Most of the content was already gained during newspaper reading. Graphs can be used to explain topics such as PSU autonomy and control. conclusion. etc. Countries such as USA. 4 lines each. I did not focus on some key elements of an answer. when writing on police reforms. Australia. person A might score 30 whereas person B might score 35.

Mains Santanu Chakraborty says: June 10. it requires good vocabulary to connect . Converting them into paragraph takes a lot of time.. i looked up on the net. 2010 at 4:42 pm hi abhishek. Logically arranging and linking paragraphs is like a nightmare.Be the first to like this. 2010 at 2:11 pm 367 (183+184) Reply Abhishek Singh says: June 11. Especially the ‘Biometri ATM’ was an eyeopener.. I referred fadia and fadia. Bookmark the permalink. In the main version. But pavan sir took care of all the topics where i was not sure about the right approach.. Really nice blog. as I think I am in your ’2007′ stage now or may be even far from that Is it ok to write entire answers in point form without recourse to paragraphs? I am really comfortable in writing in point form. ur blog has helped me streamline my effort… i wanted to know from where u prepared the topics which were not there in d prelims syllabus like Admn Law etc… Reply anaydwivedi says: June 11. Also. The advantage of point form is that I can write all the points I know in draft version and arrange them in a logical manner by giving numbers. 2010 at 10:18 am Hello Sir Great blog! Thank you for putting your experiences on the net. If a topic was not given or inadequately explained. ur answers for Pub Ad were really an eye opener especially for me who hasn’t given mains exam yet ( i have given prelims for the first time this year). Reply Bharat says: June 13. What was your score in Pub ad for paper 1 and paper 2? Reply anaydwivedi says: June 10. 2010 at 11:32 am Hey Anay. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. 2010 at 11:50 am Hi Anay. 102 Responses to Public Administration. thanks… i do not know the difference in pub ad prelims and mains syllabus as it was my 2nd optional. I write in ascending order of those numbers. was really confused as to how to go about preparing for Pub Ad for mains ….

2010 at 7:13 pm hello sir congrats on your mammoth achievement in the prep for pub ad ..various sentences. decide what kind of strategy u r gng to apply and try to execute it… . 2010 at 8:10 am hi prateek. Bharat Reply anaydwivedi says: June 13. i want to know whether these notes are really effective and quintessential??? Reply anaydwivedi says: June 14. 2010 at 10:46 am hi bharat…thanks as u can c from the answers i have uploaded…i always wrote introduction and conclusion in para form and the body in points…i followed it in almost all the answers… i followed the same strategy in the exam as well…so there’s no definite rule as to do things…whatever u r comfortable with…follow tht… also. b and c…some1 else might have read d. Reply anaydwivedi says: June 13. i didnt write 1 2 3 4…in all the answers…sometimes i) ii) iii)…then * * *…then – .f… so whtever inputs u get frm others. most of them recommend IGNOU notes.e. now i am completely new to this subject and before starting with the preparations i am trying to get the inputs from all those people who hv scored well. 2010 at 8:19 pm hi bulumu…thanks i have given a list of books i referred for the mains exam…i will b soon coming up with a post on gs prelims as well… Reply prateek says: June 13. u didnt mention IGNOU notes.thanks… i havent mentioned IGNOU notes as i havent gone thru them… i cannot comment on them as i have no idea… wht u have to understand is tht there’s no single strategy to score well…i might have read book a. it will be of great help to all the future civil service aspirants and providing details about the reference books. at the end of the day.– or –> –> –>… Reply bulumu says: June 13. Could you please let me know of it is ok to write in point form in the mains exam for Pub Ad (1 &2 papers)? Or should I practice more in paragraph form ? Thanks in advance for you help. 2010 at 6:51 pm heartiest congraulations sir… thanks for immense effort of creating a blog.

2010 at 4:33 pm thanks sir.probability of getting selected diminishes drastically… Reply bulumu says: June 16.z’s advice…surely i would not… Reply ..A) as per use of dd basu is concerned. 2010 at 11:44 pm sir i remember that 5-6 month ago. 2010 at 12:40 pm sir. Can u clear that u was that boy or not? Thanx hemant Reply anaydwivedi says: June 23.Reply kumar says: June 15. (may b sir is preparing gs tips) B)any difference in keeping once optional as 1st or 2nd in terms of preparation…is it only a factor of comfort or something to do with strategy Reply anaydwivedi says: June 15.so add 90 to 112 and thereafter and get state article…i knew arnd 400 of the 440 or so articles… B.than a boy come to the shop and give us advice not to purchase too much books and stay conc over ncert. do you have any idea how is rajesh gupta and kiran sir in vajiram for pub ad? Reply anaydwivedi says: June 16... 2010 at 7:23 am haha…surely it wasn’t me…i never gave any advice to neone before i cleared the exam…tht time.when i purchase psycho book with my brother from the shop in front of vision ias.chapters to concentrate etc.near big apple old r n.m pathak and ciccareli. no difference…have to concentrate on each and every paper…have to aim at scoring at least 300 in all 3 (gs..now i think that his face match with you. only when some1 asked for it did i convey my opinion… would u believe in any x.opt 1 and opt 2)…even if the score in 1 subject is less.y.could u please suggest some integrated approach viz. 2010 at 4:53 pm sorry…no idea whatsoever… Reply hemant says: June 22. i tried to remember 20 articles at a time…then revise them…then next 20 and so on…easy way is frm art 72 onwards just add 89 and get the corresponding article at the state level…then article 201 is extra. 2010 at 1:17 pm hi kumar A.

i havent been through the ncert books even for psycho…so y wud i advise someone else to go thru it…neways. i liked the way u elucidiated the 2nd papr police commission qn. 2010 at 7:26 am moreover. you have mentioned 4 books for pub ad in your blog.so is it ok if i dont read them?will i be able to answer the questions asked directly from it? Reply rajbir kaur says: July 11.bt i hve faild to do well in ppr1.S. prasad and prasad’s chapter on riggs is very good for cpa…all the models.and “Nicholas Henry” they cover limited topics of Paper 1 only which book one should refer to for other topics of Paper 1 like Development Dynamics.: I haven’t yet read Fadia and Fadia: Administrative theories and concepts but by its name it seems that it cover only .i have been told by many friends and teachers that mohit bhattacharya and arora & goel is a necessity for pub ad since the questions are asked directly from mohit bhattacharya….remember??anyway. 2010 at 4:22 pm hi anay. the guy was right in his advice… varun says: June 23.i would be highly obliged and also reflect if any othr suggn u wud like 2 gve on ppr1 Reply rajbir kaur says: July 11. 2010 at 4:21 am hi sir. 2010 at 7:07 am hi sir.. etc?? P. I agree with you that in Paper 2 there is majority of part got cover by newspaper but how can one possibly cover Paper 1 by newspaper? And the books you mentioned “Fadia and Fadia: Administrative theories and concepts”. 2010 at 7:37 am for dev admin and cpa…fadia & fadia provides a good base…add to it ur own examples from india and the world… also. “Prasad and Prasad: Thinkers”.i have been told by many friends and teachers that mohit bhattacharaya and arora &goel are very necessary books for pub ad since ques are asked directly from mohit bhattacharya. how to add value or supplement with newsppr cuttings traditional qns like npm qn this time or qn on theories.could u pls elucidiate with an eg.i myself hve scord well in tht papr...this is vineet!met u at deepak’s place while prepin for interview.which books to read for development administration & comparative public administration Reply anaydwivedi says: June 23.etc… Reply vineet says: July 9.anaydwivedi says: June 23. 2010 at 7:01 am hi sir.so is it ok if i leave them?will i be able to answer the questions? Reply debu says: July 14. 2010 at 10:46 am Hey Anay.anay.

just writing imp points and remembering the current affairs part is more than enough acc to me… Reply prashant tembhare says: July 21. 2010 at 7:55 pm hi kartikeya i didnt make extensive notes…and all i did was take prinouts frm websites… wht i meant by note-making was reading the complete chapter in the books i have listed and trying to reduce it by diligent note-making for rest of the chapters.. 2010 at 6:18 am Hi anay……….Administrative Thinkers part only…educate me if um wrong… Reply anaydwivedi says: July 14. 2010 at 11:42 am .or only after prelims of 2011?……. Reply anaydwivedi says: July 20.can i start making notes from now………while studying. could u plz tell me that.iam planning for 2011………. 2010 at 7:30 pm hi prashant it has to be based on ur way of studying…i made notes as revision is easier tht way…so whtever u feel like… Reply prashant tembhare says: July 23. 2010 at 6:27 pm Sir you told that for pub ad “Only 1st 2 chapters in paper 1 and the 1st chapter in paper 2 require note-making. kindly suggest……… Reply anaydwivedi says: July 21. . Rest all is general knowledge.” That means you didn’t prepare notes for rest of topics ? How did you went for the revision then? Isn’t that too much of stuff to remember for ? How did you manage that without note making ? Plz enlighten me. 2010 at 1:04 pm hi debu… nope…the book covers almost all the topics of paper 1…get it…it’s really good… Reply Kartikeya says: July 18.

there’s no imp topics..i prepared all the topics as Qs can be asked frm any topic… moreover. 2010 at 3:38 pm Hi anay. they r related to each other some way or the other…so it wud be better to go thru all of them if possible… abt studying gs and optionals…i studied simultaneously…newspaper reading had to be done everyday…and after i was finished with them…did the optionals… Reply tejaswi says: July 24. can u tel me the title of Fadia & Fadia. take care prashant prashant tembhare says: July 24. 2010 at 7:53 pm hi prashant the books i have listed cover arnd 80-85% of the syllabus…other 15% u need to look arnd…net.”(This is in marathi i hope u understand) thanks again ……….... some class notes frm friends.can u give the list of very imporatnt topics from the exam point of view (For Pub Admin paper 1 and 2 Mains)……… thanks again………take care Reply anaydwivedi says: July 24.. Reply . do u have ny idea bout sharma sadana and Mohith bhattacharya. etc plus u have to keep adding to the topics examples frm current events… Reply Prashant tembhare says: July 25. 2010 at 2:51 pm Hi anay……… thanks a lot buddy U dont know but this is really a important suggestion for me…… “Raje tumala amacha manacha mujra…….not so imp topics.thanks buddy Reply anaydwivedi says: July 24.. thanks for ur valuable suggestion ………i have a one doubt………books suggested by u cover the entire syllabus of Pub admin or not ?………should i need any others apart from that……. 2010 at 7:10 am Hi Anay…… sorry to disturb u again.Hi anay……. 2010 at 8:09 pm hi prashant m sorry... as generally there wil many books of the same author with diff titles.

. . In any answer to write the direct demand of the question.how come.only covered the topics as prescribed in the syllabus…u have to link both paper 1 and 2…kindly go thru the pub ad mains post…i have listed my strategy… Reply tejaswi says: July 25.. Thanks and regards shashi Reply shashi says: July 31. but isn’t that for every answer about 80% of your answer should from textbook and internet which would satisfy the direct . 2010 at 12:28 pm Hello Sir.anaydwivedi says: July 24. .? Reply anaydwivedi says: July 24. 30 % of my content was from the books. 2010 at 5:54 am sorry for overlooking it. 2010 at 1:39 pm Hello Sir.!! but u referred it for paper-1 many topics.. in which one would include textbook content (which the examiner will be expecting) . 2010 at 8:23 pm hi tejaswi fadia and fadia for paper 1: admin theories and concepts for paper 2: indian administration i dnt knw abt sharma sadana…but mohit bhattacharya i read in 2007…it’s useless in my opinion… Reply tejaswi says: July 24. it would consume 80% of space (450-500 words out of 600).. congrats for achieving grand success.. so it is Indian administration. . .. 2010 at 8:32 pm hi tejaswi i didnt go thru the books frm cover to cover. 10% from internet and 60% was from newspapers”.! thank u!! Reply shashi says: July 30.so how you managed to write lots of content from newspapers in remaining 20% of space(100 words).. Congrats for achieving great success. 10% from internet and 60% was from newspapers”. .you have told that “Roughly. 2010 at 4:38 pm hi anay… got the name in some other post of urs... . you have said “30 % of my content was from the books. .

2010 at 7:06 pm Hello First of all huge applause to your success . Thank you. books r not enough and the kind of Qs being asked…esp in optionals like pub ad and psych make it absolutely necessary to go thru other sources like newspapers.NDMA….demand of question and remaing 20% of the answer from newspaper which would make ones answer different from others… thanks shashi Reply anaydwivedi says: August 2. topics have to be related to each other so tht ur answer is complete…it requires a good understanding of wht to go thru and wht to leave out…for tht i suggest tht for pub ad.. u cud have safely depended on books and take the exam confidently…but now. etc i felt most of my content in the exam…both pub ad and psy was frm newspapers and current events rather than the books… Reply sandy1511 says: August 2. 2010 at 8:30 pm hi sandy…thanks u need to go thru the topics in the syllabus one by one and try to collect enough material for a 60 marker on any given topic…also. Please if u can mention all other government websites which you have gone through. Your approach for public admnistration is very good. 2010 at 5:10 am hi shashi it depends on the trend…in 2007. I am reading syllabus of PA P-1 from Fadia & Fadia.the problems i am feeling to cover syllabus is that marking the topics as per syllabus & bulky matter to read how can i resolve this? Thanks anaydwivedi says: August 2.. internet. I am doctor(MBBS).if u r not able to cover the syllabus…get guidance frm pavan sir to understand wht all has to be covered… Pritam Maske says: August 3. i started preparation with PA this year from july. 2010 at 12:11 pm Hi Anay. Reply anaydwivedi says: August 3. 2010 at 9:24 pm hi pritam i m sorry…i didnt keep a track of all the sites i visited…just copy-pasted the content… so u will have to find out as and when the need arises and u feel good content will b available on govt sites for a . .. You have mentioned government websites like NHRC.i didnt take admission in any coaching.

your views are working wonders for me. 2010 at 4:28 pm Sir.meaindia. or should me hold just an overview of these things. haven’t gone through them but got them from a book(article) published by previous civils aspirants (Mutyala Raju Revu Batch)..nic. 2010 at 4:21 am thanks nethaji… debu says: August 5.nic.goidirectory.in/ – For latest India Year Book Reply anaydwivedi says: October 10. thnx Reply anaydwivedi says: August 8.nic.I told you about my fear towards paper 2.in/ – For latest budget and Economic Survey http://publicationsdivision.I hope you remeber me.nic. 2010 at 4:17 pm hey anay can u suggest any source for state theories and public policy formulation. Sir for criminalization in politics and corruption do we need to go in detail of the episodes like lalit modi or Surresh Kalmadi etc.indiabudget.thanks for that.in/ – It connects to official websites of all Ministries and departments.? Thanks . etc.indiacode.particular topic… Reply Nethaji says: September 26.I am already feeling very much optimistic. http://www. 98 http://www. 2010 at 1:26 am hi debu… as far as i understood…state policies and public policy formulation is just one topic…there’s no difference b/w the 2…go thru the public policy models described in nicholas henry… Reply Himanshu sharma says: August 6. 2010 at 3:27 am Congrats to Anay!! Hi Pritam Here are some useful websites. a topic from Public Policy i didn’t find any yet. Supreme Court.nic.in/ – External Affairs Ministry website useful for India-World relations http://www. http://www.So. Central Acts.in/ – Constitution of India.

for GS…start preparing now…but leave stats for the time being.Here is another one-: *Preparing for 2011. ancient history. little bit of analysis needs to b done…but it’s always better to understand things beforehand when u r preparing for the pre…tht wud help u guess intelligently in the prelims paper…so dnt be worried abt the difference…and pre syllabus is more than mains…e. u have world geography in pre…in mains gs history. 2010 at 1:43 am hi himanshu…yup. 2010 at 11:57 am I am sorry to bother you over and over again sir but as I prepare more and more..u can easily do it after the prelims…but yes. i do glad u r feeling better…be confident… for CP and PC…kindly refer the answer i uploaded on corruption…it is of a similar nature… but u cannot write about lalit modi or suresh kalmadi…these r cases where nothing has been proved yet…it is all speculation right now…so dont quote such things… you have to go after facts…i hope u will get the idea frm the answer i uploaded… Reply Himanshu sharma says: August 8.more and more clouds of doubt start hovering over my head. 30 marks (15X2) is always frm the indian natl mvmt… so just do the basics now…if u do it well…wudnt need to invest too much time after the mains…tht wud enable u to devote much more time for the 2nd optional… Himanshu sharma says: August 9. indian culture. i dnt think the approach for GS pre and mains is very different…yes.Indian culture) *Everyone say to combine the preparation of pre and mains in GS but if i start GS after notification the I will surely get inclined towards pre portion and as far as i have calculated the approach of mains and pre in terms of history. PS:Dear sir i know that you are helping us a lot and may be we are asking too much from you but you have no idea of how much respect i have for you but I do not have any other source of guidance and do not want to get lost in the huuuge syllabus and again thank you very very much… anaydwivedi says: August 8. u shud aim at finishing 1 optional before the prelims…start now so tht u can finish it by dec…after tht u can concentrate on the CSAT…2nd optional after the mains… 2.is . instead of indian geography in mains. 2010 at 7:59 pm hi himanshu no problem…feel free to ask 1.. 2010 at 5:40 am But sir i started my preparation in march itself and I am almost done with 70% of static portion of sociology(rest 30% in dynamic needs to be done from newspaper like Pub Add) and I was hoping to finish both Pub Add and Socio by December.geography differ so when should be that portion done. etc need to b done now 3.could you please give a very brief overview as to when should complete my 2 optionals(there is no 1st or second optional now)nov/dec? *should the hardcore mains portions of GS be done now or latter(Stats. for mains.g.Reply anaydwivedi says: August 8.

didn’t cut the articles (which is as bad as not reading the newspapers in the 1st place). Could u tell me which buk shd i start wid…Prasad and prasad or fadia and fadia adminstrative theories and concepts…? bcoz when i start wid fadia and fadia they have mentioned the thinkers also.When should I prepare the portion of pub Add from newspapers. 2010 at 2:28 pm hi nehal…thanks i feel with the right orientation and approach. Pls suggest me about this..To be very precise how much time is required to prepare for public ad.? And sir one more thing. i feel newspaper cuttings of 4-5 months r more than enough…i didn’t read the newspapers regularly in 2007… and in 2008 even though i read the newspapers.when you prepared for 2009 then you had newspaper cuttings of 2007 and 2008 also)…just dumped the previous ones or still used them.So shd i first go thru prasad and prasad and then fadia and fadia.. 2 months is enough…provided polity knowledge is good… Reply Pritam Maske says: August 12. 2010 at 1:38 pm hi himanshu…good tht u r done with most of the syllabus…go ahead if u have time… yes.after pre(as you suggested and I guess would have done also) or from now only(but there will be huge newspaper cuttings by that time)? and sir what did you do with newspaper cuttings from previous year(like when you prepared for 2008 then you had newspaper cuttings of 2007 also.that approach ok.? Reply anaydwivedi says: August 9. Reply NEHAL says: August 11... Thank you. so i did it only after the prelims in the 2009 attempt… Reply vighnesh says: August 10.I have taken public ad. as one of the optional. 2010 at 8:21 am Congrats sir . ? with regards Reply anaydwivedi says: August 14.Tech from PU in ENC.. Reply . on your splendid achievement.i have done my B. 2010 at 4:58 am Hi Anay. 2010 at 1:38 am simple strategy…..

anaydwivedi says: August 15. I had a question. also plz suggest if its required to go through india year book? Reply anaydwivedi says: August 17. it would be really kind of you if u cud suggest me specifically wat sources to refer for rural dev and urban and local govt. Pl let me know. Is DD Basu must for polity. 2010 at 9:09 am hi pritam… yup. Thanks… Reply anaydwivedi says: August 17. etc… Reply metesh says: August 17. 2010 at 9:32 am Hi Anay. My optional is Pub-Ad.. 2010 at 9:45 am hi anay.But i m finding Synergy printed material . I am referring to Laxmikant. 2010 at 7:03 am Thanks a lot Anay for ur advice… Had d prelims result yesterday and luckily i wud be getting d chance to write d mains dis year. 2010 at 1:49 pm hi sonal… for basic understanding…kindly go thru fadia and fadia…u need to supplement tht with newspapers and current examples…almost everyday there r articles on either of them… for IYB…kindly go thru my posts…both on gs mains as well as how to go thru the books… Reply sonal says: August 20.so plz advice me sm strategy which should be followed for next two months… I also share d same opinion regarding Mohit bhatacharya with u. 2010 at 1:46 pm hi metesh…thanks any book is a good book for any topic if u r comfy with it… i havent gone thru laxmikant…but if it contains all the articles…go ahead with it…i have listed dd basu only because tht’s the book i referred…not coz i thought it was the best book… Reply sonal says: August 17. u may start with thinkers…get an idea of wht they say…make notes and once u r done with tht…start with fadia and fadia… aim at finishing 2 thinkers a day among other things like newspaper reading. first of all congrats on your achievement….

. Thanks… Reply anaydwivedi says: August 18.my first attemp will be in may…I have done first 2 chapters of paper 1 of pub add…..? And in what time the polity portion should be finished as I do not have any idea.please check your yahoo mail when you are free…. while explaining sth or while taking examples or concluding an answer… whenever in doubt..congratulations on your success… I am doing job and my optionals are pub Add and literature of marathi language…..Plz suggest me if its ok to rely on it supplemented by newspaper reading?as i don think i can manage many sources. chemistry and physiology… and as always.i hav attended d cls in synergy only . 2010 at 1:02 am sir. U r really a g8 help for people like me who dont have any other source for guidance:) anaydwivedi says: August 21. Also kindly suggest if specific book is gud for science n tech portion. 2010 at 7:07 am hi sonal congrats on the prelims result…now is the imp part…mains stage holds the key to getting selected…give it ur best!!! it’s perfectly fine if u find the synergy material good and u r comfy with it…yes..quite gud.do you think that it should be done from Fadia and Fadia or it should be done from D D Basu and then refer Fadia and Fadia for syllabus specific topics.For paper2 m done wid DD basu.like you suggested to try and complete 2 thinkers in a day could you please give some sort of idea in that department also….i read the newspapers and looked up the terms on the net…but one thing u can do other than this is to go thru the researches of last 4 yrs’ nobel prize winners in physics.dont worry…go thru fadia and fadia topics… after u have the basic idea…go thru dd basu… but remember…polity HAS to be strong…no other option for those with pub ad as an optional… Reply Amit Sharma says: August 18.didn’t have time…. always go back to the constitution. i will try to go thru the mails today… for polity…1st go thru the spectrum (1200 pages one) polity section…it is explained really well…if u dnt have the book.and it took me 2 days for first chapter and 12 days for second one…. feel free to ask Qs whenever u want to… himanshu sharma says: August 18. plz supplement it with newspaper reading for examples with current relevance… good tht u r done with dd basu…it will surely give u an edge…dont hesitate to use ur knowledge of the constitution…be it in the intro. 2010 at 4:21 am hi himanshu yup. 2010 at 4:59 pm Hi Anay. Also sir I have not done any of polity portion which is must for paper 2..more often than not u will get ur answer… for science and tech…i didnt go thru any specific book.So. I intend to complete syllabus by 1st november and i have not done polity at all… .

Can we expect personal help and guidance from Mr Pawan ? Reply anaydwivedi says: August 19.also in what time these should be completed considering my speed and the need to finish by october end…. do you recommend Fadia&Fadia OR Arora&Goel.4rth and 5th chapters…. 2010 at 5:36 pm Anay. it is more imp tht u focus on the relevant things rather than do everything under the sun as the topics r very general in nature… personal help and guidance is assured…thts y i have recommended pavan sir… Reply metesh says: August 20.it would be of great help if you suggest me that as I have no idea thanku… Reply anaydwivedi says: August 19. 1 more thing. I am trying to read pub ad on my own before going for any coaching. For the paper II (indian Adm). Is it a good idea to read old vajiram and ravi material to cover the entire syllabus and the thinkers now and then probably rely on the coaching classes ( which I would be in a position to join after May 2011 only. I want to keep one book as guide and refer others only if required.So can you please tell me that from where did you do 3rd. Fadia seems to cover paper II completely.. 2010 at 7:17 am hi metesh… . 2010 at 1:04 pm hi reema…u can go thru old vaji notes…but i dont think they r upto the mark… i strongly suggest u take guidance frm pavan sir if u r not able to find ur way…for pub ad. Thanks… Reply anaydwivedi says: August 21. 2010 at 1:02 pm hi amit…thanks kindly get fadia and fadia (both the books which i have prescribed in the pub ad mains post) & prasad and prasad… and cover the topics in the syllabus as given in the books…u will find arnd 70% of the syllabus there… for the rest…u need to search on the net…and use ur GS knowledge to fill the gaps… u shud aim at finishing pub ad by november end…even if u do it by dec end…wud do after the prelims…u need to practice answer-writing and get ur answers assessed…i have recommended pavan sir at sriram’s delhi… Reply Reema says: August 19. But the problem is that I am not able to get relevant stuff in the books I have. 2010 at 4:08 am Hi Anay Have started with my preps for civils 2011.?….

I never expected to qualify prelims this year. 2010 at 5:56 pm Hi Anay. For Psychology if I prepare Morgan & King well how are my chances in mains? Anticipating a quick reply Thanks Reply anaydwivedi says: August 21. I know that considering the depth of the examination this time is very less.thanks in advance. but by gods grace I have done so. 2. 2010 at 1:14 pm hi kumar 1.i went thru goel-arora during my 1st attempt…it is certainly not as good as fadia and fadia… and u correctly pointed out. 2. Could you kindly guide me regarding: 1. For the mains I have decided to keep Mechanical Engineering as one of the electives. pub ad can b prepared in 2 months…if u have good knowledge of polity…it wudn’t b tht difficult…psych requires at least 3-4 months… 4. already answered it… 3. f&f covers the syllabus really well…so my choice wud be f&f… Reply Kuldeep says: August 20. 2010 at 7:55 am sir.my 1st attempt in 2011 with pub ad and psycho as optional. Which elective acts as a supplement to your preparation for GS mains? 3. My corporate responsibilities leave a very little time for me and I can devote around 60-100 hrs (Max) for each subject. Reply anaydwivedi says: August 21. i. 2010 at 7:36 am hi kuldeep 1. Which of the above elective focuses more on width rather than depth.in view of csat1. m&k is good for prelims…but for mains…it wudn’t b enough…the kind of Qs asked now r not the ones u will b able to answer by gng thru just m&k… Reply kumar says: August 21. hmm…u can do tht if u feel tht wud b better…it all depends on ur abilities and u r the best judge of it…but gs requires a lot of prep…and dont knw if 3 months wud b enough…i feel it wud take at least 5 months to develop a good base… Reply .as per some other strategist could i rather finish both optionals and exclusively devote last 3 months for prelims.e. pub ad wud b easier than psychology provided u have equal interest in both…since time is of essence…overlap b/w GS and pub ad gives it an edge over psycho…psych requires in-depth prep…and cant guess much if u dont knw the theory or expt… 2. I am really confused between Psychology and Pub Ad. pub ad has got good overlap with GS…and psych helps through an added perspective… 2. the primary factors behind choosing the optionals shud b interest and aptitude…and not so much on overlap… but yes. How much time do you think each of the above elective will require for preparation? 4.seeking suggestion for the choice of optional subject that could go alongwith GS preparation. I have to read a large number of topics but not from all possible sources. As a result of which my preparation is not even in nascent stage.

I’m attending Geog. My 2nd optional is PubAd.. 2010 at 6:31 am Hi anay … from which book u referred for comparative administration and devolopment administration…. 2010 at 7:15 pm sir i m preparing for 2011 cse i opted for pub ad …. 2010 at 9:03 pm Sir: I’m currently pursuing B. This country has better future and hope. I intend to enrol in LLB program after graduation as I’m eyeing CSE ’12.Tech (4th yr). 2010 at 6:13 pm Hi Anay. classes at ALS.Mrunal Patel says: August 23. 2010 at 12:09 pm hi surjeet… i went thru fadia and fadia and fred riggs chapter in prasad and prasad for these topics… try to find a few things on dev admin and the anti-dev thesis on the net… maverick says: August 29. and please do maintain and update this blog regularly. Actually. i m finding it hard to correlate both in syn with the question asked in CSE…. i started reading mohit bhattacharya …….. anaydwivedi says: September 15. but it is quit diff to grasp…… pls mention the starting approach Reply anaydwivedi says: September 5. with officers like you in charge of the administration who care for others. Does Law course complement PubAd? Reply Reema Tripathy says: . Reply kamlendra says: August 23. please suggest .. 2010 at 3:25 am hi kamlendra… i referred only the books i have mentioned in the pub ad mains post… mohit bhattacharya isnt tht useful in my opinion… start with either fadia and fadia or prasad and prasad…read accroding to the syllabus as i have mentioned in the post… Reply Surjeet says: September 5. Thanks for this article.

what I felt is.So shall i stop referring Mohit and switch over to “Fadia and Fadia: Administrative theories and concepts”? I believe in not referring to too many books. In almost all the cases. 2010 at 6:04 pm Hi Anay Thanks for all the responses…. (Thanking in anticipation) Reply anaydwivedi says: September 23. making notes n all itself consumes much of a time that I wanted to know about importance of journals. 2010 at 1:40 pm hello sir have u gone thru the whole ARC (1.jus a basic thing as per my understanding the pub ad approach. [First of all congrats for your grand success and thanks for putting in so much blogging efforts. their structure..powers.so it is not necessary tht u must go thru ijpa to score well in pub ad… Reply dolfin says: September 9. 2010 at 9:52 am Hi Anay Sir. i didnt read iipa journals as the info i had frm newspapers was more than enough for writing my answers…i didnt have the time to go thru them. What would u advice on that? I have gone thru some of the journals.. For the remaining portion. I have seen toppers recommending to study IIPA journals. For Paper-I I have been referring Prasad & Prasad which is really good. which is a little bit tough [u have also mentioned it to be not so useful. yup…u need to add info frm the newspapers as they r the best sources of telling u wht is happening arnd u…so the actual working. But. I have been referring “Fadia & Fadia: Indian Administration” which single handedly covers most of the syllabus of paper-II. So.but i recently came across your blog].. it gives more of info rather than analysis like different organizations for central/state/local level administration. questions are never directly asked based on all these aspects (though it is imp to know about this ‘structural’ info). I am referring Mohit Bhattacharya..so your suggestion on this dilemma would be of great help. 2010 at 6:12 am hi sagar…thanks 1. as far as my strategy went…mohit bhatt…wasnt a part of it…so u have to decide accordingly…fadia is better any day in my opinion…and u r right when it comes to reading only a few books again and again… 2. But.] my 3 doubts here: 1.September 1.style of writing is similar to that of the GS paper.. Should then an attempt be made to drive in that its a pub ad answer ? If yes how ? An example should help Thanks a lot Regards Reema Reply sagarkatdare says: September 8. regards Reply . etc need to b taken frm the newspapers and the theoretical base frm fadia… 3. going thru the reqd books.elections n all. examples.2) reports to get the main points. they seem to be having good amount of data. 2. how should our approach be while studying for Paper-II ? 3. But. For Paper-II I follow your approach of studying by what is mentioned in the syllabus.

plssssss give ur valuable suggestions in this regard Reply VIVEK PANDEY says: September 11.anaydwivedi says: September 23.. i went only thru arc 2 reports…tht too the recommendations summary…noted arnd 30 points for every report and tht too the ones i cud easily understand and remember… Reply VIVEK PANDEY says: September 11.anybody wud pls like 2 advice me about” BHAWANI SINGH OR MOHANTY “classes. 2010 at 6:16 am hi there… i referred the 1st one… Reply dolfin says: . in english medium abt their pros n cons???Shud i 1st made a base in this paper n then join d classes or directly join them …….com/bookinfo... 2010 at 10:29 am Sir I have found two books on thinkers by the same authors kindly suggest which one to be refereed… http://www.com/bookinfo. im 2010 engg passout stdent n opting pub-ad as one of my optional.anybody wudpls like 2 advice me about” BHAWANI SINGH OR MOHANTY “classes.their pros n cons???Shud i 1st made a base in this paper n then join d classes or directly join them …….plssssss give ur valuable suggestions in this regard Reply dolfin says: September 11. 2010 at 3:40 pm hello guys.sterlingpublishers.asp?na=9788120754140 Reply anaydwivedi says: September 23. 2010 at 7:08 am hi there. im 2010 engg passout stdent n opting pub-ad as one of my optional.asp?na=8120709619 http://www. 2010 at 4:01 pm @vivek my say one shud have a base first……………………one shud know wat to get from coaching so that Reply raviramjain says: September 21. 2010 at 3:44 pm hello guys.sterlingpublishers.

For Pub Ad. Reply anaydwivedi says: October 10. I am trying hard to keep up with Examination Bias. 2010 at 9:44 pm Sir kindly suggest some good publisher for mains solved papers.September 22.. 2010 at 6:14 am hi there… i went thru the recommendation summary and noted arnd 25-30 points frm each report which i cud easily remember in the exam… Reply raviramjain says: September 25.. 2010 at 3:38 pm hello sir how u covered ARC reports……………gone thru its whole text or covered it from some other source? regards Reply anaydwivedi says: September 23. 2010 at 7:23 pm Hi anay Congrats on ur great success!!!! Please guide me on from when newspapers are required to be followed before giving pre exam and mains ??? how many months before ? thanks in advance Reply anaydwivedi says: October 10. 2010 at 4:20 am hi there… i dnt think there is one in the mkt with solved pub ad papers… Reply Ajinkya Ghorpade says: September 29. 2010 at 6:05 pm Thanks Reply Digvijay Jain says: September 29. 2010 at 5:55 am hi digvijay…kindly go thru the GS prelims and GS mains post to get an idea… .

Reply Anay Dwivedi Theme: Twenty Ten Blog at WordPress..and how vast is the syllabus as compared to psycho…( i have heard syllabus is even smaller than psycho ).start reading newspapers ASAP… Reply akhi says: November 12. 2010 at 8:09 pm hello sir…1st i wanna thank you for ur guidance..com.it was extremely helpful for both gs and psycho.but my zoology paper didnt go well…so i have decided to change my optional and choose pub ad…i wanna prepare on my own.. .i read ur post and syllabus but not able to make out from where to start…can u pls tell me the basic book which i should read 1st to build my base as i think i cant go for topic wise prepartion presently..

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