Conservation of Energy

•Conservation of energy means the wise and judicious use of energy so that plenty of it is available at the disposal of the next generation.
•The energy consumption of modern man is increasing day by day.

•The basic causes of increase in energy consumption include –
Increasing rates of industrialization to meet the demands of increasing population. Increasing number of leisure items and entertainment facilities. Mechaniztion of agricultural practices. Processing of food and storage of food in cold storage.

. •However their usage effects the environment negatively.•Fossil fuels and electricity have become the backbone of a country’s development. •Non-conventional sources of energy like energy derived from water. •It is thus important to use renewable and eco friendly sources of energy. •As much as it is important to use renewable energy sources. it is equally important to use the non-renewable sources of energy very judiciously. sun and nuclear power should be encouraged and should be widely used as they hold the key to the future of energy demand and crisis. wind.

for cooking  Using smokeless chulha’s when using firewood.  Reducing the cooking time by fermenting or soaking the food before cooking . etc. coal. microwaves with grills.  Using the required flame when cooking or heating  Giving emphasis to means of public transport than private transport unless required  Using proper cooking wares such as pressure cookers.Some of the ways in which each and every individual can contribute towards conservation of energy –  Using electrical appliances only when required. etc.

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