1. Be kind to everyone. a. Even your siblings. b. Even your parents. c. Even your kids. d. Even people who aren’t kind. e. Even animals. 2. Speak well of others. 3. Be charitable. 4. Don’t brood. 10. Do the most important thing first. 5. Listen to your parents, the first time. a. Demanding “why” is a violation. b. A delay in responding is a violation. c. Making excuses is a violation. d. A smart aleck reply is a violation. e. Violations of this section shall be subject to quickly progressing discipline. 6. Eat well. a. Try everything that is served. b. Thank your chef. c. Eat plenty of vegetables. 7. Exercise (outdoor play is included). 8. Put things back. This includes: a. Toys. b. Things that accidentally fall on the floor. c. Blankets on your bed, every morning. d. Shoes, coats, and backpacks (which belong in lockers). e. Bikes and other outdoor toys (which belong in the barn). f. Dirty dishes (which belong in the sink). 11. Listen to others. a. Look at people who are talking to you. b. Pay attention. c. Give an outward indication of hearing what they have said. 12. Be respectful to grownups. 13. Do work that makes you proud. 14. View problems as challenges. 15. Accept what cannot be changed. 16. Be grateful for what you have. 17. Be brave. 18. Be truthful. 19. Dream big. g. Electronic devices (which should be turned off after use). h. Exceptions may be granted by parents, in unusual situations. 9. Practice good hygiene. a. Brush teeth at least twice a day. b. Wash your face every morning. c. Wash hands before eating. d. Flush the toilet and put down the lid. e. Wash hands after going to the bathroom.