Helping Everyone Achieve thru Reading

Family Reunification Thru Literacy
Through an audio-tape reading program where incarcerated fathers read books to their children on tape, we help to strengthen family bonds, improve literacy skills, and encourage their children to read. This service is provided in cooperation with the Camden School-Based Youth Services HEAR program. Do you have a child between the ages of 3-4 years old? Does your son or daughter live in the City of Camden? Imagine your child being able to hear their fathers voice as they are tucked into bed at night...
The Nehemiah Group will assist both fathers and children with the following:
   

Increase literacy skills in reading and writing Strengthening relationships shared between fathers, children, and co-parent Arrange visitation and facilitate read-aloud recordings Provide complimentary audio books and e-books to program participants

If you are interested please contact: Micah Khan (856) 535-4100

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