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Week 14: August 26, Taper

Week 14: August 26, Taper

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Published by The Vancouver Sun
Granfondo training, Vancouver Sun
Granfondo training, Vancouver Sun

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Published by: The Vancouver Sun on May 31, 2013
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Week 14: August 26 Taper

Introduction Start up and plan for ongoing cycling 10min Discuss and review planning for the GranFondo 10min 0:20


Physical, Skills, Riding Sense


Post Ride

Session 1: CLINIC

Dynamic activation 7min Easy ride 6min Break 2min

Integrated skills and group riding 20min

Easy ride 30min

Questions, discuss upcoming week 5min

Session 2: INTENSITY

Session 3: LONG RIDE

Other Training

Coach's Comments

0:35 0:55 1:25 1:30 Dynamic Brisk ride. activation Aim to Ride Easy ride 10min 15km in 4520min Easy ride 50min once. 10min 0:20 1:10 1:30 Easy ride Long slow Easy ride 10min distance 2h 10min 0:10 2:10 2:20 Find a good local Hatha yoga class to become an ongoing member. Consider participation in a 30-day challenge following the GranFondo preparation. Find a good local gym where you can maintain body strength for functionality and challenge yourself to get stronger and keep fit Take a well-deserved recovery this week. You’ve achieved some enormous gains in fitness and the body needs some time to adapt and realign. This is the taper going into the GranFondo. You should be well recovered but not necessarily rested. You need to maintain fitness and leg speed with the short individual workout, but you get a big reduction in long ride from the last two weeks. Be sure to check out cycling clubs with rides going in your area this week.

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