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Non - Metals (except CO, NO,

Basic Metals (except ZnO, Al2O3, PbO)
Amphoteric ZnO, Al2O3, PbO
Neutral CO, NO, H2O

Soluble Salts Insoluble Salts

Nitrates all -
Chlorides all others Lead, Silver
Sulphates all others Lead, Barium, Calcium
Carbonates Sodium, Potassium, Ammonium all others
Oxides/Hydroxides Sodium, Potassium, Ammonium all others

Add Add Observations

NH4 produced
Nitrate NaOH Al powder (warm) Strong smell
Turns red litmus blue
CO2 produced
Carbonate HCl -
White ppt in limewater
Chloride HNO3 Silver NO3- White ppt
Iodide HNO3 Lead (II) NO3 -
Yellow ppt
Sulphate HNO3 Barium NO 3
White ppt

Gas Test Result

NH3 Red litmus in gas Litmus turns blue
CO2 Bubble gas through limewater Limewater turns milky
Cl2 Blue litmus in gas Blue litmus bleached
H2 Lighted wooden splint near gas Gas burns with 'pop' sound
O2 Glowing wooden splint near gas Splint relighted
Drop of potassium dichromate(VI) solution on filter
Acidified orange dichromate(VI) turns
SO2 paper
Place filter paper near gas