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StyTe wriEes: Subject.: Rer Hazardg of dating 1OE



I was going ro pos! on sonerhilg are hawing lhis now qho sir



Many of us, v,ho were nor poputar wirh IEis us, cal]ed enlering rhe wortit of

wonen when we were younger, ho! women. We have lhese

new e*perience. in Ehe car \rirh


and lhey

yammer away abour how lney mee! another . ,, And rhey begin rhis never so

hot Ehey are and atl gi!], lhey run,rp

lhe guys who l,ere hiEting

on !hem. And rhen

!o her and say, riluar of rhis

roh my godl r tove your hair/ehoes/be]!

weird comperitive seen or been par! lame and shallos

vrhere lhey keep complimenring each olher. ri,orrd unlir rhe rasr couple vears, anit i!

Funniry enough, r,ve

cracr<s me up because i!,s and awesone.

and insecure

and ridiculous

and weird and surreat

Now, as for

you and your

silualion a.t, "ar."" guy6 rrying


you allows


to feet

any jealousy

or insecuriEy, wirh olher

guess wha!? you 1o6e. I guys and watching end of crusl, the nigh!, and respec!. orher

ny girls, to hi!

I lowe going out and warching you flir!

on you, because I know and chey all A11 I require ts David x,s !h!ee

know Lhar aL Lr,e rules: honeery,

we are going

hone L o g e l h e r .

anvrav, jealousy beginning

lhe wav !o ger her for plobtine, to !o ler

good, and r nos know rhis, tike you,re raking


Lo be a tirlle granted.

ali6ran!, jus!

Lo creare as she,s sweer.


her feet friends

her for

And rhen,

complain fl.wers

to her or lake her

abour you,

you rurn

around and do somerhing her


You send her finally rel1

her ou!

on an anazing

dare or fry toves you).

somevhere .he wanr6 !o go or iimty

her you tove

(assuming 6he atready

And noll' you are a coupte

SeyTe writeg, Su.bject: Itlr eDt€rlng a new phese Lrr ay P U A d e v e l o p s e n t - a r a n E

I'm in th16 new norlil conElantLy talk lnstantly

no!t. I am alt ays alound ho! chickB' And they do weiral chings like on lhen. Yet lhey beconE about hov hot lhey are and how guys are al\tays hittlng tucklng obseaBeil with ne, anct Bulcicta] because I donr! watr! to Live {ith life. and lexEiDg te her and reEcue ber


I have one l,[,TR piBEeil off fron her sbilty deb!-filled

cotnpletely ln love wilh rne anal obsesslng over me, and calling I have another MIJTR every two fucklng tnlnuteg. reuurn her phone callE on tbe phone lha!

I have anothet MLTRplssed at ne becauae I'n liveB ln Florlda,

loo buEy

every d,ey.

and shers Eo fucking boring to talk ]lvely.

r get r i ! e d

so hard !o keep the calls

caLling to 9o I canr! gel any fucklng work done, because lhese glrls are codstanlLy me for it' for not Paying enough atcentlon !o lhen. Anal Lhe mole they fucking critlcize because a1l rhey do is give me grief' them even IJESSaltentio[


somehow, someone exPerienced can give !rying to me 6ome sage advice. figure oul hon.




nanaging mulliple

relationBbipE thts

(zan, r need you), on nyself Juat

And the

sage aalvice is thal

I am brirging

The lessolr Etressful


nulriple learnlng Ps.

be a fuck

of a lot


more emotiolral

ard more

Eo aleat wich than

And it's bu! ir is a MAJOR Makes I hard !o tell difficulty more lime knos for myself sonetimes IiEICE is to make true fundamenlal changes a! core of your personality. . . Yes. I feel larely lhe after safte way. afler Eo nucb time and expeclations when you 90 t il Eo NOT be lhe are raised moB! money guy in too high. I lotalLy whal lrve the Quie! understand where you. ce! lid a room is of !hem.AGAIN lley Man.E F E Ae careful wha! you wish for. Youire back and forth right. lhe self invesled. ls e 1 t .l L Hele's still the biggest wacillating i6sue: Y o u r N E l . Ard iE lakes and attitudes this more repetitions DowNr bur a! the new been noclcing Party Ehread. you feel loser like Eucks. I stilt see t I I have SOMEnew beliefs as ny onD AFc self rirh same iime sonetines NEl{ Ii{ASK on that can sonetimes be lransparenr. Easier So the answer here is to Eeparate yourself ouEcome. and your response to my pos! on in in your posls Here are a few lhoughts: t 1. of the lhan nyself just six n'onthE or a year. of yourself awareneBs rha! you get fron lhis community is a biEch.s not always there for you. EI tl E tl {. Bu! rhen you can crash and burn lhe e E il and feel lhe biggesr in the world. And t have a loE more pelEpeclive reading this. a!. . You are only as good as your 1a6s Earge.Style wrieeBt Subject! vlaLon cragh€E to a low point . Il !ime. buE lha s how we all feel nos! of lhe nexr day flom t a PUA god. 2. aggravaling. belween your o1d model/beliefs I'm not explaining the deepeet this vel1. rant ower. I'n t - E . . and the new one. You! staDdards and focus on hawing a good time a a E E . IE's slill NEw. and no! lake ir personally. said lhan done. It. If you go! like a ONg. ) F F F F E E t .

I am beginntng lo ge! lhis. and all en! well Finally. the walls came down. In fac!. I friends and sould be inlo T So. bu! so I didn't 1 was away for . tbey were MONEY inslead of suPPLIcaTIoN. at lhe excited girls). out of too bad. I prefelled to talk slop my conwoe with them Eo talk to guys. Then phase lwo. I'n I rl . what suckE is IE's tha! lead because she's mostly sbe lefr shile I And r 90! HUGE rapport while. but the point !o get the is: It's harder lhan you think to change patts of - your personality and idenlity results you vant coneislentfy. because not only was she the By conweying value lo everyone else and so she had jus! golten a relationship. nor lrying !o quallfy myself. afrer being around for I've a while. l sonder if your mode of connunication- . the target I lreated then like a group set. and getling social proof from lhe guys and lhe girl€ befriended. And Ird got me in. I at least made it so lhat lhey are all to Eee me again. I I I I I I I Then.the ! I hard !o gel phone rapporl. The girls \dere officially opened.j a I rea1ly explaining this badly. Suddenly. Try making MEET cloEes instead. I finally 9ol her inleresled in ne. demonstrating value and guys who weleD't and running Ehe rouEines (or similar ones) chal I work before. with nakes i! the flake problem. I answering/Ewing service- 4. $hen I had then to the girls didn't rogether iD a group. I StyTa vtLCdE ! Sublect: FR: fh€ Be6t Otrporlunily and the Worgt garging s o t o d a y 1 l ' a sr n y L a s t d a y w i t h lhe gir18. which realLy the door once ir Ehem. aE learned here in this Ird prelend like thread/ was NoT Leaping through !o lhe guys over lras opened. I got a #close wirh one {not a ronantic rith my target. a litrle hotlest end of lhe day today. I I I I get to #close her. being tolally cool and slightly negging with her. Then juet phone/message I ! o n l y t o C o N F I R Mi f necesEary.

because a #close $ould have been Eoratly possibte. things I uas wearing before iacke! Ehar goes down !o l{'ibh just out. next on HER turf. people said r tooked like you have !o go !o Ehe righr a I rl if you do this. ar!ist. conplete lack of needinesE when lalking. wilh the lop burlon done up and lhe resr open. a pic. as if give a shi!. my goatee. but if ex-gf if ta rI is ALL lnner game. singer. thing in Lhough- I! is was a HUGE learning siruarion. {Thle is my preference D A N D Ye l e m e n t . Lot. You can Eay lhe like you are the same bhing a6 every olher shit and they could be your you alo it rhey ptay INNER GAltlEdom. rocker. touch and new style) co !o!aL o v E R D R E s s E D . like a prelry-boy. scarf dark wilh a elight a small Thie means wearinq like peacocking. bad- OR I a il 2.I F El tl :l tl I bunmed.i n a n O R r c l N A ! c e e r y t e modern suirs. Bu! r didn. And rhey ALL say that (NOw that don'r rhe mosE atrraciive and show a the world a guy who can go up !o Ehem.r ger ro do ir before she No worries. and ruffted the devil. by supplicaling (Mosr guys are so !ii!h rourlnes because wiEh their a! scared to even lalk fir8t. cards right. r. lhis your I!'s to them. srores/designers and ger originat. t =l I EI - Styla wtlEee t Re! Venue Poacocklng & HeIp Flon Tho6e I Have !{et Subject: =l - For your particular look/ you have rwo choices: il I - 1. You can go rock sEar: model eomeone like boy. eLightly Anylray. you are the man. eyeliner Ehe And lhen jusE adding around Lhe neck. like wery well-cur.lf steeves sricking rxy ro find coot. One of a a a of androgynous that and a btack a long my favorite mld-lhigh. Mark Mccralh from Sugar Ray. atready rhey reatty Er lI :l rhey HAVE rhem. -r .) This of course was where r failed enough ro do lhis hard to maEEer you! stale wirh a porn slar toser.

WAYS!o be l h e b e s t . I do not reatlv pea'ock I just dress VERY cooL and sTYLrsE.v L o U D I I I I I I t . MYeEerY's lalest MLTR (Iim 6ure he']l poel a vid the soon) is s o m e o n e q ' h o o P E N E DH I M (it vas during a when she saw how he ltas dressed and thaE he vas leading cooversation Now. lhe gian! the bools' of a London PUA FoT fun' the lalex panls' lhe London PUA lhe as he srleels and clolbeB--lhe lhe lhe eveline!' himself arm banils.ra6 insaDe.l I I I I I a1lov. and probably underv'ea! ?eople and he videolaped wele slopping lhe slreels of l. It wilh \.on. AIgo. just like to do it which I'm refining witn ewery dav.shil. so that chicks I'm not commen! on my cloEhing. Also. like You stepPed cooleEE boutique q 1 { gEyLe wtiteg t Peacocking & Eelp Flom Thoee I Hava Met subjects: Re: venue I - Here's my opinion on peacocKlngl It is no nagic Pil] (whar is?). bul il is useful The point i s t o W E A Ra n o p e n e r ' Tbrs aav vou t I I canbenolicedinlheclub.andit'ExAccErATEsanysocialproo!youmay the image Yes' it backfires if have. and he showetl ne a video Eop hat. rhrough if they last week. ! was at Myslery's puE on Mysterv'B ekinlighr walked aEking shitr.lo!1. lt forces you to l'iwe up !o \"hich is vhy if you peacock vou t'on't a1low you hang ou! alone in the corner hugging lhe waIl.ALLYFUNNY and FUN' because ne image' had to come up with !o live up Eo lhe a I I I Furrhernote. fot nyEe]f. if you dress I'ike tha!.d r e s s e d at lhe party. advexEe !o peacocking--I I have mv oton look.l]'omencanopenyou.s a {oman to oPen You. That eaid' ' c l o E h e s L n a r a r e C o o I Ja r d n o ! s : m p . peacocking isn'r a whole oulfilr it can be just wearing SOMETHING I . yourself lhat Eo do tha!. WET-L-FITTING out of the sroxe T h e g o a l here vindow of the is AI. him him in lhe could be photographed a pelsonal ily and he becane RE.

wilh r Fr t =l making plans and figure ro go . here when |m and nor distracted. on rhe phoner if " see y o u a s s o o n a s p o s s i b l e . A!d. I jus! want to be all bur would be with you v F E D E r pul1ed a disappearing ac!. a see-rhrough lop rha! and iE was some aclress r was my usual r showed her whole breasls. Subjects: FR: The Best Opportunity and the Wor6t Sarging F ts A quick storv: Tonigh!. I'm really me. since aDd make ir enjoying morning. on Google Eo rry our who Lara was. It's b/c you.s worth.wo new layE in a day and a ques!:lon about 1ock6d uD women a a - e t =l You may wonder why you don. and teft house l. Eodav's p*e!Ey crazy lor r realty rhoughr we had a and r have a lon and r wanreit to of vrork to do tonighr. r wenr ou! wirh a girt r mer wirh crimbre ar a bar las! week. she rrovED rhe StyTa wrltaet Sublect: Doubl€ IrRt f.ho she had ro cheer up. I had plans great terribly connecLion offended this you.F F F It F FI r!| StyTe wtites.E lhe opeoer you're using when you \{ander lhe campus? F = !'iha! lE your phone game lhar sels lhe frame? Thar said.wimning rhem borh nexr week.toody. D . bur L o t e l l Lhe ErL_h. Turns our iE $as Lara Ftynn Boyte. ir was ctear i|s ir was j u s t a brood sugar rhing/ you're r woutd have ended her.t have lons of responses !o lhese awesome nor glvtng us a 10! !o go on in lhese FR6. because rhey borh maale refexences for what ir. It would l-ave -tef! you wilh Lhe pIGsT E\D oI Ehe tedsh. when r gor hone. wha!. she 6aid Eo neet her a! a friend'e naned lJara who was wearing charming searched self. the date wirh abruptly I{Br. !o rrara berng well-known. I natked in. =l seem tike my rime vilh your fault--1ike the ol1e dissing F F E HBMoody.

n the fleld. shers goal on your frane or not? Sone women {i11 never be (ever 6ee Snith iE to make her feel" CoMFoRTABLE.!€s gubj€qfr shi! There 1B Bone AflEgOME j. al1 {orkB. You can do this r{lthin ber frame !oo. posti4g golng to start uslng tlre ndon'! cry notdn joke. lbal'E what SS is fo!.. beca$e here. there a l e b e t t e r "job8' to nenLlon than the on€s you have ]i8!ed helel Anong then: "slawe trader.That 6aid. of course.. G r e a t B h l ! . glyle wrlteE ! varLou€ coclEy ald Funny suljects/fr. and lhen ATTRACTED. lsn'! it?) AROUSED. inpor!/expott" (from l4IL PUA) "disposable Lighlet repaiflnan" the irhole "ass modeltr gadbit Profe66ional hopscoEch player I .you know. A IJoT 1n one post. and {Hey. Ilnat I can tell a Io! of thla was developed I kno$ i! I'm deflnltely hilarious. Nicole who cares show) . you any ay'r frame 18 awesome. And keeplng a lab for lbe gitl Keep is and uslng the Phole nI never liked tht6 stuff.

r vas our one r did NorHrNG Z D E| ewen Earging. Never have been. him I jusr a =r I . ir ThuB. rf ehe does!.re wriling abour. ir's seems like chey. than just fronr as much as she rNsprREs in me. is safe the door open ro seeing Eupplicaring each oEhex it il bur in a way rhar It you juEt (such as at work). works f. r disagree.rethlnking chaslng & efficiency SubJect: TD.1d rhe girt or whalever. Just your originat lwo posrs. but not rhem for player. say you're I! may b e t h e I o I ro see rhem ar work.t read rhis whole rbread ye!. But it always he catred and a e a ET r. bur lhis curs !o a to! of things on my nind roo. and insra dale stop by for nighr. h lhe meartime.or eome. As far as the idea rhar gaming is onty for Bur r onfv nor give her aftracriwe women. a sec. Here are Eone rhouqhls: l Yes/ \de give up verv easily. Ehe switches yet. r jus! ONEphone call women -- is no! relurneit a.! hawe boEh beauly and brains. rhey need ro prove you. anit r lotd handed me rheir slood bv rhe numbers in r meE a guy and he asked wha! r itid. being sociatty of her proofed the barrender.! again. too annoyed by rejection. you and caLted. F r tl ET I haven.m no! a chaBer. It F F F Profcc6ional boy roy r r F F Style wtltest IrEortant for me lateLy .re afler work rhat serious and no! a a I EI inlo you blr you baven. and too lazy. lhey are leaving yes. r feel tike r can game anv girl night other recentlv. on your way somewhere etse. As far as these girls hir all reEponses !o you ln your examptes. For example. clearly 2. !o an average inclualing Lalin gir1. 6ays !ha! CoNSTANTLYhear of guys daring evenlua]]y she gave in. slop calling if like =a ? or a! leas! r do. Too proud. r!'s nor jus! one issue yor:. and was introatuceit (Ehree girls.l.

bro. bu! hasn'! nor eold yel' gtyle wtltea.ten out with !o !a]k mouth. like lf you more becauBe she's worked for you' In olher caEea' ENJOY 8he iE STARTTNG you say. 4. in regarcls to your olher maln point.tidn'tnee.ltodoanylhingelge.late.lhecagegyounentlonofgil'lyswhohitonagi!]. and lhen you ]e! her 5. dI'n noE coning fron a scarcitv frane " . NEVER get on becauEe guys are too guy shooting do!*n guyE as aoon as tbe {1!h then' becau€e lhey -agBune tha! he just $antE to €leep 5. Ard by night's end we *ere bolding hands and makingoul.Auyou have!odoisHooK!HEM.ofcourse. KilLor Bee gtyle SubJ6c!! AfrLcaDized I love your f-ing fteld reports. lhat' they're atlenilon they is an IoI hit rlrs crazyr tthen I the Poln !o !hem.Tbat'sil--no walue denonEEration6.ETTINGTHEMKNowYoU'REHITTINGoNTliEt"l. Tha!'s a chapger rlghl out of Aos' a glrl is cbaBlng you.I.butwlTllou!I. and this ls sonething lrn thin]<tngaboutlately:ThewAt!ogetlheno€!desiredlqomenincheroonlsVERaelmple.Andthisisa challenge. Do you tatite fiction? You 8hou1d' Note for the Thin-skinned: I am aot implving Ehat this is ficlion al aU' taughed ny aes off when you Lold her. Ancl. waB hanging inllml. no qualifyitlg/challenging.barforalivingan. The!e!6 mole wolk to be done--you're s!il] TO WIN YOUOVER. ln sone casea Bhe will she w111 lose lntereB!. The anEner here ls to Ie! her Lhink that r'.conslantlyandlhenlakei!al'ay-anal then sualdenly the glrl falls for them.l opens his because of. calch you.on.oL!)AndIi'asnatulallyfunny.BuIshedldn'lin6piremeto bolher to do anyEhing else. I notice a lo! of your recent PoelE have one thing ln'ookgirfslphonenuibers. Bu! lhe lhen ANY speclal they fact sald iE. Ju€t giving starE.No!onlydidlknowl.

complimenls and I didn..s nole. I! was okay to insu]E her Bu! conlinue--giving so upser mixed messages. A n d t h e r e ' s gerling I look you guys. called ny sisf-- eay. pos! for it.F il FT . rhe girls rhrough.. and then has a whole loutine this. c'e convey aclive You a16o added an imporlant loast. T h i s i s S A R D C O Rg Ea m e .t say anyLhing negatiwe or nege conlcined-posilive 'rHey wha! ar:e you getting about it.- and scene-intense malerial lhan \. Ar. feeling AII point he!e: if ar any momenr. cindy crawford has a mole. And it's but until exacEly whar TD said: disinteres! qe have lhe we won'! even be !o blov. It was much smaLler a a rt rl . you falrer and give IOls. Then when r a she gers upset again. . 'lrhat are you talking ln tacl. as just socially for does well for he rakes L I F E S T V L E a n d R O U T I N E ... for Ee rakes them to clubs that them. through one of those really lhan winning. i! TEN TrMEs as effecrive axe I{Is TURF. shere he is sith his roommales or doing a coffee where he can perfom date.. tl :t { he has a RoLTINE tha! ringing proofed. total for. I sL. Everybody should have a syslem like r| rt t El roreplay lS goocl.1 corslarrly retrame: F . about? That'6 the nicesr compliment ever. F F t F crawfis\.ng Acllve DlELntErsgt a - I'11 reply more on thLs late!. hard video games where a lherels no rsaven or ncontinue" a FI FI Le! me also add to Vi6ion. Thie is definile]y a high Eociat proof scene.r. and ir is that'E two reasons. congratulations on making Lhis discovery t t EI StyTe wtitae t SubJect: Conveyl.i1l do.tlaix Any{ay.m going to call you Cra. you're no better of a sudden.A c l u a l f y . and don'! apologize say. yourre I!'6 like b a c k t o E q u a r e o n e . is !ha! y o u m u E t R E E L T H E MB A C K I N .rfish. when he bringE then home. lhem ou! of lhe water. I think I.l =l A160.

afler thls abou! your ADD problems. when someone is speaking you can do somelhing i!'s NOT tor away. scene. Anway.teB ? Active DLEinte!€El Subject: Conveying Fuckingawesomeshitinthisthread. Etrong there I'11 lry -- no! going to \. used somelhing like girl apologized when one girl was trying to drag her friend wilh lhem. lhey won and I Wha! wouLd you do here? My curren! I don'l is a variatlon of lhe Rick H line: are not So unril "You kno\'r wha!.taste my lime. Maybe lhe follow-up "Is that opener after tt}e best you can do?' she asks "wha|s your nane'r (vhich is l. for sure. invited I I I I I I I me ro go !o an after-parly t I style wil. lo me.Ilovevourtineslvitlusevourmannerslease stuff. chey have rhe vou and I il I I bu! where r come from nanners enllre {on'! focus of ny allenlion. failed lhe shil !eB!. i' (Xf lhis opllonal. myself and Gr:imble) pu]1 from lhese places is lhac the to ewervone and starls who are reallv terrorists. so vou caa leave Also' guvs i:he new girl bu! the girls IN are nore closed-off. and lhe "shaking' line. Finally.) I used il. They're (probably no! too haxd to befriend. and all lhev do is lalk here are boring and their They are conversation about {ork half_ poseesEions. 1 jus! Bu! lhac is cur myself lo lhose girls off mid_ I wasn't solution even lislen when r la1ked and juar Irn senlence and walked avay. who didE't here's a quesrion !ha! I KNowyou have an answer: when I was inlroduced scanned the room. as fuck. seems harEh. hitting on vou. Irve !ha! be talking. but thev also trap vou in like hour conversarions because they're so coked up).ha! she'll EXACTLY do) is. 1 q'i1l definilely try ou! your solutions.Toeculter. I I I t I I !l . PAssIvE behavior.The way tha! rnew sirln with most PUAS I know {includinq on the scene sees you talking or oulsiCler. know how you l^'ere raised.

Mixeal Messege E[a1.ihat are your lhe To sarge or leal love not Eo sarge? It or convenience? 6eens I'U!L of A16o. as you said. I wrole a! the beginning her. and tha!'s disinEerest_ only takes vhy rhey were So. r get l.ime. llkel My leaslng as affeclion scrip! we're cary llke (narne a classic Ho]l)'$ood couple who alvays from Cheers) bicker in thetr movles/Tv-ehows -- irom Grant/Audrey Hepburn !o Sam and Diafle I :t A beauty is conmon variation a ra A puppy dog lype routine a a I I I E!c. trTha! rasn. Styla wtlEas. 1r vras a mean enail.. like of enall. you totally gixts nailed it. and ber coment was sveet. X sarged an Asian HB in Londonwho tiwes in Toronro. enlirely turn i! BUL rhen you reed And roulines and it alound.1: Thoughtd Sublect: a I Some of you nay lemenber in rhe Old Lounge. ReDea! :I I I !! . = Mean. NrGHTr. a some we mer. 1 il Oh. '. Ehere's a retald. And E\IERY ONE of then us when rhey We were cracking ower. because we kllew we were playing yes iE's itrrpoltant to lhat game and had won.! i6 itr reference co the fac! rhat she said Style ny previous enail a sweet email. she vrites At lbe same t.F a lt il I I I I il F t TD. I started getting this.rGET9 and r in r}1 played said rhey didn'r the like a game of Hot sear sith firEr me! us. up. phone calts from her.surprise. convey active nomen! -- Even to nake rhem thirty seconds -to STRONGLY DISLIKE you. rhoughts? rs ir and decided ro a I !| ttro rourds IOIg. I v{anted to hook her up with keep her for myself. After Mys.. Anyway. Mystery.

seens like BETTER in person. r'm a lucky ducky Irm going to visi! mY ftance I I I tsnipl reminde ne of myself. w e 1o 1k .xed Dteesage Elral'I I fboughtsd reading !his' Bn!/ is l'11 lhat l'ton't take guvs I I ON game' l\nd' afEer and play up hard !o get' thinq from vour The cooles! lMEo she looks Thanks guys. . . t I I q sEyIe vrltea t Subject: Idj. baby. I am slaving IOIS for i! and !'ti11 conlinue I'n in if I donrt to push-putl fuck this eighties I opinions. I ( one down. i t m y s e 1 f .a St{E !iRITES: 3. .I. i E Trv all beliewe you want to be a bad as6 but there is a link !o RS Oz but I can see lhru !ha! if toush I can track I will 1el you knot It soo vas a sweet emaill Isnipl I dont love exlerior. her waE that I walked in back bar roon a! a show. . I \toutd !o be a siar in oz haha ISHE SAID THAT gIlE wAs GoING To BE IN RoLLING STONEAUSTRALIA.h'llENSI{EBECOMESASTARTEEREICANFREELOADATIIERVILI'AAI\TDSURF A1.lSAfDGOOD. j u s ! a bit. I saw her ueual generic opinion opener. . I !e11 you a secret' how r workeal ou! lbe greencard. obstacle the FR on meeling guy. She has an amazingly cool style of dressing 1eE vou know wbar Briefly. enjoy tha! hal but nooo i'm nol lhal lhe pisB boy6 like inlo Psr r enjoy Your Eense of h u m o u r . those It iE definilelv granteal ON. THE TIME] lsnipl Thals I t I I r'11 be in I"A Jusl for a shorl lime. lalking {ith ignoted an anal another in wilh and totatlv I I I I .. t really you can take you are hatd !o comebyl Nigh!.

In themeantime. *il. il ll I A L A R MB E L L a R I N G I N S . and tben tried on her).FrErD T E S T E DO N L Y r N R E T R O S P E C T . . got some a complex abouE it to set I think belore her up vith (but taclfutty).. Say she'll be rl him. . AsF. .lhen you ge! perfec! for rapporr q'ith an HB. Mystery some mind-reading.s hor{ r :a - wasnrl hiEting met my firs! I may do lhis discovering in rhe furure. and. ashementioned in his post. N E I I R O U T I M J V S T T E O U G H T OF. did an M. that. It feelsvery reassuring to KNOW that this stuffwork ifyou put in thecommitment thatTD andPapa have. FETISH CLLB he promotes. and €eII HIM to's whatI've been into lately: z I a lt a i I :l ! . me ro hang ouE eirh rhem a6 il I lr rl ar lhe il F I ll berI befriended the guy so well that he gawe me his lhat businesE card and inviled London. TRY to Ber her up wilh your bes! fliend.** :a a a a f Though!E ? Style wrltes! Subject: Instant lnteractive Value Demonatrations a a I JustreadTD'spost. sben she said Atso sonething did about being Asian. for (1 forget having on vhat).Still can'tbelieve I've hung outwith thatdudetwicebut still neveractuallysarged with him to witness his game first-hand. Found ou! she wa6 visiling and staying I negged her negged her rapporE.. . girlfriend in Toronto (which hetped come Eo rhink because iE Ehowed r o! it.moreawesome shit.

otherworals.probably over-used thatis regularlyused I'm prettygoodat although is thatbecause." t { this bizarre I started up with since I've come Soeverr4hing When succass theMoST andEASIEST to ensure tweaked journeyhasbeen "Doyouthink asanopener' using hesuggested I firstmetMystery.'practice" or "experienog. Nobodywads to crash Nobody . up SoI made canyou go from there? work?"Thatwasit.soI mad€ Elvis opener Floss' likeDental Things rejection-free andalmost interactive etc.And this just andtoo manyguys tight game' I want 100percent postis about. Sincel've gotten of stuff - And I . theSpells thatwerejust very easyand up others either.I have andburn Not evenas wantsto fail. Girlfriend.uPwith a lot I've come into this game. Where spells is trueby theway l'm nota big fanofthe whioh thecommunity' . think thatthereason right? Whodoesn't' to failurc' aversion a shong thisby now. . orjust interest girl who shows trustluck (findinga receptive theconversation)' continues automatically I prcperlybeginuntil youHOOKthegirl ln caneven No sarge in hereyes'from a friendlystranger you musttransform. Jealous I ! I a tl t I I I I I I is whatmy Thenextstepafteryou openis to getIN.

SoI tauglt myselfthings liketheCube andmind-reading andrunes andsoon.making her laughandhavea goodtime.leaching her something that benefits her. SoI haveaboutfive routines I useto accomplish lr . I'd callthemMs andsellane-pamphlet andseminars. I'd call them"PosFpAIm pre-iso ilVD in vitro.) These arequiok ways to naturally andcasually HOOKa girl intoyourconversation. Theydon'tnecessarily work well ifused right afterthe opener.(lfl wasFormhandle. These have become CRUCIAL to my game. In fact. I'm starting to getwordyandoverly basichere.Bettercutto thechase before I beginto sound like the DatingWizard.But those arelongioutines thatrequirea womat or $oup.) SowhatI'vebeen doing nowis INSTANT NTERACTIVE VALUE DEMONSTRATIONS. Thismeans havingvalue. making herdght suddenly betterandmoreinteresting thanit was beforeshemetyou. Atd they workwhether itrsa coldapproaoh or you're introduced to someone.and. (Whoa.stotal concentration general. Whatinterests a stranger arethingslike telling hersomething aboutherselfthat shedo€sn't know."j/k. If l made a livingoffseduction.That's oneofthe first thingsI learned aboutin this hurts to givethem awaybecause I usethemALL a guyshedoesn't wantto leave.

unlikeothcr all ofthe above QUICKLY in a fun andinteractive in ring fingerpattem. into right away.theymakeh€rlaughand stand out fiom everyotherguyshe's andil's someftingsheoanxalkaboutwith others enjoyherself. say. soyou knowthey'realready hooked.withoutknowingan)'tling about theotherperson.In fac! l'll giveyoulhe bestfriendtest.way. Style:See.I have or b€st for? (lfyou think theyle sistffsask Are you guyssisters friends?) HBs:blabla I knewthat. And theyINSTANTLYmake whichshe m€t. HBs:How couldyouknolvthat? Style:I'll showyou. but maynot useit in your sarges. . naturally I M Friend Test #1:Best other to ask how longhaveyou guysknowneach Style:Oksy. like. later. tuckiog loveiestsfor some getexaited here-they I{Bs: (theyalways reason) question-you're to aska sqrious like I'm about Style:Okay.Manyofyou evenknowthis stufrfrom your self improvement studies.doyoubothusethe right. .thewonderful valuedemoNhations you just LISTENSto you expound.ard Notieetoo howALL ofthes€canbelaunch€d .(pretend I { 1 t I I t I I I hooked)' ..

(Nowyout€ REALLY in. to sayanldftrg !o e3€h other. ifyou weren'talos€ to each ofter.theanswer passed.)Ifthey wantmore.I getpenonalherc€ndaslq"IIas orc ofyou ev€Ikissed someone th€odl€rperson dated?" Theyfirckinglove a I I E : this one. you'dkeepeyeco sct with measyouanswered. E F E I Then. . But iftwo people havea connection.LOL) youdon'tevenn€€d Style:See. Kind oflike you'r€doingright nou.but dotrl makeit your first qwstion.) lfone lookedat tlrc othe. doesn't matter. F F T HBs:giggle(Ihis is where thes€ductioo youjust metsee you newbies making two shang€rs lsughandthink you'rea PUA God.onefirst. It fuckinerocks. You already HBst???????.andthenopentheirmouths to answei) Style:Okay.ftere area million plsc€s to go from here:Ofrenthey'lljust openup andstarttellingyou&bout howtheymct.You'll figurcthercstofthis outasyou do it in the field. Style:See. fiey lookat €aoh olherfirst.I F a same shampoo? HBs: (look at each other.You oanalsousethe telepathy line to leuDch iato I dtrd-rading/cold-reading routineif you dothat. thenyou saythatsh€is submissive andtheotheris dominant in fte ftiendship. (CanbeI gr€atneg.It's like youjust communioate tclepa$icslly.

HB:No way. ifyou re sargngachesses.sheaptually c. a U. It's alsooompletely Style:Smileagainfor me. andBritn€ySpears. llB: unLokay.IvD #2: cs vs Us their looksfor their career' who uses or anyone shippers' models.And to my e& it ri'asmorethena ftom a U to a rcshap€d gotherteethsurgically theory. thet€ethofrandom Fromhere. Aguilera' oftike Christina Style:Antl shehadmego look at pioturcs who is I C' Look at th€coverofus or who is a U.meandthetargetstartinspecting . she's Stylc(to wing)rSe€. HB:???? to bc a popsbl' And shehada &girl whowant€d I dated StylE: perceiv€d 8sunfiiendly' ra'ere with U'slupedsmil€8 th€orythatpcople asfriendly' wereperceived smiles with C-shaped And people a U then? HB: Sowhat's backin you mouth(eanadd Style:A U is lvhenyourtceth8o sbaight ftere'sa big row "kind of like a ho$e" ifshe'sa SHB). a C sudleonthecover' thotit's always andyou'll see anymagazine. This oneis AWESOME true.A C is when of pearlywhitesin the front.

andyouhaveto becarefulwith them. (I REALLY saythis to HBs..Sheworkedouttwo hoursa dayandwassuper_fit. It.sflm. then afterward Ijokinglywave. Fakehair (pointto yourhair). everything canbe reallyfake.. You haveto takethemto thedoctorfi$t to lmd outwhichpartsarereal.m embarrassed. butevid€ntlyshegot lipo too.l. Shehadhereyemakeup andher lipsticktaftooed on. F F F F F F F shangers lookingfor thepefect C or U. e I a tl Ir .s what's cr&zy. faketeeth(pTT). but this is therestofthe routineifyou want lt: Style:lt's crazyhowmanyplasticsurgeries theyhavefor celebs now.fakenose(pTfg.andwhenshe changed herhaircolor.fakeeyes(PTE)." a z a I .) F F F F rl !l t il ThcnI throwin thisjoke. Thisnextsection isn'tpartofthe I\rD. withoredit going to Nightlightg: She was fiom LA. andyou geta print-outal theend.. I continue withthefollowing: ) Anddoyouwantto hear F F F Fr thegrossest thing?OnedayI noticedthatshehadtwo rounddotson herupper thighs. Because she uscdto work asanexoticdancer. shegotthe fat injected intoher labiasothatshealwayslookedaroused.Whenever you go out with girls in LA. fake breasts (cupyow brcasts).Theyput herthrougha machine. (lfthe HB seems open-minded.But here.shehadher lipsre-tattooed.and leave likeI..bye.

Middle. iiom you with theheadof Janet I picture head. his/her themhowto memorize teach ifyou don'tknowthis. overyourhead. I'm sobadwithnames.. No offense.Janet... Butyoudonrt Style: a picturein my to you is make All I do whenI'm introduced seconds.But for it to work. andthesunrising dawn.I I I I IVD #3:NameMnemonios yourname? IIB: What's I'm Style. HB: I'm Janet. youin hvo I'll show Here. MUST mnemonics about fun havethemreally SEEthepicturein theirminds. to bereallybadwith Youknow'I used Style: Okay. thefrontofa boxofFrosted I I I t I I i I I t I I I I theolddays. But it came andLast. I'll show Flakes. Here.. company.Tony.Donna.. names. Soifyou're Janet. Thr€e's youon I see Andfor Tony. likethe ljust picture And for Donna. Style: Tony Andthat's Thisis Donna. have to beanymore.. my Now.I grab offastoogimmick-y. gbl I wantto me€t)and in the olub(like another wing.It alsobecomes to seeifthey still remember' themlaterin thesarge testing I I I I I I I l valueto a it's enough these Ms is thatsometimes Thetheorybehind .. you.or a shanger Leam andLastname' Middle. First.. name: my whole memorize them I'd have Now...

Thereare steps thattheyne€d to takein between to build up thatconfid€nce andbecome interesting. but not always. Ontheirownthey're not enough to consistently GRABsomeone's attei iondght away. for a lot ofguys. 95percent) agree with your post. yours. I (andothe$hereI've met)amvery interesting.And.But. /€$ Subjectr Re:InstaniInteractive ValueDemotrstratioDs a a a a I I onehundred percent (well.I F F F F F F F F to becocky/funny or deeplyspi tualor in a highsexual state or usegrcatpattemlanguage. language. a a I a a t Wlat youw te hereis theULTIMATE goalfor everyone here. please. Theyare trainingwheels.Soyou canstill do all that. whatever exhaordinary. tun. r - EI F l| il fl Therearemoreoftheseroutines. fact oooky/funny. whatyou$rit€ is goingfiom A to D. keep a I Style. well-traveled. share Butthisshould youbusyfor a while.thanthe competition.But. besexual. This is whereroutines comein. Let meknowifyou wantthem. usepattem -. You aredisplaying INSTANTLY thatyouarea KEEPER. andhavea widearrayofknowledge sothatI canhavean interesting a I i| tr .andbette.AS youarcbeinginteresting.

factis.Wly? Because same I exude all thetime andnaturally to sayibethec/f leader It's easy I'd it. But it didn't help me meet strangersin a crowdednightclub' That'swhere ASF camein' E I I I I'vemetlotsof guys). Ewerything rs lhe answer_-but i!'s uDdersland not !ea]1v you say here has happened !o me a! sorne Poin! going lo problen ailwice--tha! inleLlecluatly behavioral wbat be wriles. quiet and at talk I call boring. every Pe$onally' it ONall thetime? onekeep loveto knowihowdoes to getin TtlE MOODfirst. r was thinking of Miring write. thingsall thetime. time I need I I I I I I StyLe wtlteg subject: t I I 6P! rnconELstents ApProachlng lhis exact poeE And for lhe exac! reason vou And coolwaler fo! you qives greaE easv lo Because it'E {i I I solve it is corra say. that. And that's geal. lfyour aren't.t T I - conversationon any topio. is We are all going in two a t i f f e r e n t states. seevie PUA. lhe problem Approach Freeze. l'vemet(and And. slare one is anil anyone you approach State tso is that you'le to know lhat hitting on ihern -- and lamelv fun and ra'liating good e n e r : g y a n d l h e r e ' s no ooe you can't . buL vout an emotional e ' inlernal' I I 1 ) problem.ofall thepeople who saytheEXACT aretheones whoarethgmostsuccessful theones theywork. over-simplifuing ButI thinkyou're value.

you \ranr !o lesr so you don. you By lhen you. a n d w h e r e does it =a Style wriEeE. he blanes someEhing exlernal 0n his own 106s of srare. you can'! Btraleglze anymore once you.e ro! DRESSED a a a a I I il |I And the crazieeL rejecled. For ne. r. olrn head. each girl to meer your expeclarions If you erar! thinking of how of yoursetf. . r'|al like !o conlinue lhis diEcu6si. and ihefi you rhtnk of how !o do i! that you can't do it. and even feetings you can. you think of an opener. HB. And rhe nobody anat you. rn oEber worits. or say i!. F F puss yourself firsr as orhers the more you retreat.on.l. So whar is ir W h e n w e approachr we alnos! come fron NEVER 9e! then? entirely illogica1. you musr jusr Anl'way. and you throo out an opener.s thing i6: ato much berler. vou need to go insiare yourselt and lake a survey of In my F r F F I il you have lhat are slopping you flom approaching.t any targets worEhy of him OR he. and I've And Ilwe been ou! with TD when he had one of rhese nighrs. you see an just comes ro you because tt I{jqSTO. r r r F F The mos! usable solution FAR you need to get wribe ou!. rhe MArN problem ie THTNKTNG before acrrNc. I! Yourve afready approached. one rha! have openers prepared out before you Leave the house. This brtngs ne to lhe moE! imporrant poinr: tthat beliefs/feafs/mi6conceptions experience. so if and fears and enolions have lhese nightB. so nervous and uncomfortable F F ET rI The Kly ls !o Acr as you some of rhe besr. with here is TD. Mystery have lhese nlghls. Mysrery. F F F Bu! i! need to can be hard to wark into 60 hard inro your a crovded for thar crub whexe you knor approach.L had them for DIFFERENT tonger you {airr in stare one and say. irrE all nfubarr because lhere aren. you go down lwo of your Every tine nomal openels anal one nev. unconfortable And we've Ar. for a I in rny o$n skin. Il. and lm Bure yours.t you. you walk towards ber.m curious: whar are rhe beliefs r STILIT seen that preven! you frorn approaching ro lhe fierar.s: Focus onty on rhe see an HB. I geE ior TD. have ro lhink.

ike and nake a Plan' someone jusl arrlved a! your wltl house and vou nave t o g o r a n d lalk !o her I I I I ju6! going tboughl to coin like of four. e suppticating) call her back when she can focus flee (but !rha! if she doesnrl) 2. lhe ttlat nay De crue' !hem' lnil a non-conversaEion rrm sure lha! inportant if i!'s l hang up who ien't on !ha! a borderli'ne feet feeLing suRE yet firEE abou! afler Because il's to bolh conrforcable call sarge' Thoughts or experiencee? sEyLe wtiteB t subject: silP1if. Tell her you'I] (a lit. reallv noE THERE nor so \that Bu! wha! haPPens \then You call' Things are going on in lhe on her mobile' and she picks up but she's background or ehers driving i! makes that or people ale around' firs! and she's call avkwatd REALIY paylng a!!en!ion. E a s Y . Barlel 4. No rnaEler wha!' all_importan! 1. t'hi'ch mlghc be lhe beBl oplion But lbese lypee -drive of phone callB me crazv Elrl -_ I'm I I the worit NotwERsaTroN for I musl have Los! Ehe sarge you.ted oB/ 09/2003 FR and OMG I just Ehaved lry head! .subject: Nonveraatlotrs l'm Eure it's happene't to sinple: This isnrt you. to make he! feel The object confortable' You get the number. a slorv of tbe Phone conwo is vou fluff for you hawe prepared minules aflersards. with a couple and lhen You nake a p 1 a n . Pretend through l. necessarily a problem vith you call to stalt her my gamet but iL 1s a problem a few days latet. Tel] her to call you back nhen sbers 3.

ft.t F F F tr F F F F F F F F F F F = Looks alre6one. rt. and go lhere. improve your shoulders and cheEt jus! a LITTT. some adwice: 1. Make sure you shave (or cltpper if v. Ir ts par! of etaying 3. rr takes 15 ninules. F EI welcome to lhe c1ub. rhe nex! day rhev head. Starr bu! get into a routine anat wtth lhe Dconslruk! torkou!. Get a !an. okay. s. Seriou8ty.reat or fake -- !o pu! on you! F il il !| il Adds sorne life and glirter !o lhe mass of skin rhar is now your head.I'11 put my before and afler pics up here one day. 2. inspec! when you. JuEr rry ir once. Then report back. Hawea frienit a grea! razor and vou non'i! cu! up one full point on lhe allracllveaess scale. I don. Ctippers don.e11-groomed. find a spray-lanning ptace firs! experimen! and see how vou r{ork. Saturday Night Subject: a il II a t . E"very time I hang out with someone.r ge! close enough. you srick !o !har) every orher day..! know 1f you vork ouE. Get a Mach 3 razor and do i! rr's thar l'ay.E. you don'r have to go crazy wlEh i!.re alonero nake sure you dldn't niss any spols. LoL.. r rined ir. shave their soty shir.s so weild. Just do i! make a woRLD of differencet as an vou'l] qo 4. A nice lips. little touch is !o get 6ome earrings -. Style lrriteg: LR-: Jtaix.s Big Fuckl!.

I!'s that

!o discu66 iras aclive

PASSIVE lgnorance ignolance. flon

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when you dissed igDorance.

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IMHO, your

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1, Acllve


2. Hardcore neg 3. Chlck gets upaet and confrongs ne. 4, I Erlck up fo! nygeLf, donr! apologlze, and reel 5. She 1B reeleil in. 6. I reward h6r wlth a compllmen! based on cold-!eadlng 7. I nay NOwbegln the game I nolmally uae r19h!
away. her ln.

I'm s!i.11 on !hls, hear lhought s.

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connrunication lhere,

Maybe I'd

have to see you do 1! ln conlex!

to undersland,


I!-Bed t{orkshop: you can have 6ix Eludent6 ove! for $500 eacb'

Sqle Ntites:

subject: What most people do wrong when approaching

I workshop, I tri€dan experiment. WhenI lventoutth€ first nighton Mystery's



approached a set,opened, andthenDlved. And not a SINGLEsetstuck.I didn'treach thehookpoint.Everythingjust sortof seemed flat, until I excused mysellThisis because I dropped TWOimportant pieces outofmy game. Ifyou knowwhattheyarealready, thenyou areobviously already successful in thefield.

F F r F F F F F
il I I I =l

Thenextday,I did theexactsame thing,except I added NEGSandTIME CONSTRAINTS to theapproach. Everything flewopen. I waspulling girlsoffof guysleftandright.

So,ifyou areapproaching, butnothaving getting success lN withtheset, go outtonight andaddnegs andtimeconstraints to thelirstTHREE minutes of yourapproach. It makes a HUGEdifference.

Forthose whodont havethis material, here's anexamDle:

TIME CONSTRAINT: I canonly stayfor a minute,because I have to rejoinmy fiiendsoverthere. NEG:Oh my cod, is shealways like that?How do youroll with her?


EI ll

And,a third point,which I've made often.In orderfor anapproach to work in a baror club,youMUST enterthe setwith anenergy/fun levelEeUAI to or SLIGHTLYgreater thanits cunentenergy level.lfyou walkingin not smiling,



talking softly, and with bad body languagg you're going to get blown out, no matter WIIAT you say right.

Hopethis helpssomepeople...

gEyle wtlEeB, gubject: A few good lLned anil n€98

NEW NEG A great neg I used rhe other day...,for girls qrhoaay Ehey work al trendy bars/c]ube...

HBNon-rarger: Hey, did you hear rhar HB gor a job a! Lolus? Style: l,lo\,r.As a barback? only guys are barbacks lhere.


really off hard !o gec jobE at lhose as a barback. n

HBTarger: aB a barlender.

The oprional ending to this places, and il

is: Afler,

I satd, "oh, I know il's

you don'r have a Lot of experience you have to slart





becauge i!

putB a model/aclress/lrannabe LOL.

in the posirion

of having lo


rrl have a

1ol of elQerience...

(as a barlerder),rr



NEW C/F I,INE My new favorite Then, after liDe is ',Newer heard ot it." a fe$ seclions, Said really stlaight letting and dry, with eye contacr. kidding.

pausing fo! break into a 6nile her knolr yourre



EB: I'n from California.




l] say j. . and the progression it I .r A NOTE ON FVNNY LINES: They don'r personality rdorktr to ge! you a nakeout or anylbing. enjoyable They contrlbute to say. ir's coning off. see a EB: Matrix style: Never heard of ir. we v. we! your finger Don't believe her and (if anit try harder rub 1t barder.'r wilh your finger.l\n)4vay.ent to Slyle: what mowie? Retoaded. TATTOO C/F NEG I just did tbis once and it F F F ET anused me. ard rhey a girl i6 nor going laler can be realty But saying to geL you a naKe ouE or n u m b e r . already). !o your lhe word and sense of humor. Subject! The gtrl iE a gold mLn€ of Lnformatlon ll if t . jusr F F FI F F lr il Then aay.t.F F F F tr F F style: Never heard of ir. but maybe they ger i! aI1 rhe Lime. l t u s r r e m e m b e ! ! h i s . saflva on he! arm. say. stale/ language. Righ! there. 0I was trying just Etart rubbing It i! cones off. 1 1 be confor!able si. use if you With FBs with latrooes.!h you.s real.!ook. i !| StyTe wrlEes. Then. you have altractlon or have d o n i t t h i n k s h e . . BIG CHUNKb a s i c s dom of inEernat Theee are all body fun lhingE !o add in when you have lhe of a sarge. HB: Yeah. when she looks a! vou.. !o see if ! ! - ?hen Ehe.

Ilere are

some Ehoughts.

Not' on tbis



o! the Photos.


The btonde fron


what happened? Irm lrondering frlend, tn lhe

only b/c Ehe body lang]rage waa a little
btll,l, in Ito l,llay

distanl, only


and her



on your gane,


on my ablUty

!o read body lang:rage.

T!'o t You alreEs llke

RoEE ifefferles.


a. No necklaces leadB me t.o.,..


OmaIDE of


They ghoulal AIWAYS be flueh


your chesl,


b. No collars


agalnat you! thtoat.

$ear form-filtlng


thaL are utlbuteoned, and tbu€

Bhow your che€t aDd necklace.

c, No !-Ehlrts

unaler button dlownBhlrtE. Try 1! TruE! me

d. Go !o a place that glves Epray tans,

tshe healthy allernativ€

to Iry rays

e. In genelal,

change your Elyle.

You'rie a gooat looking guy' Your sgyle of dleBsr yotr colol a 9ir1 wittt

vllh selecLl.on, adal lhe way you wear yout clotbeB are holding you back' Go Bhopplng gootl taste' buy wha! Ehe Lells:!'ou to, don't 6ay "but thatrs tlot me'"

gtyLe vflEeg, subjecl: LR, d€s9ttg

a cB'lsg



by . thtg




l. F
r F tr r F
F F F il


one l{hole bellydancer


ago I wenE ro atso. s o I did the cologne

bellydance. oPener,

There was a young, and then just flirred.

thin, Tha

cuEe e it.




seems sherE been asking warned, howewer/ that



about me since is a reat

and they

ser us up lwo nigbrs


The ff,iend



Awesome, r lhoughb,

r love

r did the usual dav lwo reirh her: look her our wilh a buncb of friends. r had an 19 year olar kiil l,i!h me. Anal the kid was a Eota} CB. He kept asking togical quesrions, like. rttey, whar do you And rhen he,d say, "remember when you were hilling 0n lhose lwo 9ir1E. doing rba! face reading sht!, and they loralty dtdn,r believe you.,'ne was doing rhia accidenEalLy. tte,s Jue! an tdio!. Bu€ r did NOTIe! it ruffle ne, I jusr laughed abou! it vrilh hin and lhen made fun of him for putEing bj.s foor in hig nourn. rhink of the net, )qxxx cDr and sruff.


Finally, isolared

I grabbed lhe gir1,

EBBellydancer, by rhe hand and satat, 'IJe s rake a watk.i r my frlend drove her friend

her in the bar, dlal the cube, and made ou!. AfrerlratdE,


an hour of rapport figure

and making ou! out.


I suggesled

we leawe.

We haat Beparale


so I

needed !o



Where do you live?

l.IB: XXXXXXX Slyle: tlow far is that from here?

F t

HB: 10 minutes. sEyle. (saying nothing, just keepirs ovelt 2:30 lhough, becauee r have a tor of work !o do. eye coDracr)

rlB: Are you inviting styfei I can only

yourself Elay unril


so went over, leawe at

nade our,



ny panrs off,

bur sropped by LMR. No worries


I,m in.

4 am or Eonelhing.

il I t

Tbe nex! nake out, norning, drive

day, start

I tetl


I neeil to ltalch anat lhen full

a novie



She cones ower, she's that

I show her the
h lhe


che novie. lake

close without her lhe

resislance. befote

awesome in bed' hawe time

t hawe her

a cab home (I told M L T Rm a t e r i a l .


r did!'t

her) . she's


Lowe this


StyLe wtitea t Subject: The Tr.o-Part KLas Open€r

and gelling gounner to i!.) confused therel by the guru wars and jus! repos! thal loutine You should

Ipogleilrhi6onAsF.I'mtrylng!oependalilllemoreljmelherelalely,becausetherealeso many nisguialeil Bcreamrng for hele ne$bles help, there fucking likeal proslituteE junk-food




(as weLl as lhe reeponse that

adds mole llnes


moving on !o lhe




Yeah, opinion

I knov,, new oplnion openerE, and lhiE

openers one fills

are getting ir'


Bu! chere iB thaE lhe who lies

IS a hole

Tbe problem

mos! commonly mole, eEc)

uEed opinion appeat moslly

openerB (jealous


david boltie,

to ltomen. And most of us are approaching

MIXED €er6'

so lhis loalhe

neq one, which I've to give aqay bu! juEt lhings. anat it

been using consislently can't help nv6elt for


months now {and am is designed super-

some reason),

do seweral into it

1! appeals prowides

to guvs firEt

and foremos!; front

vonen ge! of sonen '


a wav !o Al4oG guys in

So, without


ado (okay,

naybe a litr1e K-sE Opener.

more aalo),

I bumblv present


your coneideraEion..

Tl'e Tvo-Par!

PUA: Hey guye, lterre having a debale and need a quick opinion on


Asfor the guyswhoworryaboutthe opener lasflng not longenough or too youworry long. lhat I'm asking in makes sense. She says it isn. An opener ls simply meant to open. C R O U P :Y e a h r i r ' s PUA. i!'s Ehie gir].) asking is because my frienal over Enere anal ge! drunk anil make ouE and he o u ! w r 1 ow a s PUAj Okay. yournext here's piece (creditto Mystery): t il I :| How do you all know eachother? I I lr . lnteresring.t.1I rett you why a 6econd: is it and makes our walh a GIRL for fun. so here'E lhe real rf she goes our and gels quesrion. If you. drunk And r.. lired Ir.t- r F F F tl something.. but ir pisses hin off go we were lrying to figure GROUP: (dlecussion your slale nex! lhe piece toplc ensues. haE been daling with thinks 9ir1s. a guy jusr anat she goes ou! for fun. too much.' you can bus! on GRoUP: (Ehe responses lrill lhem for having a doubte-srandard a newbie. StyLe The reason r'ft And sbe tikes to go ou! !har. Now. one night If a guy is daring a girl. cheaEing? vary/ bu! if any guy6 say. a nice change of pace for lhose $ho tove Jeatous Gtltfriend but are a I I I I I I Repor! back on your resuttE. some guye mighr be inro chealing.Andthen you hit themup withyorrrnextpiece.s of it. Okay. is ir ro a bar lrirh chearing? her friends F lr rl il il I :l il T and makes out with chealing.a. Andit only needs to lastuntilthe conversation or energy levelbegins to flag. which you ottl because lhey have !o wilt t :l soon cuE off and move inro rhtE and of marerial and convo) go on and on about I I Enjoy.

and wanted lne to . r' . irrd I've It doeB no! nalte! Eeetl rhe way womenbehave around celebE hele o! backgtage a! conceltE: whethe! rhey have a bf o! nor. factols. TO BE AAMOUS sane thing dlfferenr POTENTIAT TO BE R1CH girl eooD IJooKING is ro every .and if rhey ale hrgh @de out in6Eanrly she lusr eanled enougll. In fact. you need ime! tte. you n€ed outer game to apploach succeE8fully. Yes. rha! when MyEteiy o! Eomeonegi. orhe! !1re8. I I I I I The subtledistinctlon with this kind of talk is: it's okay to come off as sexualBUTit's not okayto comeolf as hornyor perverted. h olher FAME is RICE i6 the the sare thing as the as lhe IOTEIITIAI. this is a ove! to her house lare! blagging alghrs or the validaEion. And o! coulge Ehe your game if iE's righr can ourrelgh tbose Ehings I mentlon hele ale ju6E FACTORS ln a g1!1'E decislon.- As for the questionabout Glvistyle. ohen I do lc for orhe! puAs.veE me an AccoMpLrsgMBNT INtRo {o! r do so fo! then) . notice thel! ove! rne and sometlmes whole demeanor change 1lEten to any bE he haE to say. But. Remembe! rhen I was nigraken fo! Moby? The 9ii1 rhar nighr. because chicks will inveEr in you. Thls po€t is not in any aay b1tler. r've been having GREAT EuccesE 1are1y. you can circumvent the6e rules.Because I am so non-threatening. Ia!ge1y. Bu! I norlce But ln rhlE soundB houibte. the g1!1s afe all I 6anrr get ltd and theyrll of them. E1!ls ale attracted !o theEe elenenrs of HTGHER STATUS. of coulse. Seyle wrLtest SubJec!: A lant on sballgwDeFg YeE. game ro close succeEEfutly. belteen/ gll1E ale looktng tor value dd staluE. rhi€ doe6n't mean glve up all ltope oD the game. I{hy? She wa€n'r even a fo. I canget awaywith franksexual talk or kidding.

when confronred lhe opportuniry.mpressed by the bs as in LA. bhab demonsrrale this porenrlal or. LA. I see i! weak-kneed. and seeing !ha!. in Fowever. much berre!. was? He's the heix Lo Lhe caapbeLl's soup forlure' or whaLever. fty molivalion wilh for wriring this p o s ! $ a s L E A V I N GL A a n d girls everFvhere were an z z a z fl elsev. a You know: a SCREENiTRITER fo! be lust anolhe! screenw!fte! an Adafr Sandle! movie woutd be a cereb z a I tn rrA. just or quaLify observalion. See wrar happens. €maller rhereas ar which someone i6 in famous/coothich a smal1 tom. make sure you have loutines to! you. celebsr nillionaires.Do you kno{ who rhar wirh an HB or even crashes & burne. True. money: it's cetebs cI]uB owNERs. Try an experimen!. Hett.! by lhe way. he'd to hear o!he!s' is tlue evellrhef. For evelyone have your {ing e1se. and nor jusL in They mega-millionaire or a ridiculously loratty handsome guy. brag abou! ir orherwiEe you lose. Bur 6he oflen witt eeII our z r z :l i n a S E c o N Df o r a shor wiEh a limired-edilion ceteb or a chance to be on the am ot a happen att rhe rime. and In. guys down.F F r EI ir rt f. ae slalus-seeking And. These are all considerarions that I believe uitt make pRoJEcT Hot Lti. sarging luEt In general. say. Ny. I I 14ha! Toecutter her tl?e is saying here is thar every girl has her !)'pe. and i. !l f. .{ooD wolk fo! Ehose of us doing it. rhen. srarsrruck. sure there are exceprions: mate (because it sorrs of 01: makes them seem even cooler). . do then I'd be cullous this cities. date and marry: tooks. Not a negalive i!'s lrue what Toecutre! says: you can. Style wrlEeB t re: Shallowness z 7l subj€ct: a Nice lesponses and thoughls. And. yes. rhele i6 lusr esp tf a louer you are riving rhreEhold in ciries like Miani. took a! who fenate no! abour wealrh. A11 of a eudden this juBt donr! ADMIT it. dom a high sralus and like !o BIAG sometines they turned And. about peopte have rurned all ii's I :l I I lI and loo-altractiwe PERCEIVED STATUS. afler and olher you! wing people mu6t te]1 scops lalking her who you are for her !o be impressed.. caughe-up side coneB our of girts. You must carry iE triEh you ae parr of who you are.e. thoughts on rhis. yoursetf.

celebs !hen.t klrow wttere exacrly notice that atl this ls leading. Toeculter. Once again.a] proof should be the next flonlier for PU. It is best realth told ro your {hen you are out or lavigh of earshor. I guess the reaeon I|m is because! 1. the ILIJUSIONOF STATUS i. I 4. anal gTAfiIS is near the very rop. but I was hoping to post lt lhe CREW I hang out with affect8 lhe DEGREE of ny success when I'm in rhe club sEyle adde. I dod. Those girls player with game.s PARTol game. Ilta somelhlng !o keep ln ml. extreme wealth he is of GREATER STATUS than Fuck. lhe party glrlE. Mick iragger irA. It's a reallty check. Engineering 6ocj. ependiDg. target dress. have ro flaunc hi6 iE words. 2. The life6tyle i6 conveyed not A rich i!. nan does not. it reaffiiM the importance of llfestyle vlll go for lhe Lifesryle over sarging pick-up guy over lhe solitar"y barE.In fact. by yourself direccly.!4S sith Bur Irm getting irriting this vray off topic and into a langent I don't nrant to 90 into. here. i can be devetoped around rhls. Tbus.lrd when winging and sargtng. Iike lhe acconpllshment' lnlro. r leally 5. Righ!. Same's 6tll1 3. e8pecially. !ha! t 6. because of his Paul A]1en. lmporlan!: lone of high slatus maleE do not 9e! laid. But rhere's a hierarchy of value a guy can have for a glrl. he enbodies . There are new routineB. kis6 aEs to uler-nerd PAUL AILEN.

r! facr rhar is around you: itow women rrear a girt you. she must abandon her unfutfitting rourine ? fl world. ln environmenls where you are known by lhe staff (or if new.s going on in !own. you're r re]l her ticket. doesnrt mean you hawe !o be silting club where you. a6. abour how 1. tine I like to tel1 lot. can befriend rhe sraft 6. 2006: IF YOU.'My dance card s futL. Krowledge of bu! jusE having a home base in rhe sulrounded by a protectiwe enclave of hangers-on.ill 9. say. bur he. is Ehe one z z I are TALKING TO and trying ro irnpreas.Irere's parties. larer !ha! nighL.s you.ra few of you v. HBs tha! people in !A always rry to befrrend me Lo go !o rhe I. schedule.s atways raken. you. Ehen: {as discusEed). COMWITH THE SUBJECT HEADING {FRANK IS WRONG'FOR A FREE BONUSSURPRISE TO REWARD YOUR DEDICATIONI PERSEVERANCE. having people slop !o take photos wilh 4. [NOTE FROM STYLE. Myslery celeb autograph/ ideas: around by a r/ring vrilh a canera. bringing headshors ro z a a 3.L I F :- Li Lifestyle lhen is conveyed not by your words bur by vhat. Thar EBs/ . NND COMIIIryENT. Appearing lo be the leader who people of your group: The leaders.ruggter (I Ehink) said. lines and having orhers like lett Erories about you. \dho are plepped lrirh biggest lhe ones Nigh]ighrg posteil way back {hen. Going ou! quickly). especiaLly vIP Lhe be!!er. and dress. crush on him for being iollowed so long. the way you hold yourself) very confidenr and setf z = - 5.11 rake her !o So she ha6 to hang ouE lJith fre three EimeB and do normat thinge before any of my cool places.' ir 8.) styte). and the more exctusi. ?. Accomplishment inlro 2. In olher words. t lll . z :t :l I !| eeared (as opposed ro aandering rhe ctub tone-wotf with thern att rhe time. ] a rl z a fl Roulines include. Having an entourage/ be using this oflen ronigh!. Your body Language (geslures. Berng busy/ having a fu11 social kno!. Pivols. how the club manager lrears on her own. 1! is conveyed by lhe somerhing roo !ha! jusL finds in you don'r need ro and have no inreres! and slep inro your exciring being part of her or z !a I a rnoney Line. whar ir l| your friends out abou!. 6a.VE READ T11I€ FAR/ EMAIL ME AT I4ANOFSTYLE@GMAII].

of course girls same gir1. hagine I I I Do you have wbal i! takes? I I I I . AndleElsnotfolge!lhatgirls. out for afler-Graftly and after preniere Parrres movie 6tudios.6 five sleps ofi place gunEe! Boulevard. get an IOI. can rhink of in walking distance scene from Skv Bar.'t{ekeptbraggingaboul quv I'm Wha! she means is. w e g o h l h e h o u s e . ves' oNE prEcE in Ehepuzzle.s four bedrooms. Saddle Ranch and It. any other Lhe lrollveood rr.vlPs Of course celebs get tejecled.. bu! a differenl I I I I I rr. rI would love to ride around {iEh a ho! his ilaguar. if like to sav thev've rejected a celeb if thev she was bit it on in the RIGHT (non-creepv' status i6 ius! non- I asD Eriggering) soulal have gone for And.s lhe old Ra! Pack houae. But it's noE expeneiwe eilher whaE you're ! 9eL!ing.on lool Eerers one Papa posted piclures of. flrs rt's not also big enough lhat yourll hawe irhe option for tJe hawe one bedroon cheap. wirh a huge ouldoor pool/jacuzzilbar deck overlooking sunset BouLevard' I! is fucking beautiful: lhe nicesE ptace I've ever lived in or seen of privacv The plan is !oo. Barfly.ihenshesaYs.. bul DoE some lose! who feele he needs to brag I Style vtltea I Holllntood IE a GOI Room for ONE more"' Subj6ct: Project I I place lluch belter S o . open. Whal a jerkli about il !o inpress me "l alaling in his Ltaguar. Bu! I'al also be! that way by lhe celeb. No! lbe Locati.Bu!it'sapieceldon'!thinkueehoulitneglectb/cit'sbigfora}otofgirls.ton'tsAYwbattheyMEAN'l. from record labels and I I It'e nice enough to rent . ro live the lifestvle.

obwiouEly. liEtle (a iirs! nreeling) slairs and nade our flom the for tiving a \rhite. . saying Ehe would do inlerlor rhe house in sounds f alf. bul I just lrant Eo emphasj. Mysrery doe6n. lhe video was in no !^'ay neant nigh! and nex! for day.t ewen fucking drink.. loom Then snuck ln with lo the dtning a!ea. rhrough lhis whole rhread. 9ir1s. lhat a FB and had sex on lhe She also calpeled leadtng happens to be an lnterior design for designer.heir no6e).ze thar not a drug waE touched or menrioned att may be in Desting'B realily (if she sees people staying up lare oi louching t. Bu! catting hurtful. PU or promorional purposes. bu! those girls DO NOT do coke and coke had nolhing to do ar atl with pg'ing Dude.. Style wrltest Subj€ct: Re: A Vialeoot ilystery.! nake it whores lras really dlsses. And she wrole exchange for me up a foltowing otle sushi con!!ac! dlnner. I can. the review is leposled from nighr. Includlng r R€vl€w by Destlntg Wow.Lbe4:. It 11\'as iusr a fun home movie menerro of a crazy Itope rhose who sas the leaked wideo enjoyed it anlaay. bur noE That 6aid.gtyLe w'. Project Holll rood L6 a cOI Roon for ONE nore. frankly. That elsewhere. lhe glrls I don'r we me! in Canada coke reatly nind the personal rhoBe fucking wrong-headed and. Subjecl: I christened rhe houEe todayt snuck in with one girl.

Sothatis a mystery.) nothing wasmade I t ! I t t I online'I haveno or anywhere in theLounge wasneverposted ideahow it gotout there.thegirls. I suppose whohavg seen Forthose video.ugty bald one" -of my looks novr.But most flame Not in anywaya PUor PU ourfiiends. is RIOHTON. I ! I I I I I .butI'd likeit to bebetter. Thatsaid. Including a Review by Destinig a few morethoughtsi Now thatI've seems it says. getit: likeThundercat people Mys.I talkedto Mys andhesaidhedidn'tlet anyone any him nor myselfhave But eitherway.or me. I I I I I to thevid asanexcuse were using likeonlyoneor two ofyou here 2. ) 1ol.neither copyit. even despite theoneSPI haven't lt's really concerned. at least this wilt keep people fron rationalizing lhat I get Stvle w tes: Subject: Rer A Video of ilystery. instructional that (Andyou knowat least to theFR:nowyouhavethevisuals.asfar asI'm tonality onvoice thecomments 1. supplement up. lt's never voice lessons. hurtme. for MysandI to show wasa videojust a nice it makes it.moever made taking gotten past.

F F F F interest in thevideobeingpublic.overall. she's in lovenow.this is a grcat community offriends (anda coupleenemies but.I'm sureI'll think ofmore later. AndI hadn't shaved my head or cleaned up or prepared to PU at all. that's really whyI found Desting's post sodisgusting breakfast.But. It's thenextmoming. I'm reallyfuckingpissed andfreaked out thatthevideo wasmade public.It wassointeresting to see thatchange ovemight whenwatching thevideolater. whenwe watched thevideo. And I reallydo feelafterreading it that. 6.And I wantmorethar anything for it to betakendown. And afterwards. espeoially because notonlydowe show the faces ofthegirlsbutwe alsomention theirnames.She looksat mein a wholedifferentwaythanshedid thenightbefore. r F F r F F F F F F F I t :l 5. whentheblonde girl tooksat me. Like.And obviously no onesigned releases for a home movie. She wasa reallysweet girl andbecame anMLTRafter this. in a I I :| :l I a I .But this hasbeen an interesting thread.that'spartofa community too). thatit wasstillpossible to gohome witha cute girl whowasabou! I 0 years myjunior. Do youknowwhatmy favodte partofthe videowas? No onementioned it. z :l I I I Okay.w9 wereamazed thatit didn't matter.What's reallyinteresting is thatI hadjust anived in Canada thatday. mom. at least some ofyou here canstop rationalizing thatmy looks getmelaidnowthatyou'veseen whatI looklike. Soplease takeit down. thatmaybe whatwe leamherreally is (gasp) true.To behonest. Onthebright side.

is lnere ever jusr No I I I I Ewen lhough nay be physicatty between you. and 6he never reatLy opedeil up. She rnade me a CD. r'Ds. t t I I The Ehing is: rhat nucb I. with lhrough vibe the failure lhe personats.t working our. lhere's nor for do differen!]y.: so. the opporruniEy connecting r was newer qiven I II I I -l I . T h i s E e c o n d one \{as slrange. no nalEer whaE you do? Does anyone have any other Ioulines rithout reatly ideas as ro wby she never with her. etc. And she reEpondeatto ny asshole profite. . rf I had !o ito ir over again. The girl was realt"y cu!e.. So we sat down at a lrounge. lraded insutrs via email.d I can. bur reatty opened up? At wors!.rThis jusr isn. I wen! ouE o n t h e s e c o n d ever Personals neeEing of my life. The firs! one r did. r ended up steepins wilh h e r .r the thing I've leamedfiom all thosebookswe recommendhere is not to losesleep over something you can'tcontrol. for. And ir was jusr clear in my mind lhe whote rime. Maybe x lalked roo nuch. Then r made her jump lhrough !ha! was under a dollar to the hoops.t The bes! knot^. Es!.m curious the girt with orhere who hawe been alrracErve. fresh in my mind. but she never realry conrribureat to anyrhing. and tolat her !o bring me a gif! meeling. I did ati Ene usuatEr spetls. r can rbink of i6 rhar s h e h a d some sort of criteria rhe guy she waE looking and r didn't march bhar crireria_ so.! figure ou! wHy. r don. a follow up to ny personals experimenr.' r! llas clear ro her atso. Then r had her qet walk me to a wideo. I I I I I t i I I I I StyTe wtiEeBt Does Lt ever jusb not work? Subject. I.

{here I knew rbe wailress (Myerery's new Mr. I wonder if my boring nerdy pre-ASF setf woutd have connecred wirh this girt betrer lhan sryle? F It F F F EI il oh we]1.] a t t gtyle wtiEes t gequel to DoeE Mve! No! Work! Molk€d z I I I I I I I !| Subj6ct: go I l. I was atLracred. girl Live and lealn.E WAS SO COCKY. we sat down.I F F F F :l have lhis feeling as I write this rhar she reatty wanred !o into wow.fu6t a great and sense of style.hat she needs. a lhin btonde wilh a loral Bo. responded. 2006r IT TUPIIED OU! TEAT THE GIRL HAD RECENTLYMET A BOyFRIEND THROUGB TEE PERSoNAi's.s . Anyrcay. I!'s a problern lve seen orher have: you forger to reatly ]isren to the and sense l. Bur FoLLowED TIIROUGH oN corNc our lVrrH MEaNYwAY Nor our oF RoMANTTC rN?EREsr aur our OF \CURIOUS]TY' BECAVgEMY PROFII. where r bad sociat As soon as I sar her. I guesE l.TR) proof. new vave haircut. got IoDs. energy Better than her photo.we answered nV own quesrlon now.t just relax and I'm and ratk so brainnashed r F a rvDs and ESp anal alt imporranr abou! rhe boring !o ger those at] COMMoNALTTIES going. bur would be curious to hear olher thoughtE? TNOTEFROII STYLE. that I didn. r did SeriouEty. :r ll I lI . sruff latk girls abour her vrth favorire novies and F booke aDd camping trips. And INSTANTLY. I met her a! a trerdy neet me tbere. ir torally of lhe diffelent.en! girls out tonlgh! all with the second 9ir1 tron my asshote profite. I also had a friend So now 6be was in my world. (Tha s lhe Eer body language wa6 REALIY bad and she lr'loutd NoT look ne in rhe eyes. ThlB one had a happy ending. TIiREE I emailed.

luggler).lhasherhandsalloveryou. I used it to r turned back to her' we ttid lhe cube Bul a lot instead for of doinq i! aE a convev mv personalilv co geL rapport. at lhe bar.Irealizelharwon't'happenevery !ine. she EXPECTED inslead. Aftetwar.Iherlpai.Fina]ly. anocner thing lhal gor me poinrs' also' was inleractinq wiEh a randon \{e had great she reatly funny and reasiEg Ehe 9ir1 introducing mv HB ae lf rapporr.worst IoD.ljustEaid. I leaned in close and brushed cheeks or pu! ny arm around her {hen me klno I wanred to Dv her something. my fltencl wenE !o ernoke a cigarelle Time to Pha6e shif! r did mv I I I I ewolulionscripc. when r was ready. and we joked was nv {e were Starllng oul a guy in lhe l rold around making fun of him GooN {lhanks . routine. and she The venue change w a s g r e a ! . bad jokes) I i lhat ! I I I I . I realized that lhe asshole.fractionating Then. bo'tv language \das changing her my fliend and that he protecEs ne and makes causes anv riouble' on lhe couple way out of -being lhe bar.Bilemyneck'shedidwithoul soon' we llere making o'rl' Then I tolat her she $as 'toing iE wtotlg' an't bit her neck' hesitating.lnygoonlwentybucketoleaveusalone. waE tolaIly po6ilive' she was giving opporlunlrles brushing Afrerward.) So I lurned aeav and talketl to mv friend for a fell minutes and just let her sit Then.I!wentoverjuelokay. Her reaction up against me a lot. her . happeneal to rhe place. sudalenlY.Ilol.l jokes and things' bar. anal lhe Bociat and joked lhah we had similar t t around a lol During cell the show.t. bu! il did in lhis inElance. so well kies' the girl just RESpoNDS I must say bhe biggest rush r bave is when. I Pointe.l at even mv stupid ilaughing coulal just !e11 from the eav she wae respon'ling was just lN. she 90! sEyle And' slo$l"v' discardedherExPEcTATloNandgre\.tolikeslyteevenmore. and no$ lhere like wele IOIS aL1 over rhe$ the cube tasle 1n nuslc I I knew all proof the phases had been passed __ she didn'l of lhe bar demonsllaled value' The fac! me a! first. r wen! !o $eet love lhe band. on the first an. I a I Aflerwarit. chrlBtophe Perfec! a! a concert l jusE happened lo be going lhere.

comes up wirh off When a girl does NOT wan! to kiss gives you afrer you say rhis.. I don.. frc of the night. I was rrying I'd her.t though it know if atray.I F F E F t rl l| ArF ay. afler saying \r. conrribuled !o lhe facr could hawe. StyTe wtLEea. didn't ro experiment wilh David D'6 sexual communicarion sruff and be very far ir uttinarely when we were on rhe bed. SubJ€ct: CalLblallng *C1o6e a z 7 Someone had aEkedhow I could !e11 wiEh an HB. . did or. as good as your rric lasr sarge. surprised we made out we were lhal like idvi-a I said.r z z I the firsb move her head or change her BL. WTF? took was off. add wilt nake her an MLTR. . WANTS she lurns she eirher €lays exacrly and Emiles.n lrying so hard nor ro kiss you/' eilher whelher I lra8 in or not. r. figuling ou! a method tha! z a ll Altnvay. StyTe iEltes. Thanks -rrni n9 lrom You! misrakes. "You can if her head a'ray demurely Anolher girl me to kiss recently as happened recenrty. :r a ! . as Bhe is afre! you say it and keepe says up Ec. she almost {anted her rhen. Or. works. Ellher you an unconscious your calibralion or her body Language closes way. she alray or jusr a I an excuEe righ! right away. you rorow if a a a If a girl you to kisE her. then rearrange my posirion EEc. lhing: didn'r a girl you wan!. a a correcling yourself.t\nd now rrn in a good mood. 20 minules Ehe dropped ne o f f and talked abour at ny car.d and Ehen be i h- you're t-s- only r. I really like rhis girl. put my am around rhar r z z I :| get cloee to her. ge! any LMRor not.

Il so HoW would you respoDd? I ius! Fuck. bu! o!. this onlv leads her on and fuels her I I I I I I I . Bu! then. t have tbis exact same problen And it's a calch 22 You i I I A. make out. man. We hang out for a couple and t h e n a t 1 1 . i!'s hold hands. Lbe her obsession B. r d o l h e o 1 d "whal ine shers rnarried on lhe do you have in the believe ) refrigeraEorr but she is hesitant.helPl I I Yeah. rrue.SHE WAS JoKING INOTE FROM STYLE. I feel eo used and dirlv' I I I .ithdraw. a wonan before. and then she lells c o m e s lrirh l don't Personals her at fitst' (I suppose that che lerriEory l$y$ay.subject: queation) go sh€ tells You sher8 married on the Eeconal meeting (91u4 3Eome so. wilh EBNewave (from lhe personals) . Be eweet back to her and plav along. 2006: TURNS OUT TIIAT SHE WASN'T MARRIED PHEI'l'l I nol sHBs) and BONUS Q U E S T I O N :S o I r I n g o i n g lhrough and llying !o flgure inlerest my elable (which girls is fucking together big for righ! no11'. or keep searching for a better malcrr w i l h e a c h g i r l ? I T StyLe vrLtea t Subject: GilI lE *too* inco 4e -. she's jus! sot! of ignored for it Bul it felt a liltle weird afler' also made me realize: in i! the sex. Not encourage more this fuels her wilh poEitive feedback and rewards But !hen' the nore you v. are 1 1 9 v e a r o l d b l o n d e w h o ' s v e r y c o m f o r l a b l e w h o ' s n e v e r b e e n wi. Problem is: would You try !o do it Thev jus! 6een so d i f f e r e n ! I I ! any1ay. I'm out on ny second neeling hours.1! how I carl get lwo of lhe a threesome' !li!h womenAND a 35-year- show rhe nosl old brunelle misftatched.

And it r. situacioD "I withour hurring rhe girl. out of this Eaid. Don. for sarging.I would love to know a way to get right nor. Thele's tha! moinent right and do ir.ry Seinfeld movte Conedian eilher is GREATlnEplralion here or on ASF. t . I said.'. a Bet.BD askedt When are you good? The anave! j. I nanted to write do$n my though!6 before I forget then.n conedian is NEIER. r{ho's olher like thac She actually to you la!er. so c'e renred it.Je!. I have a FB I Il :.e know how girLs feel (and irhy Davld D's non-wusglness stuff works).s Lorally kitter. ncosediantr !€ pU analogy l'tyslery read about lhe. a I Now l. malerial. there is nothing you can do but perfonn youl best. a !a I I I An)4\'ay. t I I I il I !l Srlck co field-lesled lbal you vatue.! inprovise a new rhoughr or rouline or opener wirh a se! have to keep comlng up lrith nelr materiat. scick to wba! works: you don't continue !o refine your besEnaEerial un!i1 iE. say? 'Talk IE seened so cold and caltousr Eupposed to I I The orher problem i€ that shen a girl and I lose (who r do nor interest towe) -- does rhis sexual and gets loo ctingy & needyr she becomes SO unacLractiwe in her aDd other\rise.. Eerers wha! I learned: No one wants !o go lnlo EhitleE6. lowe you'r before we hung up on rbe phone rhe bu! whar else waE r day. Evely set is a new one. before you walk in !ha! you're scared Then you jusr push youraelf And once you r^'atk in. I! i3 a GREAT netaphor for the game. a !- a a a t t !l Style wrltest Sublectr OE! fh€ !donl.

lch !o stand-up as to lhe PU arcs. cod gave nan the choice sbe ON CHEATING: belween good "I and an not evit. Y o u r r e judged \tust because you're on ho\€ct: Fidellhy and Halet! Management I I I I I re]1 every girl this. It never slops gelting ilifficul!. If one \{tith ewery set you have social it. time. eet. But lhey alo. The way I look I T g-ve any gir_ T ' m w i r h L h e c h o . s!. a jealous person.You stat! rhem over yourBelf over fron from square scratch. SoneEimes you botrib because thete have done beller your next are circumslances bevond somelines you bonb because you could Either way. ! I I I I l .rac!inthefulule. navbe vou can buy a liLtle But tha!'s You have NO adwantage because of who vou a r e . L c e between good and ewil also. you alvays lake i! hald or done sornelhlng unril eet. differenlly. Your self-esleem v'halsoever is always on trial' lo Judge vou And rhe6e people who are lolal slrangers l4'ho have no credenlia]8 t I I sudden}yhavegleatint]uenceoveryouan.Their rejecllon tha! or acceplance can affec! how vou act in Ehe fulure I! is wrong They should NOT have nuch polrer. sometimes wben I firEt neet her: I at ib is. you Present Mystery o! S!Y1e You are only as good as your las! your control. You watk into or are each 6et tith NOTHING and mueE win proof incredibly handsome. It ts always a challenge. a chick isn't g o i n g t o l o w e y o u . on slage And it to lrv ltas great to see Jerrv another Seinfeld just a B nervouB as an amaleur before qalking to win over vet I I I ! SEyle wiTtes.tyourgelf-eeleemandhowyor. because !ha!'s rhe game vou're pLaving AII of the above apply as $.

Style wrlteo. I $i11 I am gtad your you !.s nor because I'm not giving olher people. also hard for I still jusr do no! understand vrhy women respond to my a asshole profile.! nen can be monogamous. It i6 lhat she SAYS !ba! bog91e6 my mind.' r F F rF' I It That said. a n E X T R Ap i c l u r e (IOI 2). expelled. like "You sound like yourgelf Ehings. what.setfi6h indutge Eo rhe three I don.t1a1x) z a a This is a contlnualion of an o1d thread. r expec! lhem Lor sleeping. More on my onllne aE6hol€ €xpe!1ttt6nt (wlth r€Epec! to Lovedrop and ra Subject: . Bolh very cu!e. I really DO NOT care if my FBs are steeping wirh olher if peopte.s ye! sritl she responds hersetf (ror).arned me rhere fanrasy by adniLrinq are .irh and !ha!. all a r:eal asshote over the world. Ehey areD'! then they become obeessed with ne and get unreatisric expeclaEions. I had that Bu! so far of !h!ee I have a 100 percenr meels. So yesrerday another girl the girl I did an experlment I I sent one 9ir1 an emait flom the nice guy profile.6 here responee. It. response fa!e. simple. lwo of the glrl8. cuees which one responded? Tha!. Here. she gers ro 6ray in lhe garaten_ AniI she chooseE evil. " I I I I I . who got lhe asshole email step! u :a z a I I r'we wanEed Eo nee!. I hawe been knoldn ro have fun I ea! raw fish in the moming. r. r sent Onty an email frorn the asshole profile. 6ends intereEEing she hare6 me in lhe email. a a I l| She !. good or healthy. she is And if she chooses good.ritee: pricks' following wilh girls. rn fac!. with And lt's And any gtrl me !o be congruen! wi!h. then ewelylhing rhar they need.s lighr. and playE along with my frame ot qualifying Lo ne (IOI 3).s rhar grear.F F F F a I free if to do what she vants. beliewe actually. option.

r'lL go to the bathroon halfway first qoing well or icrs noL' pit of ny stonach thal elther iE's fee1ing6. gubjeqt: sttcklng Polnb3 TranEltj'onj'lg to the close For llumber€. lIoliEvER' lEE GIRI' wAS AWAY IN EUEOPE WI{EN SIIE WE GOT ToGgrSB A MON]rH I'ATER'] WHEN SITE CAME IIOME TO I. sEyie wtltea. so ic va6 hard to tell_ .OS ANGEI'ES O\TER SEyTe vi. this one was where the whole pua thlng really backflreil in a !tav' llerers lhe story: r me! her lltrough nry 6ocial' I took i! as an tol' sbe ]lves rn l'ho t reaLly like' EBblaceB ls a supe! cuee blonde wilh braces out of lhe blue' anal Ehe sent me a shore emal] one 'Iav!el1ec!ua1. NY.TNOTE FRoM STYLE. lRt I. t nec het aE a bar a!r'I of rry tbrough an'I iust sot! of rake a surveY neeling. 2006: RESPONDED. ne[ti on trHey' you should hits a high o! nears lhe endr say'| Dorl't invile her.PR (LeEl PUA ReElgtanc') Eubj€clr okay. r'll bave a feellng in the goirg good' she plav6 her car'I6 close to Antt the feeling $46 EhaE it sas rt's non. you 'lonrt even nlth a futule usually lus! glve 1t to you' once you ge! the tequislte IoIs evolution ol DDB' Just ito lhe money_back-gualanteed For klsses. so r net he! !he!e. her cheEE. if she's lnto muslc. phase shift. SEEDthe convelsation sheru be idtelested in' r! Ptan lhat you lhtnk on Thursday' that you'I] be going lo sone concett othe! worals. But as lhe conversatlod you exit' sherll hav€ !o geL the nulibe! Before done !{1!h r If she agrees.'Eeq. abowe virh gexvlibrarian The vthole exact bo'ly ranguage lhirg 'lescribeil during a dlld Lhe cube andl lols of ceaBinq' Ueuallv' was i{hat happeneal.

And do you know what? lerhaps freeze-ouls !ha! I never did hawen.t even have a D\. and we hake oul al] much slays abowe the vais!. and if she. lhe way lhere. too much. in -! 'eels lrke you a-e because the6e you and staying touch. evolution phase shift.aralyzed rhis doing the right thing. great social proof. esp because I aclually ge! lnlo incredibly i! So aMough lechnically borh nighls fault. where I knew ewerybody. But she knows aboul lhe vhole She s no! rrusring like ro! her.s awesome!o Eee her.s still not comEorEable. and make ou!.m living go. T reve. PU thing tully she visils LA a tew 'reeks later. sma1l aparlnren! wilh well a roonrnale. tuxns out shers ln a really it sits pretry in my horel roon. and tried to get invited back to her hou6e to watch it on DvD. IE's -. I talked abour a short novie I had nade. so you don't have to vorry There are Two kinds of long disrance siruations: . in my lap in lhe cab.and slllf because she.Dplayer She spends rhe nighl. Ir11 be seeing her again lhis q'eekend. Questlon for Style and othe! travellng PUaE Subject: Pma.! done -- the hardcore Mysrery has 1I rly maslered. we never real1y lle spend EogeEher. This happene it. ltts T O N S o f I r M Re a c h n i g h ! . buE it she I know full Eha! I don. really let annoying as fuck.s just relaxing. lhen we sat down on a couch. so I !el1 her wer11 {a!ch lhere. So I9e! IE.venue-changed !o another bar. iJer re rry girls are ca11in9 to brierly. Alrvay. with. I Style wtlt6s. had sex. par! of my gare berore. Of course.s my a noylng. herself we to and \rho I.

llvee. Gills you bave already ha'I 6ex oith' 2. Arlal at sorne do the Eane when F!i'lay' troubLemaker?i An'l lhev'll on you doi4g are lfhat ln to!.fel. belr'een the gvro of vou' ancl keeP everychLng fte€h an'I evotvldg that lheY are in a Ehe 'loo! is aL{aYE open whelher wiEh girls There are sorne {ornen trv€ been Eleepiag and uhey dontt lelt a6k t dolr't no!. t thlnk that rl'm going to be or call or !ex! tha! BayB' enail get tsha! lfl11 they polnt. llndl we donrt kind of Person I know t'11 aLway8 connectlon.l"T"i six ltee*j i.t to see he' l. Glrl You haven't ' If or er€e risk losine her attla:tron -l --" montlrs' . and I suPPoEethis every weeR Eo I a!o!'t kI!o$ if and I never assume that lle ale $ich another girl. a! BomePolnl' I rdl] telMen tltat lheY ate the I think have to talk be fliends ltith.n I sbould elaborale on anyEhing or try to explain but I Ehink therers che frame tlrat a busy guy anat dod't have time to maintain' I appreciate thern atrd \te are good in bed together when our live6 and we enjov seeing each olher .f you 1et. kno\t i! this helpE at just all' let me know lf I.1. i6 a routine.atn unliI vou see trer again Adt tor l.n lomorfovt.unleBs I happen to D€ golng to have Be:' (lhough ite alwavs Don't be!!er.m r rbloti that can run do thie by perfonnlng Styl'ers EV via €mail This glves lhen a "pIot" you havenrt hact Eex wilh a glrr' chen vou needl to keep ber ll. or relatlonship talk !o lhen ol email lhem them once evely six montbB an'l -s€e only nay anal yearB fo! lrith I w111 be in and out of their becaus€ I traveL' they know that t$ice in beti|e€n. it's alwaYs there' reninal each olher !ha! we have a LhiB heIPE either: but I never ju'tge lhen o! care 'Io -.. 1of) ' rrtho else they may be Beeing. you BAVEhad sex lrIth' I feel theyrle in $Y to$al.ithin a neeclto you vou neecr :"T']llh.

t I I SSlewrites: a |l . you can use "Samand Dianeon Cheers.nor abour her. So what you haveto do ts lust CUTIT OFFrlght away.tmet) starts golng downa bad path ls just sayi t I I t I I I I I "Youknowwhat.r'And then change the topic. she's are enrirety differenr for a ]ong_di'rance siruatlon in which case lhe you.. Thenyou want all loglcal on her.. i! Tha! Eakes mainrenance. (Alternately. ltke that thls early.WhatI'll usuallydo lf a conversaflon with someone IJust met (or In your casehaven. to " serious leading her going ro be your girlfrienal. And if you get lnto a i'flght.I I I I I The rules. She gaveyou her reason. we'rejust tlkeCybjlSh€ppard and BruceWillison Moonlighting.. and if r e c o n m e n a l e du n l e s s y o u / r e t I ! I I ! I I I I I I I on in lhat respecrr blows up in your face.Because now suddenly your bickeinq has changed from 'noL gettingalong. I've done thls enoughto knowRIGHT AWAY when a conversauon is startingto take a bad turn. girl lhinks of coulse. it wlll destroyyour chances.) It's a GREAT reframe. Why did this happen? Formhandle's right. Style writes! Subject! Re: Date Flake. and suddenly foundyourselfgotngdown a dark all€y conversation-wlse...

staledandwe both wouldhaveeventually too long. Butthenlt hitsa celllngSowetakea off to lnterested. lhoughl while EXAMPLE ONE: of You i $as gnitabrutsan .IttsIe I Oue of my ULTRg aloeB this al-1 the Eime' an'I I love i! so inucb that I'n qoing !o steal it' EIIAII.7e ttlEea SubJ. ln the flrst lf we hadstayed Is nowposslble a *close locatlon. ctosed or bar).andon the walkand (a lounge walkto the nextlocatlon for somereasonso In the second bullds the rapport arrlval.cs: t Ellall frlqk for lbo RePeltolte { A subieqt! Re: On€ of the KEYSto sex on the first here'Hardcore' Gottastandwith Cassius A flrst meetlng' for meespecially: it's comein handy where Here's of lt' but I don'tknowthe WHY if ifs fromthe personals' especlally go from I c.n s€eher bodylanguage It'strue.the mood locatlon uncomfortEble' wouldhavebecome changes but locatlon lt wellenough' I don'tknowlf I'm explalnlng rappon' for bulldlng are GoLD necessary) (though not ALWAYS if you makethemat the rlghttlme' Especlally 8t!. ln the flrst locatlon.

I think this post ftom IN I oSEactuallyanswels a lot ofyou questiols. Cute thlng to add r. Londonasked abouta solution. asIVe said . SoPU. youhaveto leamthis all like you'dlealnbodybuilding. Ard he is correct on theColdReading bookI m€ntion: Completely Cold is thetitle. Besides whatINI oSEsays. especially with whathesays aboutPUA beinga skillsetandnot an identity.s sexy yet suggestive.andhonest ones.andit aptually works.EI|IAIL EXAIIPI. Stylevritesr SubJecU litor€ on SoclalRobota F F E Wow.traking careofyourself.lots ofgood responses h€'s alsoaboutealingandsle€ping right Io otherwotds.o the repertoire. It's abouteightpages long.ETWO : F F F F F F F t I are you doing anything tontgbt? other rhan gnikcuf ne? It. It's notjust about weight-liftingin the glan.asI see i! is actuallynotjust aboutsarging.

After's aboutlifestyl€.'s b€ mustrely on charact€t minutes to leam' taketime andexpedence And th€se EXACTLY whatto In otherwords. But a socialrobotlt'ill have FBs' but no gfs or ov€nregular lot ofphoneflumbers.I cantak€ANY guy' And I cantell him in a shortamount sayandwhen.That's moregoingfor you' andhavesomething youre CONGRUENT Herearee few thingsI canthink of offthe the solution? Sowhat's top of my head: -MakeASF a hobby.rct a lifestyle' ofASF elsebecause thananyone -Realize thatyouarenot sup€rior knowledge . for the first I 5 to 20 program andintuition' or so. houlsto daysonhereis thatit iak€sroughlyseven Thetheorythese a lot of time for a HB to tell if go tom begimingto end.asbestI cantell. about theprogam' And the Robotleams is thatthe Social Theproblem only reallylasts. oftime.And it's notjust aboutgirls.And hecangeta girl VERY interesied hewill havea No day2 game.

then getan intemship atthatplace. fewwill deny freelabor. -Pursue a hobbyor activityyou lovethat. Some make awesome friends.tseekthe approval ofothers.) -Geta girlffiend. figure in your ownrealityanddon. though weall fearit because it makes usvulnerablc. All women are noteither MLTRS. spend morg timein thecompany ofwomen. try. especially ifyou'venever hadone. -Travel. -Learn to loveenjoying thecompany ofpeopleWITHOUTeitherwanting z a a I a l| . andtakethe steps necessary to achieve it (Havingdirectionandambitionis a hugeplusbothon and offthefield. Youmaynotsucceed aswell aswith shucture or routines./well-rounded thanyou (asopposed to clones or sycophants) -Haveanambitionfor youself. everysooften. Even allow yourselfto fall in loveat sorne poinqit'sa beautiful metsoyoucan. F F F F F F F F F F F F F il il F F -Hangaround with people/$oups whoaremoreexperienced. -lfyou'rearound college age. -As theyalwayssay. beopen ro newexperiences -Stop blowing offmeetings withgirl you. butyou'llleamsomething. -Wlen youdo sarge.or Pivots. meet people.just leftinggo andbeingin a ir z I z z t themoment.s completely notrelated to sarging. FBs.'sarge mote -ln general.

YES.ofatt€ntion' fiom themor rcedilg to bethecenter an]4hing andyourself-. oPlDionF on Ul Gtrt (plus velbaElt! routj'Deg) gubJecg: so I'm should back€verysooftoq andask Facticing in the field. andl by the name r asaune But I 'Ieci'Ie co assune the be6t' Ehis for two reasons: I I 1. rt'I1 show You how I my routines.youwill women. vtlgea. antl a gilL I donrt know rMs me' this larelv tha! she's soliciling for a \tebEite or vebcamor someuhirg. gel is great' But I'm posting sarge her anFay. Butjust step robot? yourseEAm I tuminginto a soai8l { And abov€' thequestions Hopethis answ€rs you do evenAFcish' but nothing maysound lookingb&ckov€I it' som€ for yours€lf"' will everbe AFC ifyou aremakingyourchoia€s Styl.thatit's ALL ultimatelyr€lated keep hereandyou should keepleaming time. The respon€e I (AnaI I mu6l cte'IiE' INloSE. nevergetgr€atat this human a complct€ You'll find thatthemoreyou groomyourselfa's And' 8t the same to sarging' b€ing. Ifyou don'tlovepeople. ) happens.all thr€e. EV rouline to if t haven'! alreadly' Lbe inepiraLion for style's .

inreresring vay of putring i! Slyle [8:55 PM]| But as long as you.rhyis lhaE sexyBlondchicko0s 18. lhe 6arne E!ur! works.. ye! she i n l e r a c l s does this bur lhen seem reat? Do you think drann inro the she '. You seem like a good egg. Also. abouL Ehjs 9_rl: is super S h e lives weak. . me some sex website off.F F F F .). z z a z a t So I do the jealous girlfriend openerr then Ev. sexyBlondchickoos 18| 54 pMl: 1o1. you can hetp wirh a femate opinion.. O Sly]e 19:37 PMI: Are you hiding braces? . rhing. This goes on a white. Nore: I've alEered her name tor F F v ir t EI F a a -l sexyBlondchickoos l8:a9 pMl: her do we know each olher? SexyBloDdchicko0518:49 pMl' thi S!y1e ter51 PMII Hmm. So. here.54 pMl: so irhatB your name? Styte [8:54 PM]| My irlends calt me Style. Style [8151 PM]| In {hich case. I knew you were sexyBlondchickoos t9:3? pMl: i donr like to snite on pics SexyBlondcbickoos [9:3? pM]: 1o1. Eeens like with and she haE rhe rnlerner Eomething she'd send our ro me like a regular ro selt girl. and suggests exchanging pics_ she is supER cure- style Style [9:3s PM]: One lhing v e h a v e i n c o m m o ni E t h a ! we're no! smiling pouty our pics. perhaps a lillte Eimes. A rich man doesn. gor conwo? C a n . t f i g u r e bur somerhing seems see her pic I posred.No! sure.37 PM]: tlnm.! have !o rell you he's rich. 3 This is onlv lhe Blighlly second Eime lve ever sarged on rM. obviousty. she. we probably do knos' each olher. seen6 like priwacy rea6ons.s sucked inlo it. F F F F t I I and her opener ro ge! lheir a bunch of men to lry after reading this. . Somelhirg ooesn't seem ljghr handle of a sex worker. . sexyBlondchlcko05 [8:52 pM]: 1o1 SexyBlondchickoos 18:53 pMl' \.. It in Vegas. atlenrion. you seem ltke lroub] originally thi6 going out. And the why is because your name is so shady. z a a a t [9.

sexyBlondcbickoos 1 9 : 3 ? P M I: n o o o o o o o o lol SexyBlonalchickoo5 I9:3? PMI: teeErl pretty slraighl sexyBlondchickoos 19:37 Pl"ll: to be impoilant' | sane l find good teeth sryte t9:38 P!41 plan" ' t9:3S PMI: so. Hoqewer. bar in Oxange onlv depen'tent on them l reallv know what? It sucks to be An'I vou touEines' the NEED scene.r can jusl "be myself'" But if I'n f i n e c o u n t v . Can'l scyle wtlEeB I . otherc'ise or n\owe fon"ard open'l upr plcK things to use a rouEine r'.ke crazyl subject! here Is a r o u i i n e . Bul vhat You Post I ! nay nol be 100 Percenl s c r i p l e d .>IIow To fhlolf Your RouglneE In The Tra6h And eets Lalal Li.hen I nee'I necessarv' sli]t But thevrre fumv and cool jusl mote naturallv -unere hand. r Do see whar you're Eaying anar a'ree. stufftr basicallY Y o u k e p t yourself r!'e but t h e lrhole r'1 need a rich iE'e wilh 9ir1 lo buy ne so a c/F frame \{e use here from stalling oul in tluft on rhe orher lf I'n at a a routine {ith need ro blow soneone awav do vou Heidi F1eiss experience in a moclel'filLed LA club -.38 PM]: I'm going to 90 nanee 'and then " Slyle 19:38 FMl r " $e'l'I exchange up t.. we now have plans girls feel though lhat \{ebcam-!}?e or someEhing' liked rhen BHicched gears because s h e me.onolrow By phone' 1 9 : 3 9 P M I' l . heriers lhe style aha ' SexyBlondchickoos 19:38 PMI: slyle [9:38 PM]: Aha? t9:38 FMI I lisleninq SexyBlondchickoo5 Style eaE But filst " [9. lhere are cases -- like in ny .ay. r still bu! I I I she waB ]lke one of those !ell-' Any!. I I am in some v'av. Wait a minute. rourine. ' e ' t l p i c k E h i s slyle soundB good' 1'$ lname lemoved] sexyBlondcbickoos t9'39 PMI: !o meet in vegas.

and afieri?arat. it'll be easy. chasing her a''d perhaps just Suggestions? IUO.. My friend Euggested havlng a dinner ac her house. The challenge.. rhat they're jusr Eraining lrheers to be renoved one day.m in the postlion gtyle {rites 3 With High_profile garg6 gubjects Eelp [eeded . I once I ge! the meet. because now I.E vefy reorlhy and lf i! work6 out. ts tha! itrs a vely AgC stluaeion.F F F I I know. in ny hearr.ho r aort of know the olher alay. anal HBREis of dccepting her because she rs famous. Help NeedEd t{tth glEh-proflt€ garge Eubj€ctr a busidesBperso[ r. and i! mlgh! be harat ro ge! atlraction golng in that forced_dinner situation in a bright house vlth bableE anat at1. But vhen. I $as hanglng out nlth she sent me the pop BCar'B €mall address and asked ne to enail where the Lounge comes iflr what do I Bay ln tha! firs! emalt. she Eaid Ehe want€d !o se! me up vrlth a sort_of hlgh-profile pop Elnger. So inslead. But f!ft stunped oll lhe icebleaker emalt. so r neeat !o wrrle a SHORT enaif that has SOUEetetnent' of push-puU/quallfying (without being a totat asshote) . 1r1I post about 1t. Bu! I thorrgh! lhat r{ould be awkward. F il I Style wtLtea. ber. I cantt say who it tE but sbe. and tnvitlrlg lhe two of us.

aIld the phone nunber' trying lo think teply. Lhac 6he'6 plavlng along NexL step ls Eo call her lonorrow: of a good openins slory or opinion I I . HER REsPoNgE(sen! Just a f. well.s tbls): the enBil r eniled up senaltng her (thanks to all' {ith big credit to David D for sone of IMutual passover Friendl atinner. Thls !qay. a s}toft get together escape !o fiy very urgent antl you are a fleak woul.gere. if you're escape !o go i{ax $y dog'r or somethtn'' a compl€te freak shon' I can Just fa11 na'llv r relallonshlp' fron here' lle could star! an enait I giuesE we have a couple of oPtslonB ' plle6t to inatry ua in a live chat celemony in lova. I can quickly goo'I sigiD: lbe pronp! Bnylray. r take the enal1 aE a wilh lhe jokeE. talk t'm ln NYc this atBo really \te€k' My nudbar iE x)oaorx' anil I [BBPoDchick] reaLlv love plzza lsmall snippedl Talk to you laler' p. {e''I hlt lt off' an'l auggestedl geEting nore casuar. ger-together togeLher migh! a! her house fo! be a betrer idea'r r lhought a ehorrer.I be gogil. seens to think i{oweve!. $e can call style phone * I'ater). mayb€ we coul'l get together tuln ou! to be all !ha! werlL makc planB' And then' if'you mer or Eend me your nunbel. Yes. and naybe even get a conversatlon for a cup of lea and Eome'stinulaling Then agatn.S.ell| hour€ Dear sEyle. and go fllrd that online prle6t"' lfrienall saye ]|ou arc.that \'ay lf psychic' taBc nilrute neeting $ith my caLs' the fact shoi|.

which wa6 a grea! l. 1 fl il gave lhe lreateal house. "Oh. us back Eo rhe house for Inslead. z I :I came to rhe bar. inI go! lhe I lras really social her?' proof ouch! impressed b/c cane when a rock at my date I knew walked he knew me. loo long !o get then get ready. tte then lrenr !o .) (Herbal real. lhat 9100. her. I told him ro make Eure we were all our drinks with were ion lhe we got a cotne! and that z z a Then he could Eplll whalever money waE left-over afterwards the waitress.Are you like babysirting supposed to FOILOW tJS.F I a !t I !l Sty1e writ€s: SubJecb! HBPopchick: Firet ueeting :f I So t had ny filst meelirg with rhe . she ra6 star game lrith realty brighl and ajOT sluff. and then played the hook poinl.iry.. chen or a a I some!hing?'r) Did Spells to start up the conversation lrith the a slory. but I had hi! One problen e :| game. HBpopchlck arri.ay to avoid an}-way airkri. (t.r manager there we]l. introduced initial rrhome vldeoE.t \das a gieat momen!. a couch. of MyE's wife in her early so no probten. tr Bu! MyB and the mlssus Eerbal looktng her.ard convo. wbere we had pl. Myslery and hi6 (gulp) wife look (l?) to meeE us lhere. are you inlervie\.ans half then told an hour earty.. it a rnini. z ir T Then I paced her exacrty and is very sftar!. felt and rold retievedr her it !ba! this waE my first connecling she a6ked. t $ent bln lable Eo Ebe lounge the lrith ei!ua!i. :l il I i E then he looked and 6aid.ring .. She definitely -you weren.Er and looks fantaslic an ILID I nane nemorizing. was ALL sirh easy mind-reading over. and his When I did gay buddy. and a gay friend quile and did cute. before our rneeting time. Thanks. LoL. ]ying She started Herbal to relax.ihich is eir dow!. My plan wa€ fo! gelbal. a First.high-profile" salge that you guys helped me our on. I the's 3O. on lime.on. blind dare like rhi6.

it bul lwo guYs were seemed real]y cleepv and planned' Anyway. As it is. end of Ehe night. ir EBPopchick and I met lhem over Eons of rols there l iI i!'E wanteal Mys !o watch our vibe. they go! che hint and went to tt1e Srandard. frane. There was no way l was Do! raking coul. she's an aweEone cbick. abanilon lhe rhought place planMYs and the wifev That'e one of ha'tn'! sbown up ve! to {ing flexible us back to the bouse' we dexe comfortabfe !o move around the so I had to now' so I a I t I the kevs to this: rt buil'ls being a venue change woulat be perfecl nearbY for we1l. guys "baggage"' and she's not easv and I just ree't !o make A GF PRESUMPTION seens trustworlhv so vhen I see her nex!' and proceed accordingly. which q'as inleresllng.lay. . and got a liltle been three LTRg forever. and I reallv hope I can Mke sEyIe wrileg. and Ea! next !o ne on the and he said was oN. J as getLjng she cane around I coucbes.{e Ealkeal.! she lras hungry. and t! Olherwise' !ha! So the nhole daling was clear norhlng poinled I I I crazy was going to happen. kino gotng she's only b e e n o n O N E d a l e i n h e r 1 i f e . so I walked her back to her car. it wae interesling. l.d have gotten sone point a rnake-out near tne session or anylhing crazv. the best so fruch tapporr i're wenr to which creserE 1n LA (she has a elreet tooth) accutacv ltas a 9 ou! of lO vltb inLo" I ilid cube lhere' old I do so fucking Bu! lhey she said at's Then Mvs an'I his ladv came bv' lt had HerbaL and the look like I gay friend njuel tan chem (and Forrihandle) MYs and his bitch' ' which was REAI'LY veird {hen rhe olher was supposed to v-Eh Ehem. her nv !lr' Iu*l. People yelled o u ! her name a feq lines. IMo Mv onl-v mislake her hand a! and SETTINGa which mademe feel a Iiltle romance/conneclion/BF bela. thing ls new !o her. !o my cheek for a kiss. and nade a plan for Friday' had her drop me off at hone. r know i! went \te]1 lor doesn't HER and for nave obvious ME r reallv dig her' she's emart' comes iron with other a good family.

! stepr wirh ye!. abour girts. And i! told will d6 eEp if lhey Ehink !hey're she doesn. salging or give FRs !o orher pUAs when rhey are wrTH or in a group with a voman lhey It leads to MASSIVE rrMR when rhey jus! be another erory like F see how rhe guys are ratking cnar. game when I. p o s t e d m u c h nes marerial Now rhat |n in m o n l h s . abour it.l. And Myslery comeEup and sEarts doing a breakdown. ar lhe VERYr.1th lhis conneclion wllb us.m in beatwith a HB I haven. e u z z e - Styie wtiteBt Some N6w Lines gubjectt Notice lhat I haven't field.m with a girt crinble and wbo is atreaity a freaked ou! bv rhe fac! thaE my roomnare teaches Ehis stuff. I.ll This has happened to me on ny Thunderca! come to the lable lirrle !o elarr discussing One nigbr a! rhe srandalil. h e nI . because I havenrl h facr/ I been active impossible !o !. so. di6cuss rhe b u t n o ! v . ask game/ or give a breakdolm. rhen she sees mole quvs wirh nlcknames coine up and starr ralking turcEher nighr. m i n s e r .s make a new ru1e. new stuff find it i !l a E . D o N O T discuss are sax9in9. b/c rhen rhey rhink lhey. a a I =f il Everyone is no! aE coof h. . . l e a d !O LMR s o ! h a ! seem like as one of rhe girls ne 1ater.EAsT. I love hearing if there's a girl around !o give a FR. enough in the back.! formins i'jusr a special anothe! binrbo. weirded her our. F F F F F F F Subjecl: A Note to AIL Sargers F r F F F a a te!. I t ' s is flowing.

ln naLe_ienale Ev'o-se!s' I INSTANTLYknowglhaLyou'fefishlngtogeelflheylrelogelherornoE.. It's ir anazing' Ilerera an exampte lrith ny favorite can't use it come up with' I hate givlng away..soI'vebeenualng lnslead ellher rHo\trd you guys meettr for n_f tito setB' Iet ne k[o!f' If you have a betler line . were you fa! when you ltere in Style: middle I have Eo ask. AMOCS By lhe !tay. or hrgh school? And thi6 nB: Yeelnol{hatewer. Irve gtartetl lines using sorne of the AMOG Al'toc line I've otr girl3 X'm sarging. So POST ruE S T U F F Y o U ' F E U S T N G T h e T e of us shating. because nol]llI {hea You use lhe female on you guys. Iloctevel. . I u6e il tn every ou! lf lhe girl you're intereBted ln i B you all kllow each other. Afld somen get che nos! anesome expression llonen love hln' (a11 Baid compllmentarv For a guy: Check lhiB ltuy ouL: rIe'E so fucktng funny' he's stlL1 a virgin' anal settouEly then pause ancl Bay) woultt you believe She.PIJLTNEG-COMPLIMENT PUSH I mav eoundl obnoxious ' but lt'€ You l{ere fa! Pueh-Pulr neg noc. thts girl ls anazing' ahe'6 never hadl a boyfriend.e Bo snart and !{itty and funny. I lt's ao llulocent rvay to flnal notice't lhat if you use lhiB line lhe giuy laken or not.beliewe Playboy's that anyone l'lho i6 in the fietal regiulaily i6 NoT coning up witb be jusl nelr naEerial a fen Look at shouldn'l !'RB.rqould you belleve For a girl: ol'tc. I{AYPOIM DISTINCTION rrHowdo single set after the opener' Ilrs since Mystery laught ne LhiE L1ne.

reference if you know it:l then go:i OMG. and has a boyfriend i !t - ! . tcan inser! rhe bes! life. And. and their sense of humor e z a :t =l FUN I]ITTIE NEG IL's so cuEe. naps. the cB is and disease free. but he didn't like ju6t wing the CB. to get girls And you hawe all 'beauly is these cutesy little here if gesrures desired. period and most important. was too lough.a I !l I I f slyle: their rhat with:l The reason personalities are I/n asking is because girls who were fat in grade school always had to develop and mannerisms continue but 9ol to be popular.le! Ty and I lhrev in lhe Eowe] on lhe in sl. sounde nore lhal imporlant someEhing I would do. we wldeo-laped or somelhing. HERBAL e a z I. he lclosed shock abouE that one. comnon' xouline then school You knolv !ha! laEer in attitude !o dare are girls who were fa! in grade altracLive and their because they had to dewelop Eheir personaliEy friend6 and guys.] z t - speaking of Mystery. so maybe MyElery will make a WTF episode hallucinalions.eep experiment. The adjustnent keep our a so rnany days of Eleeping 20 minute we couldn'E eyes open and vere sEarEing Eo have rhese strange microsleep 1o! of il. z e = Sty16 wllteg TR: ! Anolher Threesome gubJect! I so herers an updale on a lor of Eluff: t 3 Firsr.your Ehouldera shake lrhen you laugh.ATER TRIED TIIE SLEEP EXPERIMENTAGAIN. goes again. by rhe way. You're There il like Muttley from lhe Dascaldly Il's awesome. and Mullley [Ehe'11 laugh again.Y TWOI{OURSA DAY IN SIX TWENTYMINUTE N A P S . her.) TIMEI (That 6aid. 2006. AND NOWSLEEPS ONI. e e i so original. dude (and I'll say it here because i!'s fine !o me): ALWAYSusE a coNDoM THE wHoLE even.E. Af. INOTE FRoM STYI. toptional carloons. r am in total I haven'r talked ro him yet.

itturnsou!!hat'slncelmelmv MLTR through Gabby (lhe nutly girl who Mvsterv was brieflv sleepiDg {ith) ' lhe guys in the house I I TonDGabby. {Tha! saial.lingwithviaemailon]ine(HBPersian).bubhadbeencorlespon. becauEe vho kno\ts what olher this variables field I T I one isolaled Ar leas! is going to be a fun one lo Finally. I talkeal !o nv MITR and she's glad she did and enjoved lhe As for 9ir1 lhe second experience. Antl I doubr ny FB will toI.ll killer going p o s L a full routinesrl on in lhat after Mo afler they I field ldork jus! situalion. and neilher I talketl !o my FB veBEetday Sheid never seriously been wilh enjoved iE' a any of her female fliends lo the Projecr I I I I I happen again Holl] vood I I mansion again. Now all he]]'s breaking loose.whoevertoltlsabby.Ihavenoideawha!shewaslhinking. tes! it one note lime l hate vrhen people posls 'rnew were tes! ' oNE !ime.And . partv You'we seen pics lhe b]ack-haired here of gir] who of lhen T-ounge with EBBigEyes. so I doub! with !hem. and somewhat imPortantr is that it'e TEE REASON so 'tifficult to ger girls Lo do lhings I I likethisisttlereareCONsEQuENcEsForthefirstthreesome. rationalizing she did' A good peek inlo anlray.Inevernet.lherBFaboutil. v/ith braces t as my first conmunity (HBFirst). Girls wiLl only do this stuff s!i11 if lhey lhink it thal no one elEe I ouE. an enait FR.pleaEeletrneknow'lwillnotbemad'Bu!obwious]yi!. chick who backed out. Afterward. qill fintl and bad for your buddy.lheoTl{ERgirl!ol. and lhe blonde (HBBraces) Then I invited oneqitlvholha. brj. becauEe I was lraweling from lhe girl the olher day and bried while for a lhreesone.T I And I'.sVERY bad form. l Style wrlt€E: LR: ThleeEome Attellpt (wl'th feealback) Sublect: This rnay prove to be an intetesling I got logic. al] l was lraweting befole: lhe and I inviteil one in the succees three diffetent black FBs to the hair.bulregpecl thal will her for being hones! $l!h him. hail experlenceal a threeeome before' They bolh reallv Ho!'ever.

We made our prerry lvro years. was crazy: the sociat z a was fun !o have the oplion me HBBraces and HEFirs! I chose them !o work. and rry to the place I was sraying. r made ou! wilh HBBraces rhere.anred me/ and ir were gerring along wetl. going to pick exptain z a - I'm a! a whole new lewe] with which r.. I was alt ower the ptace ratking !o peopte. HBPersian. This was my isotarion. lhen euddenly jumped up and sald. They AL! v. HBBr:aces seemed !o know what was uD. ewen rhough from lhe pe hadnrl seen each orher body (scorr Lounge. ne he. r mer Tera palrick tells and her husband. as we laughed abour pur ny arm6 around HBBraces and pu]Ied EBFirEr inro her.rhar a z I Afteruard.s L}?e). 60 when r see him. r acEed don'b like I only up on rhis a t z !r . and #ctoseal rhem ir =l to hang in LA.s ihe bes! pUA ewer. So r goL in a cab lhen Firsr. sounded similar to Myslery'8. tike guys. her in ro r rhough! bul passed ic HBFirs! up !o go back to r. Then. she said she hadn'r Like rhree monlhs. r sruff. sickboy A11 I needed !o do was pick. proof for I knew r coutd of lhe nighE once. powerful. to face lhem and. sas so fucking told too. so I got my group togerher.a ET I I I :l then HBPersian brought EBFriend with thaL nigh! and saw it all uniold. I went with HBFirst ourside in like 60 she could smoke. Ar rhis poinr. r atso venr into rhe b a t h r o o r T rw i l h r qas sraying a z z z a I uilh. and we wen! ro a horet r! lounge. Even rhough HBBraces pulled HBBraces wa6 prude and ItBFirs! was advenrurous.11 in aroLner posE. Her husband. Bur my plan was to Lake !o bring rhem back lwo glrls the mos! and thoughr woutd be mosr responsive. t HBFriend mer an Asian guy she was qoing ro 90 home for a shor with me. And afterward. and we made ou!. have ANY of lhe girrs. His Mo his brain and pos! i! here.' r s ama?ing hov chicks pick '. rhen Braces.rUsT I iurned me. HBBrace's arms. ratking/ someLhing. a fanrasric. sparkling personaliry. who was in Biohazard. kissed a guy in tigh! insranrty. we exited to a diwe bar. r go! in firBr. I. and since lhey wexe the mos! aErraclive z a e T Firs!. she has an amazing thin.n lhis pUA lhing. Anyway. HBFirs! telar<ed into girls.Jus! so you guys know. sickboy was wirh me a :I The party ihe was pretty I liked crazy. !. and HBBraces. Atong rhe way..

I.sirhherback!one.I{BFirslisonmy righl. needed lo start But suddenLy HBFlrs! ou! lhe fronE door. I chased afler her' ' r I have to go.shesai.. and see Back at my place.I'mlyingintheniddlethiDking. i!?'r And Bhe rockeled 'I'm lhrough lbe room and Bhe Eaid.{e were all on lhe bed nov. nol having a Ehreesorne{tiEh I!'s you. couches and chairs The real could bumner is watching that thev them Tv' had made Bu! I our a way Persian a! Friend as a johe. and see HBBraces steepinginanarmchair.v." In lhe hall. scar uptlght rwanna see something cool girls's a scar face. I go outside. comes in handy in the l !o feel lhe vibe.HBBlacesisonmylefl. we hung out.t6hefeltbadfolEBFirstanddidn. was on separale disappointed.tknowif6he$agwanted. in the night.figuringsheneeds the altention first. Bu!gud.vlthherbacktome. hale for leave like lhis sosheconesback. Le! e Jus! go !o sleep Elc. just freeze he! out a llBBracesover. anat naale a prosthellc ABFirEt lta€ too on one of the lo let (anolher face.Ienlyl'BBracegstan.tsupan. let' her think about il. " And I pulled sign oi it vou on ny room. and her some point Everyone 1eft. doom vaE lhac me pul on het eo I did EBBrace's inslead. massage.Fuck!solmakeoutwithHBFirslalitt]e nore. Tha!'s lare. her to isnrt I said. and r was slarliog dual induclion ! . any skill.d what yorl guys want. no. scarE on lhe ee! of a movie.ThenlturngBFirs!owelsoshels restingonnyshoultleranatfaciDgme.Nowl'minbed.unconcerneal.ThenlstarEmakingou!l'tilhHBFirst. liked so I probablv their have been with *anred the other !o isolate Ehem inro inpending myself gixls. and figuled what happens when we ge! we']1 hone. IErs like 4:30 am at this point. wilh and 1really Firsl personalilies. So I said. our.tleaveslheroom. I knew I didn't I jus! even need a I. tben te! her go to sleeP. slood up and said. because ttral \tould bave made it too obvious.) learn I learned hotd to do Prostheric sarge.sosbe'sregtingonmyEhoulderandfacingne. Eventually. Now r needed !o figure anal Braces. Don'l worry.

m going to call around vith our c1olhes for us. unEil i! a I or not. Ehe had a rocking you can. the room. when she starred I told ower a 1itt1e ptaFhing 'You think 6o?n a !t . . she'6 room and v." on. and I figure out sith r spend Lhe EBBxaces. a really thinr cule FB rho gives amazing deep rhroar.r real1y wbo's going to be up for CAN'T te]l !rha! lheir act. being ll'ith And even though The fact anolher i6.'ent up to ny room and fooled her. I've been thinking about a nelr MO. rI.s like choosing are. and lre t. olher girts. I lell her that it's E E R I w a n ! / not the other girl then go !o the batrhroom and hawe uncomfortable sex on the linoleum a a !I After. should I give my6e1f points HBBraces up trith her i! looks fo! rrying and pusbing it. My only misrake $as Eetection. seriousty personaticy would have done I have palred one of the are just HBFriend anyEhing. a u a I Anyway. In retrospec!..t a rarger: and woutd have until cornes doun to lr. I never woutd lbis before. .e all steep I've logether bloi. been fun. I bring her back !o lhe away.ral preferences comes down !o lhe and nolaLs and rules no natter wha! they say or hov lbey momen! o! ttulh.n in peace. The orher day. !o get hot. HBFirsr leawes righ! tnorning with wery huffy.F F F t I she left out. ae:(]. mysetf h rhe norning.. and I WIIJIJ lry T 3 il StyTe wtlteg t Subject: TR: Ulxlng and ldatchlng FBE a a a e e e t I :l For lhe pasc week. TEE FIRST GIRL ARRIVES I invited ower nBlibrarian. alirays telt yor. I!. her. she asked. a fun experimen! . She came ower. cool.. r decided !o try i!. I have no\.. and iE's a :I I f. and lhe funny thing have even thoughr oi ttylng is rhe pUA mentatity it again. girl okay.

I eaid. r' ThefacEis. she said .I juEl chunk going on. she didn. werll inwite her ower. caseE. fo! us lo plav trnor is wilh'l yor.buEhas some baby fa! Anway.becausetheotherHBigreallyyoungandhasgrealskin. a1l' over guys were running But I ignored ir. This wasnrr game: i! Afterwalals.I told her. and 1 eaid i'The only girls ear. aDd she was a little if you don't like no worries. we']l her'rr 't.rr Atld hung up. courlney r'HeY. were mv the you' only reason 1 was with lhiE gitl in the She askeil how t knew lhe Laler. Not eaying lheBe asD lype THE SECONDGIRL ARRIVES I.d her. so I addeal.t agreeing in say anyrhing. You golla check it out lrll " (It's post true: the link I at Love and we got descenited on by photograPhers TtlE FUN BEGINS . would fuck nade lhem gin like and lonice. so I !o1d hex.. and has amazing latlooeE. her. trIr11 'lo vou too" though' left lhem alone (in reference Lo lhe runee) waE kiDd of funnv. I gor paparazzird. anil I was worrieit and did Ryans and NaturalLJ and all all' the nale enelgv these it otber up' !o ny donrt hawe to alo this.IwaBworrieil. rlhat r have Eomeone over hele soon. nlrlt be ngllt back r I for: a godd fiwe minutes to qet when I reLutned. 'Eer name'e EBTats.ihen HBTars came upBlailE rune reading. lelling lIBTats. You'11 like he6ilant. anal called EBTats 0where are you?" I aEked' r wen! !o lhe batbroon she vas nearbv want !o ]e! and coming ovet. was at Me1's ltilh I !o1d rhen. r' I tol.1 kno!'t. Ehe said. I said. I waE jus! on mv way !o give HBlibrarian a rhem downslairs. a grear rune readinq l kepl accidenlally naking double enlendres. I broughc r and gave them a rune reaillng lhe bouse. gir1. have her teawe' she worked at U r b a n O u t f i t t e r s . "Let I'we been with l whispereat tirst place in her is that me Eel] vou sonelhing: for I thoughE she'd be perfect she's very open and sexual. "Hey.

FYI] As soon ae I nade a move for Then I made out wirh off rhe bed and look one of glrt.led me !o srar! rhinqs.o lhings discussed tn his slrllng Afler I wanted !o rryt The firsr was lhe ltke lhing rhing i!. wenr domsrair..F F F I brought them lhe them up to ny roonr phoroE. a nice aEs. were ready. and jus! so the onlv obsEacle lefr up lhe hookah and shared v. v. rhen mid_srream she pu..Jtaix The probtem iE lhaE when a girt has is ne. said Ehe FRE. lhinge: so iDstead of lhe dual inducrion massage. aparE. just naEuralty said. DRUCS. moulh (r know. could lell lhey HBtibrarian F F F F F F F F F F lr ir slapped my ass anat lhe orher girl wa. At one poinr. rurned irt is !o lhe ropic of So r The conwersaEion sex. making our passlonarety. s cra{ting I . I had sex wirh abou! a threesonre is rhe vrsual. 2006: T1{1S ItAIr RrcuLAR TOBACCOIN IT. rhe her) juer spir my \dad I can. HBlibrarian r gently u a I sbe wanted rne !o other cum in he! mouth.. I. The grea! I dia! the other on your tace.n on me. I! lurnE. of Napoteon Dtmanice because Sone rules r didn'! nust on my compurer. rhe olher off Then rhey borh slarted excep! her panlies. we fooled arounat a lirEre more.r head of the olher inlo when r vas done. that i wha! was up.. Some of my roommaEeE kep! by guys in wirh a a I - !ran! Ehem !o be nade unconfortable esp in proEo no!. r made out with her. i! grear: firs! So ehe !ren! dov. ridicutous. silring far playing and rhe tighrs the only eere tow. this naking ouE in my mess paseionalety. lhen ooe was jacking me off pushed Nhe head of one down. beliewe happened ro ne. It waE total each olher porn shi!. lhen rhey were lakins I came in EBlibraria. r removed liBrribrarian. r! was as if elecrrrcrly haar se! lhe room on There were rv.s HBTars go! shlrt anai aLL her crolhes thev were so into fire. everylhing happereil so fasE.e! me retl vou can'! Ehem srarEing the sfroke. be ser.! see. r lir NOT INoTE FRoM sTyLE. rrhite lhe orher sucked nre. for I atways sanlear ro do. rhen a coupte vhere videos a cD vas atreaaly on ny computer. rhe girts. and watched the begidring around: knowing Tolaf cB shir. HBlibrarian Anat they slarced betiewe !m a e z (god bless lhe mourh of Ehe orher girt. r sholred in my My beal is ptace to Eir room.andr can.! z i THE FIJN CONTINUES But the fun lrasn't over. famous Triangl_e poEilion. your I alidn.s girl ower it. graphic). and qor sone drinke turking rhe house dudes. so they I could feet were boEh on lhe the energy srarL bed bur !o bui1d. sharing i!.

There are times times Ant'{ay.k bubble I kep! half intimacv) I warmeat up lhe heads awav fron and we got trying !o lurn Papa's bathroon' because Thomas Crown (an'I probablv out' orobabl/ lakjn9 picE' a dozen otner guye) uae sP/rng on me k-i!h the lighls Ialsospie. know they and jus! la1k I didnit menlron lne could happen Jus! were in my good books so i! I guess lhere perverls. are not a loL of lacllcs chreesorne post and lechniques ior lhe Mo for in rhis TR. I lhink maybe I Ehould explain nore: I hawe the FRAME!ha! is nornal .sHBflont}isliwe-rninutes. I made Bure E o c a l . eallng each other ouE on the side ThoftaB Crown walching ny Lily(but I couLdn'! ger hard enough with lhe image of of the jacuzzi whire nakeil asB f. they the girls' up the staira !o join us' bu! mavbe we could l{oll'ever.Theyqeregoingclazy:fingeringeachorberup and giving me double head on the side of lhe jacuzzi' the]ayreportlookingatusflomthekitcben. get something ctazy gotng on {ith lells i. r think it's betler tha! that we're all COMPLICIT. aga1n.nstairs. in lhe The nex! lhreesone.IGeoff. I o r r e x ! wanled to make Bure lhey each girl. thei! for the for guys to be axound bo have privacv Jacuzzi (to make lhe house seen like a fun par:!v) and there of are ' girls jn the {!o keep away ASD antl keeP lhem in' and lhe girls went to wof.lom Papa's tols of fun positlonB balhroom' exploted lol) ' jacuzzl l even figured out how !o use a condom AnF.ay. ae sensei anal Nightbtue a little sav.t. so I'm not' Soing satlrday aidhr' to change it' I alreaaly new gir]6 aE for getting not. anit said. A11 interesting this is WORKINGfor sec up to* coftrnents BuE' filsl' though eome of this me. r!'s slrictlY for lhe see ny other repear expe!iences Style wtiEeq t ltixtng and matcbtng may make more senee logica1lv' have alolher threesome sirh tvo Subjecg: Hnm. as Geoft were watking she chickened out \.gol I'You'!e {elcome !o join us' if you'd 1ike " I figured wen! do!\. day.{hengheheardmylwoEBsmoaningreallyloudly. ire ea! ir. I'n betllng It yer. e8pecially lf lt up. You inade a[ error ln ch€ atcp BEEoRB the loutire.e either leith a FB. had an experlence with a glll later. you may bave seems ttke sneaky. you'le talklng lt ie SEPAIATEfrom lhe lime uhen r ptan it. at some poht. it. You ditlntt deliver its wilh confldedce and congruence. wa6 one: ellher you berrayeat your inlention ahead of !ime. ot an under8tanding of it. if a roullde goes nrong. wtlte't Ul:rlnE rld [atcbLng Subj€cl3 will read your TR tonlgh!. a meal. i! trI'n in rhe nood for is not' inertioned Mexicd beilg sith some gtr1e.nk if resistance you JuEt a€sume aucceaE and Bet it to deal vith. geneei. llnyway.Itrs somethirg I do aII the tine. 2. irhen I scteen for biEexuallry. or tB culious.s JuB! going !o become clea! you just In lhat and othe! uords.scuBslon other than the trp1aylhingi gtyL. lf Ehe. ar Eofte poinr. again {n]loa ! Good metaphor. h tbi6 case. I don. gtealing bandiridth. Psyched. ) I thi. and then. you. one of lrrro probfema haa happcneal I 1. Irm clouching outaiale soneore'B blalg in the cold. It's like like saying. make tt make a rneatat nole of it.! have lntefiet coffrection where I'n thelr at' right now. lhen at aome polnt happen $lthou! dj. Holr paLhetic. horr caEuar it is proposed. line. or 6he just wasr' r comforlable . whlch ls usually the case.

shoe6. go I sngg€Ble'l $e all farhe! for rrivia lunch' lthen her fatber vas Llre'l' I goiog to my lavorlte clothing store in NY Atd' after offer€il gallantty to take het tlrere to 'llan her out l{hat !*"o!ked the besc wag for each other' and lelling ber gberal never been Lo !{Y before. buts to ato ny own lhlng' r took her .firBt tlme usilrg ie' money) subi{av tide afeerward ilus! so sr}e for ber first 6tore.l. She $as super]'owillgmetlme!ocalchuplfltb6omeFB€arl.liihtEthinkltlAshittingonher(tooearlyinrhe6a'ge)llhadberhelpnebuyap'esentfo' though' lhere waB liqht kino' ny !TR.Aanclbenystytistandltdgela$onograffinedbeanbagchairfor I also ma'le sule not to fotlolt her around lhe her (TD 1i4e -.thtnbu!thick.Idogomesalglng.An.another whiie tnusic fan Eeories Ehe was ltred of. cocky/funny anal shy.I me' had a fucklng amazing e:q)ertetrce that Bur?li8ed I happened !o flln lnto a well-hnown nusician I kllovr' white I !'tas ln his ho!€t roon' h13 daughler walk€dtn. I felt llke I ltas lhe go shopPing l hyped her llp on from fi.JuST experienced a quescion' It'e an't are exciled like saving' "ney' about' an'l il's anal they'dl so cool.A tlp: really The frame cool is that it's be into youtu a lun il ching I!'s you . attl I kept trying role-playing lvhtle Bhopptng' Choosing goofy oulflcs that6heha.tty yealB ago. suuectr the Dual rDduetlo! gtrtke€ aEalu Ivent!oNlrfo!tha$e€ken. and also to fltr'l out her age' her father tel]1ng and norl{ she !'as 6cuck in a holel room with pumplng he! bad guy -.ltoconebacktol.lshewasa€mokinglto!Afllcanllmerican-. I began to think thaE lhe maEerial wasnrt but no 1016 . She €aial she hatt a b!' No needl to BF deslroy' working' ye!. Thev're love chen l geyTe writee. not check ouE nY net.wilhgleat snooth Bkin AB soon aa I aa$ her' ny hearc hlgh ltr her Blteacer an'l pelfectly breastB lifled !o B!a!! a Girlfllend anal I krlew I llacl !o have her' I ran JealouB starteat flultering the lvaB 21' Pe!fec!' converBatlon.tall.

because ir into would at mood. t B D a u g h E e rs a i i t s h e r a t k e d lifte in a week.at1 hours lale Licke!/ after day wirh HBDaughrer. a just nor rha! in lowe with you. and was bored and fer! rike she haar nolhinq r a z il f first ro sav. The FB rold slarting into. r nov. F t HBDaughrer being F l't .u wow. I9or a call Ird from EBHarlequin.inq ar anv lhe dust and pilt powder inro moment. Nice. girt who. nigh! in Ny.F a T I il T Our lasE Etop was a record tisten to it and giwe ir 6tore.o rny FB's house. nexE.. and rold which I'11 hc! Lo back bo me when she (Great lechnique use in rhe a a il lrhen we parled.d r wanted ro palm iL soon as she arriwed.! dusr and she jusr opened my mourh anit dumped rhe pilt . r ner HBBigNosrxits and took her to z z I concer!. wanr ro trip!" it_ so r prerended ro lake sips of my dr:ink and kepr r was scared shiltese rhat r. and she shouLd Join us. as an lOL a! 1 am. ad hour La!e! had !o go home and change. hooked up with looking wilh it her once before. in a riny do drugs. and things were gerring sith confusing because one orher ny number one FB lras supposed to mee! me Ehere. and so we picked her up half to an electroclash her bovfriend I look lt for party lhe a! her horel a t a f a n c y N e w y o r k h o E e t .! like heroin. Bur as she inside. she asked if !o stay aeay fron you because |m off wlth in a gill you. and rrd call her if r haal an fiwe slarr x. z 3 3 broke lhe pill. I told There. rop. sp]lt a! Ecslasy pi1l to lake i! fanrastic I don'! leopard-pallern her. teasr r had her meet me at lhe horel. FBDaughter ran up !o fty table anit gave me back ny CD. extra licket. r had plans wilh like four girts.s lhe noatel fox tlartequin as ro'r'ance novels. I told her I \ras going Eo a concert an FB ld thar nighr. I lhought. I boughL a CD for myself. ro fall me. and was atready HBDaughler r couldn. spending all r had pronised see he! rhac day. a perire btack-hailed way back. but fortunarely r never did.Oh. o n t h e w a y r i . gawe it ro her. a a I dldnr! have a plan yet with these girts. had FoUR options. ryou. She said she and Eook hex ro her we wele going ro some fun parlies. spilring shattered I don.. Each rime I had sex wirh her. fuck. is Lhar ever a rurn_ I imaqided beinq Shame. but r Baid yes and figured pur her in a rouchy-feety just a and prelend . so r lotd ge! an exlra my friends say =t 7 and ven! over t.. z T on ny las! Lhe falher's Aflerward.

you donlt qent to another barr and eaL dosn togettler' game on nv arm I did rlouse race on HBliarlequin' rlo it on HBDaughter' qame (let -. a lurning point' srarled Eo realize head rtle group kino was rea1lv Every now and lhen. of here is r r fiqurear sbe was thinking' really n out' and I'Tbese tvo predaEory te1l do lhis lhis' hot' do I get girl vou're {Do vou ewer feet to iump up' 'Jlaix' nassaqing lo aboui rurned a1I her ftientls abouE lne two cteePs wbo tried get her on?) . EBHarlequin EBDaugbter' my beart poundilg I Eo1it lhem abou! I got one dolln to receive Afcerward' And' finalty' we gave one co r ferr rike we {ere nust doing being all a r*rle the like creepy. more lols t notice'I I 90! that the more girls at a cer:tain I bad wITs Iner lhe monent that noie aitractlon blossoned and lhe I realized I could hawe had anv of them' then and An)4\. srarred anil I flBDaughcer a massaqe. My turon iB in lhe corimon room' and After a few ninules' wilh tie I called Afleflald.ay. where che nigh! btees migh! ber bearc. cou!6e. and of. everyone era6 sleeping. time' the and freaking out her our. didn'! wan! to scare nBHarlequin leaned io and made ou! t^'ho waB very wilh !ie' vhich I didn'l like because r a{ay EBDaugnter' shy and innocenc and wide-eyed' As the nlghl wen! on' tbe otner foit' girls lett' and just lhen HB'arlequin they and flBDaughler hail snall" and I were IefE' lhere I \tas Blaying every night at a friends' ana r lold ouE' thar usualLy parlies it and ''e Bhould check so we gor I sat on the bed $it!1 there around the corner' couches on q'ere B1eeping tlro oEher guys a ganitwich she had bought' 6aE on a labLe ealidg HBDaugbler and HBEarlequin. we all she dlat rhar afterlratal. nBDaughEer over wilh it fitst fear' ro lhe fulon lo sho the her dual a VmF video induction on my laprop' nassage' I had ro rhe lof!.priority.anotber childhooil fist pdralYze their I shoq'ed tbem rroi'r !o group kino' involved 411 of bhis' of course' l<now it) giving childhood 'rroee gardenn Then I had her ne know if Then HBnarlequin.

so. Fuckl So I began ro kiss and starled her.r on. we'd iusr check out lhe wibe when she retumed. iook throughour five lhe whole lhing. and if i! wasn. steeD wirh At thi6 the big poinE. r nake sure r don'r come litt rhe very. and 6he respondeat. Ewen $hen ir lhey'd tose me like ninuEes a condom (which sucked because I l^'as vorr:ied and we pretry Btate). lhere was absotuEety no LMR from any of rhem. and said.m up Eo enjoy it ALL. nThanks. . tike thie before. F F F F F F ll ir I F -Aryncay. sBHarlequin didn. dislant. so I rrl. lBHartequin was tying !op. her Ehirt back on. much aliat ewerything. I had do idea wherher she.n r il 3 I I I As soon as ehe gave me that tillle le|s " get you a z I she lay down on the bed. ghe relurned r F F EI Lhe bed. so I pulteal he! over making out lrith Then we reftoved HBDaughle!'s and each look a breas!.. because r noEice rhe girls N E V E Rs e e n r o g e t r i r e d . a a a a ir HBDa'rghter was near-perfect naked. r jusr X N E Wi r vae on. She WANTED i! !o happen. Anylray. behind u€. '. ) a a il r| . thinking. Anal EBDaughler But: lying know the p]an. aflerward. and was being kissing \ras juEr on her back unconfortable.lell. r van! !o make sure I. I was rea1ly and getling figured tbls feeling like a lorat faiture wirh HBDaughter afler and saE uncomforlably putting on lhe ouE a}t 6iite of nowhere wirh was an IOD. to find it. threesone. q'hen I have lhreesomes.d done anvrhinq These days. guns. and leE HBDaughrer get up and pur -r So lre she wen! ro rhe bathroom. She said r asked t{BHartequin whar she though! kne\r sIlE was up for decided !o just she wasn'r sure \rhar HBDaughler \. her. hugged me.! I starled naking our {irh EBHarlequin a titrle ower rhe back of HBDaughrer. you should ge! some 6Leep before your plane lonorrow/ r cotd her.l. wery end. while the I stopped tiBEartequin. lhey vere Etill up for I had sex wirh rhem borh.

florks great !01th any wonan 1.{ha! the fuck? great r car't vonen' believe Ehinks ' I'I de6erve this is bappening thie " Me' r lhe stlll other band. wtlLaa. her faiher 'Iaugbter ' (Bv lhe vtay' 6he rhell I $as ln be'l with the rnusiciatr's wTF?) askeal her: iare you black-lopping slyle?" been saying lacelv' So' instead' tor I canrt remenber woral f.cel've c/F PuEh-Pull I've slarted at any Elage' aloing th16. I think. Briu lhal when he has 6ex ltith nt. I ltould love Eerle6 gtatements: (AFC) ne up aE eight in a nice car that vroD'! enlcarraEg you out co dtnner 2. gEYI.lilyslery. . going to bave to pav ad'I Pick (PgA recovery) 60 mean" ' gB: Yourre .. I thtnl I'lt I hear! litY. Repeat you en'l up l0ith a really hilarious slring of pusb-0u11 If you do lhiB like three tineB. she seerneal back lBDaughte! took we afternaral. BuE you're me. tor 6he reLurned home to t'he South Eo thar* ne the expetience. this Eo meli b1o!m awaY is mY lifeslyle nov' to have rea11y enjoyed to her hoteL room in a cab. x aliscovereal tlds tolal rne. . hete'B 1. Try to recover from Ehe coflnent 3. gubjectt An Er.ol itot'l a po6gible to take aJIy of the of shit I've exarnpl-e.Y li€tbod for Eff. Say sonething loea]ly AlC with a PUA njndse!' 2. She calLe'l ne $h€n ' of these girl6 IILTR€ 6ee he! again' I itt1l be naking both aroudit lW.

r z z a t ir A. how r ger berre!: i! I lrant to be playing add figuring ou! game a1way6. The funny lhlng I'm home from a lhreesone. could have been u{o more chick6 pelfect Don.E 1. I'm sorry. girl who isn'! a bed foursomes. afraid and orgies of your lritdeer drean is.^-Lv- funny push-pu1I. A comforlable private ro be sexuatty predalory. Afrer over lilrle reading Badboy' s parody of myself. I c a n see how it Don't know if this is the bes! example. Tha!'s ar ny lasr whar r would hawe needed Eo do ro take one slep THE MAIN INS]GHT All you need !o have all the in it. whar I did wrong becauEe lhere happy--ecatatic looking even--bur Earge. t r y !o recover the fratre as a PUA. One adventurous bisexual B. roon wilh THE CRAZINESS one of going the reasons I vent up !o San Fran this {eekend wa6 because a good friend said she wa6 hatf to hook me up wiEh her girtfriend lqho gives amazing deep rhroar and has alone kegels a tl lr . z T EI EI EI Sty76 wtlEeg: TR! Tri6d fo! a Flvesom€.th a Thr€edome Su. abou! lhis is tha! I reatize rt how neurotic in ils I am. There areni! happen.n speciat lrying dwetling going to be a 1o! of raclics here. details afEer every Eeduction.bject: PREAMBI. But you like s o n u c h w h e n I ' m m e a n . consrantly o$. 2. You knoe |m il just kidding- {AFC) makes lhe hair on your arms sland up. ro figule out r.r ger ne qrong. because i! was rhe gtrts who realty made i! a il I ir I T I I I was eye-opening way. Bu! lry speaking wirh if you ever i nci:ri caLch Youiself making an A r c s L a L e m e n L .m 3. 4.F F F F F =l 3. and i!'s . and 6!i. but End6d Up !d.

t:::"::::t" bave also t"u" nt-:-:t " nish! Lef! itl san F!an' I onlv nv it's 6ince neantime. get FB Neuroric into beal ror ttl r er*n crazy group (probabry like "rtrr preurv a nake we 60 r have dinner rogethef. all enat of the night. gTostiluEes.tler life. andl she sarar she'cr the BJ ltB tor.hat ' is goo'l: t charrn her' we wj'l1 9o up co a! Ehe ltrs iue! undererood tha! an'l exceeil he! expectallonB her ne tlo' ar1't sbe lives uP Eo ny hotel loom and have sex' {wetll call her ItB BiI ) Mv frien'I actuallv lives in anothet citv' so' I arrive'I at the any{ay. the Eonight.l. to hook uP 1dilh rt lras lotal slranger r 1{as suppose'l this by uP picked ltas gan Fr. She a cily boy an'I am never axound which kicke'I ass because I'm trasb-y' lthlEe li.B anar years. but nhacever' 1lB BJ tetls ne 6he's been lrying lIB ' none her give x of courEe' live6 oit Ehe pity of otherE' I co boqf to go fo! ir. r'we rord lhem night. an)'way. I me renedber wlll ltth€n who was Ehele way back ' }nyone \{orkshop girl I net 'luring MysEety's five gllys cro{ited around and I style'6 Ev on her as like doing vtaE r lranlan' sarging the amazing all these guys hovered 'ltdnrt get unconf.orlable as she becauae tnpreBse'l' I waB listeneil.tEle a Anit she 1das girls like t. bi111ng rrl lhe I to brlng alons a giruriend for night t-tdo' she's going trrat says 6he 60 sh€'s biseroal. we -"t"cled ""1 . HB Neurolic lrm not lhar I I her frlentt' ac ny room on night lvo wtth so. around. lhen I I I | ! ianlra. lol) l I {arn HB lranian that inv frien'IE are goi'g to be a lilt'le differFnt than the people *t ' *f Last Tangoin Paris ie -* converiently' where' place a aE 'lirrner go to to. HB B'J slto\ts uD I the most neulotic *-t" of one a16o i6 Neurotic : l" :::: ::::"::" lo I excite. anat |in alressed up airport an'l kjck-ass car and huge cleawage' o1'Ier blonile woman' l}iLh a slighlly hoL' a itas very 6tratge. The tlanian ltB ha'l enailed * *til""' preparect' ha'l I and lour6olne' a 1" Myplan was to go for lhal l emalled her back' and Baid Tantra Rumi (the poet) and one on saicl she boughl a book on be fun ro al1 th€le' an'l navbe iE would teacher a lantra with up by coinclttence r rvas $eetl4g go along wilh rr and talk pran.

ro. Either wirh rhe olher fel! girts this she sees me as a guru (and she or she lras uncomforlable Ehe mer at dinner aftracrion. and she's hor fron a z a I convo. I aclua]ly ge! a headache. r lel] rhen rhar r'11 mee! rhem back at rhe horel bar. f so. lhey vere my sex partners). oe-iLe pa!r-La!rn abou! rive ir lr I .. s h e r e t t s parts afler EB lranian.4UsT W I N G Ss h o u l d u s e .asre of time.'Awesome. HB BJ comes up with 'rf he can send his if a n A w E s o M Et i n e inagine you l. I ge! Ehe 6ane response. myself though! TOO high) llowever. maybe she jusr doeen. gi!I. ju6! polite and she kiEses back. you do strav mowingt you're Evenrually. I'we never before and noE hait ir tead F E| lo an intense make-out se6sioD. with HB Neurolic takes over ihe conversarion. Our ]egs are ower each olhers.s lhe kiss. Afler I do rhe magic. ana! a wery LITTLE but powerful Lhat all lease of magic. and just wanr !o go hone and forge! the foursome. bu! lhere responding. I will in it She quizzes me non-magic nighr abou! lantra and ESP. i! or noE. and gB Iranian and I go to a parly she knows abour. so we go ro the car. (I we do a real/ EsP experimenE. a nod-rnagic ESP routire. And are wiLh a Eh:rd frie. a! lhe very leas!. and go in the car wirh a =t = HB Tranian. is none of the IOIS ale there. energy ro objecrer reading this. I figure paesion rha! should be lhere. she drops upsrairs. wha! he can do wilh have ivingE say this of your body.s on. I figure maybe r'11 jus! spend lhe nigh! v. -t's all elrange. The lwo HBs erop by a friend of theirs house.) A6 we. a Anyway. HB BLI and HB Irania! have arrived. Tatking lhe dinner now jusr Eeens tike a v. and I donrr really lry hard enough ro have her come Maybe I could hawe. vith long hair extensions down to ir I She. I stay the cenler of attenrion ar firEr by just doing rourines--spetts. afler dinner. HB Dreads.s a super-cule. huh? Mysrery. because I atleady a]t lhe I can jus! feel llke sense tha! i!. and ir ie jusr exhausEing rrying to keep up her neuroEes.I I -l F F ir a a a = movie screen. I go in for lalking.irh her.c ]ike (raiEed PDA. because ir a a I iI seems like HB Iranian regards me as a guru of some sor!. ne off at my hotel. t EI By coincldence. wheEhe!you believe post iE here 6oon.

canera rry give !re! r \rBefur.ble neares. alal I have turne'I her or more before t shotid away' puLls it an'I her legB.ex newsgroup.I . T h e n t hplaying e y a l l s E dress alt up is (BTw' rrve founit lhaE bags' overnlght othet's each of out clothe6 on trylng noo'l') to set a fun' ractile Dack at your place vtith glt16' youlre once alo to great lhing a up once bef. so I leave lrer lnere l I I I I I I I I I I . To rnake her feel HB Neurotic go€B in !o talking an'l asoyj ng us Eventually' keeps Bhe becauge ItB N€Urotlc ou! bDt HB Neuro!'c decideB to there. r nove io. b u ! g B N e u r o t i c a n d I . anil tlles !o get i! on. Ehe bathroon. Bhe neeals air and lranEs !o leave' we evenluarly t!1ne and she takes photos. H B B i r a n t l g B D r e a . any$ay. l n o E a g o n a n . a eud'Ien' EB BiI anal l{B DleaalB have hooke't the be'l next !o ghen and \tagch DleaalB otl tlre beal' I JuBt tle on EB BJ is eallng out HB ar1 r'r'1 since thrs rsnrt a . antl she caEcheB ttry band gfrls ou! ilf I okay' no Problen' r've got lwo agaio' ucomtorLable Brlers leaching right fo! it' so to think about ithat shels m_i6sinq the ot'be! toon.ore' 8o ar1 of. b u t w a n t s t o b e w l E h a m a n a n . I e c } i n e . vra the EB Neurolic ls being REALIY inaginable conbo e4auea But every o! sesslon on fu1I a Bay iB tbat bul HB Neurotlc keeps saylng hel aIId inviglng her lo Join us' on hlttillg keeps BiI HB annoylng. on thiB') r aritkr'r even pl-an to wfiEe a rJR I But 1leach be!'/''een Then x suck her breast a tlttle legs' and arms hel x maEsage we Lalk. nrappetl alound believe I'm {riLtng all thi6: en'l of EIle bath' (Fuck' I canr! other lhe into slip anat tbe !o\rel. buL figure room. t s n a v e g o l n e .ls her ln chill out alone ln Ehe bath' 'lecl'leB Lo pull a irLaix/Turnces I have a feelinE that lhere ia a This is !.Ion't leally kno$ lrhac the p}an is. avall.hen vour boy style P A R T o f H B N e u r o t i c t h a t D o E S w a n ! t o J o i n . Anway. tlB Bir follo\. bf€a€t. sa o lEoweL bathroon witlt lhe lnto valk anil !0h11e' a be'I for leave the tno gi!]s alone on lhe Then I just take off the ba!b' an'l talk to HB Neurotic of sicte lhe on sit' I me. and they they have one. {e 90 into the h a v e G q B .

sB Dreads and r have sex agaiD. HB Dreads shushes ne. while HB B. ft lhat I never felr. work-our worry who now betieves abou! rrying be back and be coo1. r wan! to rhank you for suck making me feel the way you did.'hat she waE thinktng They dlive tas! nighr.t and HB Neuroric are in rhe balhroom. I would of really liked !o e)Aerience being wirh youl you diat. to moan. Firsr was inlereered in having sex wirh all. ne a nole and seate \rhich Bhe proceeds to cover wirh ltpsli. wery much. funny. (sryte. and you didn. and t!'s me ro lhe clear airporr. I an gelring rOIs from HB Neurotic. I ask HB ir in an is eacapades have occurred. in lhe morning. r have her make me tea and iron h It's the morning.I you can catt was a retaxing. !o ewelyone in the tobby Ae they do. bur sirs in rhe \rindov sitt nv 6hirr. You turned me on. and no! ro inpress ir a a F E . The guy sho r open ir on rhe ptane. =r FI =l #+#-+##+ or email ne. hreresling since I am. sexual feeting. as if rechnically HB BJ's man. and rhis ir I =l f '!I wa6 gelring rhinking mixed 6ignals. I check our of the ho!e1 wilh lhal eome crazy €o tetl three girls in !ow. can.l. lhe because thiE pelson she's vriring !o is rhe Dew me lhat's he. since she says she's an insomiac.E: NOT AT AtL. talks LOL. She wrires kisses. Bur rhan r read rhat you fet! INOTE FROMSTYI. quite proud of and 90 to sleep. me !.s emersed in rhe ]aer a 9. Neurolic envelope. in this a T I g I I AIso. Ya know 6ex. I REFUSEDTO pLAy INTO HER NEEDY FRAME. I F F lr a = Mole shenanigans follow.) uE in bed. can lean guy on the pumped-up Dconslruk! ewen ftuff.t and eventually EB Neurolic bolh girls doesn'r fal1 join asteep sarisfied. =r I I 3 my ear off.r even know rhar r sure vaDteal !o e 3 ET lltr6 inleresting. she rubs my hanits and keepE saying ho$ So. we shouldn'r insigh! inlo be doing lhis menage because when I slart relationship. l few weeks. hinsetf. Bur rhen you were I needed some hetpl me nex! a turn week on of gewing to know me.

on of every tnaglnable annoying. antl she catcheE ny han't an'l puus reachirg lighr fot it. so I leave her there to think aboul !tha! she's mi6sing' . thc bath' an'l (zuck' I cantE believe lrm wllcing all this: tbe tovel. bu! HB Neurotlc I've found chat playing dress up 16 trying on ctothes out of each other's overnlght bagB {81'W' nood') place $ith girler to set a f. llB Bir keeps hltLlng Ehe neeals alr on her an'l lnvillng combo enaueB But EB Neuroulc l€ belng REALLY her to join ue' but HB Neurollc keepB saying and wanls to leave. ve eventually tune I give he! ny canera altt she lakeB pholoB' Anlt{ay' us. HB E. To dEke her feel useful. I jusl lie on the bed nexE to then breaBt ' Anyx'ay' since lhiE j'e['t a sex newBgroup' all IrlI I nove in. via lhe nealest avallable say ls ghat a fu1L on seBBj. lce go lnto t'he roont aE. anil r nassage tle! afinE andt legs' Then r suck he! bleaat it her 1e98. antl IIB Dleaals have sone.I don'! Ieally kno\' lgbat Ehe p]. Eventually.l folLoNs her ln lhere.'an. So 6hers uncomfollable aitay' I shoulil have luned again' OkaY' no probten' I've the oEher toon.'iBeallngoulHB and r"atch' Dreaals on lhe ig. anil lrle6 t'o 9e! chill ou! aLone in lhe batlr.soallofaeudden. HB B. lhe bath' !ha! DoEs !{ant to joln. but figure lhey lrave one.hen your boy style PARTof ltB Neurotlc ileciales Lo Pull I bul vants to be with a man and 4ot a wonan' so {alk inlo Lhe bathroom nllh a tovrel Ieave the tuo girlE alone or! the bed for a !0hi]e' an'I ta]k Eo HB NeuroEic' Th'en I luat lake off rrappeat aroulld ne I sit oI! the B:lde of.f. a 'Ilaix/Tuilrces ' I have a feeling thal lhere is a This is v.lHBDleadsbavehookeduponcebefore. anit sllp into lhe other en'I to ato once vou re Dack at your HBB.qBB. I atialnrl even plar to lrlite a LR on !hls') a little But r reach belween her on nore betore got tr"o girls out in we talk.I they Then thev aI1 sEalL and I decline have GHB. IIB Neurotic goeB ln !o ou! HB Neurollc because she k€eps !a1ki4g and annoying it on' but HB Neurotlc decl'leE !o the bathloom.un' tactile a great chj.

HB Dreads shushes me. envelope. Bu! lhan you felE INOTE FRoM sTYl. But then you $ere I needed 6ome help! me nexr v. The guy who everyone. as if technically HB B!t's man. First was intereEted ln having sex with I read that aL1. Itts since funny. I REFUSEDTO PLAY INTO HER NEEDY FIIAME. vhile EB B. lobby eacapades have occurred. She rubs my hands and keepE saying ho\t So. Ya knov sex. EB Dreads and r have sex agaiD. I sure wanled to suck [It'E interesting. Inleresling t 7 I am. guy on the punped-up work-ouE worry can lean be back and be coot. F I I I I T il More shenanigans fo1]ow. in this a t I t t I Also.T and IiB NeuroEic are in the bathroom. #+*-+*** !ha! or enail felt. being with Eexual feeling.s ne to lhe clear airporE.E: NOT AT A!L.I You can call t. youl ne. quite proud of and 90 to sleep. talk6 tol.) in the windos si]l my shirt.1 me !rha! she was lhinking She \drlreE re a nole and seals kiBses. my ear offSince she says she's an insomiac. very much. ln ihe morning.r insigh! inlo be doing rhis menage I because vheD I s!ar! relalionship. I open iE on lhe plane. r aEk HB ir in an is Neurolic to !e1. You turEed rne on. It I trrould of really liked I never to experience I wanL to thank you for making ne feel the way you did..s emerged in the ]ast a 9. us in bed. canrl and ewentually EB Neurotic both girls doesn't fall join asleep satisfied. and you didn. and it. l t I I I few weeks. I an gelting IOls from HB Neurotic.s writing Dconslrukt to i6 the new ne tha!'s who now beliewes about Erying he. even fluff. and not to impress a a t . I cbeck out of lhe ho!e] lhar aorrre crazy wilh lhree girls ln t. I have her make me rea and iron In the norning. lhe because lhis person she. to moan. \re shoutdn. himself. whlch ehe ploceeds !o cover wirh llpstick and rhis r I t I I I I I rI lraB gelling nixed a relaxing. They drive lasr nigh!. to everyone in lhe as they do.eek a lurn on lhinking of getling lo kno1]' rne.ol'. but sits (Sry]e.t ewen know !ha! you did.

' r could serious and uptight !o get never understand because !hat'3 when everyone'E Eupposed !o be hooklng up' Bu! now tha! r know game. flom Lounge members wirh expeliences $i!h wonen r.s fil a long story. txutb is.andrhemarliaqeEare would love Here's the story 1!'B nule and r fucking bave oplions. when I wen! on vacalion. for a guy l/lho's a tillle friends here' the prime s o o o E n e very 6ma11 chance that I'm breaking Bome laboo vou guvs knoq lthar so lln here for tbis weir.l nagic who's super convention. and very It.Butshedoesn'tspeaka{ordofEnglishAndlcan'tdoanvmagiconber'like amazing nLagictan a fuckinc do fo! non Englieh about me: "You hawe to I be very forceful I Thanks for reading all !his. miniscers she works so!. it's lucking insane r'm having threesones everyr/vhere r lravel But nowllminaMuEtlmcounEry.noctubs. life has been crazY 1atelv' gtyle wtiEea: a lduglim Country I In roo SubJ€cC! IJR IN PROGRESS:SargLng in I I lotally changed my life I lhlnk r was jusr i!' so the high ihing I like moEt aboul knowing the game is !ha! it's just l school and college. arrangeit.I so I coulat hawe easilv sticking point had lhree girls tha! nigh! Bov' obsered do I suck on Cliff's ! But. tly only option eince 1E a chinese nagician cute hawing been trained as an acrobat lheageoflhree.n Muslim counlries' sone advice loo lm aLso wriEing rhis i n case anythlng bail happen6 to ne or I disappear' shaily and is Eupposedlv vou guys will wilh know what happened. mY onlY here was sometbing and not care." Ross ileffries l.. fron And at firs!. vacatlon girlfriends I Dever ever hooked up l don't knol. ..nan. because' !te1t' she's I Nould normally anat has seen it all.

then.. Ehere. memorizing. which is really she asks !o touch my head. gir_ in 9td66es atl !o her. So r rell lhem I. and rouches nor lhe besr reelh. bu! my frtende figuree she's call jus! I LaEer. The next white.E rhis rea11y cure vonan wrapped up in looking for one of Ehe atl She's t{i!h the magic conference pre!!y.I'n SlyLe. And lhe guy has just broughr and ask her !o come eat wllh of 6picy rice dish me. she should F Fr a il il come Eo rhe magic Ehow lhe nighr.ective of the Bu!. and every line labLe.E going !o happen. I walk paEE. English.t rt/s speak Engtish slarling dish i6 6iL!in9 next to rne. I !e11 her no. and unconnon. since nen here I I I I I are Euper-prot. the only my computer. Fowever.m in fashion roo. spiciness to make me and lhe fear rbar rhis uncomfortable stree! tood is rbe brutal of rhe rice to nake me REALrry sick larer. So r decide !o 90 down ro the ticket a guy. women newer louch me she. going combined with rhe sexuat energy. F F F Then T/a a! a preEs conterence ror wrapped up in thinks a sarong or whatewer and bald Lhe magiciars. designer and a magicians assiEtant. Bhe gives me serious eye con!ac!. and rhey offermeoneoftheboXesofspicyrice.e an IOI. r| il T t .s her cousin. r =I !l rouline vho don. lromen. at the elevalor. and they. So I r go tnlo an I\D on name who barely speak super flirtations.m leaving one of my hotel !oom. and do rhe photo I have for righr?) rouline peopte so qe go !o one of wilh then. lealn !ha! rare here. next says she has exams ttlis $eek. Bhe i6 with s!ree!.s rhar non nagic. aE I. Since and nice natural this She 6ay6 she likes I assume it. me Slyle (1o1). morning. l get (Disarrning the ob€lac]es.m hungry.Ile11then. she is 1n the hotel lobby sellllrg lickels larer !o lhe nagic show {i!b eone olherE.. slrange she speaks EngIiEh. ny earrings 6exy lips. abour vet1. I have lo try anFray and see wha! happens. but z if II'DE are way too compticated ro explain to peopte I it I I Later. wirh organizexs.lhal.f. from lbe Eorreone I magicians. She rooms and eat. she anal Ehe F F il I 7 60 r ralk my earrings head are very I te11 her I geE her phone nunber. the girl and lhe couEin.E a Iler EngliEh i6n/! and she asks it very gooat. and I can jusE feet . Bur she tells I. r ftnd back some kind lhe guy is. jusr rhe magicians. and casuatty ask who Ue says it. countryr long btack hair. anctsee a cuce thin they lrear here. I figure noir that nothing. sized nen i! fashion She'e really breasts. non-verbal because it.

mlalkingto$Bsarong. so 1 stroke but 'ton't.andsayghi'Igeta lilt]enervous. and 11'emake out for a while Then she savs somelhing she's abou! BilI Clinton and Monica or just she's too Lewinsky.I I I so aftel we ea!. her hair' I've when she sniffs hanal. Then sHE sets up and closes i. antl she's not a bad girl and I r Tharnight. which !o!al]y lalking sensilive abouE Anerica. offering me a blot'job she shivets and noves ny hand away like Bu! she's over me.we']1 calt somethjng to him and he slavs' kino the lension. I feel . conluses me because I wonder if Every tine all I louch her. it eilhel can figure her bos6' because he \"i11 be wery making ou!. especially upset.agajr' she says she has Eo neeE t never see ne.le lie ilo1lln. she puts her hanil on my inner thigh anit squeezes every of the conference organizers 6its next t'o me. and lying lhrougb ny pants on lop ot me. her HlJsarong . the girl bank.Anorhe!funnythingig!ha!lhe she keeps saying lhal Ehe is a qood 9ir1' girl Ehing is uniwersal whole good girr/bad for coning in ny roorn v'i!h mer because she likes ne aqree. she kisses and snlles tacched some loca1 movies' thal a lillle' I know they always cone close to kissing so I tease her like Then I !ef1 her I need to drop mv computer comfottable. on the off in mv roon we hold she folLows' hands and I leave lhe door the open to nake sure shers door.l?/Ite11hin.ItellherlknowwhaclhemenarelikeinlhissocieEy.IseeheratEhemagicshotl'.wesilinrhebackrow'whereit'senplv'andhold now and then hands. anit like puts his Then' suddenlv' one arm around me Tolallv cockb1ocking.m going back domstairs.andrhejoufnalis!Icantel]isalittlepiseediha!1. realLv 6ensual1y in my ear' (I laler aBk someone what it mean6' and besl "chol"o" or means thangirlg out. and ro\rching my baie chest' l 'lon'l push it loo far' because I'm jus! anil leanlng her arm against ny dick lotallyconfusedanddonl!knowhovlhingsworkhe!e'shekeepswhisperingsomelhlnglike trchula !e.nclear]yap]ayel. vhen the guy 9et6 leady to join In the elewator mv and us. !o louch. it so I do the cologne oPener on her to star! at me. 1te."AreyoumaIxie. she 6ays lhat llle can'! tel] anyone. wTF? be't. he!?' I tell him char se jus! meE A]go.thispers ilowewet.L] lhen 1.thejourna]istI*cloeedsho{supwhi]eI.

nun'ber four. !o uDbuckle. one of my sEring bracelets. like I. wariation we']l catl The next day. us around. I !e11 he! !o tly !o come up !o my room an). and invade marriage. I'11 I. and she I do some bieas!-Eucking he!. be glad !o marry her.s off ai!.m lraitlng. I come dolrll and invent a of 80's dog. (Note to Whac rhe fuck an I alolng?) Anway.. it/s about Nolr I'm getling and jus! it I I I EI Bu!. I leave my sunglasses lhere. I I T me !ha! her from leaving loon key.]f I come up wilb reLl jusr so she has a prelex! to z I I I I I I I I I to me. go I tel] should slip going to preleod and miss tonigh!. she. pump for whar I've sbe slarts ten minutes. I.. and then fuck it.who/s in aLl black the lable loday. Then I slip !o renind her. She kisses it and I puc her hand on ny dick rhrough the pants.I'm Style. since she Baial the Clinron/Lewinsky stuff las! through rine/ I decide !o see how it a I can push it. around he! v!is! t rl il Suddenly. a rare lr rl not marriage bu! l don/t I E . for her would be degrading co marry me. Bu! if lhey self: can't lalklng abou! malriage. l{e make oul. ny perEonal space as much as possible. it for half jus! open a woman/s robes. And every decide. While a FORCEDMARRIAGEDESTROYER." anrray.F T I I I F F Anylray. She calls "baba.ay and meel me in the and put it room.If she or anyone Blarls hone. af!e! HBgarong . ne alone for wilh the rest of the They just night. I Etart my pants.) I lell her ca! (I figured them a fr-end aL home jusE emailed me. bur she stops me. her an exlra Then. becau€e ir lhem I'm Mormon and have rhree lrlves at I figure rhat way. it (This I lhink iE the new ultlnate llaweling-in-a-strange-country opener: the FORETGN CATSOPENER. nov. She 6ayE yeE. her.rants to be wife force rne inlo marriage. So But she haE Eo go do$ngtairs nagic sholr. and Eaid a Bangladeshi nane/ loday and ask -rells she wanled !o give if a dog nighr lhat. sound degrading) lhey have any suggestions. when I leave lhe tlcket Ieave .!o relurn lhen lable. I think. They newer leawe can. between us shenewer lhey say sone Ehit not worrh it. she \. lotally all these follow Muslin guys are cockblocking and stand ne. her bos6 hae folbidden I sllp AnFray. I'n and she does sorne hand-jobbing.ray.e Bitting at the ticket !ab1e again. so I think n}frpho. found is talking about hor local guys sben they have sex. now then go to sleepa girl who {ants She says she likes to trap a guy into an hour. fucking nerous.m sick soon. far 6he comes up.

in ny counlrv. because ehe's telf teally and ewenEuallv walks her out of lhe holel. so I just don't wan! !o get or mvself in trouble' I'11 their update you lomorroli. nY hand or arm {l'rhoah -those avay. r arrange for the looklng girl lo eneak thlough lhe lobbv and come up !o mv holel righ! nex! the !o her fi!8t is loon I I I I 1 I open the lhe i! door !o see her maale up and radian!. finalty. anyvay. peacocklng) so. I'd if anyone {iih it a similar exPerience can tetl me interPrelation of vhat appreciate I Style wtlteE I Al8oFt IJR contlnued: Th€ PoEBI'bly Gay !firBlln cockblock (and lhe pov'er subject: of. Tbis her a counlrv !''here they lhrow ']\'omen. and he vorks the magician she a16o {orks So. kiss. H e d o e s n ' ! rhis?" and touches hug ne. gettilg hel alien a1one. the whole car ride ro dinner If lonight. llas regu}ar Not{. I neglecled because when I wrote guvs oflen FR I lhouqhl Musl. we nothing I can s' r Then hers back again. waiting for her to show up. ro sav lhis before and slanding one of cockblocks.) lessons are getling . lot. culture_ There's so mucb around hoEel and fxustralion doesn't and making sure no guys knou acid in the faces of loose I staff know. Bu! in the neantime. do: he will NoT leawe her alone in lhe roon wilh me. whenewer he leaves for a Eecond.t him to juEt leawe us a10ne tilhout Then.i I fucking know. is going on. ALl I know is now I'm in mv hotel room with blue ba116. shers up to/ can. he's gtoping ne I'd And I keep pulling smasil his face in. he like touches ny bulton for my ass and massage6 my male frlendlineEE lusr (slraigh! hold hands bere) ' buE he acls flv and asks' "what is R E A L L Yw e i r d a r o u n d m e . about these And there's worr:ied guvs ox her b o E s e s k n o w i n g s h a l making her look like a slut. I tolat his nartial arls friends. be did this to ne. I am iusl sneaking anat lhe totally confuseal because it's involweil is \'ith such a strange.

EBpecially abou! my earrings women. They keep asking IE's and my jel. buE have rhia guy around !o prevenr from acEually hawing to through because she has sohe sort of ulrerior Ae Versity Ln^ui nd rha sa1d. \re wen! !o a bunch oi really small with villages a large to Eee nedicide wonen and all kinds of crazy And even though I. peacocking head.ATED NOTE. taught i'as crazy women in wilhout t I !I the willage geEting so beautiful. Ehr!. Is he jusl cockblocking to keep Americans away fxon 1oca1 women.n^.elry I rhink !m And EEaring ac me and asking to louch it. and really gay and jealous? So now here's what I can't figure out: ir I I t I I I I I I il I I I I I And I think: Fuck that. So at firs! bur then one of Ehe ro exolic for lhe locales then -as me. there Everyone lravels garb and blend You night It as welL be exoric here: a few of as your aE t'he Eane lime (Obviou6ly.m traveltng in each toBrr flocks retinue lhe of locaL celeblilies and foreigners.) narried ne about out wersus !r ll StyLe wrlCes t Subject: Baclnrard stack yer roullneg/How to deal with silent male ln 2get !t I |t . guys !e]1s and trie6 long crazy.rharsoever fitring ro inreract in.THE UNIVERSA! APPEAIJOF PEACOCKING Today. here)..l. "A11 the womenreally to don naEive clothing vere is you.. her Is lhis jueE parr ot her plan follolr -- to fead me on hardcore on the sex. {a! everyone leasl for around me.!^- ON AN VNREI. -but it really was no porenrial standing \.. Why? Because |m and my bald a novelry. and preEending ro be gay? 2. practical. lhe gender/social tbing is so complex here. Is he maybe Erying to save me. Is he cockblocking. becauEe she wants to use me to get a visa !o Anerica or 4. F ! ! I il t il 1. like in. anai |n a! a huge disadvantage no! 1.

Elikehe1.lions freeflolr eadb pj"ece You have !o run a lighl bes!' r lhink' set like a comic You canrt spellB flom piede !o plece. this girt lrarnp) to!a! and qood-looking' ile was confident her hand some of the tinie just Btanding wilh ber. hol'ting either' 'tid not reepon'l to anvthing But a! the same line' ne and did not intetrupl Il\l'asn. not open !o .tlikePamelaAnderson.Ifhe!.ttasbeingajerk.asaroo]. I had one insight and one Problem: h othet lrotds' Trle insighE: if Structure vour entire rouEine slack it tilt on vour throw best you! piece enlire of maLerial solid you are crying a completely inlo new opener'| gane off' because you jusE lose your transj. I realize' disillusionnent coMpETITIoN of lhe people tho've commercialized ) so.hewasprobablyjustaquietguy. Make Bense? Maybe it.becauEeit.thexmom(11'holooke.s poin! each tine obvious. Mv gane vas aE ils when I wen! fron to EsP !oDonl!lbink-feelpa!!ern.I wentoutlastnightandwentfuckingcrazysarging'ltjustexplodedoutofme. Ehe one rha! gels you lo the HOOK develop a So lhe poin! poin!.burhadthreekidg'shewasdressedlikea guv (probablv her bf) was LovED ne But lhe wHoLE !ime' some Anlavay. escala!ing lo bur hit se!.ly faworite set of the flight was lhi6 cute-as-a-bullon rich l'A girl' who was lhere sisreran. is lhist fi'gure out vour bes! ptece ot malerial'' an opener rha! nalurally leads and rhen develop you !he!e lhat And from lhere' comes ouT of !ha!' phase shi! (or kino escalarion pallern or iBolalion ganitl!) You need !o have a tIGllT new material. Bul r waB playing greal gane' wilh have a transilion into a Eticking where I tlialn'! iEolation/kino/elc' wilh ber l.s general conmunllv or even poste'lr betveen the work and been a whil.e 6ince r've been an cne field lhe of the game' i!'s is NOT the comerciaLization (The problem.Iwou]d But he was cool' but conplelely in tronr of his face have just atone ewervthing interesting IE was teallv ne an'l threw ne off Il flustered rapport.becausetheyvlerealloneconvergalionalf1o{.

I ran into EBPopstar thread) wbo gave me rOTs and wanr6 ro a |I . but I DO applove of value ptans. r told her tha! She. I see your point.irh the dating frane r{'an!. Style Pg IOVE the unfamouB Paris Hilron linel r I I I I !I !l Style wrLles: Projec! Hollywood Guys lD lhe NewE Subject: The nerd thing sleeping pissed rne oif. blonde guirarisr.s like rhe first had a crush on in a! teasr enough/ one night she sas .ve thar |we been a 6eein9 Courtney's year. Ehe knows she's of value to her because you.r knov wbat you for eignals from you. This keeps her on her loes looklng is tha! li inplies SHE has lhe choice anat power to SEIECT you or not. bu! Iou. but I like lhat they call i! a mansion a d nake i! ctear lln not lriEh Courlney Aince everyone has been pretty discreet here in the nor F I il I I I I I t I so she's not in daling ilane anit she doesn.n (fron that otd And. her Eo somerhtng cool.'ny oneiris. girl tol. And rhe game ts ptayed beEt when Bhe. Love. In other vrords. It'6 ctazy. fumily when a !r I was out wiLh tnvtling aEking her for a date technlcauy. r guess r can share l. sotle C&t' lineg for F F tt T tesbLng I NEVER do the daling frame.F F F F ! I :| StyLe wtitedt Subject: flakes N€utra1 w€'re Rapport datingr to low€r flaking? A]ro.a unsure of what YOUwan!. The problem v.

be slro[ger. so allrs been good here. glart being you! own master' Style wtite'. there's time -. I'n winging the RsD workshop tonight. and draw boundaries \there lhey need !o be You. And you w111 sPenil the amount of line workiag tha! You want.I see me again. This one oets a! a bunch of ideas: 2. lf anylhlng you're Eaylng that you never want !o have another LTR. then vou havent! featned conmunity. The LA guys who get HoTrEsT girls. Yee. Bu! in lbe fulure. .. x can still 1. and you wlll spend tbe amount of line Epend the amount of time {ith your buddles lhat Yov want.. It's a grea! and flom lhiE t/ronderful thtng. RouLine Dependerce. lieird.unless you use 1! wisety and productively. Faiehfulness -i6 it Possible? lhe post FRs.$ode16 Subj€cl! Though I have an rJTR. and never enough lrirh your lTR lhat you will You want. FlrB!. which sbould bake care of any lingering approach fteeze. FR: Nighl tdllh tbe being a slave !o lhe needs and denands of olherB. you will you wllf have olher 'TRE 1n your llfe. 4. EtyLe wrtEee t subjeclr Rer Qu€Ellon on Ealanclng you! Llf€ wLtb beLng a PUA Duate.

enlerEainment them ou! a]so. induslxy personatiry i6 extremely boring. we sen! !o a Prada parly. with so I got a call from a friend who's a nusic nanager. ir's and enough Eo do aII rhis for rhem.who is v. or interesring. He said he vas going our ro dinner I said: '. l allentlon juEt sit and hang ouE and conlribute And one in particular !o the conversalion. you're ninds. r salged when r had lhac pU Now. out of your Dude. watking around/ fun. bur eftremely dorky. huh?) Hovewer.5". atl a]t fucking over me.ho say rhere was srcK.L6 aL :t Eighlande. this was true. :r I I I il Alrnosr no one wae smiling. AE soon as r bust out sone magic. Eweryone was just bored wirh .rs it a bunch of top models and asked if . saye il'6 in olher a I I I Anyway. looking are ho! LA 9ir. has been one of my greaLesL frusrrarions over rhe years.I F F F il F F il !I T Anlray. There axe many guys who can do lhis (my ltr) I €uppose. 'thaE's so Iget there. v. is dumb as a brick. bu! Ehis guy is because always surrounded by amazlng Looking v. He is nor he. Lisa x'ords of rhe girls of one of the models. for This rhe guys here v. r I After. They're of atrention ends/ I bask in a couple more ninutes up with the next piece. And rhis is very amoying !o rne/ because I can'!JuST hang and chill and geE my glrlrriencl?'And I !'anted to join liqh him. r sertl need the naleria]. So I transition flocke slrerched inro Egp. our undershir! These girls hawe NO bLonde model perfecr is span \rhatsoever. r I I back ro normal.earing Do makeup and an oversized comparalively bright and cool. rn shor!. ADD. job and can ger the girtE reslauranrs I T !o the expensiwe and pays for chem. this As many know.1 i' he goes. and the third compe!ilion with Eeidi Fleiss. As we vere ralking/ fo-go!. a - cool or good-looking high-profile And he lakes (I kno\. this and is 6riLl -. and the girls arrive. As soon as Lhe Then. And guess whar? No one was having around.s nor 7 ln any aay whalsoever. because r don'! t I o f a s u d d e n E V E R Yg i r l routine follow ar the table ro ro pick 'em. However.omen.. he does hawe a into rhe mosr exclusiwe - Three were top models/ one wa6 a hoc btonde friend ger Lhis -. ok. here's attracliwe the lhing: This fliend of mine i6 and his like 6. A11 night.

hlghly to.atlboredbeaucies. a glrlwhoI feela found I got Intothlscommunlty. I wlll wrlteup a FRonthlsglrl Forthe record.lfemaleg.Shewasmy oneltis.lllsno!hismoneytheY'reattracledtoorhislooks. Youweren't \{asoovlous' It. I sawthEtthe answer for the I have. She's connectlon emotlonal sedous as fuck'ls a ls confident challenge.solinsnor!. ihe coftnrunitv' tf he had game ! I may even bltng hlm lnlo his LIFESTILE. I reread I wrotethe post Andthen.Again. and the exped€nce wlthout ableto handle havebeen would I never the odds' andagainst here.when halluclnaHng. {lEhout rhem inlo the top parlies Ee brings himseu? Alld how 'toeB he get lnto the parties ropes') tenale to ge! paEt the velvet rockstarsan.sovealltookoffan. ls a constant to peacoc& loves the klndof girt Into She's anyroomshewalks andrules totalsnob. Subiect! R€! PoBt for styl€: R€ply to hl8 Quertlon HeyMan. I've gotten resources 'oneitls'" lol' told hershewasmy up wlthher-.I even I ended sexwitha to have amazing tt ls sotucklng a llttlesappy: Tosound makes to lt really for andconnection girlyoufeelgreatemotion .!i6aan. hagine it's NoL sure' Styta wrlt#. Lisa and I think ultlmately (rtrs not enough ln I-a to jusc be ho! and waiting' rigtrt away. flrsttimestnce Intelllgent' HSE.Irrelttoanotherclub.lI]eftnynntsic lhe hand of the blonde I liked' bv four gorgeous wonen' lle lqas hol'ting SURROUNDED manager frientl if lrn curious to see if this {ORKS' or cloBing rate is I juel emailed hin to find ou! r"bat his Ee geEs to hin ls one thing' Ehe girl6 wha! atlracts he gets Looleit.

z I r I t I I style writest SubjectrFRrH€re'san Unusual# Close This happened a month bac( but I had to post tt because it was so ridiculous: z I I was at a concertin San Diegowith Vision. constantly tells me that she'sneverfelt tiis way about a guy before. Thenwe turned them off. It's been slrangetlmes in projectHollywood thesedays. z I I 7 Herbalhasan LTRtooi. because That said. I don't jt's so rare."Flipon the brights...adually.etc. I\4ystery's ex not-wife.And whilewe were waitingto qet out of our parkingspace. want to blow thls." t I :I :r I The girl then flippedus off morevehemently. And she everything else pale In comparison.h I F il il !t il I 7 F F tr just lying next to her. a - I . I'm still goingto go out and sarge. The questionI had askedwas: Whatthe fuck do I do with all the other girtsI was sleeping with?And the answerisr stop sleeping with them.we noticeda girl in a car in front of us (and perpendlcular to us) was givingus the finger.We couldn'tfigureout why. then noticedit was because our headlights were shiningIn her eyes.And I'm stittgojngto be part of this community.I'm just not gotngto get physacal wtth anyoneelse -.So I told Vlslon. AndTD and Playboy have beenexperlenclng someshortltved oneitlses. neverlet a guy h6vepowerover her before.because this girl adually FULFILLS me.

gladto have been andwe would nlcely.andI andgot EpPortShementioned around I sald.before about the Inaident." t{henmy phone fromsan Dlego home Halfan hourlater.I wasdrlvlng we'llcall us off (HBFlnger lt wasthe glrlwhowasfltcklng range. Somethlng lefta message."l1l tell So. Afterwe fluffed on somethlng. So.let megetyouroplnlon EV'weloked glrlfrlend thenI dld Style's opener.lust to bean ass. and meto drlvestlckshlft. I let you fl sald. wanted I SObadty a close. I dldthelealous hercarwasstlckshlft.'Hey.wltha phone that shehada FoRSALE notlced l ButI gothervolcemail the number.though really th€ show' I've had ARer #closes lt wasoneof the funniest because aroundln hercar' I andJoked the Cube andranthrough we satdown.. cute.So.lnstantly. whynot gofor lt' I declded: her). after." 9o. don'tknowhowto drlvestlckshlft. tum off our headllghts. youwhat:we'llmake a deal Youteach ln a to In SanDlego that I'm golng rll takeyouto the xxxx concert a fewtlmesonthe phone shewentfor lt Wetalked Unbellevably.I strangeAnyway' seemed which shewasln the carwithan oldermanr number' signonthe car. shewas In SanDlegoFortunately.andthenmetat the concert itto workout. butit Shlftroutlne.I called youhave terrlble like. Phase of my Evolutlon dida plsspoorverslon as a +ctose out for halfan hour(alsoknown andwe made anyway worked out ') term"make the technical for loyalasFerswhomlghtnot know . have asked Youcould manners."Hey.youknow.

rhree best. I tett the story -.e eere all going Eo hetp each orher geE !o rhe lop of our respecrive each oEher up.r ju6r t t I abou! heallh fraternily. just a reminder: !r :I 1. nonetheless.t it T T I il The bad newsis that I haven'tbeento San Diegosince. we were going Eo pu]l r t I I Now. And we decided we weren'! a communiry of !UAs. a I I .s bat!]ing each orher over whose schoot of pUA is rhe Theyrre fighEing And tho6e who are having real-wortd rocking) are nor sharing success {r know rwo their specifically qhose careers are fucking rhe good news wirh t :I so. ower gir1s. ard jusr idea tha! wanled !o remind eweryone of wha! rhe rrounge qas abou! relalionships. rhings are happening. ir pas a year ago. lhe game wasn. Mysrery had lhis and weallh as well.But.Wllltry to check in more! z T StyLe wriC66 t The Future a 7 I I I SubJect: Therers no need !o respond to this pos!.and now I have an LTRso wouldn'tgo there anyway. wetre here ro help and suppor! each's a good one. Everyone.. And v. bu! a fields. nov/as a ROIJTINE z t T T 7 There'sbeensomegreat FRsand tacticshere lately. I was looking like over Lounge archives. Just read i!. desired 60 long as i!'s crilicism of courEe is always wetcome -- even honeet and cons!rucriwe. Ard when se teached Lhe Eop.

IfsomeonesloopEtobreakilgchecodeofhonor. i{ontE have tsaLked to a 9ir1 lhem kno\t r'n coning Eo tonn! f.tEtooptolheirlewel. slay in louch enough to keep Ehem and phone cal'Is' conslant eflorE !o leturn emails then a couple dlays befole you're ahort emall) ' bu! no! so nuch !ha! 5.: ore €:E erimetttatioD r'ritsb GrouP-ilirect gase . ?ry to sleep with lhem a secoa'l ro get rid of asd) before vou reave to\'rn' i!'s a lrafln (occaslonal 4. Be gooit in bedl.oTha!. fitrceat K. SubJect. llme limPortant 3.€PInE chtcks l1lv' Ltr dLf.or 6ix rnodlhs geyTe wtiCee. (Note: ti you've luE! fooled I.) 2.Takethehlgh and ahead' at$tavs come ou! clean' roaal anat you'tl back into a tracernity would fove to see lhiB ptace t.2. aroun'l ltith a girl but have no! hail aex' i!'s 1.don.le!tokeepthemwafinto!nex!timeifyou!onlylntentiBtohaveaFB. call p]'an coming !o !or"n nex! alrd make a (Eometines years) ' and all I ilhen I waE 8ing1e' have to do is let f.Don'taBkthenabout'wha!elseEheyhavegoingon.forent ar€eg SubJect: Easy.lelallonship-wt€e.utn heallh. anal lrealth togelher' of brothers on the road Lo guccesE in 98y7.

My concem latelyhasbeen thebiggerpicturcin a PU. l'veonlybeen checking thisboard once a month few or every months. but WxY keep trying direct when i! doesn'r work as wel1.!h an _nd_recL opener. chance of z I I I 7 and pxobably ir the phone nunber of my larget. Have a lot ofthoughts to share. direcL it. w.. soapologies for notbeing around.I think. T lad success getting ln opening groups (!. or indirect: iihelher they don'r HAVE!o be an OR indirecr opener T h e y h a v e ! o A P P E A RS P O N T A N E o U S T. gentlemen. ThaEts righl.h a ! ' s less rhan if you do a SPONTANEOUS OIENER. Here's the secre! wilh.t il il I I il Not to r:eopen the whole debate. The One? SponEaneousor nor? Style wrltest Subiect! The Attraction Switches a !| I I I I t I !l Lately. matlers here's the eecret of openers.Lhe peak ot my sarging. you do an direct v T I I I wonder how YOU came off.That. of direct: it generalty onty works if lhe girt is inreresred in you ro begin z T I Now. Think about iL: A. from rhe beginning. I a a a l| . is whatshould youcangetrid ofthetraining befocused on once wheels of constantly scripted sarges andlearning to be cool/charminyathactive.ithout ever gelring It vorked blown our) ius! aooJL roo percenr 80-90 percenr works nou. opinioo.

thstyou hav€a sense herthatyouHAVE SOMETIIINGTO spidtuality. youneedSAFETYaodTRUST.Soswitch#3 is showing OFFE& evenifyou dont give it to her in themomed'This is where . flippedat somcpoint. You mustshowherthatyou'r€safe. to besuccassful. mostwomen. mustbe flippeditr a woman a reallylong list. proaeed. cun€nvfttur€ STABILIry and to h€Ithatyouhav€ #2is dcrnonstating Soswitch fte youjust to show have to besucc€ssfirl' have Youdon't AMBITION.that sheasrtl€amsomelhing arerct generia or orcativityor ofadventure with you. I've be€ndiscussing we put in orderfor herto fe€lathaction. job/financial tn other security. smbition. You mustshowhertfi&tyou'rcdilTcEntdun th€ odrerguys. andwould consciously loveto heerdpughtsandcontributionsl issu€ for Trustis 8nimportant 1. Dotential 3. Ffom it.Youmust youmust a life andgoals' have words. eith€r herthatyouhsve show 2. I or motivation.tlnt you from youor grow or boring.that the SWITCFIES with my collcagues For a while.l boiledit downto jusi a few together b€ Thereis no ord€rto th€m'Theyshouldjust mah switches.Solv€ mnowedthis dovn. Soswitch#1: in orderto This mustbed€monstrated.

where story-telling comes in. worldview. soifyou can demonstrate thatyouTJNDERSTAND herandwhere she comes from. mental. emotional. She wants a guyothers willenvy herfor. SoSwitch #5 is demonstrating COMMONALITIES in oder to trigger CHEMISTRY. v z I r t I I I I 6. andnotsupplicating. andPOPULARITY I 5.- a t I I !t DHVSareuseftl. You need anauraofdepthandmystery. Thiscanlargely bedone through dgmonstrating either cultural. AUTHORIry. cocky/funny. thatshecanbragabout to herfriends. Switch #6thenis hooking herwith yourDEPTHandMYSTERY.humor.youmustbea puzzleshewants to figureout and maybe even have a wound she oanheal. This is wheresocial proofoomes in. themore chemistry youcreate. lt'sa bigworldandwe all feelalone in it. LEADERSHIP. Youmust bethePRIZE oftheroom. Soswitoh #4 is demonstrating all ofthemany qualities ofCONFIDENCE.she will feelchemistry. t t I :l I a a a lI . You mustmaybe showa vulnerable or wounded side ofyourseliyoumust notgiveaway everfhing for free. It'salso where alpha qualities come in. Themore obscure andrare a traitthatyouconnect on. or life/background commonalities. z z a I 7 3 - 4.

but sexual' ofher anunderstanding proofcomes in too. You mustshowherthatyou areNOT homy.Formhandle. hefeelsstrongly something ONSor LTR. Soswitch#7 is demonstrating herthatyouRECOGNZESOMETHING while showing ownLACK OF DESPERATION SPECIALlN HERTHAT ATTRACTSYOU TO IIER This is whereQUAUFYING is thatyou like hel for who she useful. lt flips a switoh. You'veraised daysituations.TR€ven FB gameThough NEVERhada ONSfor the I NEVERgo for ONS. is--even Styte wrttes.alsodemonstmting sooial your world (liking herfor who SHEis).This is where 7.ln fact.I havealmost ofquality. . I maygo for same MLTR4. whether aboutis a HIIGE turn-onfor women. about I do think thatfor a guyto talk with PASSION otherwordsdemonshating ifyou area player. subi€ct! Re! The Attraction switch€a It's betterfor a goodpointon this. and with a woman thatI'm only goingto sleep simplereason withheronce? whyjustsleep ifsheis ofquality.

She hadjust meta guywhoshe\'r'as in lovewith. brw) sinpty because of bad experiences viEh a coupte. sorry.t for maybe rhere are inner I do nos! Mink game problems !ha! rhas women. in a club behawior lore in general. Maybe rhe gane we're are crealinq clubs. 3r 3l 3 T T I T Style wtlEea. lrendy and I play mostly night nighls. make a grea! conneclion especially at a shallow txendy parly. I thinkyouareright. Hollyvood And some have been been able ro have become good friends. glrlfrlend gubj€cl! z I I I I don. Ehe fingers a! ourselves ptaying isn. I've met lors of super-exclusive I fe]! wich like. some I. guys.? F F F il =l :I !I T In largepart. a z E But.LA womensuck. you can'r firsL.However.andwasnton anycareer track.Shejust needed to bewitha guywhowasheading somewhere. Ewen al Sorry. she wasbreaking upwithhimbecause hewas30or so. r z I I Lhink !hat. girls.t buy any of rhis. because l r e r e c o g n i z e d a t^'omanof quaLily 6ome depth in each olher.this pointprobably came ftom hearing my LTR'Sclose friend talk in my livingroom. Formhandle. gf in clubs. And it hadnothingto do with herwanting to marry him. elc before ne poinr out att rhis 6ruff . il a z I . Con$on fruglratlon .Thatwasher SOLEcritedafor breaking upwith him. find a .Perhaps I'vebeen bninwashed by thematerialists in thiscify.we hawe to poin! attracting gfs. quality sone of us here are diequalifying ALL wonen who 90 ou! to clubs at night (ridiculouE. of my game ar nighr and in lhese and hawe mer a - of asesome. In my experience.

gubj€ct! chlckE who offer tou Other Chlckg There afe ltdo optionEi A. lhe The lhing a modeling see if a real lwo of Ehern hanging our together. 1.m just SoinS to add that results. ' It lroulal be fun you ger the for Lhough Ehe's nol all three reallv (or vou're not reallv rhe narkel) be cooL' of you to ge! Japanese girl.I. ft'a a E h i ! t e 6 ! ! o s e e if you'le a plaYer B. and if IoIs from the nuriber and rhen Eake her oul indiwidually' In oEher. rnav be a TES! to an Asian feliehist' This exact sane situation bappene'I to ne' But/ in nv caser it sas B' . some of us bave been in the a l1ltle a Little being sPecial game for years' And vre bit for a poinl wtlere lre geE great ro naintain being: {hite is anct then we backsli'Ie and get stuck there a while so the ic we forget point lakes a level the work we're aloing on oursetwes.eord6. lhe other point success that' girl makes us lazv Work on yourself to find -an LTR first. leall back. an).1there in the world' with MrrlRs are easv' BuE lhat who co rects vou on everv rare an)avnere. so let me know lf vou'd like me to"' sEyLe Jritgeg. he! Then hang oul. I can 90 on and on. ge! together. She llkes you bu! has a bf o! Jus! got a bf' and is pasEing You on co a iriend' My advice: you're type Play i! safe' Tell her lhe girl in Beemg cool anal 6eems smar!. alo NoT srlow Eoo nuch inlereEt !ha! raises my suspicions It is lbal lt's but a! the Pholo yourre sane lime -not al1ow it photo of happen.

guard. l. T z z I T 3 I I I The solurion: PIay the game.s lrhat ld do. Every{here comforrable. Subjects: LTR LEEu€s None of the above. I T I I I I I SEyIe wr!. a :r I I .. there's a SAFE pelson (or tv.tithdraw (disappear for a day or two or creale a Jealousy plotllne (where a beauliful girl i€ tnlerested in you). make sure they're person (because all giwe rhem vrp srraDgers rleatmen!. I! sounds like maybe you. and alonrE call) Tha! should do the trick and make her feel rhe lequisile ernottons for you.e of. Anal once rhey they SAFE wirh dokr) their rhis are EhrearE and annoyances). In your particular positlonr here. F !l I I I I t !l StyTe w?itee. Aos-styte.Netwolklng lrlth Celobrltl€e thIE Okay. I leave you with my general theory of relationshtps: Power 1n a relarlon8hip beLongs ro the person vho rran!6 lhe feasr coffinilment.on for STYLE and otshele .te6t Subject: weekend been somewhat needy lrirh her.o) a I I who take feel let i:hen. celebs are used to being care of taken car. noD-famous they arive.

jusE be funny and cool' Donrt try fo! rappot! seat. You nnrst take muEt You So as 6oon as tbeY atrlwe'| place and hawe eone har'I ' Like You os'rl Ehe loo crying not back' authoritacive. BecauBe BecauBe every ilrs p like rL trtac vou tlescribe'l: **'." o! three t. ::'. andl very ltghtly b€ powerful') nlIt neg of cyPe ftft thlsi tft"y" rroh my goct' i" buE a snilitlg denonBlrate value "nt af1 you have !o 'lo is altenEion' an'l lnEereBL lheir in rhiB fa! antl capture antl You're ln' glyl€ vrlt. Bring them to hhelr $alt-reBs.-" passion t"*"""' a su'r'ren'that spark of ' jl]. grouP.ct t tR: Though lhi6 stuff works ' I dlon'! necessalily undlelstand liltY ' tlne' everv t1ne."o an'r co leccrng !'ith ror you hook up sith ..'.111." u'"" ""'giog tr'me' her for lhe first .. etc' introduce Ehemto thelr make Bure €verythtngrs okaY. crazy ""]:::.l:"::' go( . this snall Iaid llttle micto vorld they've enEeted' at iIUBI TAKE CAR! Of EhCi' then drinks if they nee'I any' so al firsc. care of Lhem. "t"t.I I in seem confidenE." "t.tayBgoes Ehree'ravB '. ". Retud to cbeck (an obvlous naE $i11 backfile targeE' the neg an'I teasingly If you can get lmportan!).. t'ith' Noi'{ you can open \tho uheyrre confortable person safe a aB yonrseLt {VERY once yourva establiBbe'l yourself a tim€ consgrallrc open the g!or'lp' give nold an'l cnem' on llere' for reat.s 3 rlrEg Dgubls tniluctloa A Eucc€EF gu.":::-:: .::':::.:other' on each !ike "u .

a jealousy plotline This creares an almosphere rha! when SHE does exacrty sarge in her om way. t I I I I I I secondly. And then you can.. or demonsrrare value. you ONLYknov sarging.aBt to talk to other guys and she witt be sucked inlo your t a z tt . you are srrucEuring your second meeriDgEa! rhe ptaces where you Earge.s and playing games with buddies a il to v. sraring aE every EB tha! reality.atk6 by.hite on a second meering. she. lhoughr Now. when you're your on a sofa ar the Slanatard. and I !l my cases) agree to the rhreesone u a I I Theyrre not friends goodbye and never before. guys. hawe you ever how YoU may brtng FirsE. T This problem occurs a al I I I a 1oE \{iEh you. not going group of friends. You HAVEto 'riden your holizons. Do tike stevi. MTSTAKE. v. creale I'm bettiDg tha! somelimeE you sarge v. Iaughing. F a any insight they only into (in this. rhen they jusr 6ay speak again.! wha! you were just So the solution is for second meelinge: rake att lhem !o an inrimale sirring and nor bar. then they woraciousl. StyJ. or rake lhen our wirh a non-sarging drinking.ePuA does: take lhem to a bar where you and her ca! ger intimare. take ir perhaps even only to pERMrTsher !o doing. tike lacitly rhe girlE don'r even become friends monenrs before i! nake plans after. on other I always read FRs abou! how rhese 9ir1s you go ou! holrer wirh run around lhe club hilling l\. abour nay be a conmon probLem even back in the lhis on.e wtiteB: Subject: I'IJuck be a Lady" by Frank Slnatra z a € Hey Man.hile lhis guys and you get pissed and teave lhen for girts.y 6exual1y devour each olher. Rar pack days.

I can lileraIly this euv'' somelinea deepll atrached ro r coul'I ""t".qE3 s' trb' nay Wo4'a RqsDoDil i'tr Bed: l DLscu96lon because I'n regularly Ehac happel to me There are a fetd chings amongs! all nen a cofiunonexperlence lhey'le that see "..." chenicals t""""..": .lav. on she thinks' in flip in her head' tnt"'"*"" see she'll orgasn."":'"1":.: orgasrne.rtlou" "o Lo i{olry abo\rt Gane a {onan' I don'c hav€ l'ilh sleep x of the tlne' once the aex' I feel' like befor€ Ninety-nine pelcen! *unt it !o lasE' al'I nttd '*'tl-t"* set any El4)e "" "n" antnrore. she {a6n't because' evoLuuioBarily' be may thi6 tbink r vatrt l has had sex of frane on Ehe reLationstrip bon'I Eo the man she he! nake and brain tt."'t"' gARGING days ao'l medcallties Donrt nix {i*r tben' There shoul't be a contingency I anal mentaLltiee ' sEcoNDuBETINGdays gtrle $tlce6' Epace a{aL1'b16 ac Prol'cg gollynood aubJeccs *.* when a wonen lrol'ever. lrtlE EubJ. rhe By : very af€or'lable lhe Bmalles!. Thought6? aftet I give he! a grea! her bodv 1n tbe nonent' "'" * "" tbat bere' I ltant to diFcuBs l I I l I I ] t tlave sex wit}.lJ Plavbov {hat l. | I I I _l I ."'.':"ff."-'''"" B €x'a' elBe to sleep wiuh Mvsterv' Boneone l EEYT.ter .I ho\t YoU dleal lrith Ehe wonen ltr6 in NEVER is probleR The avoi'led' so !ha! rt car be aituation' . he!' third or fourth tine o! aecon'l the Einally. "r love tlti6 suv. she enits {ith. but ::: ::T":H':"il"lJ-""1'" :"tff.". It's on and At thal point' I can Bex lbe af."t-" ag atlached "" .

other times Ehe'11 ger scared and need reassurance. S o r g i v e h e r p E R M r s s r O Nr o b e h e ! r r u e sexuat setf. who ler ro get them off q h i c h p l a g u e t s h e mi n r e a l tife conlinue 3. I am ACCEPTING. My goal is !o ge! rhe an egorisricat because r wanr her teawe hawang had a good was good for her. experience posirive !o for her. lhe guys and pUAs ou! . but lefr. Subject: ?he Way lfomen Respond ln Bed: A DlEcusslon Yeah. Tire rovers femininity 2.toud. ewen afrer she's I wanr !o make sure rhe experience (vhich i6 very. I jusr wanr her !o te! she *anrs !o 90. lhree You lorally l!?es you describe it. is Ehe above a cornnon archerlpaj experience.rhe way womenreepond ro us during sex anil orher non rechnique details of rhe inreracrion. of people: i n b e d . would be curious !o hear orher people's experiences. r lhink orher lhe Lhings r ato lhat enable !hiE: and ho!rcwer she wanrs ro go and tive her 1.ord6.r wanE ro ruin be nice ana! respecrfur lhere. rhe doubters on into lhe the doubrs and heairancy eack. oha! get. her. sounds REALLY siftjlar just ro the vay I an in bed and rhe resporses r get f r o f t r e a d i n g g u y s responses/ you can break it down rc. who $aI1! a girl in bed. so. Even if and cal] |n And. v. o h o f o c u e o n l h e e ' o m a ns ' preasure anil are inroxicaled vilh her submissive 1. or am I doing something rigbr I shoutd backr^. girl I focus off. and if rhey arl malch or are wildty different? rn olher wordE. Has anyone erse noriced here -. h reac! and howewer far !.harewer 6he wanr6 !o do or express. Madbad. In fac!. i s qeirii. afler reading this. 2. on HER pteasure No! io and making lhe way. other rrlr never going !o see her again because r don. The takers in bed. experience.ardsengineer? we never discuss rhis StyTe writes. fantasies. her for a1t very rare). r sUppORT.

her aek can tien :rnal rrou you. ot you You in juBl the lwo of anythilg back o" not tryins to get anv'hrng andyou'ire .'e!e l. thiE actdition. by elther by respond andW|ng thembadbodylanguage Or by Justglvlng a suNeyor somethlng?'r at them behlncl then laughing posslble' to end the conve6ationas soonas thelrback."::-:-"::":::::::. v^irr rantasy? Do You uBuaIlY have llhaltB vour ne? to attracte'l reatlze vou }.'hen atid vou flrst ::trt:sv ]lke you'te done afiet? feel and one bLg one orgas$s.e wrlt€. rn off. etrong. in the commuityllkea yearand appearlng suddenly the opener I remember wasa who madeit up' thoughI think lt a half ago..Andit is a great opener workshop .ter 4. to nake Bure she g€t6 out in bed' (but deed to nore) juBt coneB atiBplay ia !ea1 life iton't really gir] I sex' lthen it'6 I Iove cha! nonen! af."::il. I enjoy the A. uv q--' lhoEe questions yourve been alr.. both !ear.dle that passioDate inEense. I have decenE go dor"n slill till if I gec off' enloY oral 6ex andl' eved l al'so orgasns have vaginal si.halfof themsay'"Who whatopener usually nlght'andhalfthe women thenI seethemgo out anduselt th't 'Why areyouasklng usthls?'or'Are youtaking asklng.andcan't remember les so short' to leam' because sfudent.ocusear..Tti.allowing spots' right say it touche6 all che Glrls SIZE andl TECIAiIQUE 3.. oya!. or have nulliple leaallng lhls diBcussion' can break iE ilown' afLel I guess thatrs the besl I of this Blufi from You' sti1l gotla learn sone insights I And. f.FTER-ct'ol{ rrr bed."-."" S. Di iIaY' I Great lhoughtB an'l to hold n"'"" ju6. t Y'lth th€ who Ll€t op'nor Subtecti Rootlng! Thc ProblGm the roomandaskguys andl9o around workshops' fm wlnglng whenever And llesmore'menor women?' theyuse.

you needto ROOT it in the time and place. In other words.But here'sthe problemtit's imperfectand incomplete.I say tt's about 'my friendWill. you must your openerto makejt a valid reasonro approacn group.'. But now he think5womenare are Justwalkingup to a group and asking a random question for no purpose. In an earlierpost. .So lf you are golngto conlinueto usethis opener.It's weird.and guesswhat the resullswere?l{y friendsand I have beendebatang about it ajt day.swtth thts 9irl. or flnd a new one.salso a sub ety to the opener:THERE IV1UST BEA REASON WHYYOU'RE ASKING IT.because guys are the I oneswho havethe reputation for lying. when I sayjealousgirlfriend. who tsn't out wtth us tonight because he. WhenI do spelts.miserable old man.there. We disagree." OR I !l 'My friend over therejust brokeup with his girlfriendbecause she kept tying to him about ljttte things. Examples of rootsfor the who includei lles moreopener I il I I "I was readtngEsquire today and they dtd this study.m asking because I just got a phonecall from my brotherabout lt or 'we were trylng to give my friendover there advtce.For example.And we thoughtit was funny.I mentionthat I.Well. Onlyyou can help savehim from endingup a lonely. ROOT a lvlaybe somepeopjewho use Who LtesMoreactua y gtve it a cont€xt. I discussed subtleties that are necessary to makewalk_ups airtight__namely time consbaints and MUST fiodlfy it. So we'retrying to savehtm from beingbjtter aboutwomenfor the rest of his a I I I life. but no one 1'veheard.

t! r.! Fl.takeaworkshop'getsomegoodwinqtandcloNOTeverpayforsex . I hope It on a real glr! In the future' you are misslngotlt on other important 3. Whileyou are havlngsex' on as soonas andyou shouldstart worklng sex part of are that components we'reall In the gamefor the you get backl valldatlon(leesfacelt' they llke us) to get nakedwith us because wanting woman beauuful of a validatlon betterwlth this (trust me' the sex ls MUCH connection ANDemouonal element).In the post' please elser as everythlng as solldly lt works and more lles who of veFlon canstart uslnglt corectly and everyone that so opener thls Lefs complete effectlvely.youarenot runnlng gldsarerunnlng 1. lf you wantto use satesexonlyl Beprotected havlng you are God to 2. game on game on you. Styte wrlt6c! Subt€. Ducle. but be awarei experlence. These tnem.down@wn eatlngdog foodIn a studioapartment top of my head' rve put inrc me opener'ofr the Theseareiust randomroots field tests a rooted meantlme'lf anyone lll field test them and.w to Thrlhnd on the sexual cladfya few thlngs' Congrdts and here In gotta Jump Dude.

any girl you enjoy belngwith wtttdo -. prevent this fron happening by: c o sarging for friends for her. Bu!. 6he gers 2. shers gorgeous. SeEting her up wiEh her OwNf!iend6. Making sure a job AsAp so 6he i s n o ! . wil] totally turn And lf resent you OFF.until you are a ssxualgod.s done !rl!h h e r e x a n s i n June. cool. Eublty she and granted you. Encourage hei to do a 1. c o m p l e E e l y .she doesn'thaveto be perfect.9ucc€s6 gtso!. girls nigbt out. she will be COMPLETELY depeDdent on you. Trush me. you witt you slart you for gefting naking r e s e n r h e r because she takes Cli6lant her give or raking her for fo! up all your lime and money and her. ower a period of Eix months after lhe three-month honeymoon period. cool. with n o j o b o r s c h o o l or frlendE or money. Nowgo get a girlfriend-.B L0 gte*aldess Subject: . why no! jusr x. congrars. This will atrenlion. 9o.y. or abandoning witl occur up everylbing initial This 6tow1y.You experlenced it. Ihenkg Cuys. You dld havenothlngto fear now.and get to knoweverythingabout hel! a monlh? 2. fjnancialty dependerr on you. Can she keep her airltne job bu! be baBed 1n rJondon. If ahe comeB lhere. You wil] hl! problems because: 1. becauEe X've done l h l e . . . .agah. 2. gtyJe wtLteEt Re: f. L If ehe. cool.


downtown." dogfoodIn a sfudio apartment eating

These are just randomrootsI've put tnto the opener,off the top of my head lfanyone fleldtestsa rooted I'llfleldtestthemand,In the meantime, post. else,please as everythlng as solldly ofwho llesmoreandlt works version and lt corredly canstartuslng thlsopener sothat everyone Let's complete effedlvely,

SVe wrttost SubJed!r€! Fl€wto ThallEnd

gottatumpIn hereandclarlfy on the sexual a fewthlngs. Congrats Dude,

but be altare: expedence,

game on game gldsarerunnlng on you;youarenot runnlnq 1. These them,

lf youwantto use safesexonlylBeprotected to Godyouare havlng 2. I hope It on a realglrlIn thefuture.

out on otherlmportant sex,youaremlsslng 3. whlleyouarehavlng on assoonas startworklng that arepartof sexandyoushould components for the youget back valldauon (lefs faceIt, we'reall In the game theyllkeus) wlth us because to get naked woman wantlng valldauon of a beautlful better withthls (trustme,the sexls MUCH connectlon AND emotlonal element).

good get some everpayfor sex wings, anddo NOT Dude, takea workshop,

again,You did it, cool.You experienced it, cool,you have nothingto fear now, cool, Nowgo get a girlfiiend-- she doesn,thaveto be perfect.any girr you enjoy beingwith wi do -- and get to knoweverything about her body, until you are a sexualgod.

SEyZe wtltas: subject: Re: gB 10 Stewaldesg - gucceas Story. Thank€ cuys.

Congrate. She' s gorgeous. Bu!. . .



she,s done with her exans tn June, ldhy no! jus! wai! a nonth? job bu! be baEeil tn London.

2. can Ehe keep her airtine

TrusE rne, because I,ve

done thtE.

you wttt


problems because:


1. If

6he come6 lhere, on you.


s ' t t h n o j o b o r s c i l o o t o r fliend6

or noney, she wift







lurn And if resenr

vou oFF yolr starr you for

you vilr gerring

reEent disrant

her because 6he rakes or raking her,or for

up ar1 your

Eine and money and she and

atLenEion. will rotally

granted or abandoning her, you. Thrs witt occur subrly

making her give

up eweryrhing inirial rhree


over a period

of Eix monrhs afre!


monrh honeymoon period.







by: co sarging for friends for her. Encourage her to do a

1. Setting girls nigh!

her up irirh our. she gers

her OWNfriends.


2. Making sure

a iob AsAp so she iE nor



F r


on you.




|'tlLeEl. My ex told ry gsB frlond nJustj,ce llkeg youn... what norr?


Chickg are nol lnlerested interegted when you fall

ilr rcu vrhen you fal1 OUI of love qrith them.

ln love vtith them too eatly,

but they becone very

Styla wrlt€st subtect! Thc Llght .nd Darlcot The comnrunlty

wlth outslders, the samequestlons always Whenever I dlscuss the communlty wantto answer for them.A lot of people comeup. Andtherels no clear-cut pass on us ior belnghere,lf they knowaboutlt, ButI knowfor ludgment people When seevldeos or surethat lt's mademe a MUCH betterperson. photos lt's the sameguy, of me prlorto thls,they can'tevenbelleve


Buttherearealsopeople Itvemetwhowerereallycoolguyswhenthey passlonless soclal entered the communlty. Andnowtheyare completely (andI've posted In the past). robots aboutthat already

is a forkingpath.Andit can Sothe wayI seeit nowis that the communlty Thechoice is yours. leadyou intothe lightor the darkness.

improving your physical appearance.It is whereyou finallyfind yourself and bringout all the personatity and sparkand confidence and charmand humorand talentthat onlyyour mother everknew you had before. peopre It. It. __ and women. :r I !t il i step backfor a momentr and lookat yourexperiences in the community. and at the sametime lovable. person The dark js a placewhereyou lose yourself.improving yoursocial skillsin all areasof your life.Mystery.whatever. acquaintances.s whereyou look at yourselfin the mirror and see or Badboy staring backat you.It.s whereyou start hurting or deceiving __men. lt's whereyou look at the world eyesbecause you. It is whereall the schools of seduction and routjnes arejust training wheels on the journeyto self_realization.making you movethrough the worldmore confidently.and neglect the things through dead r il learning pickup the number one priority in your that wjll leadto a real caree. t I I losetouchwith yourfriends and you pullwomen reason family.and only hangout with sargers. women.Theljghtis a place whereyou are at yourbestall the tjme.s wheresomewhere deepinside you hateyourself and don't believethat peoplewill like you jf you revealyoLrr true setf.Style. (Whoah.s whereyou make life. So if the community is bringing you out of yourshell.s whereyou Tyler Durden.. It.) But it. this js soundjng morenew-agey than I .s whereyou stavishlyimitate T I f and modelotherpeople. making you the mEster of your reality.It. and ultimatejy you a happler maktng __then you are in the light. yourcircle widening of friends.strue: womenare EXTREIUELY attradedto guyswhenthey do somethrng __evena smallgesture __that is totallyorjginal and pureand lostyoursoul. And the only is so that you can win the respectof other sargers.

ly€ b€grl ther€b€fore..or ftek up th€ tension thatth€right v.yourself fromyour Make surethat you areon the rightpath. dothatby arangiogeverybody.Your wingscangctyou laid.. .separate activities or takea road frlends. to do theright thiug ifyou haven't Nexttime. Also. that we'reherefor.) gets (Kinda likeTD'ss€er€t sooiety uBcomfofieble.don'tcrunt on someone You will haveto takethelead.If not.rord cangetsome wholething. getyou Sothelesson is.Andyou'll hav€to wingedwith themenough. like a conduotor. enjoysomenon-sarging-related communlty andready to begin the andthen returnreinvigorated trip to the beach. Butassoon asoneperson Everyone in thatroom Sq mythought post. vigorous course of all-round self-lmprovement Style wrltes: 4wayorgyFu meet Gonesavag€ Subject: FR-CIlffsemlnarsarg€ post. it'sell those rcomssofull ofsexual Awesom€ insane hijinx going. wad€dit.your wingsc-sn ejected.

he itid sone steighr Ee sa6 a good wing. of i! our a maqic trick.F P F F P t fl Sothis wasnot a fucking perfecrly. r \ra6 ou! we lalked r I il I I las! for niqht. He was ftooreit. etc. upsrairs. opener on a ser. lhough he sometimes did afc and his rhings like I il himself lhe girls to rhe g. Then r wenr lnro sirling and negged lhe larqer on her boaly tanguage.TR) as a wing so rhe gi!1s woutd feel he ended up coning I I I r r Eovewer. r suppose onry lhe Brils wirr appreciale this. r Eotit hin !o use Lisa up vilhouc rhe girts. of hanat wirh a cigarelre. of course. he ptayed a cool game wirh us. F Nicejob. elc. otherwise. A tirtte cocky.irts roo soon. He pravea! al. and \ras introduced Eo Sleve coogan (of rhe Atan partridge Show a vrhite and he said he wanled to meer some girts. rhis is nor ro be ahared oulside rhe r. r rhink i! woutd be fun !o do in sers. so r ran rhe Jeatous rhe Besr Friends Eo !o Girrfriend Test.). up.Thelesson: GetFOTIR games/routines together thatyou anpull out nexttimethis happens. rher:e quietty. (my r. he rold me ro go up Lo his roorn and safe. he putled perfor:nance introducing he'd bring An}aay.t have theassooiations). was rearlv funnv. Likethedualinduction massagq or a game ofAsshole. Styla J wtlteg t sarglng Wlth Eleve Coogan subject: i! tr I r had Eo pos! lhis here. or a garne ofspin theCellphone (better thanspinthebottle because it doesn.ounge I Anyway. compere. It wasa leaminglesson for nexttime. .

as each person takes a turn as clue-giver The clues can be aNYTHING. in half tigures on ter separate scrape of a haE or a and doesn't shoo anltore. the and guesser.erson ln lhe leam clueE. thlB t. spelt rhlane (like saying nRaBhton Bushetu as a clue fot the nane of lhe petson or u€e a cbeap "Aslon Kucher).ro. Itrs lea]ly fun. The names are aLl rossed into ROUND ONE Each rturntr is exaclly hat.aE Long as lhey don't. afler lhe f. ultlmalely. Aad one person in a tean grabe one name at a lime out of the glveE lhe olher !. one minule. ROUND TWO So. of celebs or vell-t<nom doltn ten ranes tt.irst lounil of guesslng j.lme.s ro gue6e as many nanes a€ poBEibLe in a nritrute. Hoirever. since evetyone already knows lhe nanes. because le's such an adrenaline rush trying !o ger through a6 many namea a6 posslble in a minute. t{o.passir on a nane they don'! know only once. The goal ]. bag.s done. lbe clu€s can only be TWO WORDS and no PLSSASare allolred. game w111 last four ninutes if you have two teams of !r. you put atl the nanes back in the hat anit repea! the Proceaa. and moves on onLy when the other person haE gueEaed lhe nane. Style writes: Subject: American girls don't dig Japanesemen : ( . Each person guesslng can i.we'll call it the Coogan cane RULES: Sreak up into Eacb person paper. then lrrttes folds leans of.

I I I I I I I I I .llknowwhento us€ !nem.andwomen wlll be approachlng youl There are actuallv places In LA(llkethe glantrobotstore)where youcanFIND (of coolwomen all races/colo6) whototallydlgJapanese men. classy black-hatred woman wtth modet yet no atutude. Andfor our flrst meeung afterwafd.esult.then close her by suggesung clothes shopptng 9otn9 the nextday.Theyall sayyouhavethe bestfashion andstyle. Weeachhada drln&andthenthe check came. andso I Inslsted that we splltthe check. intelllgent. andI'll glveyou someadvlce. pumpkJns/perfect say. That's whenI realized: thereare NOrules. It wasso Incredibly stupldandembaffasslno.sendmeyourplcture. I took herto a hotel bar.E I t Wow. I remembered the ruleof no_ supplicatlon. looks She wasJustperfect.I got the number of thtsta[. onlyguldelines. youfeature.tfix. I F I I i I Style wrltas: Subject! gggg Issues when golng out I hadthat same problem.whata loadof shit. As a .I knowSOmanywoman who LOVE a coollooktng Japanese guy. Andtf you understand the endpurpose of thosegutdelines. youJust needa coollook. I'll never forget.I ended up lookhgIncredlbly cheap.Check out.Sarge someone there.James lha (Smashtng Circle) If youwant. you. Remember the rulei Whatyoucan.

Thepotnt "I'll get thls. So bettersometlmes to buyher a drlnkor a coffee thanlookcheap.and giveTHEM youfrom yourfriends.Justsay. if youare a guywhonaturally buysdrinksfor all his buddies. andlf by buying hera drink youare nottreatlngheranymorespeclal thanyoutreat anyone else. (Alternately. that theyDON'T wantyouto leave."At a cafe. youcanstartto pretend Once to leave. thenreluctantly stay.) . youcanmerge shlt aboutkeeplng groups. If you're at a bar." is simply to convey that yourre notsomeone shecanusefor money or free you'renotthat klndof guyanyway. youcanplckup's fine. dlnners. to reach the HOOK POINT. AndI havea feellng t Style wfif€st Subjectr FalseTlme Constraints? YourgoalAFTER dolnga falsetime constralnt ls to demonstrate enough valueso (In otherwords.However.) youdo that."I'll get this round. Youdon'thaveto holdherto tt.youcanget the nextone.Sooneofthe purposes of not buying drinksIsso that youdon'tlooklikeyou needto buyher time or that shecanuseyoufor things.

oplion ao you kno$. alao. rorat big (IMO) and mo6t priwale seclusion. lhe co[s. !ha! picture uses.s flne too. 1f you wanr !o ftnd a roommate or nore !o €bare the coEt r{l!h you. itrE !o renev if a short-lefin conmilrnent.s no noise. I'd be glad !o give you an there. There. or if yourre inlere€led. you can brlng tha! ln June. If you. up wlth Fapa. nicely. wilh an Papa decldes to keep the house.s E P F P I lhe deal: I live in rhe be6t lhere's wiew. room tD rine house. a locked door. and lbe expeliences of living I I I I t I I I . lhat. furlher.d Like to dlecuss this honest breakdo!^rr of the pros. se may be arnenable. Itosever. closer.E F tr SEyie wrlEeEt OT! Leavlng prollo Space AvailabLe F I I Subj€ct: seiers trlere. balcony. The lease !o lhe houBe expiles If you wanr to negorlale the Prrce. wiih {oltywood you have your o$n ltttte and a Ehower/barhroom ir's a lrt!]e sirdolu8 've tralk_in no one etse painred and kept up rhe roorn realry oasie of lranquiliry in lhe busy ProHo world.

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