PROJECT BFC 32802: REINFORCED CONCRETE DESIGN II This project is to be carried out in a group of maximum SIX (6) students.

This project will contribute 20% to the total mark. 1. STAIRCASE DESIGN Task: - Each group has to find the real staircase and taking the photos of THREE (3) types of existing staircases surrounding your area consists of simply supported and continuous system following the: 1. Example 1.1 @ 1.2 2. Example 1.3 3. Example 1.4 - Measure the dimensions of the staircases. - The photos for the staircases must consist of the overall view and their structural system. - Based on the photos of the staircases: - Sketch the plan and cross sections that able to show the structural system of the staircases. - Idealize the staircases. - Estimate the actions acting on the staircases. - Design the staircases (flight & landing) and the landing beams or beams as part of the structural system. Make own assumption where relevant information needed. - Provide the detailing for the staircases. AVOID selecting the same staircase among the groups. (I will make sure about this!)
Adeng Syakhira Hello . our group (W.ayu ) RC II example 1.1/1.2 (DTII) Example 1.3 (PNS) Example 1.4 (FSTPI) Aklil Hamdee Assalamualaikum.. Untuk projek Rc2, kami drpd group akil,zul,wan,zam,man,cip; Q1: kami telah pilih tangga sblh tepi grandstant stadium utk ex1.1, tangga fakulti FPTP utk ex1.3 dan tangga bgunan C16 utk ex1.4, Q2: kami pilih frame C-D/1-2 .....tq Azilah Azidin Assalamualaikum.. Untuk projek Rc2, kami drpd group esah,nisa,ainun,zila,anur,atikah telah pilih tangga didepan kaunter libry utk ex1.1,ex1.3 tangga ofis tdi,ex1.4 tangga f2.tq

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