Introduction to my Blog

 My first piece is a PowerPoint titled, The Holocaust A Tragic

Legacy. This includes a short run through of the holocaust and its horrors with pictures along with paragraphs explaining it on each slide.
 My second piece is a short essay titled, Forgiveness. The

essay shows and explains my opinion on the act of forgiveness and why it is so important to forgive others so you can move on with a healthy life.
 My third and favorite piece is a poem titled I Am From. This

poem describes my personality and beliefs along with how I like to live my life. If someone were to read it whom I have never met, they would get a taste of who I am.
 The fourth piece is a research paper titled Overview Of The

Holocaust. My research paper brings forth many facts of the entire span of the Holocaust, instead of focusing on one small point or subject.
 My fifth piece is another PowerPoint titled The Holocaust

Medical Experiments. It describes the horrors and torture of the medical experiments performed by the hands of Joseph Mengele – the Angel of Death. This includes the different methods of experimentation along with how the bodies were disposed of and the survivors of the tragedy.

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