My company

Hi my name is Erdei Attila and I graduated the college in 2013 in Timisoara.After I graduated I borrow money from the bank for o period of 5 years to open a bussines.Said and done I took the money and I opened a security company in 2014 in Timisoara. The company is called ’’Security for all’’,it has 1000 employees,200 cars and over 7000 customers. The customers are very satified with the services provided by our company and I hope in the year 2016 to have over 12.000 customers. As the owner of the company I have some responsabilities,for example some of these responsabilities: -to make profit -to pay employess on time -to do everything to work legally -to provide the best sevices at the best prices

-my company offers:   Security for you and your life conviction of thosing the best security company on the market

Comandor International. and Safety and order security . Stirion Security. General Security Center.Rosegur. ’’Security for all’’ company is recognized on the market with the best quality / price ratio Who are we as a company:    our services have chosen by over 7000 customers our company spends more than 30% turnover to improve services to the customers a strong brand associated with safety. efficiency and honesty Our company has:     the best-trained security staff intervention largest automotive fleet with the most efficient vehicles most reliable alarm systems and protection best and flexible package of services our main competitors are:K1 security.G4s. Pro Detective Agency.

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