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Parker Letter Final

Parker Letter Final


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Published by: jdrobnyk7560 on Apr 21, 2009
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William Parker

April 21, 2009 Dear Friend, You may recall my tenure as President and founder of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Club for Growth, so it may surprise you today to receive my letters of support for Senator Arlen Specter – but please take a moment to read it carefully. You have read the recent news stories about Pat Toomey, former National Club for Growth President, announcing another challenge to Sen. Specter in the 2010 GOP Primary. Today I am urging Pat to withdraw from the 2010 Senate race because his candidacy threatens to hand over total control of the federal government to the Democrats. I believe Senator Specter is the only person who can keep that Senate seat in the GOP column. The 41 Republican Senators are the only check and balance on the Democrats being able to dictate the national agenda. Losing his seat would give the Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats 60 votes which they could use to steamroll the federal government and pass legislation like card check – where Senator Specter saved the day – raise taxes and implement President Obama’s massive spending programs. Pat can’t win the general election – here’s why. His lifetime American Conservative Union record of 97 puts him farther to the right than Rick Santorum’s 88 percent lifetime rating. Rick was a two-term Senator, ranked number three in the Republican leadership, spent $31 million and lost by 18 points. At that point, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 600,000 in Pennsylvania – today there are 1.2 million more Democrats in the state. It’s very clear that Pennsylvania had become a reliable “blue state” for the Democrats, which is why they’ve already targeted Senator Specter. For example, they didn’t like it when he: • Voted against the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” (which would enable government censors to prevent local radio stations from carrying conservative talk radio) • Shepherded through the confirmations of Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Alito

• Cast the deciding vote to defeat a bipartisan tax hike in December 2007 • Led the GOP’s effort to repeal the Democrats’ increase of the Alternative Minimum Tax rates • Voted for the Reagan and Bush tax cuts • Sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment and Line-Item Veto • Sponsored the Flag Protection Amendment • Voted to keep “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance • Voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban • Voted for the Defense of Marriage Act • Sponsored the Religious Freedom Restoration Act • Protected the individual right to bear arms enshrined in the 2nd Amendment • Sponsored the bill to deport convicted felons who are illegal aliens Although the Senator and I do not agree on every issue and never will, he is the GOP’s only chance of holding onto that Senate seat, which is vital if we are to stop the liberal Democrats from having unfettered control of the federal government. Please join me in urging Pat to withdraw from the 2010 Republican Senate primary. He could in good conscience return to the campaign for governor, where the Republicans are favored to take back that office given the traditional change in Harrisburg after eight years of one party control. Thank you. Sincerely,

William Parker Founder and Former President Pennsylvania Club for Growth

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