GCSE Mock 2013 v2

Answer all tasks All tasks carry equal marks 01 We think that the important elements of a successful OnlineMusicMagazineare

its ability to: • • • showcase music from well known and emerging artistes be constantly up-dated and always trending offer opportunities for the audience to express their views

Using examples from your own research into online music magazines, explain how each of these key elements have been used to attract and retain an audience. (15 marks) 02 Tell us about your proposed webpage for RHYMIXour new online publication. Convinceus of your ideas for the following: • • • • the page title and music genre ideas for features and stories the main design features for your page who the target audience is and how you will get them interested

(15 marks) 03 To really help us get a clear picture of your web page, use the A3 sheet enclosed and design it in detail. Or Create a 10 shot storyboard for a viral advert for RHYMIXfeaturing your page. (15 marks) 04 We are thinking about whether our publication should be exclusively online or have a print version too. Explain to us your thoughts about this issue. You will need to explain the advantages of both online music publications and their print counterparts. (15 marks) END OF TASKS

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