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Child Development

Child Development

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Published by Domenic Marbaniang
Articles on Child Development
Articles on Child Development

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Published by: Domenic Marbaniang on May 31, 2013
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According to Plato, a right perspective about God is
crucial to the strengthening of the nation. A false and

fictional or mythological doctrine of God is „suicidal,
ruinous, impious.‟[14] The Bible asserts that

righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any
people.[15] Modern criminologists have found that the
increase in crime is often proportional to the increase in
a disbelief in God or religion. To the Israelites, the
words of the Mosaic Covenant distinguished them from
every other nation under the sun and gave them a

peculiar identity in this world.[16] Of course, in a
secular state such as India religion cannot be officially
promoted. Similarly, the government must not also try
to discourage religious developments in line with the

welfare of the nation. It is seen that one‟s concept of God

and ultimate reality has a significant effect on both his
way of thinking and way of living. The kind of deity
that one believes in also influences one‟s lifestyle.[17]
Theologically speaking, belief in God takes care of the
problem of sin as sin becomes a problem directed not
just against men but against God Himself. Thus, as Plato
noted, false and irrational ideas of God[18] should not
be peddled. This means that the Church should move
forward to publish the doctrine of the true God so that
sin will lose its hold on society, and the nation will
become much stronger before God. Rousseau was right
when he called Plato‟s Republic a major treatise on child
education for it attempts to provide a program for
training children to be responsible citizens of the state.
Plato understood that the development of piety in
children during their foundational years is crucial for
building in them the spirit of justice and truth in order
that they become responsible citizens of the Republic.
He, as been said earlier, also saw that certain ideas
about God promoted by popular religion are not only
irrational but also detrimental to the mind of children.
The Bible emphasizes the importance of teaching
children the fear of the Lord[19] which is considered to
be the beginning of wisdom.[20] It is obvious that a
belief in a Supreme Judge and Ruler above the earthly
judges and rulers is a greater impulse for righteous
living than mere belief in men or human laws.
Therefore, it may be said that belief in God is an

important precursor of responsible living within a state
or nation. Belief in God, however, can neither be
imposed nor discouraged by a secular state such as
India. In addition, the pluralistic setting of our nation is
adverse towards exclusivist theological ideas. However,
one may be reminded of the importance of reason in the
Indian philosophical mind; the Indian Renaissance (18th
C.) is a good example of it. Ultimately, it is the belief in a
just and good God that is very important. And this must
become an important concern of missions in India.


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fundamentalists in India is the concept of tribal gods, where
gods are restricted to territories and people groups. Thus,
India is seen as the land of Rama; Arabia, as the land of
Muslims; and Palestine, as the land of Jews and Christians.
But God cannot be supreme if He‟s geographically limited.
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No man is a dog; nor a dog, a man -
One can only be treated so.
And yet these metaphors are bad –
Which I now intend to show.

There are dogs on street and dogs at home

So, a street man can‟t be a dog,

For then would men at home also be dogs;
Though never Bull or Alsatian; for all are one.

A dog‟s got no moral sense; a man has at least some.

And even if he had none,
The categorization is worse, and not less;

For, a dog‟s still known for its faithfulness.

The street boy might become a millionaire,
And a millionaire, come to the street;
A shack is still a home to someone;

A cover from the heat, a rest for one‟s feet.

A child still laughs in the slum
A baby still cries in the palace
An eye still awaits one more dawn
While one wishes the night would prolong.

The slums have their dogs; dogs of different breeds.
Some belong at home; some rover on the streets.
But slums and all settlements are known for their men,
women, and children;

Though rich or poorer they be;
They are one of us;

And in God‟s sight each is precious:

Each one still one in a million,
Each one still a millionaire.

marbaniang.wordpress.com, Feb. 2009


The copters up grinned as down dropped the bombs -

“How easily have we humanity erased!”
“No, it‟s not we but they who pilot us

That have first erased humanness from their own


The copters bladed away as bullets ripped the air -

“Metal kills metal as men kill men!”
“No, metal is lifeless, men are alive;
Only metal kills men and metal alike!”

“So, these men are as us without mercy or shame,
What made them so lifeless, what power what name?”

“Fear, anger, hatred, and doubt
Are the negatives that deaden their hearts.”

A little girl below (running with her brother in arms):

“Cry not, my brother, my little dear doll,
The copters will go away and with it all noise!”
“I want my mother, I can‟t see her around!”
“She is now in heaven, and sees us here down.”

The girl cries…
“O mother, O mother, we‟re left all alone,
We‟re left with no mother, we‟re left with no home!”

The copters returned with more anger and ire,

They poured all their fury in brimstone and fire.

The girl ran for shelter with the toddler in arms,
The bombers rattled after unaware of this all -
For, as the smoke and the dust rose into the sky
The eyes of truth were curtained.

The next morning, a Priest wails:

“Why God, my Master, did You all this allow?
O terrors of darkness, what else you seek now?”

GOD answers:

“This history is yours. It‟s you who‟ll write
The story of man devoid of His God.”

“The story is sad… it‟s still You who allowed -
the guillotines, the gas chambers, the fiery clouds!”

“If it was I who should have governed the earth,
Then why create man to have dominion on earth?
These are your inventions, your wisdom, your resolves
That drive these divisions, that compel these discords.

It‟s you who for religion hate each other and all

And become more repulsive in the eyes of God.

It‟s you who for your mission of justice for all

Give in to the religion of violence and harm.

It‟s you who for riches of this fleeting world

Have exploited your brothers, your own flesh and
And, shall I not requite this faithlessness of you all
Who abused your power while stewards in My house?

I‟ll return your violence into your bossom,

Your withdrawal of justice, of mercy and compassion.

For, the end of all things will surely come,
Men shall be judged for all they‟ve done.
For, what could be rewarded unless it were done;

But, you‟ve chosen hatred and love you‟ve shunned.

O, turn now from evil, turn now from shame!
Turn from judging each other by some name!
For your hearts are fashioned all alike,
But, evil is a venomous viper that strikes;
So, beware and make amends, make peace with all first,
Cease from all violence, from treachery and lust.
Then, shall righteousness spring forth from the ground

And bless you with assurance of glory from above.”

The little girl comes in between…
“God, I see Your answer is so true and so wise;
But, we‟ve lost our mother, we‟ve lost all we had!”

GOD answers:

“You‟ve lost not your heart, my daughter,
You‟ve lost not your child-like faith.
One day and sooner after,
The world will get a bold shape.
Then, you shall reign in glory
Over princes, rich and strong,
And they who are now stronger
Will then be proved wrong.
Keep this heart of yours as innocent

As I‟ve made it with my heart;
I‟ll return to give you justice,
I‟ll come back with my reward.”

Then, GOD vanished into thin air;
And, the copters bladed through the air again.

marbaniang.wordpress.com, August 2010.
Also published in BASILEIA (Itarsi) and LIGHT OF LIFE

Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the
Child of 1924
Adopted 26 September, 1924, League of

By the present Declaration of the Rights of the
Child, commonly known as "Declaration of
Geneva," men and women of all nations,
recognizing that mankind owes to the Child the
best that it has to give, declare and accept it as their
duty that, beyond and above all considerations of
race, nationality or creed:

1. The child must be given the means requisite
for its normal development, both materially
and spiritually;
2. The child that is hungry must be fed; the
child that is sick must be nursed; the child
that is backward must be helped; the
delinquent child must be reclaimed; and the
orphan and the waif must be sheltered and
3. The child must be the first to receive relief in
times of distress;
4. The child must be put in a position to earn a
livelihood, and must be protected against
every form of exploitation;

5. The child must be brought up in the
consciousness that its talents must be
devoted to the service of fellow men.

Source: http://www.un-documents.net/gdrc1924.htm

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