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Case FILE: The American Civil War


C.C.S (Clever criminal solvers )
Lizianyi Rodriguez
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One reason that probably brought the North and the South states into war was slavery . The South was where there was the most slaves and if you were in the North then you would have freedom . They didn't have the same opinion on Slavery . The southern State was probably furious with the North because the “runaway slaves “ would be free if they came to the North . The north and the south were very different . They also had very different economic systems . The North believed in a department of manufacturing . The south believed in farming . It seemed like they had more differences than similarities . Another reason would have to be state

Day 1
I don't think there are any suspects at this point . The North and the South were meant to be opposites . It was practically their faith . If the North and the South wanted to they could of helped each other with what they are missing . It was no ones fault except theirs that caused all of this commotion . One has what the other doesn't . So , instead of fighting they should come up with a compromise or help each other so they could depend on one another just incase of everything .

Day 2
There are 3 suspects . Congress is one of the suspects because they claimed that Missouri should be free and that made the south very upset . Another suspect is the issue of slavery . That is the main reason why they keep on fighting . If it wasn't for slaves they would disagree on which states should be slave states or free states . My last suspect is James Tallmadge . It it wasn't for James making that law and proposing that Missouri should be a free state , then the south wouldn't have gotten mad about it .

Day 3

Congress is one of the suspects because they make the laws and the laws they have made were unfair to others . David Wilmot was even a bigger suspect .He was an abolitionist . David Wilmot made an amendment to the bill known as “ wilmot proviso “ . This amendment caused even more tension between the South and the North . He suggested that the territory gained from the war with Mexico should be a free territory and that made the South even more angry .

Day 4

Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Brown were suspects in this document . Harriet Beecher Stowe was a suspect because she caused more tension between the North and the South . She made the South look bad and she made the Northerners more angry about the situation . John Brown was another suspect because he brought more violence in the situation . Instead of standing up for what he believed in a civilized way he used violence .In the U.S senate after the raids of Lawrence , Kansas John Brown and others attacked towns and killed people .

Day 5
The supreme court is one of the suspects because it brought more tension between the North and the South . It seemed like the Supreme court was on the slave holders side because they were protecting the slave holders properties . John Brown was another suspect because he caused a lot of violence and he hurt a lot of people to free slaves , which made the South furious . Last but not least the South Enterprise was another suspect . Their newspaper was basically saying that slaves are nothing and they can't do anything . Slaves were inferior to them .

Day : 6
In this document there were 3 suspects . Lincoln was a suspect because he started even more tension between the North and the South .Lincoln wanted to help the slaves .The South feared that their would be a slave rebellion . So , they did anything they could to prevent from that happening . They even open fired on Fort Sumter. The South were suspects because they provoked fury in the North . C.G Memminger was also a suspect because he probably made the North mad by naming useless reasons to why the South had the right to become its own union .

Final Charges & Letter to the Jury