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Dhaka City College, Dhaka

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Suggestion for Digital Signal Processing

This is for semester final not for final
Signal and System
1. What is a signal? give a brief description of different type of signal. 2. Describe basic element of a digital signal processing system? 3. Describe the advantages of digital over analog signal processing. 4. Describe the basic step of analog to digital conversion. 5. State Nyquist rate.(math) 6. Define some elementary discrete time signals. 7. Define i) Energy and power signal (p-47) ii) Periodic and aperiodic signal iii) Symmetric and anti symmetric signal 8. Describe discrete time system with classification. (All)(P-62). 9. Example 2.2.3 (p-61) 10. Derive the equation for convolution sum and convolution integral. 11. Ex 2.2.4 (p-64) and 2.25 (p-67) 12. Define recursive and non recursive system. 13. Define FIR and IIR system. 14. Define cross correlation and auto correlation (p-120) 15. Write down the properties of cross correlation and auto correlation. (P-122)

Fourier Series
1. 2. 3. 4. Define Fourier series and Fourier transform and distinguish between them. Describe the properties of the Fourier transform. Write down Dirichlet conditions. Ex 17.1,17.7,17.8,17.8,17.10

Discrete Fourier transform and Fast Fourier transform
1. Define DFT and IDFT. 2. Describe the properties of DFT. Define FFT. Describe radix-2 algorithm. and define Butterfly operation. 3. Distinguish between DIT and DIF.

4. Define system Function.4.4. Describe the properties of Z transform with proof. 2.14) 3.2. Describe filter design steps.6.3.2. 8.1. and ROC.3. 5. Digital Filter 1.5. Define signal flow graph (figure7.3.4.Describe different process of inverse Z-transform.2. Classify digital filter.1. Define inverse z transform. Samiran Roy Lecturer Department of Computer Science and Engineering Dhaka City College . 3. Ex-3.1.Z-transform 1. FIR and IIR filter.3. 3.8 Implementation of Discrete Time system 1. 7. Define poles and zeros. Describe the structure of IIR systems i) Direct form Structures 3. 3. 3.1.3. 2. Ex 3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of digital filter 2.4. Define Z-transform.4.1. Define digital filter.7.2. 3. Describe the structure of FIR system i) Direct form Structures ii) Cascade form Structures. Describe Transposed structures.1 6.