By Jilian McGugan

Connecticut.Calkins Early Life Born on March 30. Eldest of five children. 1863 in Hartford. Close to her family .

1890 ." 1895 . Graduated from Smith College with a concentration in classics and philosophy.Admitted to Harvard as a "guest. 1892 .Began attending lectures at Harvard taught by William James and Josiah Royce. but was denied a degree. .Education In 1884.Presented thesis to Harvard faculty.

Professor of philosophy and psychology at Wellesley College.First job as a Greek tutor at Wellesley College. Created the first psychology laboratory in a women’s college. Taught at Wellesley until she retired in 1929. . 1898.Mary Calkins Work 1887.

color theory. and dreams. emotion. association.” Paired-associate technique .Mary Calkins Work “Self-Psychology” Studying memory “Space and time consciousness.


Hundred professional journals. An Introduction to Psychology (1901). . The Persistent Problems of Philosophy (1907). and The Good Man and the Good (1918). Published several books of philosophy and psychology.Calkins Accomplishments First woman president of the American Psychological Association. 1908.Ranked twelfth for being a leading psychologists in the United States.

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