Kasende killing: How Ottawa police got to this point

Levy Kasende, 22, visits his daughter and ex-girlfriend in an Innes Rd. housing complex. He’s shot and killed in a driveby shooting.

Major crime investigators issue an appeal asking the author of a letter sent to cops to come forward. The person behind the letter likely had “key evidence” in the murder.

March 28, 2013:

August 25, 2012:

Five people arrested in different parts of Ottawa. Michael Belleus, 24, of Ottawa charged with first-degree murder. — Kelly Roche

May 30, 2013: May 31, 2013:

Police use metal detectors, searching an area in Vars close to where a burned-out SUV was found about an hour after the shooting. Cops were looking for a gun.

May 17, 2013:

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