Daftar Kode Program di Menu COM Private Sub Combo1_Change() End Sub Private Sub Combo2_Change() 'To list all

graphics files or all files If ListIndex = 0 Then File1.Pattern = ("*.bmp;*.wmf;*.jpg;*.gif") Else File1.Pattern = ("*.*") End If End Sub Private Sub Command1_Click() Serialcom.Hide Main.Show End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() List1.AddItem Text1.Text Text1.Text = "" Text1.SetFocus End Sub Private Sub Command3_Click() List1.Clear End Sub Private Sub Command4_Click() Dim variable1 As String Open "c:\drwtsn32.log" For Input As #1 Input #1, variable1 Text1.Text = variable1 Close #1 End Sub Private Sub Command5_Click() Text1.Text = CurDir End Sub Private Sub Command6_Click() Text1.Text = App.Path & "\" & App.EXEName End Sub Private Sub Command7_Click() End Sub Private Sub Command8_Click()

*.Text = filenam End If End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Combo1.Path = Drive1.Path + File1.gif") Else File1.FileName End If Picture1.AddItem "COM1" Combo1.Text = "All graphic files" Combo2.FileName Text1.*") End If End Sub Private Sub Drive1_Change() Dir1.ListIndex = 0 Then File1.FileName Else filenam = File1.*.bmp.FileName Else filenam = File1. 1) <> "\" Then filenam = File1.AddItem "All graphic files" Combo2.*") End If If Right(File1.Path + "\" + File1.*.*.bmp.jpg.Pattern = ("*.'To show the selected graphics file If Right(File1.Pattern = ("*.ListIndex = 0 Then File1.Pattern = ("*.Pattern = ("*.Picture = LoadPicture(filenam) End Sub Private Sub Dir1_Change() 'To choose drive File1.Path If Combo2.*. 1) <> "\" Then filenam = File1.Path = Dir1.Path + "\" + File1.jpg.AddItem "COM2" Combo1.Path.Drive End Sub Private Sub File1_Click() If Combo2.*.Path.wmf.gif") Else File1.Path + File1.wmf.AddItem "All files" End Sub .AddItem "COM3" Combo2.

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