1. Introduction : Uses of computer network, Network hardware- LAN,MAN,WAN,Wireless & home network, Network software-protocols hierarchy, issues of layers, Connection oriented & connectionless services, OSI model, TCP/IP model, Comparison of OSI and TCP/IP model, Example network: The internet, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet, Wireless LANs: 802.11. 2. The Physical Layer & The Data Link Layer: Wireless transmission, Public switched telephone network- switching and multiplexing, Mobile telephone system, Guided transmission media, cable telivision. Design Issues, DL Protocols- stop & Wait, Noise channel, sliding window, HDLC, PPP. 3. The Medium Access Control Sublayer & Network Layer : Multiple Access protocols:-ALOHA, CSMA, Ethernet, WIRELESS LANS, Comparison of broadband and wireless, Bluetooth and its structure, Data link layer switching : Bridges, local Internetworking,hubs, VLANS. Design Issues: Store and forward Packet switching, Service provided to transport layer,Implementation of connection oriented and connection less service. Comparison of virtual circuit and datagram subnets, Routing algorithms-Shortest path routing, Flooding, Distance vector routing. Congestion control, Quality of service requirements, Internetworking-How network can be connected,Tunneling, fragmentation.

A Pragmatic Approach. William Stallings. Final delivery. 3. Introduction to Data Communication and Networking. BGP. Flow control and Buffering. The Application Layer: DNS: The DNS name space. IPv6. Tanenbaum. Reference Books: 1. World Wide Web: Architectural overview. Message transfer. 2. Computer Network. User agent. C.Behrouz Forouzan.R Sarma 4. 4. Name servers. Computer network.The IP protocol. The Transport Layer: Elements of transport protocols: Addressing. TMH. 5. TCP. Resource records. Andrew S. Crash recovery. Message formats. Electronic mail: Architecture and services. Pearson. Data and computer communication. . Internet control protocol. Multiplexing. OSPF. IP addresses. HTTP. The transport protocol:-UDP. Connection establishment AND release.The network layer in the internet:. Pearson.

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