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Learn how to live life wholeheartedly through this interactive Workshop Presented by Joann Babiak with Toni Tirapelli
Joann Babiak Toni Tirapelli Attend this interactive workshop if YOU wish to create changes that will propel you into a brighter new phase of life. Learn how to deal with the aftermath of high stakes and emotionally charged situations. Stop revisiting old hurts. Be free to move forward.

Saturday June 22, 2013 • 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m SAVE THE DATE!
JOIN US IN SACRAMENTO $30.00 per person

Sunris_ Ev_nt C_nt_r
11167 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordova

Discover how to accept your past – embrace the potential of your present – and create your brilliant future. • Find the five keys to unlocking your BEST next chapter. • Free yourself from replaying your inner stress tapes. • Learn how movement is the KEY to freedom.
PRESENTERS: Joann Babiak – Experienced attorney, mediator, and communicator, helps clients secure protections
from domestic violence, navigate divorce and address child custody matters. She also assists artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners negotiate their best deals and put protective contracts in place.

Toni Tirapelli – Founder and CEO of STARS POWER Programs A motivational speaker, Health Coach,
Personal Trainer, Author and has been working in the Health and Fitness industry for over 30 years.

CONTACT - Joann Babiak at or Toni Tirapelli at To reserve your place

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