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My Company

My Company

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Published by: Erdei Attila Zsolt on Jun 01, 2013
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My Company

My name is Laura Rus and I’m the General Manager of the Continental Hotels and my main responsibily is to Oversee the day-to-day operations and assignments of the hotel staff, Achieve targets and provide regular direction and manage hotel operations for all areas ,Ensure that product quality standards are met in all areas of the hotel aligned to the Forum brand And now I will present to you our company: HISTORY Continental Hotels is the largest hotel group in Romania, statement supported by the experience in the Romanian hotel market - since 1991, when the company was founded, and the services offered to our guests. The Continental Hotels chain initially included hotel complexes in Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Tirgu-Mures and Constanta, totalling 403 rooms, plus Continental Hotel in Timisoara, which, although was awarded by the decision of the Government to the company Continental, this hotel never really became part of the chain. Totally privatized in 1995, SC Continental SA met a booming developing period, sustained by the efficient use of loans and capital brought by shareholders. Main events in the evolution of the company: 2009 The refurbishment and reopening of Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest. The opening of Ibis Sibiu under Accor management which follows the refurbishment of the old Continental Hotel in Sibiu 2008 Rebranding Continental Forum Arad and Continental Forum Oradea Opening Hello Hotels in Bucharest 2007 Signing the agreement with the Accor Group for the development of the Ibis hotel network in Romania Opening the hotel Continental Forum in Sibiu (in the building of the previous Boulevard Hotel) Closing the hotel Continental Sibiu for refurbishment 2006 Closing the Continental Hotel Bucharest for refurbishment 2005 Selling the Continental Hotel in Cluj Opening Ibis Constanta and Ibis Palatul Parlamentului under Accor Management Over taking the Boulevard Hotel from Sibiu

Sibiu Continental *** : Portile de Fier. art and innovation.Oradea. Our motto is “More than profession: Passion”.2003 Purchasing the Gaiser hotel complex in Timisul de Sus Selling the Continental Villa from Cluj 2001 Opening Ibis Gara de Nord under Accor Management 1999 Hotel Arcasul from Suceava became part of the Continental chain 1998 Hotel Astoria from Arad became part of the Continental chain 1997 Hotel Dacia from Oradea. Sibiu All our hotels are located in city centres. . thus coming back to us every time you get the opportunity. hotel Parc and motel Portile de Fier from Drobeta Turnu Severin joined the hotel chain 1995 SC Continental SA is privatized 1991 Year of Continental Hotel chain established Continental Hotels development strategy includes the opening of 2 new hotels under the brands Continental Forum and Hello Hotels but also Ibis COMPANY PROFILE Combining the most pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with the best services. You are invited to take a wonderful trip and choose according to your necessities. we want to ensure you that our goal is to make your staying memorable by offering to you services at the highest standards. the original menu offered by the best chefs and the exceptional ambiance will satisfy all your wishes. our locations are the best choice for an exceptional outing. conferences and events. Drobeta Turnu Severin Hello Hotels ** : Bucharest Ibis *** (Accor management contract): Bucuresti. Continental Hotels owns properties in important towns of Romania such as: Grand Hotel Continental ***** : Bucharest (openning in 2009) Continental Forum **** :Arad. whether you’re looking for a relaxation oasis or you’re just on a business trip. Continental Hotels is the perfect choice for guests who are looking for good quality accommodation in the most important cities in Romania. Thus. elegance and style. our hotels chain was set up in order to satisfy all types of guests through harmony. Timisu de Sus. the delicious dishes on the menu or the professionally equipped conference rooms. food & beverage. Tirgu-Mures. We are confident that you will enjoy the hotel’s spacious rooms. Continental Hotels offers facilities and services for business and leisure travellers: accommodation. one of our hotels thus experiencing unique moments with us. The full services offered by each hotel. Having a tradition that most envy. Constanta. distinction. Suceava.

Our management style promotes individual and team performance and encourages the staff to be oriented towards fulfilling their objectives. At Continental Hotels we believe in the promotion of services designed by the attention. we develop their skills and their experience.Our mission: Our mission is to become leaders on the business tourism market in Romania. we believe in recruiting suitable candidates for their attitude and then develop their skills and building experience.through sustainable efforts. using the equipment. The company’s values Our company encourages an open and communicative working environment. Successful teams are made up of responsible people. Our employees can benefit from trainings. with challenging opportunities. The Objectives of the company: -to be located in the most developed areas of the country and have national coverage -to cover the economy. We want an active involvement and full dedication from the 1000 people currently working in our company and those who will join us. Another value of our company is the commitment that we make towards our guests: that offering excellent services every time! Excellence involves a lot of work. The positive attitude and the enthusiasm are the main qualities required to the ones who want to join our team.In order to offer the best services to our guests we need top employees. excellent standard implementation and responsiveness to markets requirements. We promote a working environment where each of the team members will take responsibility. . We wish to go beyond our clients expectations because they are the best mean ofpromoting our services. care and pleasure to thank our guests. Whether you're at the beginning of career or wish to consolidate and develop it in a stable environment. The strenght comes from the responsiveness to change and the availability to learn from the others. Putting together the best ideas and practices and involving the best employees and common teams leads to an increase in the company’s strength. through permanent staff training. Our guests know the product even better than us so we always encourage feedback from them. incentives and personal development. We recruit people for their attitude. The company’s vision: -to ensure high quality services for its clients. business and luxury class -to permanently improve our standards -to be known as the sole choice when you choose your hotel. the trained and client oriented staff -to ensure a positive working environment where all the employees can develop from a professional point of view -to meet the guests and employees expectations through constant efforts -to continue the development and the creation of standards.

Forum. or in any other hotel that we will open. training. apply today and if you will be contacted to discuss your application. where they feel proud of belonging to a certain team of valuable people from which they learn and develop their potential. in Continental Hotels at Hello.Therefore. We learned in time that people stay where they feel appreciated. recognition and benefits correlated with passion filed in activity. We invite you to learn more about our career opportunities. we offer opportunities for professional growth. you will have the chance to discover what it means to choose a career in Continental Hotels . personal and professional development.

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