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End Year Closing for SAP FI1

I would like to know steps or T-CODE for end year closing. 1) With TC: F.16 we can carry forward the balance to next year. 2) With TC: OBH2 copy the number ranges to next year

4) Then test by posting the transaction in F-02 Hope I am clear. If any more doubts please let me know. Ashok

How about TC : OB52, when we can't run that steps? Tonny

Check List: In order to arrive at correct profit or loss for the month following checklist can be followed:

7) Calculate Overheads on all process Orders (CO43) 8) Technically complete all process orders which are fully processed (CORM).Month end closing Activities 1) All the expenses including amortization.13) transaction 14) Depreciation Run (AFAB) has been carried out for the month 15) Close FI Posting period after the month end closing activity is over. 2) Carry out Assessment cycle for Cost Centers. 5) Ensure that all documents related to MM & SD have been entered in system. Year end closing Activities 1) Calculate production work in progress on process orders which are not technically complete. With TC: OBH2 copy the number ranges to next year Open next year periods by selecting the Posting Period Variant. 3) All month end closing Activities should be carried out. then test by posting the transaction in F-02) Rehan Ansari We don’t use TC:OB52 for end year closing? . 13) Carry out GR/IR clearing (F.16 we can carry forward the balance to next year. 2) Complete Bank Reconciliation 3) Make sure that Sum of Inter company balances is Zero 4) Suspense Accounts should be cleared regularly. 6) Ensure that all billing documents are released to accounting. 10) Settle all process orders which are technically complete (CO88). Preliminary expenses and accruals have been booked. 9) Calculate Variance (KKS1)à (Relevant only if Standard cost is calculated). 4) Carry Forward Balances to next year (With TC: F. 11) Close All settled Process Orders 12) Close MM period (Transaction Code: MMPV). prepaid expenses.

the ‘Clrg with Cust’ fie ld can not display. FK02->General Data -> Control In the ‘Account control’ tab. Note that customer and vendor are properly selected. The closing procedure is as follows: 1. The customer number must be entered in the corresponding vendor master record a. when you execute FBL5N select vendor check box along with open item/cleared item check box 5. For clearing the open items. The clearing between the customer and vendor can happen by following the below settings 1. For testing. To see the vendor/customer balance both together use FBL1N/FBL5N. 4.for assets 2 years can be openned at a time. I have sent you the opening new year reords. Carry forward Vendor & Customer Balances: TC: F. In the Company Code Data –> Payment Transaction Accounting.In the Company Code Data –> Payment Transaction Accounting. create a vendor invoice through FB60 and customer invoice through FB70. the vend or invoice (KR) and customer invoice (DR) are shown automatically. Assets: i) TC: OB 52 . in the ‘Customer’ field. select the checkbox – ‘Clrg with Cust’ note:If you do not fill ‘Customer’ field . 2.07 2. Use the TCode F-32. FD02->General Data -> Control In the ‘Account control’ tab. On clicking the ‘Process open Items’. sorry for that.Tonny I have replied partly to your query. ii) check which year is closed: TC: OAAQ iii) Close the year 2004: TC: AJAB Note: Unless depreciation for all the months is posted for all the assets you cannot close the year. select the checkbox – ‘Clearing with vendor’ 3. The vendor number must be entered in the corresponding customer master record a. in the ‘Vender’ field. enter the customer number b. when you execute FBL1N select customer check box. Note: Partial / Residual payment between customer and vendor is also possible . It will generate the FI document with proper entry. iv) Open year 2005: TC: AJRW Hope the above clears your doubt. enter the vendor number b.

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