Hans Belting, Andrea Buddensieg (eds.


Texts by Emanoel Araujo Claude Ardouin Sava~ Arslan Louisa Avgita Joaquin Barriendos Hans Belting Andrea Buddensieg Karen Cordero Reiman T.J. Demos Thomas Fillitx Miguel A. Hernandez-Navarro

Oscar Ho Hing-kay Angel Kalenberg Ramon Lerma Justo Pastor Mellado Masaaki Morishita Jack Persekian Colin Richards Rafael Samano Roo Laymert Garcia dos Santos Mirjam Shatanawi EugeneTan Peter Weibel



Thoughts on the Projeet GAM -...... __ . -_ .-. -_.. .. ... and Translations.. --..... _.. --·-7 Andrea Buddensieg Editorial Introduction ... ro Hans Belting Contemporary Art as Global Art: A Critical Estimate ...r64 Transforms Ethnic Art .. _. I r6 Miguel A.... Hernandez-Navarro Contradietions in Time-Space: Spanish Art and Global Discourse Jack Persekian A Place to Go: 136 The Sharjah Biennial Laymcrt Garcia dos Santos How Global Art 154 .. _....Contents The editors Preface.74 The New Geography of Art Louisa Avgita Marketing Difference: The Balkans on Display __ ..38 Transformations. Editorial . _.. -. -. Peter Weibel Global Art: Rewritings. -_. --... ...88 J oaquin Barriendos Geopolitics of Global Art: The Reinvention of Latin America as a Geoaesthetic Region _ Thomas Fillitz Contemporary Art ofAfrica: 98 Coevalness in the Global World .... _.

348 Karen Cordero Reiman Addendum: The M uA C and lts Initial Eneounter with lts Publies 358 Mirjam Shatanawi Contemporary Art in Ethnographie Museums Eugene Tan Museum Politics and Nationalism in Singapore Appendix 368 386 Contributors Bibliography . ···394 4°2 . Business.Mapping Art Museums Today Emanoel Araujo The M useu AfroBrasil in Sao Paulo: A New Museum Coneept Claude Ardouin Contemporary Afriean Art in the British Museum Sava§ Arslan Corporate Museums in Istanbul 180 190 " . 3° 2 .J. .. 236 T... and People: Museum Development in Asia Angel Kalenberg Museum Seeneries in Latin A meriea Ramon Lerma A University Museum in Manila: The Ateneo Art Gallery .. Demos The Tate Effeet 256 266 278 . 316 }28 Rafael Samano Roo A New Setting for the Contemporary: A UniversityMuseum in Mexieo City . Masaaki Morishita Museums as Contaet Zones: Struggles between Curators and Loeal Artists in Japan Colin Richards Curating Contradietion: 'Graft' in the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale ..29 2 Oscar Ho Hing-kay Government. Justo Pastor Mellado Memory in Chile and Paraguay: Two Art Museums in Latin Ameriea .

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