Transaction Codes

CJ** are mainly Project Definition and WBS related, CN** are mainly Network and activity related and the OP** are mainly PS Configuration / Customization related. There are other codes which is not on the list, but this is a good platform to start and build up your own list of PS transactions as per your requirements: CJ01 Create Work Breakdown Structure CJ02 Change Work Breakdown Structure CJ03 Display Work Breakdown Structure CJ06 Create Project Definition CJ07 Change Project Definition CJ08 Display Project Definition CJ11 Create WBS Element CJ12 Change WBS Element CJ13 Display WBS Element CJ14 Display WBS Element (From DMS) CJ20 Structure planning CJ20N Project Builder CJ21 Change Basic Dates CJ22 Display Basic Dates CJ23 Change Forecast Dates CJ24 Display Forecast Dates CJ25 Change Actual Dates CJ26 Display Actual Dates CJ27 Project planning board CJ29 Update WBS (Forecast) CJ2A Display structure planning CJ2B Change project planning board CJ2C Display project planning board CJ2D Structure planning CJ30 Change Project Original Budget CJ31 Display Project Original Budget CJ32 Change Project Release CJ33 Display Project Release CJ34 Project Budget Transfer CJ35 Budget Return from Project CJ36 Budget Supplement to Project CJ37 Budget Supplement in Project

CJ38 CJ3A CJ3B CJ40 CJ41 Budget Return in Project Change Budget Document Display Budget Document Change Project Plan Display Project Plan .

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