Online Activity Point System (OAPS) – Phase III

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OAPS – Phase III
• Activity Points

• Adport Income
• Examples • Maximum Active AdPorts

New Additions

Online Activities
Traffic Generation Ad Click Form Filling Survey Data Entry Website Rating / Feedback

Activity Points
• Every activity will earn you “activity points” based on the weightage of the activity. For instance: Ad click = 5 points Site View =10 points Form filling = 20 points • The AP must be earned daily to qualify for income based on your account.

Adport Income
• Each active AdPort requires one “Activity Point” to be earned daily to qualify for 100% i.e. 30 cents income.
• Minimum 20 “Activity Points” are required to qualify for Adport income any day, irrespective of the active AdPort counts.

Adport Income (contd…)
• You can even earn partial income in case you do not earn all the required activity points (at least 20 APs must be earned). • If you earn 50% Activity Points, you earn 50% Adport income on the day.

Illustration 1
• If, Total Active AdPorts = 30 Then APs to be earned = 30 However, if APs earned = 20 Then % APs earned 20/30 = 66%.
Hence income for each Active Adport is 66% of 30 cents, i.e. 19.8 cents rounded off to 20 cents. • We make sure you EARN, even if you do not completely qualify.

Illustration 2
• If, total Active AdPorts = 5; “As per rule APs to be earned = 20”

Assuming APs earned = 10; Then, Income for each active AdPort = 0 cents.
Since minimum APs to be earned is 20 to qualify for AdPort income, none of AdPort(s) will earn in this case.

Adport Count
• Maximum number of Active AdPorts any member can posses will be reduced to 260.
• Any currently active AdPort over 260 AdPort(s) will not require APs to be earned and will be paid without performing online activity.

• So maximize your Adport count and grab a chance to earn daily income even without working.

Transforming Dreams Into Reality

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