May 29, 2013 To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Doug Peterson.

Throughout the last year I have known Mr. Peterson as a Grand Valley State University Woodrow Wilson Fellow and more importantly, a devoted professional with a passion and drive to create an academically rich and diverse learning environment that empowers all learners to succeed. Throughout his internship, Mr. Peterson demonstrated the abilities to develop a class culture that strives for high expectations and academic achievement, while challenging and empowering his students to foster an environment of reciprocal respect. This achievement is noteworthy, as Mr. Peterson was able to accomplish these remarkable achievements while teaching in the East Kentwood Freshman Academy; a unique program consisting of a 100% at-risk student population and a team of dedicated educators. During Mr. Peterson’s internship with the Freshmen Academy, he demonstrated the following characteristics of a promising teacher: 1. 2. 3. 4. Demonstrated a strong reflective practice. Consistently searched for critical feedback Used critical feedback to create detailed and meaningful adjustments to lessons. Empowered the next generation of learners by volunteering his time after school to teach and provide mentorship.

Although Mr. Peterson dedicated an entire school year to develop and practice his craft, perhaps his strongest qualities were revealed during the beginning of his second semester with the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship program. During this time, Mr. Peterson was not only challenged by the rigor of his university and the expectations of East Kentwood Public Schools, he was additionally challenged by demands to reach and teach a population of 100% at-risk urban freshman. During this time, Mr. Peterson exceeded my already high expectations by actively displaying the following characteristics of a devoted professional and caring educator: 1. Reliability: Always designed and completed unit plans early, as to receive feedback and input. 2. Communication: Forged positive and meaningful relationships with his students while maintaining high expectations. Mr. Peterson also demonstrated a professional level of communication with fellow teachers and administrators. 3. Self-discipline and initiative: Mr. Peterson played an active role in the development of his lessons and classroom management style by seeking the guidance of other teachers and actively searching for research-based activities to promote student achievement. 4. Creativity: Designed fun and engaging lessons to cater to multiple learners within an at-risk community. His lessons were often designed using a problem-based format that encouraged learners to engage concepts, while empowering students to provide rational and support for their answers. 5. Curriculum Development: Not only did Mr. Peterson spend a significant amount of time before and after school developing dynamic lessons, he also attended several school improvement meetings. While attending the biology department meetings, Mr. Peterson provided insight, feedback and ideas while learning the process of curriculum development. It is with great confidence that I recommend Mr. Doug Peterson. I am sure he will continue his service of good will. I have no doubt that Mr. Peterson will be a positive and meaningful attribute to the members and cause of your organization.

Sincerely, Nicholas J Bihler.