Zeke's first book

Fingerpainted and dictated by Zeke and written down by his mother April 21, 2009

Trash can't be in volcanoes because then it will blast all over the world and it will be melted trash.

To Playschool from Zeke. Some people don't know that they shouldn't litter -- it's all about the earth. You can't throw trash into space because then it would be yucky & trash would fall from the sky.

Space can't be old because it's always in the sky and it never, never, never goes away.

Space cannot come down from the sky and it never, ever goes away. Because the sky has no gravity. With gravity it can pull you down & it cannot pull you up, it can only pull you down. And then if it pulled you up in the sky then you'd be flying around with superheroes.

Space never, ever, ever, ever goes because the sky is always here. And rocket ships can go in day or night because space is always here.

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