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Fast Hands

Fast Hands

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speed training
speed training

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Published by: babagazebo on Jun 01, 2013
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home » fast hands Fast Hands by Richard Bustillo Jeet Kune Dos Hand speed Drills Will Make

Your Punches Powerful and Very Fast In the book, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee talks about the desirable charac teristics of promoting speed. These qualities include mobility; spring, resilien ce and elasticity; stamina; physical and mental alertness; imagination and antic ipation. "Exercise which increase skill and flexibility of the both hand and foo twork are indispensable building blocks for the fighter," Lee wrote. "Many fight ers fail to appreciate how much true speed depends on economy of motion (good fo rm and good coordination). Thus, constant mechanical drill is essential." And th at is what you're going to get in this story. Drills, drills and more drills. In no time, your hands are going to be fast, fast, fast. But that's what you want, right? Whether you compete in no-holds-barred events, fast punches can only imp rove your arsenal and make you more dangerous. Where do you start? There are sev eral drills you can do, including a variety of push-ups, bungee cord drills and reflex drills. These are nice because you don't need a lot of room, and you don' t need a lot of money. All you need is a little desire. Before you begin these e xercises, consult a physician. The last thing you want to do is hyperextend an e lbow or damage a shoulder. And always warm up before you begin. Push-Ups In order to improve your hand speed, you must first develop your strength. Hand clap push-ups, knuckle push-ups, one-arm push-ups and focus mitt push-ups are a great way to develop your strength. Start with hand clap push-ups. Assume a push -up position, push yourself up, clap your hands, return to the starting position and repeat. Knuckle push-ups are next. Assume a push-up position, clench your f ists, push yourself up, pause, return to the starting position and repeat. When you do the one-arm knuckle push-ups, hold one arm behind your back and spread yo ur legs a little wider than usual for balance. You'll need a partner to do this last drill. Assume a push-up position in front of your partner, who should kneel in front of you with focus mitts on each hand. Push yourself up, throw a right punch at the focus mitt, land, push yourself up, throw a left punch at the left mitt, return to the starting position and repeat. In the beginning, do three set s of 10 reps for each type of push-up. You should eventually increase the sets a nd reps. For variety, do different push-ups each workout. Paper Training Speed is worthless of your punches aren't accurate. This drill enhances your acc uracy. When you do this drill, bear in mind what Lee once said, "Let the man fee l it before he sees it." What does he mean? Don't telegraph your move before str iking to target. To do this drill, you'll need some rope, a piece of paper, an e ye hook and some string. Attach the rope to the ceiling and tie the eye hook to the other end of the rope. Next, tie the strung to the eye hook and attach the p aper to the end of the string so it hangs about head-high. Assume a fighting sta nce and throw punches at the paper. The idea is to barely make contact. Mix it u p by throwing a variety of punches. Do this drill for five to 10 minutes. Bungee Cord Training Training with the bungee cord is another way to build arm strength. There are tw o ways to do this drill. The first requires a partner. In the first drill, assum e a fighting stance and hold the handle of one end of the bungee cord while your partner stands behind you holding the other end of the cord. Throw a punch, ret urn to the starting position and repeat. The second drill does not require a par tner because you wear the bungee cord device around your shoulders. Hold each ha

Your partner should hold the gloves at chest-height and pointed toward his chest. September 1998 / M. strike with your ri ght hand. Sparring To complete your speed training. Training home training with the dragon tao of JKD centerline theory 5 ways of attack first with the most circle with no circumference liberate yourself physical training speed training weight training ab routine fast hands fancy feet attribute training -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 2003 bigfluffyspider. Assume a fighting stance in front of y our partner. you should spar with a partner. Califo rnia. Without notice. Focus Mitt Training Focus mitt training is another good method for developing your reflexes and accu racy. A. trained with Bruce Lee. sets and reps are up to you. If your partner holds his left hand up. he should turn one glove and face it toward you. If he holds up his right hand up. Do this drill by rounds. who owns the IMB Academy in Torrance. s trike with your left hand.ndle and throw a variety of punches. The duration. who should wear a pair of focus mitts. About the author: Richard Bustillo. This drill also requires a partner. Don some protec tive gear ad go at it.com .

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