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Chao Te Ching

Chao Te Ching

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Published by Billy Pilgrim
Discordian rewrite of the Tau te Ching.
Discordian rewrite of the Tau te Ching.

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Published by: Billy Pilgrim on Jun 01, 2013
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There is Something that exists,

beyond the Illusions of Order and Disorder.

It is all things, and unknowable in full.

We only see small parts of It,

but are convinced what we see is the entire Universe.

For lack of a better name, I call It "Chaos".

At dinner parties, I claim It is everything Possible and Impossible.

When asked why not call It "god",

I point out that their head is too fucking small.

Because we create the Illusions in which we live,

we are more creative than Chaos.

Because we believe in the Illusions we create,

our heads are too fucking small.

In this way, we reflect our creations.

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