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Composition (per 100 ml): Cymbopogon Citriatus(lemon grass oil) - 6 ml, Cedrus deodara(Cedar oil) - 6 ml, Azardirachta Indica(neem

)- 15 ml, Exciepients - QS. Ayurvedic Proprietary Medici ne. lemon grass oil Cedar oil Direction for Use: Apply spray liberally at wall corners around dustbins in kitc hen area, on the inside walls of kitchen cabinets, under kitchen sink, bathroom nanny trap area and places where cockroaches roam about. It is ideal to spray in the above areas during night before sleep. Repeat spray once every week till co ckroach population completely disappears. In case of severe infestation, spray d aily at night for 10 days. CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Ke ep away from children & direct flame. Rinse kitchen vessels & utensils before us e. For external use only. Do not spray on clothes or wall. Store in cool, dry pl ace