Mudra Vignanam: Mudras are part of Yoga Shastra.

It helps mainly to get rid of our body uneasiness, Thyroid, headache, B.P., Constipation and so many other problems. Our body is made up of Pancha Boodam or Five Elements of Nature. Different combination of these five elements through finger positions we can achieve desired results. Here are they: Thump Finger - Fire element Index Finger – Air element Middle Finger – Space element Ring Finger – Earth Element Little Finger – Water Element A. Gnana Mudra: This mudra will strengthen our muscles & Brain system. For good result Padmasana will be the best. Tension, Angry, Laziness, Autism and Depression & Hysteria for all these Gnana mudra practice will be very much useful to eradicate these problems. One will develop peaceful mind. For students to improve their memory & for good sleep they should practice Gnana mudra along with Prana mudra. Method: Tip of the Index finger and Thump finger should touch each other and leaving other three fingers straight. B. Akash Mudra: Middle finger has direct contact with heart. So this mudra can be performed when one requires to practice. Method: Tip of the middle finger and Thump finger touching each other. C. Prithvi Mudra: Practice of this mudra will eliminate body tiredness & fatigue and brings freshness. Persons complaining about lean body can do this mudra to increase their body weight; apart from this one will get peace and happiness. Method: Attaching tip of the ring and thump fingers.

D.Varuna Mudra: When water level comes down in our body, our blood become impure, Varuna mudra rectifies this by regular practice. Apart from this, this mudra very effective in eradicating water born diseases & Removes dryness in our body. Those suffering from sprain can benefit from Varuna mudra. Method: Attaching Little finger with Thump finger. E. Vayu Mudra: Good & effective for Gastric trouble. People suffering from Vaadham related diseases can practice this mudra daily 15 minutes till they feel better from Vaadham related diseases. Along with this mudra one should practice Prana mudra to get relief from spondylitis, cervical spondylitis and Arthritis. Method: One has to press his Index finger under Thump finger. F. Soonya mudra: Soonya mudra is very helpful in containing Ear pain & temporary deafness (some people get this after sneezing or forcefully blowing nose to bring out flem). Combine Akash mudra along with Soonya mudra for more benefit. Method: Fold middle finger underneath Thump finger. G. Surya mudra: Sitting in Padmasana, if one performs in both hands this Surya mudra! Obesity will reduce & also Tension. Daily morning and evening 15 minutes one can do this mudra. Method: Bring ring finger under thump finger. H. Jaloodornasuga mudra: Body discomforts due to excess presence of water in our body can be wiped out by this mudra. One can practice this mudra till he/she gets respite from it. Method: Press little finger under Thump finger. HI: Prana mudra: It is very important mudra. It will do away with exhaustion and gives high energy. Improves eye sight. For sleeping dis-order this mudra combined with Gnana mudra and for Diabetes with Apaana mudra will be very effective. Method: Touch the tip of the Little & Ring fingers with Thump finger.

J. Apaana mudra: By doing this one will develop strong teeth. Motion (clearing bowels) and sweat will come out easily, because of this one will get rid of perverted mind and cultivate positive ideas. Method: Touch tip of Ring finger & Middle finger with that of Thump finger. K. Apaana vayu mudra: The other names for this mudra are Hrudya mudra, Mrudha sanjivini mudra. Practice of this mudra one will get great relief and benefits for Heart related problems, High B.P., Headache & Irritable bowl syndrome (Gastric). Method: Press Index finger under Thump finger and tip of the Ring & Middle fingers should touch the tip of Thump finger. L. Sangha mudra: Sangha mudra is beneficial for the following problems. Navel related issues, Severe Throat pain, infections will go, good solution for Thyroid problem. One will get very lilting voice doing this mudra. This mudra will cleanse our Blood circulatory system & digestive system. At the time of prayer also we can keep our hands in this mudra. Method: Left hand should hold right thump finger after this right index finger should press left thump finger, remaining three fingers of the right hand should be kept on left hand fingers. M. Linga mudra: Linga mudra should be practiced whenever the need arises. Body heat will increase incredibly by this mudra practice, good at the time of winter season. People practicing this mudra should intake more water, milk, fat & fruits. Cough & Cold will get quick relief. Good for weight reduction and obesity. Method: Clasping each hands together and keep up one of the thump fingers straight into air is called Linga mudra. When real need is there that time one should practice this.

N. Hithkar mudra: Good mudra for meditation. Hithkar mudra has the ability to change irritating mind into peach full one. Daily practice of this mudra, our irritation will reduce considerably; due to this B.P. will be controlled. Inferiority complex will go. Method: Keep Little & Ring fingers of the both hands cress crossed and attach Middle & Index fingers of the both hands like Namaskar posture and insert both Thump fingers inside the Index fingers to get this mudra. O. Kanchan mudra: Kanchan mudra to be performed when one does Savasana after finishing yoga practices. The benefits of this mudra are it gives satisfaction & peace. One will develop radiant face and glittering skin. Method: Index & Middle finger should be folded above Thump finger and other fingers facing sky in Savasana. The other mudras are: P. Brugi mudra. Fold index & middle fingers and keep thump finger and ring fingers facing sky. When one practices KAPALA BHATI KRIYA & NADI SUDDHI PRANAYAMA use this Mudra. Q. Sukhi mudra: Attaching all five fingers together is Sukhi mudra. At the time of Yogic Breathing and Kapala bhati kriya one can use this mudra. R. Dairya mudra: ------ Attaching both Thump fingers parallel to our heart. This will develop enormous confidence in facing any situation. T. Bairav mudra: -- Sit in padmasana & keep right hand palm above left hand palm that facing sky. Remember Maha Avatar Babaji sitting posture and also swami Ramakrishna paramahamsa. S. Don mudra : ---This is just opposite mudra to Bairav mudra. Reverse left hand and Place it on your lap and now right hand on above left hand. All right hand fingers should be placed between the gaps of left hand fingers. Benefits: People suffering from respiration problem can get benefits doing this mudra. TB patients, Diabetic patients will get huge advantage. This mudra will help in keep our mind fresh for the whole day.

U. Yoni mudra: --- Touch both index fingers facing upwards& at the same time attach both Thump fingers downwards, it resembles like that of ladies private part. V. Nashika mudra: While practicing Nadi Suddhi pranayama or Analoma Viloma one can use this mudra. Keep both index & middle fingers between both brows and now use Thump & Ring fingers for inhalation and Exhalation process. Nashika means “Nose”. W. Chin Mudra: This mudra can be used at the time of doing some of the sitting and standing asana’s as well as for meditation practice also. It indicates attaching fire element with air element in our body. X. Vayaana Mudra: At one go one should touch tip of index, middle & ring fingers with thump finger. It means fire element (thump) intermingle with air, space & earth elements. Benefits: Good for prana shakthi movement in our body along with blood circulation, improve our kidney functions & develop strong nerves system Y. Mrugi Mudra: This Mudra practice is good for weak nerves system and it will make a man/woman very fast/quick in his/her activities. People who practice this Mudra will be a leading light in the society. They make sweeping changes to the society. Mrugi means Deer in Sanskrit. Method: Fold Middle & Ring fingers and now place Thump finger above the folded fingers. Similar Mudra to Apaana Mudra.

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