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Reporting tools --- query--query manager Psquery: End user reporting tool What are the limitations of PS query?

The biggest disadvantage is that PS queries cannot be used to perform DML(update,insert,detele) operations. It can only fetch data(Select).

The other limitation of PS query is that if the resultset of the query is too large, then not all the data can be extracted into Excel or CSV file due to file size limitations.

use PeopleSoft Query : To display data in a grid (on the Run tab). To schedule a query. To download query results to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and XML. To serve as a data source for Crystal Reports. To create a data source for PeopleSoft nVision reports. To serve as a data source of the same name for PeopleSoft XML Publisher.

records fieldsexpressionspromptscriteria--run

Query Properties--Types of psquerys:

User query ; User queries retrieve data from the database Reporting query : Reporting queries are essentially the same as user queries, except that they
are designed to be used by another reporting tool. Reporting queries can be used as data sources for ad hoc queries, scheduled queries, Crystal Reports, PS/nVision, Cube Manager, or XML Publisher Process query : Process queries are queries that you intend to run periodically using a batch process.

Role query: PeopleSoft Workflow uses role queries to determine to whom to send an email,
form, or worklist entry. Archive query : You can save a query as an archive query

Enable Auto Join Enable Auto Preview Select to indicate that your query should automatically determine the join conditions(common keys) when a new record component is added. Select to indicate that your query preview should automatically rerun each time you access the Run page of the Query Manager component.

Download to excel Download to XML Note. To grant users access to download your query to Microsoft Excel,xml you must make sure that their permission lists include the WEBLIB_QUERY web library with full access. Joins: Standard join Left outer join

PS Query definition is stored on which server? DB Server

submit a process request: Reporting ToolsQuery-- Schedule Query.

Q: how to Create Workflow Queries?

Query administration:
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