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Polymorphic Perception of the Fourth Dimension State

Polymorphic Perception of the Fourth Dimension State


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Published by Stacey T Pollock
Understanding the interactive levels of fourth dimension

For most people this will be a very difficult subject to grasp for the simple fact that it focuses on a topic that steps outside of our now state of awareness in third dimension to which we call the physical state of awareness. Third dimension is the space we know as the physical body and the state of which we call human existence. In this article, however, I will delve into discussing the next level of dimension state of fourth reality perception. Not only will I attempt to detail it for how it is seen in a perceptional sense but also in a physically constructive manner.
Understanding the interactive levels of fourth dimension

For most people this will be a very difficult subject to grasp for the simple fact that it focuses on a topic that steps outside of our now state of awareness in third dimension to which we call the physical state of awareness. Third dimension is the space we know as the physical body and the state of which we call human existence. In this article, however, I will delve into discussing the next level of dimension state of fourth reality perception. Not only will I attempt to detail it for how it is seen in a perceptional sense but also in a physically constructive manner.

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Published by: Stacey T Pollock on Apr 22, 2009
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Polymorphic Perception of the Fourth Dimension State

Understanding the interactive levels of fourth dimension
For most people this will be a very difficult subject to grasp for the simple fact that it focuses on a topic that steps outside of our now state of awareness in third dimension to which we call the physical state of awareness. Third dimension is the space we know as the physical body and the state of which we call human existence. In this article, however, I will delve into discussing the next level of dimension state of fourth reality perception. Not only will I attempt to detail it for how it is seen in a perceptional sense but also in a physically constructive manner. If fourth dimension perception is truly understood it would be for many a very interesting level of creation to explore. Awareness is the first key to understanding what it is, let alone how it works at every level. Most importantly the awareness of what it is useful for and how it can develop our intellectual understanding of creation and utilize it as a method of exploration and knowledge gathering. This article really runs in line with another article I wrote about Mind Travelers, which discusses the ability for conscious matter to travel space without the use of a third dimension material body. Mind travel is achieved at certain levels within the state of our dreams, and it is through the fourth dimension that we are able to achieve this method of transportation. I want to in this article describe more about the fourth dimension and how it is perceived and how it forms upon itself, detailing information about the polymorphic state of matter in this perceptional environment. I know this topic will seem a bit far fetched for most people, but for some when I give examples they will be able to relate to some experiences that they might have had or some particular things that they face within their dreams. For others who do not recall there dreams, who mostly just perceive in a totally solid physical state within our world, this subject will be very difficult to grasp. These people would be considered very physically grounded within the third dimension environment, and have little knowledge of matter beyond what they see with their eyes and through their current state of perception. This topic really requires experience at certain levels just to understand its technical usage, let alone the practical and beneficial effects of experiencing reality at this level. If you are one of these people who does not see reality further than physical solid matter and would like to know more about the dimensions of matter and space your can refer to either my

Books, Creation Theory Revised, or The Mind and Matter, or my articles that can be read online here: Spatial Dynamics and Multidimensional Perception Strung Up on String Theory Do Past and Future Really Exist? You can also find many more at my Articles Page. Now for the people that are curious about the fourth dimension and the how perception works I will describe what Polymorphic means in the light of my own perception through dimension. We now as humans walk the earth and see ourselves as third dimension dense reality. We feel our physical bodies through sensation that is taken back through our physical body through the central nervous system which I identify as the second half of the brain. The brain to me consists of two parts. The upper storage brain and the lower connection brain that links to the workings of the body to which we call the central nervous system. When we relate to things within our environment we now view this world through our physical senses, which relate to our sight especially. This also relates to our other five senses, sound, smell, touch, taste and sensation. Yes, sensation is another sense that we do not identify with so much at this moment in our reality. It is the inward reading of touch that is related back to the brain. Sensation can also be produced without touch being involved through the utilization of emotions and things that I term as triggers. I will not go into too much depth on this in this article, but just to give an overall general guide. Triggers are related to electromagnetic energy and the reading of information back into the brain. When we so far see our environment we visualize it through these sense means. We conclude that we have a physical body through what we have in our brains devised through the use of these sensations and the physical construction of our body in the third dimension environment. What then happens to our senses when we go to sleep and delve into the world of fourth dimension? For most people the fourth dimension is an illusional world that consists of intention and rides purely on energy directed through form. In most ways it could very much be seen this way, but there is much more depth to the fourth dimension in perception than what is even realized in our dream state. When we dream we go into a world that does not purely derive itself on all of our physical body sensations at once, but instead focuses in on certain subjects much more detailed than how we would normally perceive it in the physical environment of third dimension. There is a big difference between perceptions of reality within our dreams than there is in our thoughts that exist during the day when we are awake. We do in our dreams experience within a reality just like here but on a totally different level. This different level has a lot to do with vibration of matter and what level our perception is viewing through. It would be already hard for most people to imagine that they actually live in a totally different perceptional reality within their dreams, let alone experience a totally different form there in terms of their physical construction. Our conscious perception within our dreams exists within a polymorphic state of matter construction. Matter of fourth dimension is polymorphic in nature and not only changes in its appearance but also exists based on the effects of energy around it. The level of communication within the fourth dimension is thus experienced at a totally different level,

through the reading of energy in intention. What this means is that when an entity in fourth dimension were to communicate to another entity they would do this through a form of communication that is intention based. This could be seen like what we do in our physical environment when it comes to feeling but on a much deeper level where they would experience not only their own feelings but the feelings of the other at the same time. Thought works on a totally different level also in fourth dimension and purely derives from what an entity is focusing on in energy. This is really difficult to explain without showing how this is seen through the mind, but I will try and simplify it as best that I can. Remember back to times that you had dreams where you were in first person walking through a particular moment in your life. You felt certain things in the dream and some things were accentuated but other things not at all seen or considered. In the fourth dimension state, reality is much more defined and focused in on. This could be seen much like looking through a microscope. The things that we focus on become accentuated in the fourth dimension environment, which really relates to the polymorphic nature of reality at this level. Polymorphic most definitely relates to the perception of space at a moment within a dream or within this state of consciousness. A being or person in this realm would experience it at a totally different level than another being depending on point of perception. Each being has a different point of perception or personality to which they form their reality. If four people would experience the same dream they would all interpret it at a totally different level. This can also be seen within our physical world at a body interactive level. The interesting thing about our reality is that even though we are third dimension in our physical nature, right now as we think, we are perceiving reality in thought through the fourth dimension. We have a third dimension body but a fourth dimension perception. This is pretty much the easiest way that it can be seen. Fourth dimension perception is polymorphic in nature and this relates to dream, time and the construction of the physical matter space when it comes to perception. Perception itself is fourth dimensional in nature and when we relate to the space around us we meld ourselves to what we wish to focus on. This can be seen through hobbies that we have. The things we are more interested in become more accentuated and some things that we do not have interest in we might not even see as existing at all. When we finally realize that our thoughts are polymorphic in nature then we will come to understand interaction and communication on the fourth dimension level and how it works. It is possible to have a physically constructed interactive level in fourth dimension but it is experienced in a totally different way than the world we now experience in our third dimension bodies. One thing that is very important to remember is that every fourth dimensional entity or person that exists within our dreams has at all times also a third dimension body existing at the same time (all dimensions exist at once simultaneously within reality), just the same as we do when we go to sleep at night, that although we dream we are at all times relating our experiences back into the brain of our physical constructive third dimension matter body. It might be presumed that not all memories of our dreams are able to be recalled but this is a common misconception. The dreams that we experience are stored within our brains during the night, however, the experiences do not directly relate to our physical experiences here, and are not remembered purely based on the links of information stored within our brains.

Memory storage within our brains works on a linkage (or trigger) system. That when we think of things they have to relate to other thoughts or what I term triggers. These triggers run always in line with one another. That when we think of one thing it will lead to thinking of other things that we had stored at some point throughout our life experience. Our dreams do not always link to our world here, and it is at these times that we forget them, remembering only the parts that relate directly to this world in current third dimension perception, things such as talking to relatives and friends and interacting with them. We do however experience much more within our dreams and when we are given images to be able to refer to, in order to describe what our experiences are, it is then that we are able to recall what we have seen. Information that is read in the fourth dimension is always reinterpreted in the third dimension through physically accepted laws. These physically accepted laws relate to the solidity of objects within the matter environment itself, which means that all information recalled in fourth dimension will be automatically given a physical definition within our third dimensional state of awareness. The object in the environment might have been a floating ball of light that had levels of crystallized nature, perhaps far more in depth than what we see here in this world, but might be reinterpreted as a glowing ball of crystal with light coming out from it. Some objects, colors and sensations cannot be related back into the physical environment and at all times we will compensate and place the experiences within a physical box, whether or not they are truly identifying with the experience that actually happened during the perception of reality at a fourth dimensional level. It would not be accurate to presume that perception is subjective when viewing reality in this way. When people think of the ability for matter to morph through perception they instantly presume that the formation of matter is subjective and purely relating to perception itself. This is not at all accurate in my eyes. Perception is the reading of the matter environment, allowing us the ability to interact and interpret our physical reality. There are two levels to reality, matter and mind. Both are needed in the formation of reality, so the idea that reality is subjective, would be identifying reality with thought alone as being the basis of the whole of formation, which is totally inaccurate from a multidimensional perspective. Reality really is interactive, not subjective. Thus we are experiencing the creation. We do not individually create our matter environment from the core of creation but are instead the product of it. It is not 1 equals 1 and determines the whole of reality from thought as some might presume life to be. It is 1 plus 2 equals 3 and reality is determined through consciousness itself. This means that our experience of reality exists purely from the fact that consciousness has already been formed. When understanding this, it is then important to see that fourth dimension does also form through consciousness and is part of this reality itself. It is also not subjective in its nature and things happen for a reason, all has purpose linking one thing to the next. Especially when it comes to communication, through the fourth dimension it links very much to intention of energy being utilized through the person experiencing the event and also the people they interact with in their dreams. Do not think that when we dream that we control it all through our own perception and that we are the only one dreaming. We do within our dreams also connect with other beings and people, and that is why in a lot of our dreams we will feel the effects of experiences in much the same way as we do in our physical environment. We do not always control what occurs in our dreams, making other beings do what we wish at all times. No, instead we experience reality in our dreams very much in the same manner as we do here now in our physical world but at a much more accentuated level.

To consider the fourth dimension it would be accurate to say that it exists right where we are experiencing life in the moment through third dimension. Although third dimension is perceived in our eyes now, the fourth dimension is also accessible at every moment if we allow ourselves to travel to the right vibratory level in perception. In order for a person to see a fourth dimension being or person, they would need to be in the right state of perception in order to experience and interact with them. This often feels like a person is having heart palpitations or that their body is pulsating fast. Their body will feel warm and their senses will become acute. Yes, this means that it is possible to create a fourth dimensional matter environment within a third dimension reality. We do this already naturally when we go to sleep through our bodies. However this is also achievable through technology in the changing of the electromagnetic field of a particular environment. The faster that matter is pushed to vibrate the further into fourth dimension toward the fifth and back to the mind we will be able to go. The faster the vibration of matter, the closer to mind and the core of creation we become. Perception of reality changes a lot within these other states of perception, or what other people might call other worlds. However it is important to know that they are not other worlds, but merely different perceptional states. They all belong to this world but on a different level. There are many perceptional states within reality, an unlimited amount of vibratory rates all relating to the diffusion of light within reality itself. In physical reality itself to which we define ourselves as conscious beings, there are five main dimensions that can be processed down to having three constructional purposes all depending on direction of energy. I detail this more within my first book, Creation Theory Revised and a bit within my article, Spatial Dynamics and Multidimensional Perception, which talks about the physical construction of the matter environment itself from the core of creation. It describes the direction of energy or matter within creation and how it defines the space to which we live within. This direction of energy relates very much to the level of communication we have in fourth dimension, which is energy directed back towards the mind. This energy could be called then intention which is at the most purest level considered outward desires, or purpose. One interesting thing to take into consideration is that we can at all times interact with these levels of reality, even through what we perceive as our physical third dimensional world. It is possible to produce environments that a person can walk within that takes their matter formation to a different vibration level through the use of electromagnetic devices. If this is monitored correctly and able to be experienced by the human without bringing pain upon their already physical form, they would be able to walk within this environment and be able to communicate with beings from other realities and most importantly communicate with people all over the world even if they are living many hours away by plane. It would feel as if that person is in the room with the individual and not at all that far away in distance from each other. This would be a sort of portal device that could create a vibratory space that links in from different parts of the world. They would not be able to travel far from their already physical vibratory state without effecting the construction of the body or bringing pain upon it, however they would be able to see other beings from other close vibratory states that they would not normally perceived in their physical third dimensional perception. If they are able to enter and leave the

environment with the physical body they will recall the experience physically as if they are still in their third dimension state of perception. It is important to note that a fourth dimensional entity or being is not always of this world or human in characteristics. They will be perceived by us in ways depending on our own perception of physical reality. This will bring up the issue of polymorphic perception. One person will see the being in this reality as being totally physically different to say the next person depending on their intentions, fears and ability to cope with change and difference within their own environment. People who do not cope with change much or who do not accept things that are different to them might perceive some beings in a different way than someone who was open and more trusting in their nature. Perception has a great deal to do with interaction at this level and it is important to realize that beings of these dimensions might be far more advanced intellectually and far more skilled at interacting within the environment at this level. In their eyes we might be considered very spiritually young when it comes to communication and level of ability to interact within creation itself through other dimensional states. This will lead to an inability for both us and them to be able to communicate effectively until there is an intellectual understanding and a spiritual growth awareness that is achieved by us on our level. What I mean by intellectual awareness is an understanding of spatial dynamics and the obtaining of a multidimensional awareness, which can only be achieved through individual experience. There are beings already interacting within the fourth dimension at a much more advanced level than we are doing here now in our present time, as I described in my article Mind Travelers. They are experienced with how reality forms upon itself and are able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a fourth dimensional environment. When the level of intelligence grows the further a being can travel within these worlds. Firstly starting within their own world and only traveling through their dreams at night interacting with each other and mostly dreaming of their experiences that they had within this environment. Other beings as they advance more, which most already experienced mind travelers have the ability to do, will travel far beyond this earth to other worlds. This takes a certain level of understanding of the matter space before we are able to experience reality to these levels. What is important to consider is that beings traveling the fourth dimension are not basing themselves on time and if they were to be viewing this way then they are themselves only new at experiencing reality at this level. When they also become more advanced they will understand that fourth dimension reality, although we call it time, is really based on intention and possibility. If a being were to come and say they were from our past and future this would be totally incorrect of them to picture it this way, especially when it comes to the formation of creation itself. Creation exists at once and thus it is intention and purpose that formulates its construction to which we would call possibility. This means that their future and past is not dependant on other worlds, but more based purely on choice and possibility. A being is thus not our future or past, and if we were to view the future or past, it is not our future or past but a viewing of possibility. There is no real easy way to put this, except to say that we are not past and future but really moments of now perception building upon other moments of now perception that have ‘possibility’ of existing in the future. You can read more of this in an article I wrote about future and past here, which goes into more depth over this subject: Do Past and Future Really Exist?

This is however not one of the easiest subjects to visualize and it will be for some a difficult topic to understand at this moment in their present perception. There are many writers now that talk about the importance of living in the moment and it might be a good idea to read some topics relating to this. I have also another article relating to this that I wrote last year which might help in visualizing what the earlier article is stipulating at, called: The Importance of the Moment To end this article I just want to reiterate how important it is to realize that the fourth dimensional state of awareness is Polymorphic in nature and that it changes depending on intention of the individual experiencing the matter within this environment, and of course how they interact with others in this environment. We will in the future discover more of this in our already inquisitive scientific field when we start to explore electromagnetic environments and how they can affect the matter state of the body. For now however we will just have to imagine what implications of such experiences would bring to our world. How much more new information we could discover and new experiences we could have if such technology would or could be developed and utilized in an everyday manner. Although most would so far see the bad side of such technology, through fear of the unknown, it would be important to also consider the benefits of such technology on a developmental and intellectual level. Seeing other realities would most definitely open our eyes to much more possibility, and it also helps us to learn what others have done through their own experiences of other worlds to know how to experience our own world to the highest levels of our abilities. It opens doorways to new experiences, new technology, scientific and intellectual understanding of reality itself. Science is only now looking within the brain at how electromagnetic energy works, and soon we will explore this to a deeper level. It is part of a developmental process and order of creation itself, when we learn one thing it automatically leads to other experiences, and in time we might just be traveling to other worlds through the fourth dimensional portals of our mind. Let us wait and see what the future holds for us in possibility. By Stacey T Pollock 20th April 2009

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Stacey T Pollock is an author who writes about the mind and her personal perception of life and the physical world. She has written books to do with creation theory and the mind and matter, coming from the standpoint of a person who studies all viewpoints of life around her. Her philosophy in life is that we can obtain an understanding that links all philosophies together that can allow for creativity and choice on how we wish to experience life. 'Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us' Visit Stacey T Pollock’s website at: http://creationtheory.weebly.com

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