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Two Countries, One Soul

Two Countries, One Soul

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Published by Sadia Waris
its an essay on how living in different places around the world can teach you a lot of new cultures and religions.
its an essay on how living in different places around the world can teach you a lot of new cultures and religions.

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Published by: Sadia Waris on Jun 02, 2013
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Being one of those people who travel throughout their life gives them a whole new and different perspective. A fast forward version of my life will show me flying from my home country to my parents’. I was born in USA but my parents and ancestors are all from Pakistan. As it is known by everyone, both countries are as different from one another as oil and water. Despite the differences and distance between both countries, they are and always will be a part of both my past and future. I have experienced the best of both worlds, from dining at a five star restaurant, The Salon At Per Se, to sitting on the side of the road with my Pakistani cousins sipping tea from cheap paper cups; a big old tree our only defense against the heavy rain surrounding us. I still can’t say which day was more perfect. As different as the personalities and thoughts of the people living in these two countries, other factors that join the list of differences are education. Due to the fact that Pakistan follows the British education system, I have had the opportunity to experience both education systems and their techniques to learning. Having to learn the same topic from different systems has given me advantage against my fellow classmates. It has given me an upper hand at times of need and has helped in expanding my knowledge. Living in societies and atmospheres as apart from each other as their national languages, has made me more involved and aware of my surroundings. I feel more mature and confident of myself; more ambitious towards my goal of going into medicine and helping those in need.

.Math and science have always interested me from the beginning and I would like placing my interests in the right field for better use.

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