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Dyaryomagdalo No 23

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Volume 4 No.


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June 3- 9 2013

WHEN Customs Commissioner Rufino “Ruffy” Biazon with valiant Customs Intelligence operatives conducted series of raids on warehouses where they netted assorted smuggled goods worth hundreds of millions, he is thrusting deeply hard a double edged sword to severe the veins of unholy alliances between the unconquerable empire of smugglers and men in the corridors of power in the country’s ports. PAGE 2

Page 5

Customs war versus smugglers

RP to deport Chinese couple “Regarding who escaped ‘one child policy’ the fans, I
THE long lasting love of a Chinese couple was gifted with a child. For the young couple, Fong Waiyan and wife Fan Yueying,the child was a gift from heaven who should be showered with love. Fong strived hard to reach his highest dream, to build a stable an official of the Chinese government despite dirty political play by his detractors. It is normal for Fong and Fan to make love, yes, to make love but in accordance with China’s “One Child Policy”. Unfortunately, Fan got pregnant. Her second pregnancy is crime greatly punishable u n d e r China developed the one child policy to contain its increasing population in the globe. To hide from the government her second pregnancy, Fong and Fan travelled to the Philippines. But before their travel, Fan explored the internet and she found a website that offers speedy processing of third-country nationality. She immediately told Fong about the website. They made arrangement and paid 200,000 Chinese yuan for making the Philippine passport for Fan. The couple believed that by the use of the PAGE 2

Janine Picazo

don’t think them as fans, I think them as friends.”

fami ly for the future of his only child. Fong was guided by his stars for he became

Glaiza de Castro

C h i n a ’s One child Policy.


June 3- 9 2013

Hero loses job for gallant act
SIGNAL lights danced in darkness before dawn on the stretch of EDSA, Quezon City. The bus whistled honk, honk, honk that disturbed the silence in wee hour. Blood spilled on dashboard of a bus as knife slashed open the forearm of a driver who struggled to save his neck. Manases “Boyet” Ratila Perral, driver of an airconditioned Metro Link Bus, blocked the knife thrust straight to his throat by one of the five (5) robbers who ordered him to put off the signal lights and to end the bus honks. That order he refused to yield. Unfortunately, the knife deeply cut his right forearm and blood spilled on dashboard. Luckily, because the robbers were already alarmed, they hastily jumped out of the bus, leaving Manases who was trying to stop the blood oozing from his injury. The robbers disappeared in the dark. The gallantry of Manases spoiled the robbery that had actually sent the passengers to begging for their lives and prayers to high heavens for safety. What made Manases’ life so colorful that wee hour was the outpouring concern extended him by BIAZON... PAGE 1 In declaring that he’ll run square against the smugglers, and that no smuggler can hide in rats’ dens, Biazon, in the company of Deputy Commission for Intelligence Brigadier General Danilo Lim (ret.), seized smuggled imported vehicles, tons passengers of the airconditioned Metro Link Bus he was driving. deeds protecting and saving from robbers his passengers. His right arm is feared to heavily push the horn to alarm the mobile police patrol and the Metro personnel roving in the area. His move sent to panic the bus robbers. One of the robbers angrily attacked him with a knife targeting this throat but luckily blocked the knife. His right forearm was severely wounded and that major veins were cut that caused profuse bleeding. Taking nothing from the passengers, the robbers escaped while Manases was brought to the nearby East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) by MMDA men who allegedly insisted payment for having brought him to the hospital. At the hospital, Manases discovered that his employer, Metro Link Bus Upon arrival last May 11, 2013, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Immigration officers arrested pregnant Fan and her husband Fong. Far from the doctrine of human consideration, I m m i g r a t i o n Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. immediately declared that the couple will be deported and blacklisted. Fan will be expelled for knowingly using a spurious travel document with the aid of her husband who will also be kicked out for harboring and giving comfort to an illegal alien. “May indications din kami. Compared satunay, ang filter ng fake cigarettes ay mas maiksi at di siksik. Yung lamanna tobacco, mukhang may halong saw dust. Sa kapenaman, yung packaging ay plastic,” Lim claimed. The goods could fetch around P30 million if sold to unsuspecting customers. However, no arrests were made in connection with the seizure. The seizure is “a big boost to the local industry,” said Biazon. ”Otherwise, had these illegally imported goods been able to get to the local market, they could have affected the local tobacco industry.” Lim observed that “smuggling attempts for cigarette products have noticeably increased after the government imposed sin taxes, resulting in higher prices of tobacco products in the local market. Company franchise owner Evelyn Castro and bus company owners Eduardo Cabuhat Francisco and wife Marissa Francisco, never paid for his medical benefit with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), no employee’s premium contribution and employer’s share remitted to Social Security System (SSS), and no remittance was ever paid for his Home Development Mutual Fund or the Pag–IBIG Fund. Manasesstarted working as a mere bus conductor in 2004. Later on, in 2010 Manases acquired his professional driver license and he was hired as a bus driver. Uso Dan Salasim, NAIA-BI intelligence unit head, revealed that Fan confessed using the Philippine passport so she could give birth at a Hongkong hospital instead of going to China to deliver her second child. As explained by Fan, China couples who sire a second child are meted stiff fines, depending on their social status and financial capacity. Fan revealed that her husband is a government official and the birth of their second child might be used against him by his political enemies. “We are aware of this development and this is the reason why t h e B OC i s c l o s e l y monitoring all ports for attempts to smuggle f o r e i g n - m a d e c i ga re ttes i n to t h e country,” Lim added. On M ay 2 3 , t h e b u re a u a l s o i nte rcepted shipments of cars and Vietnam rice, all amounting to P12 million, at the Davao port. In separate raids in Manila on May 24, the BOC confiscated another cargo of fake cigarettes and condiments worth P25 million and fake medicines worth P25 million. “Allowing these illegally imported goods to reach the local market without being certified as safe by concerned government agencies like the Food and Drugs Administration could pose h e a l t h r i s ks to t h e public,” Biazon said.

Metro Link Bus owned by Eduardo Cabuhat Francisco and wife Marissa Francisco

Manases was brought to the East Avenue Medical Center where he was given medical care for weeks. But upon his disposal from the hospital, Mana-ses was dismayed for it was likely that the heavens fell flat on him. Manases discovered that Metro Link Bus Company did not remit his Social Security System (SSS) contributions, as well as, his Pag-Ibig and PhilHealth Contributions for successive nine (9) years. Upon his release from the hospital, Manases was told by his employer that his employment was already ended since his foiling the robbery holdup by five armed men. Manases, a native of Bayugan City, Agusan Del Sur, had shown exemplary of imported rice, multimillion worth of fake imported cigarettes, and other kind of contraband that were spirited out of the country’s ports. Lately, on May 27, 2013, in putting into action his warning to smugglers to watch out, “Aabutan namin kayo” (We will outrun you),

become inutile, useless or unusable for life. On May 10, 2013, a bus Manases was driving was packed at that time with more than 56 passengers. It was about 2:00 in the morning, Manases was driving along the Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) near corner Quezon Avenue in front of Vetris North Construction in Barangay Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, when five armed men declared holdup. The airconditioned passenger bus Manases was driving was on its way to Malanday, Valenzuela from Baclaran, Para-naque City. Much concerned with the safety of his passengers and unmindful of probable risk to himself, Manases immediately put a strong hold and uninterruptedly Biazon’s team seized millions of pesos worth of fake branded cigarettes and instant coffee stored concealed in a warehouse in Gocheco Bldg., C.M. Recto, Manila. The seized fake branded cigarette products and other imported goods from China was estimated to worth P30 million. Intellectual Property Rights Division Chief hief Zsae Carrie de Guzman said Marlboro, Winston and Fortune cigarettes, together with Knorr and Maggi food seasoning items and Nescafe products, were seized by virtue of a Letter of Authority issued by Biazon. The Letter of Authority was issued following Intelligence reports that the warehouse was being utilized as a stock room for fake imported items. “Through the help of its assets from the private sector, the Bureau’s

Manila Development Authority (MMDA) RP TO DEPORT... PAGE 1 Philippine passport, Fan could give birth at a Hongkong hospital to evade the policy of China. From the Philippines, the couple travelled to Hongkong. Upon arriving in Hongkong, Fan pretended to be a Filipina by presenting a fraudulent Philippine passport to the immigration officer. But unfortunately, Fan was outrightly denied entry after a dubious immigration departure stamp was detected on her passport. Fan was sent back to Manila and Fong decided to go back with her. Intelligence Group has once again caused the seizure of these illegally imported goods,” said Biazon in uplifting the morale of his intelligence operatives, adding that “This definitely is a big boost to the local business industry. Otherwise, had these illegally imported goods been able to get to the local market, it could have affected the local tobacco industry and business.” DepCom Danilo Lim revealed that his group conducted days of surveillance in Binondo before the raid that resulted in the seizure of fake smuggled cigarettes and other imported goods. Because the operatives of the BOC are not experts in determining the genuineness of the goods, the commission called on representatives from brand owners to check the apprehended goods.


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June 3- 9 2013



Man cheats machines in Philippine Elections
THE results in the recently concluded May 13, 2013 elections in the Philippines are proof that advanced technology or computer age cannot surpass the expertise of man who is determined to win by cheating. When Elections Chairman Sixto Brillantes, Jr.admitted that there are discrepancies between the results of the computerized vote count and that of the random results audit of the votes in some polling precincts, it was a confirmation that the PCOS machines were cheated by election cheaters, or that the PCOS machines functioned perfectly in accordance with the wishes of cheaters armed with bags of cold cash. With the admitted discrepancies, it can be said that the objective of computerizing the elections – to contain massive election cheating by manual counting – was defeated by the fingers of man. The May 13, 2013 elections proved that computers are just pieces of junks. But as the election scandals came to fore, the poll issues are getting into the nerves of Brillantes and elections watchdogs. When the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) seriously dealt with questions about the conduct of the elections, Brillantes likely shooed them away. It was too personal for Brillantes to instruct the CBCP to take care of the Church, not the elections. “Our job is elections. Their job is religion. . . . We don’t interfere [in their job],” Brillantes said without invoking the doctrine of separation of the state and the church. The Church, on the other hand, likely reminded Brillantes that public officials should not be “onion-skinned.” “It’s the right of the Church to ask questions, especially to make government officials accountable to the people. If he wants to resign, then he should resign,” publicly declared by Fr. Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the CBCP’s National Secretariat for Social Action. Because of the p e r c e i v e d defensive posture of Brillantes, the suspicion by the CBCP that the Comelec has extra hands in the discrepancies is burning more bridgesof possible cooperation between the Church and the poll body. The CBCP won the sentiments of another religious group, the Philippines for Jesus Movement (PJM), that issued statement that the Comelec is accountable to the millions of Filipinos who entrusted the poll body the security of their votes. “There have been many reports of irregularities in the elections. The Comelec chair himself admitted there were discrepancies in the audit they did. These cast doubt on the authenticity of the election results,” said Leo Alconga, PJM national chair. Another religious group, the Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP), also supported the CBCPbacked proposal of preacher Eduardo Villanueva, who lost the senatorial election, for the establishment of a “truth commission” that would look into allegations of fraud in the elections. “We in the IFP support our fellow leaders in the CBCP. The destiny of our nation lies in the hands of the electorate [so] the Comelec should ensure that the right of Filipinos to elect their leaders is not trampled upon by a few unscrupulous people within or outside the

government,” Dan Balais, IFP chair, said. The IFP urged the public to remain vigilant so that the truth about allegations of large-scale v o t e - b u y i n g , discrepancies between the Comelec’s random audit and the computerized tallies of the votes, and the socalled 60-30-10 returns pattern could be determined. After trading barbs with CBCP, Brillantes welcomed reelected Sen. Koko Pimentel’s plan to conduct his own random manual audit of the election results but he urged critics to wait for the final results of the Comelec’s own audit. Also joining the fray is former Election Commissioner Gus Lagman, the most strident critic of the Comelec’s precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machines. Lagman said discrepancies significantly lower than the required 99.995 percent accuracy rate could affect the results of local races. The Comelec was urged by party-list group Kaakbay to allow academic institutions to open the ballot boxes and count the votes by hand

to see if the automated tallies were accurate. “We will do that (open the ballot boxes). I’m even suggesting that maybe exCommissioner Lagman should name one precinct where the results are wrong and (the two of us will open the ballot box),” suggested by Brillantes in an interview. “He should give me one precinct where the results are wrong. Does he know any?” Tired and disappointed Brillantes said he was just explaining what the Comelec was doing, but he ended up being ganged up by critics. “Whenever I explain, it just gets worse… I was the one who admitted that there was a discrepancy (in the random audit) but now I’m the one being blamed.” Brillantes revealed that the Comelec is conducting a “forensic investigation” of the compact flash (CF) cards that malfunctioned during the elections. “We want to know the cause… That is our obligation (but) outsiders should not teach us what to do. We are the ones doing the work inside. “Those outsiders are just making stories when

they do not know what is happening here. They are relying only on media reports… We don’t rely on media reports, we rely on [our] official documents.” Fraudulent pattern During the proclamation of the first top six (6) elected senators, it went viral on internet that Information technology experts have detected what they call a “60-30-10” pattern in the returns in favor of administration-backed

senatorial candidates during the canvassing of the votes. The pattern revealed that the returns constantly displayed 60 percent for administration candidates, 30 percent for opposition candidates, and 10 percent for other candidates. Upon the discovery of the supposed pattern, Vice President Jejomar Binay, one of the leaders of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), called for an investigation of alleged irregularities during the elections.

Deve-lopment work together in assessing the best interests of the child through the conduct of various investigations. Private agency and psychologist may be directed by the court to conduct its own study or evaluation taking consideration the total development of the child. Our present law also prescribes mandatory trial custody of six-month period over the child by the prospective adoptive parents as additional guarantee and protection that the best interests of the child is given weight before decree of adoption is issued. During the trial custody period such issues as the emotional, psychological and home environment of the child are assess and determine in order not to prejudice the interests of the child in an actual situation as opposes in mere judicial proceedings sans actual live-in together by the adoptee and adopters. Finally, the courts in adoption pro-ceedings always consider the needs, emotion and total development of the child and this framework is necessary to ensure that the rights of children are always in the forefront of all consideration. In congruence with the maxim of the state as parens patria and compliance with international laws governing human rights of children.

June 3- 9 2013
arrived more than two months ago. BI intelligence agents arrested the aliens at the Manila domestic airport last May 21 when they arrived from Cebu and their passports were found to have no admission stamps. David described the Nepalese’s actions as a blatant violation of the country ’s immigration laws which require all arriving foreigners to be admitted by immigration officers at the port of entry. He dismissed as flimsy the foreigners’ alibi that their non-admission was an honest mistake as they were unaware of the procedures that travelers should follow upon arrival at the airport. “Their claim that no one in the airport told them to clear with immigration is no excuse for them not to be punished for violating our laws,” the BI chief said. David added he could not believe the students are unaware of the basic rule that persons who travel abroad must submit to inspection by immigration authorities at the port of their country of destination. Investigation revealed that the aliens arrived at the NAIA last April 7 but there is no record of their travel in the BI database. They later enrolled at the Southwestern University in Cebu City although they were only issued tourist visas by the Philippine consulate in Katmandu. “They did not only elude inspection by our immigration officers. They also violated the conditions of their tourist visa by enrolling in a Philippine school without the required student visa,” Mangrobang said.




hernz quarry
              BY HERNANI CUARE 

The best interest
I N cases involving adoption as well as in case of separation and nullity of marriage the paramount consideration is the best interests or welfare of the child. What exactly the best interests of the child mean in our jurisprudence? The doctrine of the best interests of child is the doctrine in family law that replaces the doctrine of tender years which was operative principle then in 19th Century in determining the fate of the child during and after the divorce proceedings. The doctrine of tender years is a common law principle that presumes that a child in tender years usually a four-year age and under should be in the custody of the mother. The appli-cation of this doctrine is often being invoked and judge’s guiding principle in divorce and legal separation pro-ceedings in awarding of the custody of children. However, at the turn of the 20TH Century, courts decision departed from doctrine tender years to a new doctrine of best interests of the child. Simply put, doctrine of best interests
of the child presupposes that child’s welfare should be the sole consideration of the magistrate in deciding a whole range of issues affecting the child such as but not limited to parental custody, visitation rights and adoption. This departure from doctrine of tender years effectively debunks the notion that mother knows best and that courts in present dispensation do not automatically grant or favor biological mothers as having the legal rights to have custody over the child. Today, it is the court through the help of social workers who conduct child study evaluation or report for determination of the judge as to whom the child’s custody may be granted. There are a lot of cases when mothers are deprived of their maternal rights over the child for the reason that granting so may adversely affect the total development of the child. In determining the best interests of the child or children in the context of an adoption cases, the court and the Department of Social Work and

Unstampped passports undressed new Immig ring
IT is the nature of a syndicate to plan and replan purportedly to perfect the commission of a crime, leaving no traces of their criminal acts. But this does not happen to three Nepalese students who were clients of a syndicate after they were held by Immigration officers at the Manila Domestic Airport. As rightly claimed by Atty. Ma. Antonette Mangrobang, Immigration acting intelligence chief, there is a possibility that the Bureau of Immigration has stumbled upon a scheme of recruiting foreign students by enrolling them in universities while conversion of their status from tourist to student is being processed. DahalPashupati, 29; KhadkaUmesh, 24; and YadavPankaj, 19, all Nepalese students, disembarked from a plane from Cebu and they were held by Immigration officers at the arrival area of Manila Domestic Airport. It was discovered that there were no admission stamps that should have appeared on their passports two months ago upon their arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).The absence of admission stamps means the three Nepalese students did not pass Immigration inspection. At the NAIA, the three Nepalese students boarded a plane to Cebu, and for the second time, they passed the unsuspecting eyes of Immigration officers. The three Nepalese students arrived in Cebu, and for the third time, they passed clean the strict scrutiny of Immigration officers roaming the airport. On May 21, 2013, the three Nepalese students for the fourth time boarded a plane in Cebu, and they survived the scratching eyes of Immigration officers manning the airport. But upon arrival at the Manila Domestic Airport last May 21, the three Nepalese students were discovered to have violated the Immigration laws of the Philippines. In all, the questionable documents of the three Nepalese students only came to front after four dubious performances by Immigration officers. The apprehension of the three Nepalese students proved the negligence of Philippine authorities who are in charge in securing all airports. BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. revealed that the BI is poised to deport three Nepalese students who entered the country without passing inspection by airport immigration officers. The three Nepalese will be expelled for not undergoing immigration inspection at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) when they

No forgiveness coming from Gwen for Cebu
GWEN CANNOT AVAIL OF THE DOCTRINE OF CONDONATION OR DOCTRINE OF FORGIVENESS OR THE SOCALLED “AGUINALDO DOCTRINE” The topic here is about the DOCTRINE OF CONDONATION or the so-called DOCTRINE OF FORGIVENESS. This doctrine says that the re-election of an elective official is an act of the electorate of forgiving the same official for the administrative offenses committed during the previous term of office. This doctrine has been called “Aguinaldo Doctrine” because it was applied to him when he was reelected as governor of Cagayan province despite the cases filed by the DILG against him. Actually, the first case in the Philippines where this doctrine was applied was in the case of Mayor Pascual of San Jose, Nueva Ecija where he was suspended by the Provincial Board of Nueva Ecija. So that it should be called “PASCUAL DOCTRINE” and not Aguinaldo Doctrine. Before anything else, let me state that this doctrine applies only on administrative

Privilege d spits
          B Y T OTO  C AU SIN G  


violations. It does not apply to criminal violations. It may apply in civil cases in case the offended parties forgive and waive the right to collect on damages. In the situation of former governor Gwen Garcia, the doctrine cannot apply on her case on administrative violations committed when she was serving her final term as the governor of Cebu. That is, even if she has

just been elected by a slim margin to be the congresswoman of the Third District of Cebu province. First, it must be st res s ed t h at t h e nature of forgiving is that it can come only from the offended party. When Gwe n com-mitted that act t h at t r i g ge red t h e ad-ministrative case filed against her, she was the governor of Cebu province. So t h at s h e s i n n ed

against the people of the whole of Cebu p rov i n c e . It necessarily follows that the only valid condonation or forgiveness must be the one that comes from the people of the whole of Cebu province. This is the reason w hy t h e Pas c u a l D o c t rine limits its definition only to “REELECTION.” To my mind, this Pascual Doctrine can b e expa n d ed to fo rg i ve a c ts d o n e during the term of office that although i n t h e s u bs e q u e nt te r m t h e o ffe n d e r was n o t re e l e c ted

the case had not yet been finally decided and t h at the offender was elected i n t h e s u c c e ed i n g (third) term of the same office. Now, the act of electing the offender is the same act that is referred to as the a c t o f g i v i n g fo rgiveness. I n t h e c as e o f G we n G a rc i a , t h e o n es w h o e l e c ted her were the people of the Third District of Cebu province, NOT THE VOTERS OF THE WHOLE PRO-VINCE. So that there is no forgiveness forthcoming for Gwen Garcia.

June 3- 9 2013



Janine Picazo

Treasures the Beauty of Education


amp modeling is a profession that turned teeners and coeds too busy to treat. But it is not in the case of ramp model Janine Picazo, who at age 18, still finds time for school. J a n i n e , standing five feet and six inches tall, took seriously ramp modeling as a profession but she did not take for granted the beauty of education as she is now a junior Mass Communication student at the Far Eastern University, Manila. Janine, the only gift from heaven to spouses Teddy and Marissa

Trajano, teaches unto herself that beauty cannot fulfill dreams without the vanguard of formal education. Which reason she promised her parents that she will succeed in her studies while taking into forefront her first love, ramp modeling. In fact, Janine has already taken the center stage while seriously caring for her studies. For several times, Janine wore on runways the gowns designed by Filipino known designer Rauhjane B. Pangue. Janine had been a Fine Arts student of the University of

Makati, but upon realizing that her beauty should not be limited only to b a c kstage designing, she transferred to FEU taking up Mass Communication. She is convinced that her new course will take her far to the big screen. Yes, aside from modeling, Janine is also dreaming to be counted in the show business.

She wants to be remembered as a serious drama actress. Modesty aside, Janine is now courted for 2 Indie films. She contends that this is not the proper time to tell all about it. Before going to rest, Janine shares her thought about fans. “Regarding the fans, I don’t think them as just fans, I think them as friends.”


June 3- 9 2013

Farmers sold for P200M ‘tricky pork’
FARMERS are defenseless preys to the claws and fangs of corrupt government officials. They are innocent victims who are sold as commodities for hundreds of millions in government allocations. Lately, it was uncovered that they are worth P199.683 million in pork barrels of Senator Jinggoy Estrada, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Bong Revilla, and Buhay partylist Rep. Rene Velarde. The amount is much cheaper compared to their price in 2004, in the most controversial fertilizer fund scam whose main architect was former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante. During the 2004 election, it was revealed that P728-million fertilizer fund was not delivered to farmers as it was distributed to the allies of former president and now Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. According to the findings of the Commission on Audit, the Pangkabuhayan Foundation Incorporated (PFI) received P199.683 million from the four lawmakers’ pork barrel in 2009-2010. It was discovered that PFI is a fake nongov e r n m e nta l organization (NGO) that failed to qualify for the final assistance. Because the Php200 million is beyond recovery, it was only recommended that the inexistent NGO is to be blacklisted from receiving government funds again. is COMPLETE DENIAL. In the meantime, P199,683 million of people’s money disappeared leaving only traces of four (4) popular and glorified members of the Legislative branch of our government,” Cruz said. Earlier, it was reported that the P200 million in pork barrel funds of three senators and a party-list lawmaker have gone missing, along development assistance funds (PDAF) from the 4 officials that went to Pangkabuhayan Foundation Incorporated (PFI) in 2009-2010. The 2012 audit of ZREC showed that the corporation has not acted on 24 various recommendations made by the COA to show where the money went. COA’s findings in 2 0 1 1 implicated Senators J i n g g o y The COA said PFI received a total of P199.683 million from the lawmakers’ pork barrel even if the NGO failed to qualify for the final assistance. Thisfraudulent act committed against the The anomalous deed was first exposed during the 2004 campaign period and which resurfaced at the height of the impeachment attempt against the Arroyo. Bolante was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport. Bolante’s court troubles began when he repeatedly snubbed Senate subpoenas for him to shed light on the P728-million fertilizer fund allegedly distributed to Arroyo’s allies during the 2004 election. It was Bolante who distributes the fertilizer fund to local allies of Arroyo, supposedly to subsidize farmers, but a Senate investigation showed that the funds were misused for political purposes. The Senate has recommended the filing The Senate has recommended the filing of plunder charges against Bolante, as well as former Agriculture Secretary Luis Lorenzo. “The farm inputs and implements program is a premeditated, systematic and grand agricultural theft. In the words of farmers and taxpayers, the fertilizer scam is the rape of the nation,” the Senate finding said.

BI reaches foreigners in south Luzon
TO excellently serve the needs of foreigners in the southern part of Luzon, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) will field its employees to Tagaytay City once a week to extend immigration services. BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said he approved the conduct of the so-called “Immigration Service Day” in Tagaytay in response to requests from foreigners who frequent the city which is one of the country’s top tourist destinations. David said the BI district office in Batangas City is spearheading the project which will be conducted every Wednesday inside the Tagaytay City hall. On these Wednesdays, personnel from the BI-Batangas office will occupy a space and operate their extension office at the city hall’s administration department located at the building’s second floor. A c co rd i n g to B I Batangas alien control o f f i c e r RoseoIsabeloManguiat, the Tagaytay extension o ff i c e i s o p e n to foreigners who want to ex t e n d t h e i r to u r i st visa or apply for other i m m i g r a t i o n d o c u m e nts and services. H e ad d ed t h at fo re i g n e rs m ay a l s o apply for their reentry and exit permits and m a ke t h e i r a n n u a l re p o r t to t h e s a i d office. Manguiat said the o ff i c e is also authorized to process applications for special work permit, special st u d y p e r m i t , a n d conversion of status from temporary visitor to wo r k i n g visa,

It is illogical to band an imaginary group. As well placed by netizen Martin E. Cruz, the anomalous Php200 million pork releases is “graft and corruption perpetrated with impunity. “ The most convenient thing to do to exonerate themselves from this dastardly crime

with a fake nongovernment organization (NGO) that received the money. The Commission on Audit (COA), in its latest audit of ZNAC Rubber Estate Corp., revealed that officials of the government owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) have yet to account for the priority

Estrada, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Bong Revilla, and Buhay party-list Rep. Rene Velarde in the alleged fund misuse. The PDAFs of the four lawmakers were released by the Depar-tment of Agriculture to ZREC, which then appropriated the funds to PFI.

farmers is only a repetition of the corruption that occurred in 2004. Then Agriculture Undersecretary Jocjoc Bolante was instrumental in diverting the fertilizer fund for farmers to the campaign kitty of then Presidential contender Gloria Arroyo.

s t u d e nt v i s a , n o n quota immigrant visa b y m a r r i a ge , a n d re t u r n i n g fo r m e r Filipino citizen. “Aside from aliens in Tagaytay, those from the neighboring towns of Batangas and Cavite will also benefit from the operation of the new extension office,” he said. L a st ye a r, D av i d issued a memorandum authorizing the bureau’s alien control officers nationwide to designate an “ immigration service day” in selected towns in their areas of jurisdiction. The project aims to m a ke t h e b u rea u ’s services accessible to foreigners in the farf l u n g a re as o f t h e country so they need n o t t rave l to M e t ro Manila or the regional centers to comply with Philippine immigration laws.

P r in ting S e r v i ce s

June 3- 9 2013



Breakthrough and blessing
MANY of us when we pray we only ask for blessing and not for breakthrough and we think that success in our area field of expertise or interest is our ultimate goal, one’s accomplished we settle because it just feels better but have you ever thought that God is up for something big and greater in our lives. God wants to go beyond our limits and to have a breakthrough and there is more, to be a blessing to others. Well, this would mean chartering unfamiliar territories, new playing field. Dreaming big and dreaming new is what God likes to see to his children.To reach and be at that level is to move in faith, faith in things that is not seen and to hope on what is not at hand. A part of us that says, “i want more than this!”, not having a feeling of discontent but quest to step up. This scenario is placing your complete trust in God, Believing that God will honor your desire to achieve more for his purpose. This is better than a miracle a breakthrough. From a sari-sari to a supermarket, from a 4 figure salary to 5, 6 digits, from rentals to ownership, from here to abroad, limited to limitless. TUK TUK-CAR, FROM BIG C - SIAM PARAGON When we live in breakthrough, then we become the channel of miracles, more than being recipients. Yes, we become a blesser not a borrower, a giver not a taker. Because you cannot give what you don’t have, if we have our breakthroughs there will be increased, an abundance of what is place on the plate and the more we can share as result of our desire to hit our target. Remember the account on Genesis 32:24 And Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him until PASTOR RICKY PANER practice a the breaking of the day. lot. This kind of vibrant When the man saw that action is what God is he did not prevail against looking for you, work and Jacob, he touched his hip wait for greater results socket, and Jacob’s hip never low and loss of was put out of joint as he focus. wrestled with him. Then We don’t need to he said, “Let me go, for wait for something to the day has broken.” But happen. Instead we need Jacob said, “I will not let to stir that which God has you go unless you bless already put inside of us. me.” We have to be as It is our hunger and thirst desperate like Jacob for for Him that will break us the Lord looks for into a greater reality of something in us that will His glory. Flip side of the not settle for less than His coin is your time spent best, His blessing. Jacob with God, Jacob wrestled had this desperation in till day break, God wants his life. He would not let more quality time with us go until the Lord blessed not just your spare time, him. We need to learn to the greater than wrestle with God, press in challenge the longer you to the reality of His need to be spent with Presence. Him. Wrestle with God Even Jesus before we would simply mean, you went through the agony desire for more of His of the cross which is a approval, an acceleration major challenge. of faith, and this faith is He spent ample time embrace with action. You and wrestle with God work on it, as student you realizing the pain he will study hard, as employee undergo and the strength you bit the deadline, as he needs for such a businessman you invest challenging breakthrough more, as a player you found in Luke 22:41 He withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed, 42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” 43 An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him. 44 And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground. If you notice in hospital chapels, people with insurmountable need of healing, miracle and money where on their knees in anticipation of an answer. This is the same with us our level of attendance has to be improved. For the secret of a lasting breakthrough and blessing is visibility with our time with God. You want your breakthrough - be seen, you want blessing - be serving, Greater things is yet to come greater things is yet to be seen because we are not doing our part. You want more give more to God. You want more expansion render more time to God. We can be greater blessing to others’ lives w h e n w e l i ve i n breakthrough. We move ourselves into a place of blessing and overflow. We b e co m e c h a n n e l o f G o d ’s blessing for it does not s to p f ro m u s i t i s spilling over into the lives of others. This is the result of our faith and work in accomplishing our b re a kt h ro u g h we empower other people a ro u n d u s a n d eve n e x te n d b e yo n d o u r borders. So when you pray don’t just ask for simple blessings but ask God Lord to let you have your breakthrough. Don’t be afraid of the challenges you will undergo for at the end of it is greater blessings. It’s your time to have your breakthrough.

Unwanted Supreme Court Ruling
IT’S tiresome to wait for the decision of the Supreme Court. And it is disgusting to read the decision of the High Tribunal sitting en banc that dismissed the election protest for being moot and academic. It is too tiresome because the election protest filed by Cavite City Vice Mayor Romeo Ramos was in 2007, and it was resolved only last May 21, 2013, or eight (8) days after the recently concluded May 13, 2013 elections. The decision of the high court is meaningless for Ramos for the 2007 elections had been superseded by the 2010 and 2013 elections. In fact, Ramos is not minding anymore his protest for he himself is very much convinced that it was moot and academic. The dismissal is no longer a surprise. The ruling signed by Clerk of Court Enriqueta Vidal reads: “The expiration by noon of June 30, 2010 of the term of office i nv o l ved in the election protest was a supervening event that rendered the petition moot and academic.” Ramos was proclaimed winner in t h e M ay 20 07 m i d term elections but was later unseated through a res o l u t i o n d ated August 17, 2009 by the Comelec, which

Grade school student Janela Arcos Lelis, 12, tightly hold the flag as she saved the same from the flood water during the stormy day on July 26, 2011 in Albay.

MICROSOFT... PAGE 8 to the satisfaction of the entire market? remember that the Xbox 360 was so magnificent because it stood out to be a gaming console which it is, in the first place. Following the recent unveiling of XBOX ONE, Microsoft might have deviated from what the public might have expected, focusing mainly on Television,

multi-tasking, video calls on Skype, Sports and other features but Games, the question is, is this the next generation console which we the consumers want? It may seem that the billion-dollar corporation has shifted its target market acquisition, or it may have only tried to expand the consoles marketability. This question have been left unanswered,

gaming enthusiasts and technologically inclined individuals await the furtherance of the XBOX ONEs disclosure of its remaining potentials and what haves, come this June on E3 a conference entirely dedicated to exhibit new technologies, gadgetries and others alike. For now the world may yet to see this so called next generation console in its entirety.

d e c l a re d h i s r i va l Dhino Carlo Chua as the rightful winner. The Comelec said Chua won 14,648 votes ov e r R a m o s 1 4 , 1 0 0 v ote s .T h e C o m e l e c i nv a l i d ated a l m o st 9 , 0 0 0 o f t h e to ta l 23,06 1 votes cast in favor of Ramos. R a m o s w as t h e n ordered to stop acting as mayor and vacate his post. Ramos stood his ground and appealed the decision. In the end, the Comelec still denied his pleas, prompting him to run to the Supreme Court. Ramos is the outgoing mayor of Cavite Cityin the recently concluded local polls.

Derma Medica
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Is this what the consumers want? It has been nearly 6 years since the release of one of Microsoft’s most successful gaming console to date, the XBOX 360 which is considerably the top notch competitor of Sony’s Playstation 3. It can be recalled that the Xbox 360 offered a wide array of games including its exclusive titles such as Gears of War, Allan Wake, Halo Series, Forza and many more. The Previous console was offered with a service/feature known as Xbox Live Gold, a membership with a considerable fee upon which the owners of the console may avail of additional features such as accessible multiplayer games, free downloadable contents for extended game hours, game demos, some free games and even television or movie access. The previousgeneration console even offered the very first motion sensor peripheral which has been named as the Kinect, the challenger of Sony Playstation’s Move, is a wide angled camera which is able to depict and capture 3 dimensional images and is capable of sensing various body gestures and movements, this technology was capitalized into introducing games that have never been seen in the industry, namely Kinect Sports Games, Dance Central, Zumba Fitness, Kinect Star Wars and others which basically requires the player to move his entire body that is in turn captured by Kinect and is then integrated in to the game. The Technology produced in the past several years by Microsoft has been enthralling the corporation’s target market even up to date that the said console is still obtaining a decent number of sales. However last May 22, 2013 Philippine Time, the mammoth corporation has unveiled one of the so called next generation consoles in its press conference held in Redmond, Washington that promises to deliver. THE SUCCESSOR Enter the XBOX ONE, yes you read correctly, the name was chosen to represent the all-in-one entertainment system. Xbox One as can be seen in the picture, is quite large and squared for its own sake, well maybe because of the high end specs and hardware that it carries within its bulky appearance. Take note however that the reveal of the subject console is not yet complete, for Microsoft has only unveiled the console’s hardware specs and some features which mainly focuses on entertainment, and not so much with games. FEATURES and SPECS THE GOOD The Xbox One offers the Bluray Drive which has been embedded in the Sony Playstation 3 and DVD drive, this would guarantee huge amounts of bytes that maybe stored and utilized in game discs. It also requires the mandatory game installation, that is quite similar with every windows pc game, you buy the game, and install it in the hard drive of Xbox One. Speaking of Hard Drive, the Xbox One’s storage device consists of 500GB which is quite small considering the amount of possible contents that may be put in one game in today’s technology. However it also offers an external storage output just like a pc, meaning you could plug in an external hard drive for addition storage space. The systems hardware specs consists of an 8 Core Microsoft Customized Central Processing Unit (CPU) which will undoubtedly deliver in terms of hardware power and performance, an 8GB DDR3 (RAM) for huge amounts of virtual memory which is required mostly in games with high end graphics. Cloud Storage has been integrated with the system, enabling the players to save their games online through the internet and be able to synchronize it with the local save data, in short, your game data and or profile data may be stored online. With regards games, the press conference did not come out guns blazing, it showed the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts that will introduce a new game engine, graphics and gameplay,


June 3- 9 2013

is still held to be chargeable and may not be lent to another, absent the payment of a “Used Game Fee”. Motion Control is quite good, as an additional feature of the system, Xbox One requires the player to always connect its motion sensor device now called the “Kinect 2.0”, it is the newer version of what was earlier mentioned, however this peripheral is required to be connected at all times, since Xbox one has improved and reintroduced the use of voice commands and recognition. In short, some features may only be accessible through voice prompts, so ready your vocal chords with this one. CONCLUSION To conclude this article, Xbox one offers multiple arrays of features and specs that has a lot of potential, but will these features deliver PAGE 7

and basically left there. Much more is to be filled out with regards this aspect. THE BAD On the downside of things, the system requires the player to be “Always Online”, this requisite is not yet clear as of the moment, but it gives us the idea that in order to fully avail of the features of the console and to access the contents of every game, the player must be online it may or may not be 24/ 7, this might include the software updates, The author of this article is of the opinion, that this feature has been availed of by Microsoft in order to counter game and console piracy and u n a t h o r i z e d modifications. Unfortunately, the all in one feature of the console is quite contrary to its name, the system is not capable of supporting backwards game compatibility, meaning, your xbox 360 and original xbox games is not playable with the Xbox One. Used Game Fee, in order to explain this, an example is necessary. Let us say you, as the owner of the console bought a game, however your friend also wants to borrow this game so that he may play it, your friend needs to pay an additional fee so that he may install the game in his hard drive and consequentially be considered as an owner of the said game, it is quite regrettable that a game you already bought

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