if i add new attribute to infoobject, and that infoobject is used in infocube ,but we are not using this attribute

of infoobject in infocube does the infocube will get effected. does we need to reacivate the infocube or just we need to acivate infoobject only. Note: Infocube can contain data or not.

Answer :
Your cube will not be affected in any way and you need not be worried at all. The only things you need to be worried about and activate are the few transformations which get inactive because of changes to the infoobject. You can get the list of transformations which got inactive when you activate the infoobject after changing it. The transformations which will be affected will mostly be the ones which use a "Read Master Data" option to read master data from this infoobject and few other transformations will get inactive too. You can get the list of transformations in the activation log when you activate the infoobect after doing changes. And regarding the cube, you definitely need not be worried because I have done changes of this sort very recently and the info above I gave you will be helpful :-)

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