T&Emobile, from Chainbridge Technologies™, is the mobile app for Deltek Time & Expense Users enabling the remote

input and approval of timesheets.

Installation Instructions for Apple iPhone and iPad
Minimum System Requirements:

Apple iOS 4.2 – iOS 5.0.1

T&Emobile is initially accessed via a link sent to each User’s email from your organization’s system administrator. Begin installing T&Emobile by clicking the link to navigate to your organization’s T&Emobile site.

Step 1/6: Click the link provided within the email on your iPhone to launch the T&Emobile app login screen.

Sample Install Link: https://install/TE_Mobile

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Step 2/6: Now, click the Action icon from the blue tool bar at the bottom of the T&Emobile screen.

Step 3/6: Next, choose Add to Home Screen.

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Step 4/6: Click the Add button to save T&Emobile to your home screen.

Step 5/6: You have now successfully added T&Emobile to your iPhone. Clicking the icon at any time opens your T&Emobile account.

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Step 6/6: Finally, launch the T&Emobile app from your home screen and sign-on to your approved mobile device with your Deltek Time & Expense User Name and Password.

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Please see the T&Emobile User Guide, available from your organization or at www.chainbridgetech.com, for complete instructions on using T&Emobile from Chainbridge Technologies™

Chainbridge Technologies™… what’s your app?

*T&Emobile is compatible with any mobile phone or tablet from Android, Apple, and Blackberry, and via any modern internet browser.

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