Standard SAP SD Reports Reports in Sales and Distribution modules (LIS -SIS): Sales summary - VC/2 Display Customer Hierarchy

- VDH2 Display Condition record report - V/I6 Pricing Report - V/LD Create Net Price List - V_NL List customer material info - VD59 List of sales order - VA05 List of Billing documents - VF05 Inquiries list - VA15 Quotation List - VA25 Incomplete Sales orders - V.02 Backorders - V.15 Outbound Delivery Monitor - VL06o Incomplete delivery - V_UC Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo - MC+I Deliveries-Due list - VL04 Billing due list - VF04 Incomplete Billing documents - MCV9 Customer Analysis-Basic List - MCTA Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC Sales org analysis - MCTE Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2 Material Analysis-Incoming orders - MC(E General- List of Outbound deliveries - VL06f Material Returns-Analysis - MC+M Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q Variant configuration Analysis - MC(B Sales org analysis-Incoming orders - MC(I Sales org analysis-Returns - MC+Y Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E Sales office Analysis- Returns - MC-A Shipping point Analysis - MC(U Shipping point Analysis-Returns - MC-O Blocked orders - V.14 Order Within time period - SD01 Duplicate Sales orders in period - SDD1 Display Delivery Changes - VL22

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