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Friends of McMillan Agenda - Meeting With CM McDuffie - 2013 06 03

Friends of McMillan Agenda - Meeting With CM McDuffie - 2013 06 03

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Published by Scott Roberts
Friends of McMillan Agenda - Meeting With CM McDuffie - 2013 06 03
Friends of McMillan Agenda - Meeting With CM McDuffie - 2013 06 03

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Published by: Scott Roberts on Jun 03, 2013
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3 June 2013

Friends of McMillan Park Meeting with Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie
Purpose of Meeting: Request that CM McDuffie join our appeal to Mayor Gray to cancel the 6 June 2013 McMillan Park Surplus Meeting Agenda1. Introductions 2. Discuss what the Friends are doing for McMillan Park a. Petitioning the People i. Review the petition text ii. Identify current results 1. 2,000 total signatures 2. Vast majority of signatories from Ward 5, especially Precincts 135 and 19 3. All signatories recognize the immense intrinsic value of this public asset. b. Urging Mayor Gray to Cancel 6 June Surplus Meeting because: i. Lack of transparency, documentation, and adequate review time needed to inform meaningful public comment 1. DMPED-VMP Exclusive Rights Agreement per unfulfilled FOIA request 2. Requirements per DC Code § 10-801 justifying Mayor’s decision/intent a. Whether the land has any necessary use by the District and why, including economic factors and policy objectives which serve as the basis for this decision and a description of how competition for the land may be maximized, as well as a description of how the economic and policy objectives will be weighted and evaluated in the disposition process b. What public benefit would obtain by selling, or keeping, the land 3. Updated McMillan Park Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis 4. Environmental impact assessments ii. Since DC Government is “the developer”, surplusing the land is unnecessary.

iii. DC Water might need to use more McMillan Park filtration cells to mitigate downstream flooding. 1. We need at least 2 years of operations to test the current solution to ensure that it is adequate. 2. This is part of the greatest intrinsic value of this public land. c. Advocating to other Councilmembers i. Muriel Bowser ii. David Grosso iii. Phil Mendelson iv. Tommy Wells v. Mary Cheh vi. Vincent Orange vii. David Catania d. Following the money trail and working with the media to expose any new evidence of corruption. i. TC MidAtlantic Development IV, LLC (a subsidiary of Trammell Crow) paid Carmen Group $120k in 2012 to lobby CMs Kwame Brown, Tommy Wells, Muriel Bowser, Yvette Alexander, and Marion Barry regarding McMillan Park. ii. Discuss any contact between the Carmen Group and CM McDuffie 3. Ask Councilmember McDuffie what he is doing for McMillan Park 4. Identify ways that the Friends and CM McDuffie can work together for McMillan Park a. Jointly request Mayor’s cancellation of 6 June surplus hearing b. Develop and implement a joint vision of what the community would accept at McMillan Park c. Work together to identify and expose corruption

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